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 छेत्री/बाहुन लाई आदिबासी/जनजाती को प्रसन

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Posted on 05-27-12 10:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 05-27-12 2:19 PM     [Snapshot: 496]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Meanwhile, I agree with giving equal rights and opportunities to all the persons based on castes, genders, race etc or to minorities. But choosing the state on the name of caste system, it is not possible in this globalized world. We are going freak
Posted on 05-27-12 2:21 PM     [Snapshot: 476]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@sirus i am neither taking anyone's identity nor refusing to give anyone preferance. What i am saying is any person should be able to get any job, scholarships and any other facilities without even saying their last name or ethnicity. If you want to tell me there are poor communities who needs help and other blah blah blah... Let their own ethnical organization empower them with education, it won't happen overnight but it will bring the equality. My parents never asked me which caste did my friends belonged to when i brought them home or when i went theirs. For me, caste do not matter but i do respect all identity. All I am saying is void ethnicities and caste from the state structure, that will bring equality. If you support one over other or make alliance of castes and ethnicities, it will bring chaos. Bigger dog will always try to take everything.
Posted on 05-27-12 2:24 PM     [Snapshot: 517]     Reply [Subscribe]
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..freaking backward. I ain't gonna agree with this, it's all bullshit. Give me a name, a new name , I am fawkin new terrorist who don't accepts this crap, neva ever.
Posted on 05-27-12 2:32 PM     [Snapshot: 524]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Food, shelter and education, this will automatically leads to development. sala janta lay khana paye chaina, Manche Lai yetikai uchalyo, aandolan ley ghanta ko aanfolan, goddamn. please if it just been focus on education, roads ( it leads to employment n introduction to world ani Nepali janta Lai aafno jaat bhanda raaatriyeta ko maat
Posted on 05-27-12 2:35 PM     [Snapshot: 540]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lagcha)..khai sometimes I times I think im wrong.
Posted on 05-27-12 3:03 PM     [Snapshot: 551]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@sirus since u gave one example i will give u one too... One of my friend was very good in study and wanted to do mbbs, our other friend was not so good. Both of them gave mbbs exam but because of the janajaati reservation not so good got into the program. Isn't it unequality, am I being bias to say void all these resevations and give the opportunity to those who deserves it. I was talking to one of my janajati friend ( we have very different opinion) he wants to make xyz city abc rajya. I asked him if you are going to give me job and equal facilities without asking my last name then he said no. He wants to give special preferance to his own ethnicities. I wanted to support him but I could not he wants me to learn his languauge if i go to his school. I said i don't mind making it an option but it should not be made compulsory. I asked him will every ethnicities get states? He said no only janajaatis and between them too they have to divide. Isn't this like making an alliance? Isn't it transfer of power from first group to second? It gives me peoud to save my national heritage with numerous distinct identity but i do not want any one getting preferance over other.
Posted on 05-27-12 3:44 PM     [Snapshot: 562]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 sirus_me, सत्य तितो हुन्छ | यहाँ भएका कतिपय बाहुन मित्र के कुरा स्विकारी राका छैनन भने जातीय भेदभाव|
त्यो भेदभावको अन्त हुनु जरुरि छ |

sirus ले भने जस्तो ठुला पदहरुमा बाहुनबाद हावी नै छ , सत्य हो | यो कुरा जनजाती हरुलाइ मात्र होइन स्वयम् बाहुन मित्रहरु लाइ पाच्य  थिएन | मेरा थुप्रै बाहुन मित्र हरु बाहुन भैकन बाहुनवादका बिरोधि थिए, उनिहरु बेफ्वांक मम र तोंग्बा खान्थे |  तर अहिलेको अवस्थाले त्यो स्तिथिलाई येथावत राख्न सक्छ जस्तो मलाई लाग्दैन र जातियेताको ध्रुविकरणलाइ अझ तिब्र बनाको छ | 
बाहुनबाद्को सबभन्दा ठुलो खोट भनेको उनीहरु आफुलाई सबैभन्दा उच्च श्रेणीको ठान्छन | त्यो भ्रमको अन्त हुनु जरुरि छ | सबैलाई बराबर ठान्ने मानवताको भावना जबसम्म बिकाश हुँदैन , येस्ता आक्रोशहरु अभिबेक्त भै नै रहने छ | जब सम्म बाहुनहरु ' त नाथे हरु ' र जनजातीहरु ' त नाक्चुच्चे हरु ' भन्न चाद्दैन्ना , यो कोलाहालको अन्त हुने छाँटकाँट देखिदैन |

Posted on 05-27-12 3:59 PM     [Snapshot: 646]     Reply [Subscribe]
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बिटी को कुरा सुन्दा एक मित्र जो कलेजमा सभापति भै खा का,
भर्खर कलेज छिरेका हरु जो गाउ घर बाट आएका हुन् , पहिलो सेमेस्टर सकिएर घर फर्कदा घरको सहयोगी केटा संग बस्ने खाने सुत्ने देखि आमा बाले के हो छोरा यो नया ताल भन्दा कमुनिस्ट भाको भन्थे रे , अनि त्यो तुन्ग्बा र मम धोक्दैमा बाद बदलिदैन ( they may be differnent , not saying they were but just commenting)
बाहुन बाद को सिर्जना त्यो बेला देखि सुरु भयो -जब संस्कृत भाषाको सिर्जना त तेसलाइ  पेवा बनाउने काम र जाति वादको, यो नै पहिलो जाति हो जसले बौदिक सोसन गरि आफ्नो बर्गको हित र बिकास गर्यो .
अनि आज तिनै नेताले जातीयताको राजनीति सुरु गरे ,
भोलिको नेपाल अन्धकारमय देख्छु .

Posted on 05-27-12 4:28 PM     [Snapshot: 690]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@bittertruth saathi i am not against anyone's identity, i am against ur thinking. See, when you see people arguing against you, they are bahun ( i have to say thank u for not being abusive though). This is not only ethnical issue, this is ethnical politics. Even most of my friends from janajaatis oppose it, couple of friends from baahun say they are okay wid it. Me personally do not belong to neither janajaati nor cheetri-bahun. Those two groups at the fight and share the power and others are left with nothing. Best we can do is cheerleading, right? If you look at the HDI, per capita income, and educational level og Nepal. Those two alliances are at the top.
I oppose any quotas for janajatis or any other ethnicities coz all those quotas are taken by so called huney khaney of different jaatis. It never reaches to those who needs it most. This practices only promotes corruption. Educate every community and give every caste same opportunity that will bring equality, reservations and preferance will infact bring inequality.
Posted on 05-27-12 4:42 PM     [Snapshot: 703]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 यो सब उथल-पुथल गराउने तेही देल्हिमा बसेका ब्वासाहरुको काम हो | 
कुरा र माग एकथरिको हुन्छ, टिका-टिप्पणी फेद-न-टुप्पोको हुन्छ | 
एस्तो किसिमको भ्रम सिर्जना गर्नेमा तेही भारतीय डाकाहरुको एकदम ठुलो हात छ भन्दा फरक पर्दैन होला | 
सम्भिधानमा जातियेताका आधारमा पहिचान पाउनु पर्ने लगायात तेस अनुरुप केहि शक्ति/कानुन जनजातिका नाममा लेखियोस भन्नु नै तिनीहरुको माग हो , तर तेस्लाई तोडमरोद गरेर , 'अब यी जनजातिहरुले बिशेष अधिकार पौने भो भनठानेर' , ति बाहुन भनौदाहरुले एती निच काम गरेकी , गिरेर आफुलाई जनजाती घोसित गरे,  के भन्ने, अब ? जनजातिको मागलाई अझ विकृत बनाउन नाना-भाँती 'देश टुक्राउने योजना' भन्ने खालका भ्रमहरुको सिर्जना गरे | जसरि हुन्छ यिनीहरुलाई माथि आउन दिनु हुन्न भन्ने मानसिकताका कारणले यो सम्भिधान नबनेको हुन सक्छ, दोष जनजातिलाई होइन बाहुनबाद हावी रहेको सरकार पक्छ्यलाइ दिम | 

Posted on 05-27-12 4:47 PM     [Snapshot: 663]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 27-May-12 04:53 PM

Posted on 05-27-12 4:48 PM     [Snapshot: 753]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 मान्छे लाइ जात को आधार मा बिभाजन गरे जुन धेरै नै गलत छ. एउटा मान्छे ले अर्को मान्छे बाट सम्मान पाउनु पर्ने हो जुन हुनसकेको छैन. कानुन मा सबै समान भए पनि कसैले त्यसको पालना गरेको छैनन्. तल्लो जात उपल्लो जात हुनु सार्है नै दुखको कुरा हो. 
येहा साथि हरु ले भन्नु भएको जस्तो बाहुन/छेत्री हरु लै कानून ले साथ् दिएको छ भन्नु गलत हो. लोक सेवा अथवा अरु कुनै परिक्ष्या मा बाहुन/छेत्री हरु ले कहिले पनि रेसेर्वेशन पाएका थिएनन् र अरुलाई निषेध गरेको थिएन. बाहुन छेत्री हरु को ठुलो भाग अझै पनि २ छाक राम्रो संग खाना नपाउने छन्. केहि सहरिया बाहुन छेत्री हरु लाइ हेरेर हुन्न. जतियेता अनि रेस को कुरा गर्नु भन्दा सबै गरिब हरु लाइ पढ्न को लागि १२ सम्म फ्री गर्नु(शुल्क + मासिक खर्च ) पर्छा त्यसपछि उच्चा शिक्षा मा लोन लिने ब्यबश्था सजिलो हुनु पर्छा. यो कुरा भयो भने हक र अधिकार आफै मिल्छा , कोइ पनि लड्नु पर्दैन. 

Posted on 05-27-12 4:53 PM     [Snapshot: 752]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@bittertruth thats what i am saying.. You stay on one side and point them, they will point at you. Rest of us will join the winner at the end and beg some mercy for our freedom.
Posted on 05-27-12 5:43 PM     [Snapshot: 818]     Reply [Subscribe]
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  We say "stake at state".They say "know your place".Am i missing something?
Posted on 05-27-12 7:12 PM     [Snapshot: 915]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rite on bittertruth!
Posted on 05-28-12 8:47 AM     [Snapshot: 1253]     Reply [Subscribe]
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nepal ma janjati le opportunity payenan vanne lai mero prashna- nepal ma opportunity kaha cha? tyesko jaganta udharan timi hami bidesh palayan hunu nai ho. american embassy le pani opportunity diyena ki? ki passport banaune opportunity payenau?

aaba ta janajati vanne kuro gorkhe ko dimag bata gaisakyo. jasma baki rayeko cha tyo kahile hatdaina. tyesta paji lai wastai na gare huncha. 

Posted on 05-28-12 9:05 AM     [Snapshot: 1282]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Lenin and Stalin carved the Soviet Union up into ethnic Soviet republics with a token nod to self-determination, but kept totalitarian power centred in the Kremlin. Can we expect any better from a party that keeps the portraits of Lenin and Stalin on the wall of its headquarter? Mao Zedong did the same with ethnic provinces, but the Chinese state now needs to use violence to keep control of those so-called autonomous republics. Will a party in Nepal that thinks Mao was too moderate do things any differently?"-Kunda Dixit


Posted on 05-28-12 11:53 AM     [Snapshot: 1371]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Girijaa ley Des 15-20 barsa pachaadi dhakalyo, aru netaa haru ley 10-20 barsa pachaadi, gyanendra ley panchaayat kaal samma dhakalyo ................... but this janajaati are taking us back to ancient times before Prithivi Narayan Shah united Nepal. I guess at that time, there was Kirat rajjya, newar rajjya, limbu rajja, which was united for the good of all Nepalese.

So why we wanna go back in time. In order to bring equality in our society, we can make laws that respect everyones need and identity. Just like Equal Opportunity Act in US. But just to name a whole region for one group will do injustice to another. I love my newar friends, for whom I have special memories from my school days ................ I will go and fight for their rights .......... but not by killing other fellow Nepalese. 

This is a cheap politics. Once whole germany followed a crazy man and destroyed themselves, now Nepal is heading towards it. "Bhir baata khas ney goru lai ram ram bhanna sakincha, kandh halna sakinna". 

Posted on 05-28-12 12:10 PM     [Snapshot: 1401]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हाम्रा नेता कुरा गर्न सिपालु छन् , कम्निस्ट को भासण सुन्दा ठुलो र चर्को स्वरमा भासण दिन्छन तर सम्पूर्ण भासण को साब्दिक अर्थ पाउन गार्हो छ , अनि बिगतमा कसैले यो "...____ _" भनेको के हो ? भनि सोधेका पनि थिए .
आज सम्म हामि जनता भेडा बनेका छau  , उनि हरु भेडाको नेता तर छाला मात्र ओडेका ब्वासा हुन्.

के नेतालाई मात्र दोस दि इ रहने अनि बिगतका राजा त प्रजातन्त्रका हिमायती ले चिनिने गिरिजालाई दोस दिने .
एक ले आर्कालाई औला देखाई बसौ. साझा देखि नेपाल का सडक सडकमा .

Last edited: 28-May-12 12:11 PM

Posted on 05-28-12 1:01 PM     [Snapshot: 1427]     Reply [Subscribe]
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saab kuro class-struggle lai caste-struggle ma change garne maoist policy le garda ho.Natra ta bhedbhaab sabai jaati ma chha;i ve seen descrimination in newars between shakyas,shresthas and jyapus.


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