Posted by: goddamn May 27, 2012
छेत्री/बाहुन लाई आदिबासी/जनजाती को प्रसन
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@sirus since u gave one example i will give u one too... One of my friend was very good in study and wanted to do mbbs, our other friend was not so good. Both of them gave mbbs exam but because of the janajaati reservation not so good got into the program. Isn't it unequality, am I being bias to say void all these resevations and give the opportunity to those who deserves it. I was talking to one of my janajati friend ( we have very different opinion) he wants to make xyz city abc rajya. I asked him if you are going to give me job and equal facilities without asking my last name then he said no. He wants to give special preferance to his own ethnicities. I wanted to support him but I could not he wants me to learn his languauge if i go to his school. I said i don't mind making it an option but it should not be made compulsory. I asked him will every ethnicities get states? He said no only janajaatis and between them too they have to divide. Isn't this like making an alliance? Isn't it transfer of power from first group to second? It gives me peoud to save my national heritage with numerous distinct identity but i do not want any one getting preferance over other.
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