Posted by: goddamn May 27, 2012
छेत्री/बाहुन लाई आदिबासी/जनजाती को प्रसन
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@bittertruth saathi i am not against anyone's identity, i am against ur thinking. See, when you see people arguing against you, they are bahun ( i have to say thank u for not being abusive though). This is not only ethnical issue, this is ethnical politics. Even most of my friends from janajaatis oppose it, couple of friends from baahun say they are okay wid it. Me personally do not belong to neither janajaati nor cheetri-bahun. Those two groups at the fight and share the power and others are left with nothing. Best we can do is cheerleading, right? If you look at the HDI, per capita income, and educational level og Nepal. Those two alliances are at the top.
I oppose any quotas for janajatis or any other ethnicities coz all those quotas are taken by so called huney khaney of different jaatis. It never reaches to those who needs it most. This practices only promotes corruption. Educate every community and give every caste same opportunity that will bring equality, reservations and preferance will infact bring inequality.
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