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 Cafe N 19 : Dasain Edition

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Posted on 10-05-07 1:42 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Welcome to the Dashain edition of the Cafe. Wishing everyone a happy Dasain and Tihar!

Please click here for our last edition and links therein to previous editions.

For a brief history and other trivia about this series, check out this edition.

To find out more about the festival check out
Wikipedia and Nepal Home Page

As per popular demand, this is a BYOG (bring your own goat) and BYOC (bring your own chiura) celebration.
If you don't have a goat and would like to buy one for yourself or gift one to someone else who doesn't have one, both major Nepal-focussed gift sites offer goats and other livestock for sale:

- Muncha.com

Mangal/Malshree Dhun (click second button from left to play)

Thanks to Ritthe for allowing us to stream from his site

Cafe Dasain Special Menu (created by Maverick, chief gourmet and connoisseur of the Cafe )

- SNDY's khasi kavav: guffadi house wife harulai
- Camo's chipchipe kukhura: patnibrata purush harulai
- Jack's bhagera soup
- Udashi's udash khasi : udash twat master harulai
- Loote's boka ko thungungra jhol: sara nepali boka harulai
- Flippy's flop sekuwa kavav
- TL's kalejo fry
- Audrey's chicken biryani
- Danny's chicken damadam
- Shrish's shiskavav
- Capty's captani deer masu
- Rythm's piro piro mo:mo
- Deep's chicken deep-fry ( good combo with Deep's local twat:)
- Juggy's Chakachak pork chop
- Thapap's what-do-i-know kalij soup
- Lemony's lemon marinated badel ko masu( good with extra chili)
- Avani's Bavani rakati
- ImI's mutton curry
- Athena's chewla
- NPL2US's bheja fry
- Maverick's sadeko haas ko masu
- Amazing's parewa roast
- Kalankistan's khasi ko andra-bhudi, hyakulla ko kabab, kabuli Chana Fry, Hans ko Chwela

(If your item is not yet listed, please post it and it will be added)

Dasain Song (composed by Camo, inspired by Sitara)
On the first day of Dashain,
my true love sent to me
A Gallon of local rakhsi.
On the second day of Dashain,
my true love sent to me
Two, online khasi,
And a gallon of local rakshi.
On the third day of Dashain,
my true love sent to me
Three plates of choyella,
Two, online khasi
And a gallon of local rakshi.
On the fourth day of Dashain,
my true love sent to me
Four packets of chiura,
Three plates of choyella,
Two, online khasi
And a gallon of local rakshi.

On the fifth day of Dashain,
my true love sent to me
Five chicken wings,
Four packets of chiura,
Three plates of choyella,
Two, online khasi
And a gallon of local rakshi.

On the sixth day of Dashain,
my true love sent to me
Six onion rings,
Five chicken wings,
Four packets of chiura,
Three plates of choyella,
Two, online khasi
And a gallon of local rakshi.

On the seventh day of Dashain,
my true love sent to me
Seven imported drinks,
Six onion rings,
Five chicken wings,
Four packets of chiura,
Three plates of choyella,
Two, online khasi
And a gallon of local rakshi.

On the eighth day of Dashain,
my true love sent to me
Eight tickets for rotey ping,
Seven imported drinks,
Six onion rings,
Five chicken wings,
Four packets of chiura,
Three plates of choyella,
Two, online khasi
And a gallon of local rakshi.

On the ninth day of Dashain,
my true love sent to me
Nine pictures of durgaa,
Eight tickets for rotey ping,
Seven imported drinks,
Six onion rings,
Five chicken wings,
Four packets of chiura,
Three plates of choyella,
Two, online khasi
And a gallon of local rakshi.

On the tenth day of Dashain,
my true love sent to me
Ten Rupees, tika and jamara,
Nine pictures of durgaa,
Eight tickets for rotey ping,
Seven imported drinks,
Six onion rings,
Five chicken wings,
Four packets of chiura,
Three plates of choyella,
Two, online khasi
And a gallon of local rakshi.


(Photo credits: Google images - rosemaryandpeter.com, keyway.ca, apptomix.com)

Find it too tedious to greet everyone one-on-one? Copy and paste to say hi to SNDY, Camo, Jack, Udashi, Loote, Flip Flop, Tamang Lady,Audrey, Danny, Shrish,Rythm, Deep, Juggy,Thapap, Lemony, Avani, ImI, Athena, NPL2US, Maverick, Amazing, Kalankistan,Cleopatra,Nepkanchi, Isolated Freak, NKC, Hi Nanu, Nepaali, Sitara, Aznshawty, Mokshya, Bikash KC, Rockend, Manvi, Captain Haddock

(if your name is missing from the list, apologies in advance. Please let me know and it will be added. This list is based off Mav's menu with some additions)

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Posted on 10-14-07 12:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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weather here is truly romantic, i must say

morning/afternoon/eve folks!

sn di,
mero pani KATTI!!!! 1 katti, 2 katti, 3 katti...numerous kattis!

haha...life is this never ending struggle for existence hoina? good luck!

hahaha...i know u love texas cowboys . happy dashain

i know what you're saying...haha...polluted mind! happy dashain to you too

she knows me inside/out hence the appreciation...i am too hard to be left out without appreciations you see LOL . happy dashain to you too

don't be hard on yourself niece! . you'll come out through all sorts of hard times. that's my confidence for you. just hang in there .happy dashain to you too

happy dashain to you too dude!

happy trittiya(? is that what it is called? ) to all you lovely folks.

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Posted on 10-15-07 1:32 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks to juggy bro(who inturn got it from camo? too similar I tell u!duh!;oP) for giving me the chance to plagiarise his list and with that said, pls dun hold me responsible if u name has been included!;oP hehe..and yeah weeknd sure is quiet hoina?which is good!no rush an all!:oD hehe and oh …length has no significance in here hai!it doesn’t mean I wanna torture u more!;oP  and I got a bit of time now to finish this collective ramblings(which I did during the breaks I took on the weeknds, If only I could type this fast for my report!hrs and days are gone!and yet!nothn much to show!:oS ) so..here I go!;oP

SNDY:  u reckon we were typing at the same time just now? Just noticed u posted like a min before me!..and the weeknd is gonna be quiet here hoina?seems to be the fad so far…so till the maniac Monday!happy dashain!:oD

Camo_flaged: haha…cudnt do it re?did u even try?;oP hehe  but some things are better not tryn :oD..and if ur true love had a mind she wont be loving u re?now now do we need a mind to love?the last I heard, u actually lose ur mind when ur in love!and that wat u really need to love is a heart?a big big heart that just grows bigger as time passes by to accommodate the love that grows for the special one?so which is true?tell me!!reckon it’s the heart?;oP and u say ur true love has some mind?nice!a perfect combo with her huge heart ;o)…and vice versa?it takes 2 hoina?;oP hehe..anyways u nearly ate my mind with ur “mind” talk..but lucky me!i remembered that in the first place, I dun even have a mind(not much!;oP) to be eaten away!;oP hehe and oh.. she gave u a gallon of local rakshi for on dashain, wat u gettn her?i guess it’s a secret/surprise(who knows if she reads here too eh?;oP) so yeah..shhhhh!its alright!just sharing ur rakhsi with us is enuf re kya ;oP  ..happy dashain!:oD

Jack: …any more pics coming out from u?loved the ones u posted  before!:oD  hopefully some festive ones soon?;o) happy dashain!:oD

Udashi: well TL already mentioned it but, it’s the festive season!and hope u dun mind me sayn this but pls dun stay udashi, as ur nick says!:oD hehe not too sure with the translation but udashi=feeln down?:oS..happy dashain!:oD

 Loote bro: u believe avi?cos in some ways im starting to consider her stuffs about my prev life as a green being and wat not!(is she now gonna charge me for telln me secrets about me that I didn’t even know myself?;oP hehe) and about the restroom?did my posts stink that much?:oS ..i dun remember postin from there, tho I am guilty of takin my work with me there, a few times the past week when mins were a matter of life and death!and well I do have a habit of errrr sittn a bit re kya.. haha cant believe im sharing such stuffs here!ah the invincibility one feels under the cloak of anonymity! hopefully the cloak aint transparent as it could be!;oP…but yeah..i actually find solace and peace in that errr sanctified place! ;oP..do kinda get a bit peeved when there is disturbance when im in my sanctuary ..have even  been known to doze off in there! wahahaha ;oP…alright enuf of toilet humour!it sure is starting to stink eh?now we all know why?;oP hehe..

And regarding the pic, someone (lets not mention names!;oP) once said all she needed to be reminded of her gender was look at the mirror and see the smiling person lookn back at her re ;oP (darn too lazy to quote her!i most prob am soundin too diff from how she sounded :oS someone pls forgive me for mentionin u!but I just got reminded!;oP) and well guess I didn’t take the chance then to say this….in this current times, errr..its hard to trust faces hoina? Errr im speakin a bit from experience!no no not my face!;oP i cant be ever mistaken for the other gender no way! Plus do we want ppl to throw up? and I better stop eh?;oP…oh if ur too curious about some danny..errr..i just checked..tonnes  in www.images.google.com ..do a search on “danny” and take ur “pic’!;oP….happy dashain!:oD

Flippu: oho bf hunda esto disappearing act?next time ke hola?guys does play a big part in making the gals the masters of disappearing acts eh?;oP..errr was houdini inspired by a guy too? someone pls clarify!;oP hehe..and is it one of the crik guy lemony introduced?if it wasn’t any of them..urghh poor guys..broken hearted!i heard they had so much hopes and anticipation of meetn someone ;o) hehe..happy dashain!:oD

Tamang Lady: I didn’t chase trains on the weeknds!;oP had to chase buses since there was trackworks urghh :oS hehe..anyways wat is life if u dun chase hoina?;oP..happy dashain!:oD

Audrey: haha…will type again in the end hai..ended up doodling a bit..more like cut and paste..and cant put a pic in the middle of the post?:oS ..or can i?;oP hehe

San dai!do u think this small function,of being able to upload a pic anywhere in the post would be a not much a bother to implement?its not really a required function..unless if ur a perfectionist?:oS we can place pics anwhere thru hyperlinks..but whgen u upload its only at the end....hmmm..guess may its possible to edit the pic postion later after we submit?let me try that ..happy dashain!:oD

Danny:  oh  u!its u!!u nevr leave me do u?:oS ;oP hehe..anyways hah!this is fate eh?im typing to u!!at last!!remember that talk we had..maybe a yr back?where at last I realised ur “existence”. Before that I never had thot about it..nor acknowledged ur  presence!and that was hell of a convo eh?how fast time passed..how much we were able to keep up with each other..and the smoothness in transition from one topic to next! How we wish it was this way with others too? i thot I will share that loony “convo” but alas!later on..i just thot it was a bit too freaky esp for the faint hearted ppl!so didn’t dare take a chance…but well..i guess now im typing here to u!im starting to acknowledge u with others?;oP hehe…anyways u always been there in the background when I really needed to sort things out..so cheers for that re kya ;oP and yeah I know u will be there in the asylum too which I believe im gettn closer to!after typin  to u!;oP..gotta scoot before they come with the nets and tranquilizers! I hear a rush of footsteps!!dun want anything to happen to me do u?i know!;oP

Shirish: lost the “value” of names re? haha..if u type/paste them with feelns..isnt that wat really matters?:oD so dun raag ur head over it ..i was just teasing(which I tend to do :oS ) in case it was me whos guilty for makin u feel that way :oS..it def is makin life easier for lots of us!:oD…happy dashain!:oD

Rhythm sis: ke bhancha!!its good u disappeared to make sure u got in the right track!!hope all went well!and make it better hai!u can dooooooooo it!:oD and wat do I hear about u making juggy cry?from ur own mouth?:O oh well if juggy bro did that..i guess he feels ur worth it ;o)..but dherai testo garney hoina hai!;oP…take care!!bhai tika pani abo auncha soon..so dun be surprised if u dun see me around that period!;oP hehe..happy dashain!:oD

Errr I  better start one liners? :oS hehe)

Deep: festive time is here deep ji! so sharing ur goods(words) with us anytime soon? And if only they had a online nepali dictionary too! Translation to English! Or is there?;oP..bange’s chronicle is frm u hoina? happy dashain!:oD

Juggy bro:  last but not least!(yeah im typing to u the last…so u still awake?;oP :oD..not really going according to the sequence listed here hehe) …”aaaja aa  aajja” re ? guess the beckoning and shouts of the countless of ppl who wised for u to come back and type, did reach u eh ;o)..hmmm which song was that from?cos I can think of two tunes right now!(dyam u for puttn the tunes in my head!;oP).one goes “aaja aaja” err not too sure of the lyrics..might ask my fren later and post the song(if I can find it)..its a more happy tune I guess..and the other tune…”aaja reeeeee…..aaaja reeeeee”, the typical lovelorn calln?the ones from the ghost hindi movies?where the “spirit” is calln the guy?;oP

Ok I better not digress too much..not like I have any idea wat this “topic” is about or wat I wanna type wahahaha ;oP…oh now it explains it all why u even read even bhakwash!ur appetite for words is indeed unimaginable :oD ..comes thru the heart?oh well I guess since the blood is pumped from the heart onto the head(brain) and the brain is the one which controls our typing/words..i guess my words might have come from the heart?;oP haha..but that’s for everyone hoina?nothn to it :oD

And pretty am glad,  to see u typing again!tho most must have gotten their hopes raised esp for u to complete ur piece  but well like born_to_rule said, smthings are worth the wait hoina?me too waitn for that..and  im hoping the day will come soon when I can say “been there, done that” again!hehe..seems like it’s a never endin cycle?:oS


Ok gotta rush!(as always?:oS hehe) yeah yeah same reason(which has been sprouting out from me for a while now hehe) to catch the train..and not cos am late!wanan be early!;oP ..need to see the outside world!being cooped up in the dark corner of the living room is pretty is errr…not productive!:oS..

And I think u have heard me say this hoina?i think the day I stop typing(whining) will be a big milestone for me!a joyous occasion!which means I got less to whine and bs?;oP hehe..and I kinda hoped u were gonna encourage and show me ways to stop!alas!!there goes my hope!;oP hehe…anyways guess time will tell?:oD and oh me def not gonna go compete on typing hai!esp if it’s a different level!bhakwash cant and shudnt be acknowledged as typings hoina?plus if u were to get “serious”!u def kick my arse :oD and whos falln asleep?i got too high a “responsibility” u know wat they say? “Sojha beta sojha!..danny jhak raha hain!” if I was to fall asleep..will the kids listen to their mum and sleep on time? ;oP… anyways ur writing does have the same stimulating effect as caffeine ..no wonder I rarely take coffee?:oD ;oP hehe…hope all is well!busy or not!i believe busy is good!keeps the devil away!:oD have a great happy dashain!:oD

Thapap: seriously wat do I know! other than to copy ur quote ;oP..happy dashain!:oD

Lemony: eat well..sleep well..study well and well..hope u have errr life in dashain!;oP…if not xmas is around the corner hoina?;o) hehe..happy dashain!:oD

Avani: flippu ta sittn and kissn re?..timi pani same situation with her? I think both of u are partners in crime hoina?;oP

ImI: haven’t u seen where and wat kinda thread azn seems to appear at? (I noticed u been calln for her!;oP)Want me to open one or u will go do it urself?;oP..happy dashain!:oD

Athena: if u noticed wat I noticed(tho it might have been just an innocent slip of the finger), are u blushing and hiding behind the column? u really have no idea wat im on about eh?how about this..happy dashain!:oD  

NPL2US: npl2us!u give baal to sndy and TL ho? So that’s their secret to having such nice long beautiful silky baals(hair)?oho!yeah stop givin them baal!!give it to me!and I will def share the profits with u!!duh!;oP happy dashain!:oD

Maverick: I couldn’t have said anything near to wat u said regarding the al gore thread..nice one there!just say opinions match and no!u dun have to worry!u def haven’t fallen to my level!;oP hehe..guess once in a while my levels do rise up a bit eh?happy dashain!:oD  

Amazing bro: I saw that post regarding horoscopes..and I have a fren who I really into such things that the person being mentioned has to read it everyday and it does affect the person’s being mentioned outlook for the day!no names no gender mentioned!i dun wanna be skinned alive!;oP  will pass u the site in a few weeks time?happy dashain!:oD

Kalankistan bro: ek chin auncha..ani lamo ko lai harauncha!ko ho tyo?hamro kalanki bro!;oP happy dashain!:oD 

Cleopatra: I dun think ur in England..so u will have a better chance of gettn a great weather? So have a happy dashain under a great weather!:oD

Nepkanchi: from ur nick I can assume ur a nepali, cant i?so if ur nepali? ;oP happy dashain!:oD

Isolated Freak: on dashain, discussion of politics/economics or not!;oP happy dashain!:oD

NKC bro: if im not mistaken..i havent seen u for a while?kay ho Nepal ko choro bhoyera pani lukney?;oP hehe…happy dashain to u!;oD

Hi Nanu:  Guess wat? Mr Hi_Nanu! Smtimes I cant stop thinking, if you really turned out to be my fren’s father who calls my fren “nanu”, it will  be quite errr weird?;oP but in a nice way!:oD have the utmost respect for my fren’s dad, tho didn’t really get to converse with him that much(not as much as I liked to :oS..i cant seem to open my mouth near the elders :oS ) during those couple of meetins, was more comfy talkn to auntie ;oP maybe cos she reminded me of my mum?:oD  but yeah this is about u and not them!but  when u were around typing here, the image u projected def seemed similar to him!someone level headed and all!anyways happy dashain!:oD

Nepaali: haha…lexicon?more like coming up with own words due to an appalling vocab knowledge!errr if u can even label that tinnee winnee as knowledge ;oP hehe..and  wit?haha more like bs?;oP..ok ok im really bad in handling compliments(oh!did I just assume wrongly that u were complimenting me!bloody ass!jahiley assume garcha bhaney!:@ ;oP hehe)…so u would have been here sooner? so this means u never really wanted to leave forever?nice!:oD

So all blacks eh?guess wat?once back then, before I stepped into this country and when I knew even less (not like I know much now!hehe) about rugby(found out there are two types., league and union,   only after being here for a few mths , and im pretty sure lots of ppl out there, still thinks of it as just one type of game? haha)…well at that time there was world cup and tho couldn’t grasp the furore of the expatriate crowd watchn it in the pub, it was too great an atmosphere to not get soaked into!and so we did!and seeing lomu pushin, shoving, stampeding past those other monsters! :o| ..yeah the awe I felt!esp since me being a tiny creature!;oP hehe.. and I guess the adrenaline does get rushing seeing them pumped up and of cos not forgettin the flow of alcohol…err not on me!i was workin!;oP..yeah guess used to sway towards the all blacks then..but alas!since I came here?they have brainwashed me I tell u!:o( ;oP hehe..oh guess wat?i knew the match was coming soon tho had no idea when..seems it was today..and the kangaroos thrashed the kiwis 58-0 in a rugby league test..:o|  highest score they ever scored against the kiwis re..anyways dun sulk!such things happens hoina?;oP hehe..darn if wallabies and the all blacks had went to meet on the finals..we would have been discussing the match? Had been lookin forward to them meetn up, tho would I have got to watch the match is another matter :oS …oh England won!yeah! I do have some affinity with England since young so ..

Yeah the haka is smthing worth watchn! hoina?not really a tv person..but if I do get to watch an all blacks match, that is smthing I really look forward to. Is there anything out there that is comparable? That shows the passion, the intent to crush!and wat not!:o| kasto hola if one sees it live?

And due to the rush the other time..i knew I had forgotten smthing important!:@ better late than never hoina?;oP so congratulations on ur graduation!:oD  and it might be hard when u aint a rat..but do make sure the changes only occurs at the exterior? a shaved one!if u prefer it that way!;oP haha..u can do it, if u try hard enuf hoina? And hope the new place weather is way better than the previous place!not like I have an idea of the previous place ;oP..but well we do deserve better hoina?so hopefully ur gettn a bit more of wat u deserve re kya!:oD..and its always good when we get our priorities right and can focus on them?:oD…hope some of that will rub onto urs truly!;oP haha ..with that I shall stop!u can breathe now!;oP hehe..cya around!and happy dashain!:oD

Sitara jyu: u r one scary “fisherwomen” :o| meant is as a compliment!:oD..do u share/impart ur knowledge on “baits”?..when is the class?;oP…happy dashain!:oD  

Aznshawty: hope john hart approaches u on this festive season!i heard he became like last time u were near re? ;oP..happy dashain!:oD

Mokshya: hope prashant doesn’t check sajha!who knows eh?cos if he did!urghh…he might be running to store to buy a lot of cologne?it is a sad sad day when ur own fan starts sayin ur starting to stink?:oS so make it up..at least share the cologne u love to smell?so that he can get the right one?;oP..happy dashain!:oD

Bikash KC: im losing my mind(if I already haven’t lost it!gotta have hope hoina?;oP) I dunno wat to type!so happy dashain!:oD

Rockend: hey hey hey!why is it all this way?(ramones estyle re kya, juggy bro was showing some estyle and I seemed to have picked it up ;oP bloody copycat!:oS hehe) but where o where, is this places official rocket launcher?!its the festive season!fireworks is needed!how can we have that when our fireworks expert is gone?:oS pls return!:o( hehe .. happy dashain!:oD

Manvi: I think I‘ve seen u here and there..and maybe everywhere?;oP but until I see u again ..happy dashain!:oD

Captain Haddock: haha ..capt o capt!..ur varied taste (which everyone has noticed? ;oP ) is one thing..but the speed in which u can turn it around? Spin doctor of the future PM/President (depending where u chose to utilize ur skill ;oP) out there in sajha!book him before he is taken!;oP hehe…can anyone ever make the mistake of  thinkn you and loote bro are the same person? when they did so then (like u mentioned) im sure it aint due to their lack of  brain capacity, they just didn’t have any choice when they were mesmerised by you!they could do nothing in their charmed state but to believe u and ur sweet words!;oP seriously do u think its possible that, there can ever exist a package(2 in 1) of u and loote bro? somethings are just too good to exist eh?;oP hehe 

And oh “Athena” knowing my secret?slip of ur fingers wasn’t it?was in a rush I reckon?but if someone was on ur mind when u typed that…would have been great eh?;oP…saw a glimpse of baseball on sat (couldn’t really sit down and watch cos I dun think my other fren would have wanted to ;oP) tho did see a team named “BOS” leading 10-3(I hope so I saw it correctly!) tho no idea wat innings they were in, did they lose in the end?:oS I saw shirish mention smthing like that smwhere…

Anyways in a rush myself .if not had more to shae ;oP..hope weeknd was great and happy dashain!:oD

Born_To_Rule:  errrr dun forget me(us) when u do wat u were born for!;oP..happy dashain!:oD

Avi : made it yet? Dun forget to tell me if it safe hai and of cos the safe recipe!without any extra “unsafe” added ingredients! ;oP …and oh my “past” life..errr since I have no idea..i guess I could believe wat u tell me about it? ..but ke ho!secrets haru jpt bhanney!:@ if u want secrets!sure ask me!but its all about give and take hoina?;oP happy dashain!:oD

Aud: hehe,,,alright couldn’t let my “effort” go to waste hoina?if not I was contemplating if I shud even post all this?i just noticed how many pages this collective typing, from the small breaks tht I took during the weeknds(today included  and finishn it up now hehe), has turned out to be!freaky! :o| wahahaha ;oP

But yeah…need to ask u some questions?light re?dun scare me!i know I do stand out even in the dark..cos im darker than darkest share of dark!:oS haha..if im like a light of ur life!how dark is ur life? ?scary!!!:o| ;oP hehe..home?dun u know how much I been tryn to find my way home(maybe will for eternity?..no place like home hoina?:oD )..and oh didn’t u hear me plea the other time?or is it an unwritten rule the guy must always go down on bended knees?:oS ;oP hehe..DIRECTIONS chayo!;oP u dunno how hard I tried(during the breaks that i took) to find the way!tried google maps..which gave me nearly a googol options?which one is it?:oS …tried yahoo maps..and ke ko yahoo!when it said cant be found!:oS …attached is my “efforts’..in case u thot I was all words..well Im more than words hoina?as in more and more words?wahahaha ;oP ..alright its gettn too late(and who can understand the intelligible words I sprout out anyway?haha ;oP ) yawned yet? * bulldog smile* ..happy dashain!:oD

and anyone whom i missed(lucky u?)
Happy Dashain!!

DARN I MISS THE OLD SAJHA WITH 300 Words limit!!!san dai i think u better put a limiter on a nick starting with D D does mean Danger hoina?danger to sajhaites sanity and wat not?

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darn!did i really type all this during the breaks? def gonna keep away from typing during breaks from now on!so ppl u can start breathing /walkn again!

hello to everyone!happy maniac monday!
Posted on 10-15-07 8:03 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 A very HappyMonday to everyone! :-)
Posted on 10-15-07 10:38 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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OOOh!! I failed to follow this thread for couple of days, and look what happened? Danny boy is on the loose again... Gawwwd!! Is that like double-spaced 25 page paper? eh!! Dude, I pity your GF, she will be old and fragile by the time she finishes reading your love-letters re kyaa. Naah, just kiddin' -- no offense. :)  Oops... did I just mention your GF? Ladies, I was just kiddin' about his GF, he is still very much single and ready to mingle... :D So, try to get his phone number and call him re kyaa, I swear you don't wanna keep in touch with him over email... well, unless, you wanna grow old just by reading his emails.. aaaaaaaaahhh!! Danny, happy M-day to you. ha.

Those who wished me, Happy Vijaya Dashami to you -- those who did not, well, happy Vijaya Dashami to you too... :) कलङ्कीमाई ले दशैं को सुभ-अवशरमा सबैको "घर-घर"मा BMW पुर्याउन् भन्ने शुभकामनाका साथ I am outta here. Well, if you don't like BMW, too bad. :)

Posted on 10-15-07 10:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi All,

Happy Dashain to everyone!!

HoPe YoU AlL hAvE a BlAsT!!! :-)

Posted on 10-15-07 10:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am amazed with the length of your post. Thanks for highlighing the names. I could locate mine easily.

Posted on 10-15-07 10:53 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Happy Monday Everyone!!

Wow i so love Monday..I was sleepwalking to work..
Posted on 10-15-07 10:54 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Hello Danny, Kalanki, Shirishji and Cerine - Have a great Dashain!
Posted on 10-15-07 10:58 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey my favorite people..and happy Dashain..hope everyone's enjoying Dashain as much as I am..malai ta k cha, khana payo ki ta enjoy bhai halyo..he he..

Ok, where do I start?  Dessert? Ki Biryani? I'll start with Dessert..it was the yummiest dessert I had in a long long long time..even my li'l one loved it..it was simply delicious..

Now over to Biryani..chicken biryani ta jhan, uff..k kura garau...simply out of this world..Himesh ko language ma, superb, mindblowing, out of this world.. You all must be wondering ki I've gone mad..u would be too if you were there yesterday..for TL's dashain party..(btw, she had asked me to write good things hai..and also to add jhimik jhimik..he he..) TL, I'm not available for next 10 days hai..by that time, hopefully u'll forget what I just wrote..LOL..

Tara seriously, we had a great time..good food, good company, good environment..aru k chahincha jindagi ma? I'm sure u all must be thinking of moving to west coast aba..he he..

Danny, I'm trying to beat your post coz yours was the looooooooooooooongest post in Cafe history I think..he he..love reading your posts though....so try making it longer hai..:) Btw, I was wondering where all my baal were coming from..so it was Nepte huh? I must've known..aru ko huna sakcha ra? he he..

Loots, infinity times katti jhan ma ta..tyo pani without smiley..la ja ta..

Camo bhaijaan,  jamara rakhna payena yespali..maybe next year..how was your ghatasthapana? and rest of the weekend? Beach gayo?

NKC, me fine..hope you're doing great..did u get a chance to talk to Juggs?

IMI, k cha babu? How was your Dashain? Hope u're not still running after Lootekukur..he's a gone case..chodideu..

Jack, k cha? Classes ma busy ho? We miss you here..kahile kahi aau na time milayera hai..whenever you can..

Juggs, sorry la? Got busy..didn't get a chance to let you know ni..dewarji, maaf pau la?

Mav & Rythm, miss you both hai..Rhythm, this place is losing its rhythm without your presence..so come back soon hai..

Thapap, kinyo? K bho? Let me know hai..

Flips and Lemony, my two favorite people le maya maryo jasto lagyo hamilai..hope everything is fine..Lemony, sorry couldn't talk to u the other day..

Capt. saab, Katti..(I have to remember ki there are two people I"m katti with now..I have to put a reminder for myself..)

Rocky, k cha? Where r u? Laptop kinyo?

Cleo, r u still getting chocolates? Badi bhayo bhane hamilai ni pathaideu hai.. Dashain kasari manaudaichau? Any Nepali around?

Sitaradi (can I call u di?) Dashain ma khatara euta katha sunna paye majja authyo..taas khelnu bho?

Hi, Udashi, Audrey, Shrish,Deep,  Avani, ImI, Athena, NPL2US, Amazing, Kalankistan,Nepkanchi, Isolated Freak, NKC, Hi Nanu, Nepaali, Aznshawty, Mokshya, Bikash KC,  Manvi and rest of the gang..

Posted on 10-15-07 11:00 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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it looks like i'm gonna be sleepwalking all day long :-)

hiya doing flippy ? LTNS..hope all's well


Posted on 10-15-07 11:05 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 sndy, maya mareyko rey? How dare you say that re kya!;-) Ani How is Junior Baba doing? Btw, did you learn how to make yomari-shape?
Posted on 10-15-07 11:08 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I gave up loote.Dashai ma aba Khasi ta haina kukur nai Katna parla
I am doing fine ..just toooo sleepy.

danny bro..i know what u are talking ..can u please open a thread with "SEX" so that anzsweety can show up..hahahaha...She is a little naughty girl.

Posted on 10-15-07 11:09 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Flips, he he..at least you came ni...yomari shape? Chaina..haven't even tried ni..TL chadai cha bhanera dhukka bhaa chu..she learnt it from my mom..so no worries..hoina TL? Junior baba ko feri rugha khoki..will be ok in few days..

Posted on 10-15-07 11:19 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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IMI, hare..hunna hunna...khasi nai katau..sleepy re? MOnday morning nai?

Posted on 10-15-07 11:24 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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My dear louly nautankiis..
टिका होस् निधार मा,
जमरा होस् कान मा,
सुख होस् परिवार मा,
शान्ती होस् देश मा ,
दसैं मा खुशी को बास होस् सत्रु को नाश होस्,
सुन चन्दी को रास होस्,हात म 21 पती को तास होस्,
पुरा होस् मनोकामना,यही छ विजय दशमी २०६४ को शुभकामना..


cut, paste garya hai.

Posted on 10-15-07 11:36 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Brig Ma'am -

Why katti?

Hi to Camo, Jack, Udashi, Loote, Flip Flop, Tamang Lady,Audrey, Danny, Shrish,Rythm, Deep, Juggy,Thapap, Lemony, Avani, ImI, Athena, NPL2US, Maverick, Amazing, Kalankistan,Cleopatra,Nepkanchi, Isolated Freak, NKC, Hi Nanu, Nepaali, Sitara, Aznshawty, Mokshya, Bikash KC, Rockend, Manvi

I am a bit tied down today. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Good day to you all.


Posted on 10-15-07 11:40 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you everyone for the wonderful wishes. Sabai jana lai Bijaya Dasami ko hardik mangalmaya subhakamana from my side too. I hope everyone has tons and acres of fun.


Avani : Kasto harayeko timi? Kahile kahi hi bhan na aau na. khoi ta hamro lagi dasain wishes? :P


Cerine : Hey, hows it going? Wats the dasain plan?


Cleopatra: Hello ji. Hows it going? Wats for Dasain? Kauda hanna man cha bhane pheri US aau ;)


Captain Haddock: Knock knock. Hows it going? Tractor mein goat shopping chal raha hoga na? haha. Jokes apart, whats the dasain plan like?


Camo:  Saalam namaste. How are things? The weather down where you are must be very much like that of Nepal during dasain, no? you lucky you.


Dannyboy: HOws it going? Yea.. I do need to ‘get life’ but I don’t see it happening anytime before a week from Christmas. you have all the fun until then. Timro dubae haat ma ladu cha. Almost summer, LIFE and time. Uff.


Flip Flop: Hey sweetie. Kem cho? I hope full time, big time, all time maaja ma cho ;) What are you doing for dasain? Oh ya.. do you like Yuvraj singh ji? Let me know if you do…. Ive got a little something for you do, in the case of a yes.


Hi Nanu: Where at bhaneko? Haray shiva, yesto dherai.. yeti lamo pani koi busy huncha hola ni. Happy bijaya dasami khoi ta bhaneko hamilai?


ImI: darshan. Where did you come up with your nick? Just curious.


Jack:  K cha saathi? Dasain ma k garney plan cha? Besides being a total bookie? Booka bhaneko hoina pheri.. book dherai padhne – bookie.


Juggy: Hows it rolling? Hasda hoina… much chopda chahi thiyaakai zinta ;) Kosle bhaneko yesto hudai nabhayeko kura? Anyways, K cha dasain ko plan?


Kalankistan: Kaaaalia. Kya bolta tu?

 Ray mama rey mama re.

timro biha bhayeko hoina rahecha???


Balla bujhee :D

China aur Thailand

Amrika ka mainland

Sab jagah aap ke eligible bachelorhood ki charche sunrahe hai.

Soch te hai.. tumhara liye ek nepali ladki dhund hi leh

Kya app ke khayalat bhi humse milte hai?



Loote: Bhow bhow. Hows it going? Kaha kaha bata k k sunchau timi? Nasakine bafre. Anyways, wats for dasain? Make sure you don’t forget to thank Maha Durga for not having the Koreans celebrate dasain :P


Manvi:  Hows it going? K garney bichar cha dasain ma? Hope you have tons of fun.


Maverick: Where at? Dasain manaune busy bhayera Café ma coffee ko lagi aaune no fursat? Wats with that?


Mokshya: Hello. K cha hajur ko? Such a cute message !! please know that the feeling is totally mutual… and I do mean it. Dasain ma k garney bichar? Tash khelne bhaye yeta tira aau. :P


NKC: Hows it going? K cha dasain ko plan? AKSHYA KUMAR. Tittattic ;)


NPL2US: Darshan hajur. K hudai cha aajkal? Hows kellu doing? Dasain ma k garney pilan wilan hai?


Rockend: Kcha NY hero? Dasain ma NY rock garne hoina ta? ;)


Rythm: Looong time. No see whatsoever. Hows it going? Dasain ma k garne plan cha?


SNDY: Hello. HOws it going? How did the weekend go? Plus ki minus tash ma? I hope you won :P myaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan i MISSSSSS tash and kauda. I know I sound like a total juwade.. but oh well. It just runs in the family during dasain and tihar :P


Tamang Lady: hello. Hi. K cha hajur? I hope you partied like you should during the weekend :P btw how did you figure out that the data-less pics were taken in our common friends place? Infact she was in Nepal then busy with we know what.. and we  were busy partying at her place ;) shhhhhhhhh.

Bafreeeeeeee katti dherai lekhe. paper yaad aayo :P

Posted on 10-15-07 3:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hi all!!!!

Lemon darshan to you too! Kellu is doing great. Matter of fact she was asking about you the other day. Plan for dahsain is khasi-sasi ta ho ni!!!

Capty bro, how's it going?

TL dijju, bhai ko naadaani maa ni testo risaunu hunchha ta? ma aai haalchhu ni tika thapna!!!!

SNDYm goda khoi? pau laagey vanda ni ashirbaad nadeko? it's so weired the way they spell words hagi? i was trying to spell in our own way kyaa. thanks for the info. that helped me. btw, kellu's sanimaa sasu and fupu sasus and maiju sasus are soooooooo bathoo.

Juggy broda, europe tour would be fun with you. but where ever you go in europe all you can see is statues of the warriors on the horse with a long sword, and of course palaces.  How about both of us going to  Nepal and go to basantapur durbar ? that way we  could see the palace and  the  statue (juddasamsher ko) both.

Flipty hi!! kellu is doing good. Matter of fact she was asking about you too.

IMI how are ya?

NKC k chha broda? long tyam bhaako thiyo ni!!!

Danny bro, if i give them my baal their hair would be one inches tall unless they stretch'em everyday. how's it going there?

Rest of the gang i will catch ya'll tomorrow.

Posted on 10-15-07 3:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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sn diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,
*goes back to no katti mode*
ke ho? did TL bribe you to write good things about her food? TL and good food? ke sunnu parya yesto? . so if you like her food, you will just loveeeeeeeeeeeee my food--they are fantastic, outstanding, superb, mind-blowing! . no see for 10 more days? on another note--what a relief!
*back to serious business--KAtti mode*
KATTI KATTI KATTI (and i am not even bothering to tell you that this time, there are no emoticons whatsoever apart from the one you deserve-->>)

sleepwalked to work re? in lungi baniyan? HAHAHAHAHA

hamilai bolaunu pardaina?

no exciting plans as such for dashain...just a gathering or two tehi ho..wanna come over to my place? . i know u will never, tesaile confidently sodeko .

happy october the 14th to you bro

big hi to Camo, Jack, Udashi, Loote, Flip Flop, Tamang Lady,Audrey, Danny, Shrish,Rythm, Deep, Juggy,Thapap, Lemony, Avani, ImI, Athena, NPL2US, Maverick, Amazing, Kalankistan,Cleopatra,Nepkanchi, Isolated Freak, NKC, Hi Nanu, Nepaali, Sitara, Aznshawty, Mokshya, Bikash KC, Rockend, Manvi, Captain Haddock.

A hindi music maniac sent me the link to this song this morning. video sucks but the audio is quite good. here's dedicating to all you lovely folks on the occasion of dashain. enjoy hai ta?


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