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 Thinking Impartially and sensibly

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Posted on 02-03-05 1:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear sons and daughters of Nepal, We do not really know what the situation is like in our country. We have heard more rumours and less facts; and we have made our own judgement based on those rumours. Our opinions have been divided into almost two halves. One half supporting the King's move and the other half opposing the action. Almost all of us who are fortunate enough to live in the west at this torrid time are capable to think sensibly on this issue.So lets contemplate with the love for the country and citizens in mind now. Some of us may have been victims of atrocities committed by the Maoists. Some may have suffered because of the corrupted political leaders. And some of us may have been the victim of injustice in the Panchayat era and at present. So we are expressing our vengeance against those who have made us to suffer. And therefore we are divided. The citizens who are educated, who have seen how democray functions, who know the fruits of social justice in a developed society; we are divided. And this is not a good sign for the future. Tommorow, we have to take the burden of Nepal in our shoulders. We have to hand the nation to our next generation. We have to make sure that we can hand over a peaceful and prosperous nation to our children and die. Otherwise we are not different to the previous generation which never got the oppurtunity like us to see the democracy and prosperity of the western world. Our children will blame us if we fail to do better things for our country.So let's try to be impartial, let's forget our personal interest, let's put away our vengeance against both sides of the debate.With a cool mind let's discuss what can we do at best to resolve the current crisis from our part. I will try to give my assement in the next thread on what can we expect in the near future and what is best for the country in the coming days. Please put your thoughts, unbiased and pragmatic, without spilling your anguish and hatred to all the sides- political parties, monarchy and maoists.I hope all of you will take part in this debate very seriously. Newuser.
The postings in this thread span 13 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 03-27-05 5:23 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Adarniya Paudel dai (ekai gam tham ko jetho batholai adar garera dai bhaneko anyatha nasocham), thanks for jumping on my thread. Well, I have written lots of stuff in the previous postings but the conclusion can be made in few sentences: King G cannot restore peace single handedly, punish corrupt leaders but do not bypass political parties, give Maoists a genuine offer for dialogue(don't say throw your weapons and come for talks), don't rely solely on China and dismiss the US and India if you want to garner their support. This is 21st century. DO not try to rule in darkness. If you try to supress the people, that will trigger your own downfall. Kuro tei ho. I have still many things to write to Prachanda, Baburam, Gyanendra and kangresi/kamniste neta but the problem is my room notebook doesn't work with unicode. Bholibata office janchhu ani sutukka bela belama sajha ma chhirera posting garamla devanagiri mai. Hass ta teti bela samma ka lagi namaskar.
Posted on 03-27-05 6:00 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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These are worth reading (from Nepalipost.com) A note: Is anybody noticing what the real agenda is? Dr. Govinda Koirala March 21, 2005 There are always some extreme political thinkers, who do not want to compromise. In stead, they try every way possible to convince others that they are right and everybody else is wrong. It should not be taken as unusual. If we are convinced ourselves, we like to bring other people in our side. Similarly, anyone with strong political convictions, there is no surprise if he, and only he, fantasizes of being the most right who is also voicing the majority. But the problem is that when the reality appears to be otherwise, he closes his eyes to dream and to bring others to agree with him. And, more dangerous part is when he goes further to start and harvests his lies with false pretensions in every way he can. But I think, this is nothing but to deceive himself. Take the case, for example, an appeal to join the rally in Washington, DC. In an appeal posted in Peace Media on March 11, 2005, the rally coordination committee has made an appeal to join the rally for the cause of peace, justice, rule of law and democracy in Nepal. And, with the fact that the democracy has been crushed, rule of law has gone wild, freedom and justice has been wiped out by the King, who would not agree to join the rally to denounce it ? According to the appeal, the rally was in support of restoring human rights, political freedom, and of course to give the peace a chance. But, everyone was deceived by the appeal. Because, the real agenda was not in favor of rule of law, human rights, democracy and justice, the rally was definitely to support what the dictator, the King, has done to the country. Of course, it is not anything new for those who have closed their own eyes to imagine that everything is going all right. The organizers were set to deceive; otherwise many people would not come out to the rally to support a dictator who has taken away the rights of the people. The appeal was beautifully crafted in such a way that the crowd can be fooled and the real agenda could appear in the rally itself. Some of my friends went even to say that the organizers were paid to organize the rally. But I don't want to go to that extreme, because, we all know that there are always some people who can go to the extreme with their own political conviction. They have the right to show their conviction. But, I guess a majority of the people in the rally were deceived. This also is supported by the fact that there were various groups chanting completely opposing slogans according to the reports (including the report in Nepali Post). But, I also have read a report justifying the opposing slogans in the rally. The reporter obviously has to be among the sympathizer of the rally who had to justify the opposing slogans by terming that as the freedom of expression. This is nothing but a laughing matter. A rally is supposed to bear one theme in which the slogans revolve around. If the views were of opposing nature, why could not there be another rally? They do not mix in the same. People were called for one theme and went for another. What is this then, if it was not a deceit? I have also heard that a similar rally is being proposed in New York. I don't know what the agenda are, but I suspect of the same. Here, I think, one has to warn of the real agenda of the organizers. If people with the conviction that the dictatorship is good for Nepal, democracy and human rights of people are of the secondary concern; then they should join the rally for support. I like to encourage them to express their feelings. They have the right to express their views. But why deceive people? Is not this a result of a defeat mentality? Come on, if you think it is right, say so. But please don't fool the people that the rally is to protest against the death of democracy and freedom of the people in Nepal but make the slogans in support of a dictator. If there is any rally in New York City, we have to watch who comes out: those with two tongues or those with real convictions for a dictator. As long as real diehard supporters of the royal interventions come out, that should be commendable and that is what their agenda also should be. But we have to be more careful of the so called friends with two tongues, say one thing and do the other, just like the King of Nepal. Yes, everybody wants peace and it does not matter where it comes from. But we also need to question ourselves: can it be brought by telling a lie and by silencing the truth? To cover a lie, you have to tell 100 more lies, but, still at the end the truth comes out any way. University of Rio Grande Ohio, USA gkoirala@hotmail.com King committed to remain wedded to wrong end of the logic Mathura P. Shrestha March 18, 2005 The present king of Nepal is digging his own grave deep and to inevitable obscurity with a series of antidemocratic actions. This is a natural behavior with any despot suffering from paradigm paralysis. This is also an expected natural historic consequence. How the end of despots would come otherwise? There is an old saying in Sanskrit , ? ljgf;sfn] lak/Lt a'l4 ? or ?vinashakale biparita buddhi?, meaning ?one possessing a wrong mental frame at a time of impending catastrophe?. His brother, king Birendra, got fame as wise, pragmatic monarch who took historic and courageous decision to surrender his panchayat autocracy mode of rule (totally) to multiparty democracy and constitutional monarchy. It was a difficult decision for a monarch surrounded by power addict, ruling feudals in the royal palace to become so brave and rational. He had a moral courage to have his paradigm shifted. That is why he became unexpectedly popular and loved one after that great surrender of April 9, 1990. When I was eleven, I was on the way to India with my parents to pass winter vacations. I still remember a night in an inn in Bhimphedi (a small town on the way to India) in 2002 BS (1945 AD). My parents had a chat about the future of Nepal and Rana Regime with a fellow traveler, a Subba (a high official in Rana regime) of Newar ethnicity and posted in Rautahat district in the Terai Plains of Nepal. The Subba had said, ?There is no future of Rana rule. The more you pump a worn-out football the more the risk of violent end with an out-burst. Rana rulers are but pumping suppressions in Nepal at a time when people are already awakening.? I have never forgotten those words since then, spoken at a time when absolute autocracy was intact (or there was a total absence of democracy). Gyanendra was hastily crowned king by Ranas in late 1949 to replace his grandfather king who took refuse in India (but not abdicated) after the start of the first armed revolution of Nepali Congress. He was not recognized at that time as a king by a single country or even by an overwhelming majority of people. No wonder he inherited the traits of dying Rana rule the end of which was smelt even by a Subba, engaged to maintain ?law and order? on behalf of Ranas, several years prior. The king?s February 1 coup d??tat was a desperate attempt to save the monarchy stinking since ?Royal Massacre.? Many wonder why he chose to come out of respectable position of constitutional monarchy. None expected that abnormal behavior especially at such circumstance when an overwhelming majority of people of Nepal had a difficulty to dissociate his name from so many hated instances of trafficking and shady undertakings. He seems to have lost both hind and fore sights. Only a person of that compulsion could take that stand in a period when monarchy was becoming increasing irrelevant in Nepal. For that reason the king is never so isolated as today in international community and among his own people. There has been a lot of senseless killings and incidences of human rights violations. Editors and journalists are harassed with insulting interrogations by police; many are in jail or in non-justifiable custody. Almost daily, too many witch-hunts of many political and human rights workers are staged. Many are arrested or in custody without any opportunity to have communication with their families, friends or outside world. All writing papers, pens and even watches get confiscated or are not allowed to have. To have a smoke-screen during the ICHR conference the king has released recently sacked Prime Minister Deuba and few others. However arrests are very common all the time of days and nights and in all parts of Nepal. In spite of the false assurance of Ramesh Pandey in Geneva the draconian rule in Nepal continue to be stiff without any outlet. Yesterday only more than a thousand demonstrators, journalists, human rights defenders and women were arrested from all over Nepal. Naturally, there are growing political protests and demonstrations all over Nepal in spite of the strict bans. I will like to cite one case that happened recently in Parsa district: Maoists blockaded the roads there. In a point on a road there was a heap of boulders with a note that there is a bomb buried. An army detachment patrolling there saw that. In the mean time two persons belonging to a Tharu minority community was coming in their bicycles loaded with faggots of fuel woods from nearby forest. The army personnel forced the innocent victims to come down and clear the road. Result? The bomb went off instantly killing the both and three of the soldiers. The army or any other security personnel can not order civilians or untrained personnel to dispose a bomb or clear a site suspected to have a bomb hidden. That is a clear human right violation. The army-censored news appeared in daily papers the next day that two Maoists blew themselves off. The source of disinformation (the miscarried news) was the army itself. The army is now overseeing all unacceptable censures, strictures and other such actions of human rights violation. Why? Do its officers and commanders want to identify the institution wedded to a hated autocrat or alternatively to the country and its people? I do not want to blame other security institutions as army is leading the censors for so called ?law and order?. I am sure that the army personnel with glorious records of faith in democracy do not like to take up dirty roles of those kinds. I only think that they are bond with a false perception of army discipline. Any act that goes against their moral and social responsibility can?t be misnamed as discipline. If army personnel behave no better than Maoists what remains of their credibility. I strongly oppose human rights violations and similar senseless killings by the Maoists too. If they claim to be revolutionary they can?t afford to be engaged in such despicable acts of human rights violation. I also oppose senseless blockades being frequently imposed by both security personnel and the Maoists. I got rumor today that the Maoists have withdrawn their blockades in view of several upcoming festivals. I hope it is true. I also appeal them to withdraw their blockade programs of April. I am happy to note ever growing solidarity of the people all over the world for the people of Nepal fighting for democracy and against the king?s autocracy. We, the people of Nepal, cherish on so many demonstrations, support meetings and conferences, protest letters, press statements and media coverage all over the world. Nepal has become a test case for the international solidarity in the defense of democracy, human rights and transformed peace. That must be continued with further vigor and commitments. I am happy to note that many countries and international agencies have decided to discontinue military and other aids to Nepal. I also appreciate the Prime Minister of China for canceling his planned visit to Nepal. I expect that its Foreign Minister also would cancel the proposed visit. We are disturbed by the news that there is a possibility of arms aid or sale from China to Nepal. If true, it will be equal to stabbing the good faith the people of Nepal developed for the people of China on account of age old inter-country relationships and because of several people oriented development aids and grants that China provided to the people of Nepal. I also hope that the Chinese government will remain sensitive to the people?s love and struggle for democracy in Nepal. World community is with the people of Nepal. China can?t afford to ignore that. Relation is to be developed, but not that kind of relationship incompatible to the peoples of Nepal, just because Nepal?s autocrat wanted to have that way. The relationship existing between the peoples of Nepal and China for centuries should not be interrupted to satisfy a lust of a king turned autocrat against its constitution.
Posted on 03-28-05 5:54 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear friends, This thread has gained popularity day by day; thanks to Newuser who thoughtfully gave birth to 'Thinking Impartially and Sensibly'. The article is copied and pasted from Krishnasen Online by Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. Two things to note here: one, it proves he is still in the party as he has ever been (the article is dated 15 Mar 05), and second, it is worth reading because this thread, I believe, was created by Newuser with a view to give all sides a place. There is no so called 'Propaganda'! THE ROYAL REGRESSION AND THE QUESTION OF DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC Baburam Bhattarai CPN(Maoist) In his famous work The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, Karl Marx had said: "Hegel observes somewhere that all great incidents and individuals of world history occur, as it were, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second as farce." It was while drawing a parallel between the coup of 1851 by Napoleon's nephew Louis Bonaparte, who had then crowned himself as Napoleon III, and the original Napoleonic coup of 1799. Of course, this was in a satirical sense. Similar law of Hegelian dialectics seems to be in operation in the history of Nepal, too. While the father, King Mahendra, had staged a military coup on December 16, 1960 against the first parliamentary democracy established after 1950 to centralise all power in himself, now the son, King Gyanendra, has staged another military coup on February 1, 2005 against the second parliamentary democracy restored after 1990 and centralised all state power in himself. However, for the politically enlightened ones, it is not difficult to see beneath the surface that this episode of February 1 is merely a continuation or culmination of the episode of June 1, 2001, when the relatively more weak or liberal King Birendra, along with his entire family, was butchered and a new dynasty ushered in by Gyanendra. This way, the "First February" of the Nepalese history seems to be a carbon copy of the "Eighteenth Brumaire" of the French history; but it is yet to be seen whether it will be more 'tragic' or more 'farcical'. The Essence of the Royal Regression In his every public utterances after the coup, including the 'royal proclamation' of February 1, Gyanendra has laboured hard to sell the theory that his present move is designed to restore 'peace' and consolidate 'multi-party democracy' by exorcising the ghost of 'terrorism' [i.e. the ongoing revolutionary People's War led by the CPN(Maoist), and this is meant only for a definite time-frame of coming three years. While talking to a group of selected media persons on February 24, he has particularly taken pains to project himself as the real Messiah of 'democracy' and the exorcist of 'terrorism' and has demanded of the parliamentary political parties and the entire members of the international community to cooperate with him in this grand venture against 'terrorism'. Thus, he has sought to project himself as the true follower of the US President George W. Bush in the international crusade against 'terrorism' and begged everybody to grant legitimacy to his autocratic military regime at least on that count. Of course, he seems to have learnt a few lessons from General Musarraf of Pakistan. However, Gyanendra's such political gimmicks are not cutting much ice among the masses, as he has a tainted image as the hardliner autocrat even within the palace since his father's and bother's days and is particularly hated among the public as the real fratricidal and regicidal culprit in the palace massacre of June 1, 2001. Particularly after his induction of the old palace stooges of known anti-democratic persuasions like Tulsi Giri and Kirti Nidhi Bista as his principal political associates and his abduction of all fundamental and democratic rights of the people with the contrywide declaration of emergency, the essential nature of his despotic military rule has been thoroughly unmasked. Despite his incessant parroting about his commitments towards 'multi-party democracy' and 'constitutional monarchy' , all his real practices so far including the crackdown on political parties and their leaders, free media and human rights activists and blatant trampling upon the limited democratic provisions of the old constitution, leave one in no doubt that the supine parliamentary democratic system has been snuffed out and the autocratic monarchy restored in the country. Hence the questions arise: How could the limited bourgeois democratic system established after 1990 be abolished and the autocratic monarchy restored so smoothly? Should not the wheel of history move forward rather than backward? For the correct answers to these questions, one has to grasp the laws of social development in a scientific and objective manner and to correctly evaluate the weaknesses and limitations of the chronically infirm parliamentary system after 1990. Firstly, it should be acknowledged that struggle between social classes provides the basic motive forces of societal development. The present Nepalese society in a semi-feudal and semi-colonial stage is a multi-class society, and the principal struggle there is among the feudal, the bourgeois and the proletarian classes. All the three principle contending classes have their allies, too. The traditionally dominant feudal class has the comprador and bureaucratic bourgeoisie with it; the small and weak bourgeois class has a section of the rural and urban petty-bourgeois class with it; and the proletariat has the vast number of poor peasants and semi-proletariat with it. This basically triangular class contention is increasingly turning into a bi-polar contention after the initiation and development of revolutionary People's War under the leadership of the proletariat since 1996. In other words, according to the law of class struggle and social development , the parasitic reactionary classes are polarised on one side under the leadership of the most capable and strong class among themselves, and on the other side are rallied the working and the progressive classes under the leadership of the most advanced class, the proletariat. As the monarchy representing the feudal and comprador and bureaucratic bourgeois classes is historically the strongest representative of the reactionary classes in Nepal, the parasitic classes most adversely affected by the revolutionary People's War have been increasingly rallying under the leadership of the monarchy. This is the rationale and essence of the current royal regression or the restoration of autocratic monarchy in the social class terms. The regressive march of the reactionary classes in opposition to the progressive march of the working classes is perfectly in keeping with the dialectical law of social development. Secondly, viewing from a further political angle, it should be acknowledged that the inherent defects and weaknesses of the bourgeois parliamentary democracy established after 1990 and the general infirmity and incapacity of the middle strata and forces also provided an objective basis for the ultimate feudal autocratic regression. Historically, the major parliamentary political forces, viz. the Nepali Congress and later the revisionist UML, enjoy no independent class base of their own, and tend to represent a hodge-podge of class forces ranging from the feudals and comprador and bureaucratic bourgeoisie to the petty-bourgeoisie and constantly take vacillating and conciliatory political positions. Contrary to this, the monarchy traditionally draws its strength from the prevailing feudal property and cultural relations, and principally, from its monopoly hold over the Royal Nepal Army (RNA). To be more specific, the political change and the Constitution of 1990 did not properly settle the question of 'state sovereignty' traditionally claimed by the monarchy and left the final 'state authority' and strategic control over the RNA in the hands of the monarchy. This 'historical blunder' (to paraphrase Jyoti Basu from India!) paved the way for the monarchy to gradually gobble up the parliament and the Constitution and consummate the current royal regression. Moreover, the parliamentary forces during their twelve years long rule in between did nothing to bring about a progressive transformation in the traditionally feudal and increasingly comprador and bureaucratic capitalist socio-economic and cultural base of the society. In the later period, particularly along with the rapid development of the revolutionary People's War, their class and political base got further eroded. As a result, the upper strata of the society which had backed the parliamentary forces after the political change of 1990 gradually returned back to the fold of the monarchy and the lower and a section of the middle strata naturally got polarized around the revolutionary People's War. This dilemma of the reformist parliamentary forces has been summed up in Chairman Com. Prachanda's recent People's War Anniversary statement thus: "Ultimately, the so-called royal proclamation of February 1 has not only exposed the irrelevance of reformism in the Nepalese politics, but also shattered the collective lethargy of the parliamentary political forces." Thirdly, from a military point of view, this action of total centralization of the old state authority in the absolute monarchy can been as an attempt of the moribund reactionary classes to wage a final battle with the revolutionary forces in the ever mounting class war in the country. In view of the recent declaration of the CPN (Maoist) to lead the nine-year old revolutionary People's War into the final and decisive stage of strategic offensive, it is not unnatural, though foolish, for the frightened reactionary classes to attempt to wage a final battle of life and death under the direct leadership of the monarchy, which has assumed supreme commandership of the RNA since its inception. In the recent past the pathetic showing of the RNA in almost every real battle with the People's Liberation Army (PLA) has been blamed by certain quarters on the contradictions of de jure political leadership of the parliamentary forces and de facto leadership of the monarchy over the RNA, Also, it is not hard to understand the super military ambitions of Gyanendra, who has grabbed the throne by butchering the entire family of his brother, Birendra, to project himself as the great savior of his tottering feudal and comprador-bureaucratic bourgeois class. Nevertheless, as any common student of military science would know, the victory or defeat of a particular army ultimately depends more on its social class base and the political goal rather than on the leadership prowess of its commander, and in that sense the ultimate defeat of the reactionary RNA should be a foregone conclusion and Gyanendra's dream would be mere chimera. Role of the International Forces In the present day world of imperialist globalization any internal political event has more international ramifications than ever before. Hence the February 1 royal regression has generated worldwide reactions, and all major world and regional powers and organizations, including the UN, the USA, the UK, the EU, India, China and others have issued public statements on the question. Surprisingly none of the major international players have supported Gyanendra's regressive steps so far. Not only that the major powers like the USA, the UK, the EU and India, which have been the principal props for the reactionary regimes in Nepal in the past, have publicly opposed the current developments, and others like China, Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. have commented upon the events as 'internal affairs of Nepal'. The most significant international development has been the suspension of military aid by India and the UK (the USA also appears to be toeing the same line) and suspension of 'development aid' by a number of EU countries. International human rights organisations such as the Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, etc., have publicly denounced the royal regime for its rampant violations of human and democratic rights of the people. Thus the autocratic royal regime has been totally isolated from the international community so far, which is a good omen for the democratic movement. However, the despotic regime is desperately seeking to exploit two issues to gain international support for itself. The first is the 'anti-terrorism' card, and the second, the 'geo-political' card. The hackneyed 'anti-terrorism' card, much exploited after September Eleven by all and sundry petty dictators and reactionary regimes of the world, has already lost much of its original steam and is yet to be seen how it will fare in Gyanendra's case. But one can be fairly certain that the enlightened world public opinion won't be easily hoodwinked by the 'anti-terrorism' claims of a person of Gyanendra's ilk, whose hands are blood-stained in the infamous palace massacre and who has now launched a countryside reign of military terror against the people by suspending all political and fundamental rights. Nevertheless, as all the values and norms in a class-divided society are governed by class interests, it won't be surprising if some of the reactionary rulers of the world would ultimately back the regressive royal regime, overtly or covertly. As far as the 'geo-political' card of the country's strategic positioning between the two super-states of China and India is concerned, Gyanendra's attempts to repeat the skillful diplomatic maneuvering of playing one neighbour against the other as practiced by his father, Mahendra, in the specific cold-war context of the last century cannot be expected to bear much fruit in the changed situation of international balance of forces in general and the India-China relations in particular. The recent coming together of the USA and India and their coordinated policy against royal regression may tempt Gyanendra to play the China card. He has given enough hints of this by appointing the old royalist Kirti Nidhi Bista with a known pro-China tilt as one of his principle associates in the government. Similarly, Pakistan and Bangladesh, with traditional contradictions with India, may provide some breathing space for the royal regime; some indications of which have already come from the Pakistani ambassador in Kathmandu. However, given the extremely shaky position and uncertain future of Gyanendra himself, it is hard to believe that any of the neighbours will go beyond diplomatic niceties to extend him any substantial material help. Similarly, on the part of the proletarian revolutionaries they should be prudent enough to practice strategic firmness and tactical flexibility in the matters of diplomatic relations particularly with the immediate neighbours. Another noteworthy factor in recent days is the indication of some positive change in the attitude of major international and regional powers towards the revolutionary forces in Nepal. Due to their own distorted class outlook and interests, these major powers in the past used to regard the monarchy and the parliamentary forces as the so-called 'two pillars of stability', and they were seen working hard to bring about a grand alliance between the two against the revolutionary democratic forces. Now they seem to be increasingly veering round a 'three pillar' theory, including the revolutionary forces; which is, of course, a step forward. But the historical necessity and the new objective reality of the country is that the new 'two pillars' of parliamentary and revolutionary democratic forces join hands to uproot the outdated and rotten third 'pillar' of monarchy. The CPN(Maoist) has already made a policy decision to this effect, which is reflected in the recent Anniversary statement issued by Chairman Com. Prachanda. The Question of Democratic Republic After the royal regression of February 1, there are seen some important developments in the internal political situation. Whereas earlier the national politics was divided into three streams of monarchy, parliamentary democracy and revolutionary people's democracy, now it is gradually getting polarized into two broad streams of monarchy and democracy. Particularly, the leaders, cadres and supporters of parliamentary democracy have now seen through the anti-democracy maneuvering and divide-and-rule policy of the monarchy in the past and their collective ire against the monarchy has sharpened more than ever before. Though there are sponsored public rallies and statements in favour of the autocratic monarchy on a daily basis, none of the known political parties or their leaders have openly endorsed the royal move so far. While the royal regime has laboured hard to propagate that the harsh autocratic measures are directed only against the 'terrorists' (i.e. Maoist revolutionaries), the people have increasingly realized that they are against all the democratic forces. Similarly, almost all the members of 'civil society', media persons, human rights organizations, professional organizations, etc. have openly come out against the royal coup. This is obviously a good sign for the future of democracy in the country. However, it is a matter of serious concern that even after more than a mouth since the coup the democratic forces have not been able to come up with an effective & coordinated plan, programme or mechanism of resistance against the autocratic monarchy. The CPN (Maoist) attempted to provide initial tempo to the resistance movement by organizing a three-day 'Napal Bandh' (shut-down) and a fifteen-day transportation blockade in February, and is planning further mass-mobilization and military-action programmes in coming months. The parliamentary forces did organize some propaganda activities from India and symbolic public rallies within the country, and are planning peaceful mass-arrest programmes for the future. But the desired sharp attacks against the monarchy in a unified manner, firstly, amongst the parliamentary forces and, secondly, between the parliamentary and revolutionary democratic forces, has not materialized so far. Whereas the Nepali Congress has come out more sharply against the monarchy, the so-called 'leftist' UML has made a relatively muted response against the royal coup. This has naturally raised some apprehensions among the masses whether a new 'Rayamajhi' trend (i.e. the capitulation of the then general secretary of the CPN, Keshar Jang Rayamajhi, to the monarchy in the 1960s) is in the offing. However, after so much blood-bath the situation has undergone a sea change since then. Hence, even if a few Rayamajhis from the left camp and a few Tulsi Giris from the Nepali Congress camp may arise, the overwhelming majorities of the leaders & cadres of the political parties and the general masses of the people are likely to fight till the end against the autocratic monarchy. Moreover, with the presence of the revolutionary PLA to take on the monarchist RNA, and the more favourable international situation than ever to fight against the absolute monarchy, a new objective ground is prepared for the democratic political forces to mount a unified assault against the monarchy so as to sweep it away for ever. Precisely in this context the question of anti-monarchy common minimum programme and slogan acceptable to all the democratic forces, including the parliamentary and revolutionary democratic forces and the international community, has become pertinent. It has been the considered view of the CPN(Maoist) that the programme of election to a representative Constituent Assembly and institutionalization of the democratic republic is best suited for the purpose. The old slogan of restoration of the parliament or re-activization and amendment of 1990 Constitution, advanced by the parliamentary forces and the international community, has been totally outdated and inadequate in the new context. A brief recapitulation of the incessant struggle between the monarchy and democracy since the 1950s in the country should leave no one in doubt that without the complete abolition of the archaic institution of feudal monarchy and its puppet RNA no form of democracy can be secure and institutional in Nepal. It has been proved time and again that the so-called 'constitutional monarchy' seen in operation in some of the highly developed capitalist countries cannot be replicated in a semi-feudal & semi-colonial society. Hence any attempt on the part of the parliamentary political parties and the international forces to preserve the thoroughly rotten and discredited institution of monarchy, in this or that pretext, does not correspond with the historical necessity and ground reality of balance of forces in the country, and the agenda of 'democratic republic' has entered the Nepalese politics. As for as the sincere commitment of the revolutionary democratic forces, who aspire to reach socialism and communism via a new democratic republic, towards a bourgeois democratic republic is concerned, the CPN(Maoist) has time and again clarified its principled position towards the historical necessity of passing through a sub-stage of democratic republic in the specificities of Nepal. Particularly, in "An Executive Summary of the Proposal Put Forward by CPN(Maoist) for the Negotiations" presented during the negotiations in April 2003 [See, Some Important Documents of Communist Party of Nepal(Maoist), 2004] the minimum content and the process of realization of this democratic republic through a Constituent Assembly has been expressed in concrete terms. The fact that the democratic republic is envisaged to be institutionalized through a freely elected Constituent Assembly, should cast away any illusions about the democratic credentials of the revolutionary forces. Further concrete issues like the creation of a new national army after the dissolution of the royal mercenary RNA can be discussed during the process of negotiations. The need of the hour is unity of all democratic forces of the country on the common minimum programme of a democratic republic. If anything is lacking so far it is the real democratic vision and will power on the part of the leadership of major political parties. Also, it is the time to win confidence of the masses of the people through a correct projection of the democratic credentials of political parties, and for this the correct practice of inner-party democracy would be a significant component. In the end, it may be useful to recollect Engels to understand why a proletarian party needs to uphold the programme of a bourgeois republic in the particular historical specificities of a country like present-day Nepal. Lambasting the Bukuninist anarchists who had opposed the immediate programme of a republic in nineteenth-century Spain, Engels had said: "When the Republic was proclaimed in February 1873, the Spanish members of the Alliance [i.e. Bakuninist 'International'] found themselves in a quandary. Spain is such a backward country industrially that there can be no question there of immediate complete emancipation of the working class. Spain will first have to pass through various preliminary stages of development and remove quite a number of obstacles from its path. The Republic offered a chance of going through these stages in the shortest possible time and quickly surmounting the obstacles. But this chance be taken only if the Spanish working class played an active political role." [From "The Bakuninists at Work"] March 15, 2005.
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hehehehehe.... thats my reply!!!
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It's self-explanatory. Maoist Rejected deceptive Propaganda Katmandu, March 16/ Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has rejected the deceptive propaganda of old regime transimmited by the old regime's media about Maoist leader Baburam Bhattrai and Hisila Yami. Spokesperson of the Party Krishna Bahadur Mahara issuing a press Statement on Tuesday has said that the news transmitted by the government's media quoting the so-called Army Headquarter indicating that the party leader Baburam Bhattrai and Hisila Yami, ejected from the party is cent percent false. furthermore he has said- "We would like to let know to all that both of them are carrying out their tasks and responsibilities within the party and the movement counseling and mutual co-operation with Party Chairman Com. Prachanda." Below is the full text of the statement - Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Central Committee Press Statement Being terrified by the People's war that is advancing towards the victory being more unified and centralized against the feudal autocracy, the feudal clique and its royal mercinaries are attempting to cover up their defeats and termination with the help of deceptions, illusions and fantasies. marcinary The news transmitted by the government's media quoting the so-called Army Headquarter indicating that our party leader Baburam Bhattrai and Hisila Yami are ejected from the party is cent percent false. We would like to let know to all that both of them are carrying out their tasks and responsibilities within the party and the movement counseling and mutual co-operation with Party Chairman Com. Prachanda. Along with it, the so-called propaganda of Salyan, Dang, Kapilvastu, Baglung etc are totally imaginary, false and artificial. Instead that propaganda is articulated and sponsored by the royal army itself. We request to all not to get dillused in these kinds of conspiracies and illusions publicized by the feudal clique revising the old retrogressive strategy of 'split and rule' against the people's War, our party, its leaders and cadres. We would also like to let all know that the great plan to move the struggle against the feudal autocracy in its final victory has brought a newer excitement and unity in the party and the relation with the people has started to be better and intimate. March 16, 2005 Krishna Bahadur Mahara Spokesperson Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
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Tthis Thread is as much popular as Maoist in Nepal.... hehehehehe sabai le hamilai nai vodu bhanthanne.... j bhane ni patyaaula jasto lagcha ho???? aba k bhanu... ma pani kya papular bhaa chu ni hau.... hehehehehehehehe thats my reply hehehehehehehe
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Dear Kusum Baba, would you mind not putting maoists statements in this thread. This is something where I am voicing my concerns over the misconceptions and animosity building up between various political groups in Nepal. I oppose the idea of Maoists, political leaders or the King ruling Nepal single handedly. I am someone who forsee a stable and prosperous Nepal with a mutually coordinated efforts from everyone including the king, maoists and political leaders with the support of the public. Therefore, please stop putting maoists propoganda in this thread. If you started another subject, you can put them there so that interested people can read them when they want. Coffee, drink coffee and prepare for your endocrinology terms. Medical students know very little about politics and ideology. Put your best efforts in your own subject bro.Good luck for your exams.
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newuser thanks a lot for the luck.... dont worry i do not exceed 5000 mg of caffiene hehehehehe hehehehehe by the way... i dont think its a good topic now to generalize the political knowledge of anybody doesnt matter if its medical student or political science or journalism. dont mind hai.. but u are doing the same things what maoist have done.... heheheh ATTITude hehehehehe.... dherai janne bhanthaaneko ho afulai??? hehehehehe... who are you to rate me my knowledge about politics??? hehehe well.. aba manche mardai hinnee fohori politcs ko kura gareko ho bhane... tyo chai malai aaudaina.. timi ta guru biddwaan ho ni testo politics ko !!! heheheheheehehe works speak louder than words.. aba thul thul political theory ta ma pani ghoki dinchu.. no big deal!!! but it doesnt make sense if these theories do not give a healthy environment us to practice a normal life and freedom to grow. timiharu ko theory kati mahan cha bhanne kura ta charlanga cha ni hau... 11,000 ko jyaan line ra hajjarau lai ghar baar bihin banaune..... pretty effective theory cha!!! hehehehehe....... i drink coffee.. u politicians are sick.. you drink blood!!!
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Malai politicians banaide ko coffee bro le. Thank you very much indeed. I think if I join politics I can do lot better then Gyane or Prachande or Girije. But I'm not interested yar. Political theory noghaka yar. Treatmentko belama ulto parla. Kata maobadi sanga risako jhoke ma anaesthetics ma CKN misaera sui ropdine ho yo coffee le.There is zero relation betn clinical science and political science. If you continue this way , you will be a political GP ideal for treatment in mandale concentration camps.Skip endocrynology and start geneeral anaesthesia.
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kaile kai ta timi pani hasauchau newuser bro!!! hehehehe human is a political animal.. aba tyo ta mero personal view ho about politics.. and there is nothing to do with my profession so dont worry.. timsanga jati nai risaaye pani... ma burundi ko hutu tutsi ko doc jasto chai hun sakdina.. aba timi goli laagera aaye ni ma timalai bachaune har prayaash garnechu... aba mero statement lai political leader jasto garera nahera.. mero profession politics hoina.. tesaile. .profession ko kurama ma determined chu.. jhut boldina... hehehehehehe timi naramro manche ta pakkai hoinau... aba maaobadile mali marna lai lakhddai aayo ra jhukkiyera ma timro gharma puge bhane k garchau.. malai maao baadi ko haat ma dinchau ho????? for the sake of gret principle??????/ hehehehehehehehe aba timi sanga mero personal risibi ta hoina.. kaile kai timi sarai personally attack garchau.. mandale re.. gyaane ko chamcha re.. and blah blah.. tyo ta jallai ni rish uthcha... jaba ki timilai thaha huncha timile le testo j payo tei mandale .. or gyaane bhakta bhanne naam jhuttai di ra chau.. tyo ta parne lai ni jhyaau lagcha ni hau... aba hera timro praya kura haru malai man pardaina... tara personally timi jhur manche ho.. timro yo kura ma yati knowledge cha tesma yasti bhanera ma rate gardina... timile rate gardaina ma mero knowldege teti nai hune ta hoina ni hehehehehe...... aba malai account jhyau lagcha ..timile malai oho timi ta account ma bidwaan chau bhenera ta ma bidwaaan hune ta hoina ni hehehehehehe..... besides that.. malai neta haru ko jasto karyakarta ni chaidaina kya.. j kura ma pani jindawaad garera kurline hehehehehehe aba mero kura timro veja ma chirla bhanera ma ek man le sochdina.. tara.. timi ta journalism ko student.. lekhne timro profession.. yaar tara timro lekhai ma personal attack ekdam bari cha.. tyo sudhara hai.... ekasaile ne lide dippi leko or .. biased bhako ruchaudaina..... aba manche marnu jun sukai angle baat here ni naramro ho.. aba teslai timile mar masaala haarera.. hoina tesko bau le yesto yesto garyo tesale maareko ho bhanyo bhane.. at least mero chai chitta bujhadina.. .. aba mero chitta bujhena bhane malai mandale bhandera timro lekhne skill ta bardaina ni hau....... hahahahaha afno ta haasi rahane baani cha k garnu?? hehehehehe timro lekhai alikati sudhar yaar!!! aba feri timro lekhai lai maile aula dekhaye bhandaina ma... medical student le literature le bujhcha bhanera ignore garyo bhane mero bhannu kei chaina.... timro bhalo hosh!! uhi haasi rahane hasilo saathi coffeee.. hehehehehehehe
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sepcial request to Newuser Newuser ji, You have poured tremendous amount of your personal reflection, analysis and argument in this thread. Soon the thread will exhaust its quota and then it will disappear under the pile of newer threads. As an admirer of your views, not to mention your perseverance and level-headedness, I would request you to reorganize your postings into a single essay or even better into a FAQ format and place it at Sajha Writer's Guild. This will make it more easily accessible for interested readers like me. One of your fans Nepe
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Dear Nepeji, Thank you very much for your suggestions. Such encouraging comments from sajha stalwarts will help me a lot in my future endeavours. I will try to compile an essay about the present political scenario and put it in a permanent page. But I like to write something about the newer developments as well. So I will continue to write what I think is good for Nepali politics in various topics. Apart from few unpleasant skirmishes with some selfish idealogues, I think I am doing justice with my write ups. At least this has helped me to hone my writing skills. Once again, your suggestion is gratefully acknowledged. Coffee bro, so you assumed that I am a student of journalism? He he he he. Go to your kitchen, make a cup of it and ponder about my profession. I wish my parents had enough money like yours to send me at a medical school. Unfortunately, my parents didn't enjoyed political power both in panchayat or post panchayat regimes so there's the wrong guy enjoying the luxury of studying medical science in the west. I can understand why you are so grateful to the king and his cronies. Do you want to become a स्वास्थ्य मन्त्री ? If not, focus on your human anatomy and physiology chapters. I respect doctors but hate those who make ridiculous and non-sensical comments and lunatic-like he he he he time and again. Concentrate on your studies. Otherwise you may have to undertake adminstrative jobs at ill-equipped Bir Hospital or remain a Locum for ever.
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hehehehehehehe .. all those hhehehehe Dedicated to beloved newuser... hehehehe dont worry about me .. i know how to find my ways...... you are such an insane person.. all full of rage!!! yata uti garyo... mero bau ama le tannai paisa tyo pani ghush khayera kamayeka chan.. and they are sending money over here thru western union money tranfer ..hehehehe.... how did you assume that??? hehehehehehehe i laugh so loud.. you are sick.. and need serious treatment!! thanx for the advise to read those human anatomy and physiology.. by the way.. i am done with those hehehehehe.. all A... aba mero parents ko paiso professor lai diyera A aayo bhanana.. hehehehe.. timro kei bhar lagdaina..... timile k malai mantri bana bhanera gaali gareko ho???? hehehehehehe hello mr crap newuser.. since you not my patient nor i am ur doctor now.... and we both are in equal right position to talk on things... hehehehe ma haasu ki rou.. kina tauko dikhyo timro????? malai ni mandale or gyaaneko chancha bhana na.. hehehehehehe yata uti garyo timro baau ama le gush khayera paisa kamaayo .. tesaile western contry ma basera majja parna paayeko cha tei matrai falakna jaaneko cha... feri hera na.. thead ko naam chai... Thinking Impartially and sensibly.. aba timro baaburam ko santaan pani yetai western mai parchan ni.. aba usle chai aafno santaan lai western union money transfer baat pasina jhari jhari Mehnat gareko paiso pathaucha.. merai bau ama chai gush khanchan hehehehehe....... dude you talk nothing sensible.. but blunt crap honestly. hehehehehehehehehe yo manche lai bhagwaan le ali kati swabibek diyosh.. timro health insurance cha bhane i recommend you... a Psychiatric help.. .hehehehehe wake up and smell coffee!!!!
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A personal letter to newuser, Dear newuser, Thank you for the letter posted for me. I understand you are unhappy about posting maoists' statements. Fine, but as you said this thread was your personal threat where you were 'voicing concerns over the misconceptions and animosity building up between various political groups in Nepal.' Who are maoists then? Why are they taking up guns and killing 'innocent' people? While the state and other political parties have recognised maoists as a political party, you are trying to ignore them. I am not suggesting I am a supporter of maoists, but as a political student, I am just trying to bring this group in light as well because it is now high time that we, Nepali, have to understand the reality. And the reality is the maoists have been recognised as a political force in the country by the world. The whole state is facing this biggest force to contend with. Now, the only problem is thier ideology and the means they are using to fight their cause - the overthrow of 'devine' monarch and his handful cronies. Like you and all Nepali people, I wish to see peaceful, prosperous and developed Nepal. But question is it is not possible unless until the maoists are brought into mainstream politics. It is not easy; the most difficult task that lies ahead is getting all constitutional forces to bring together first. Do you think the king will be able to do so with the help of the security forces alone (or guns)? In light of international criticism on human right abuse and enchrochment on people's basic 'freedom' the king has made the situation worse. He has house-arrested leaders while there is judicial means to punish them if they are proved to be corrupt. There is no independent media or press as people have right to be informed. No group or party apart from king's supportrs is allowed to gather or protest peacefully. Even worse, innocent people are being killed or victimised in the name of maoists. There is no law; and democartic values and norms are 'death'. You have blamed me for 'putting maoists propoganda in this thread'. I am sorry to hear such an allegation from a person like you who was once highly regarded for 'impartial and sensible' comments on politics. I am sorry to say but you have a very norrow vision about maoists. To create a healthy debate and thereby come to a conclusion, I think, views and news from all sides need to be read, understood and carefully analysed. Why only the news or views about the king and political parties are to be in this thread? I congratulate you for your effort but equally condemn your 'partial and insensible' veiws on maoists. You have to understand that a thread is to be 'for all' and contribution to it 'by all' is to be welcomed. I sincerely hope that you are wise enough to understand my point. Thank you.
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प्रचण्डजीसंग केहि कुरा वाँकिनै छन्। आज सकिहालौं। यतिखेर तपाईंहरु ठ्रलै संकटमा पर्नुभएको प्रतित हुन्छ। एकातिर उग्र राजतन्त्रवादीहरु एकाएक शक्तिको केन्द्रमा पुगेका छन् भने अर्कोतर्फ वावुराम भट्टराई प्रकरणका कारण माआवादीको सामरिक प्रत्याक्रमणमा सिथिलता उत्पन्न भएको प्रष्टै देखिन्छ। तपाईंहरुले जतिसुकै खण्डन मण्डन गरेपनि यि दुवै तथ्यहरु तपाईंहरुका लागि प्रत्युत्पादक भएको निश्चित छ। नेपालको केन्द्रिय शासन उदार बहुदलवादी नेताहरुले हाँक्ने बेलासम्म तपाईहरु समयको प्रवाहलाई विचारेर उनिहरुसंग दीर्घकालिन रुपमा फाइदामन्द हुने सम्झौता गर्न हिच्किचाउनुभयो। तपाईहरुको यहि कमजोरीको लाभ उठाएर प्रतिगमनकारीहरुले जनताका वँचेखुचेका स्वतन्त्रताहरु पनि हरण गर्न सफल भए। तपाईहरुले प्रजातन्त्र लुछिएकोमा जतिसुकै गोहीको आँशु बगाए पनि यसमा शेर बहादुर देउवा जति जिम्मेवार छन् त्यसभन्दा बढि माओवादीहरु जिम्मेवार रहेको प्रजातन्त्रमा निष्ठा राख्?ने हरेक नेपालीहरुले बुझ्ने कुरा हो। जेठ १९को दरवार हत्याकाण्डपछि राजतन्त्र कमजोर हुदै गएको थियो, वर्तमान राजा र त्यसमा पनि युवराज प्रति जनताको विश्वास अत्यन्त धमिलो थियो र २०४७ सालको सम्विधानमा सम्विधान संशोधनको व्यवस्था विद्यमान नै थियो। त्यसमाथी प्रमूख राजनीतिक दलहरुमा गणतन्त्रवादी वहश बढ्दै गइरहेको थियो। यि तमाम कुराहरुलाई मध्यनजर गर्दै तिनै नेताहरुसंग सम्झौता गरेका भ?ए नेपालमा हजारौ युवाहरुको रगतको खोला पनि वग्ने थिएन, केहि सिमित प्रजातान्त्रिक हक अधिकार खोसिने पृष्ठभूमी पनि बन्ने थिएन र गणतन्त्रको खुलेआम बहस गर्ने राजनीतिक वातावरण झन सफेद हुदैजाने थियो। तपाईंहरुले आफ्नो शक्तिको गलत आँकलन गर्दा माओवादीहरु त कमजोर भए भए, जनता पनि कमजोर वन्नपुगे। बितेको कुरा किन गर्नु ? अहिले पनि तपाईहरुले आफ्न गलत कार्यहरुलाई निरन्तरता दिएर निरंकुशतावादीहरुलाई परोक्ष रुपमा सहयोग पु-याइराख्?नु भएको छ। पार्टीभित्र बिचार र सिद्धान्तहरुको प्रजातान्त्रिकरण हुनुपर्छ र व्यक्तिपूजाको गलत प्रथा स्थापित हुनुहुँदेन भन्ने वावुराम भट्टराईमाथी तपाईले गरेका कारवाहीले सबभन्दा बढि घाटा नेकपा माओवादीलाई नै लागेको छ भने सवभन्दा बढि फाइदा उग्र दक्षिणपन्थी राजावादीहरुलाई मिलेको छ। डाक्टर भट्टराई र हिशिला यमीलाई निष्काशन गरिएको समाचारको जतिसुकै खण्डन गरेपनि तपाईहरुले उनिहरुका विचारलाई पार्टी हाइकमाण्ड मार्फत दबाइरहनुभएको छ र उनिहरु निरन्तर रुपमा अपहेलित भइरहेका छन् भन्नेकुरा सबैलाई थाह भैसक्यो। आन्दोलनको सुत्रपात देखिनै अनवरत पार्टीका सिद्धान्त र संगठनहरुलाई बलियो वनाउन क्रियाशिल भट्टराई जस्ता वुद्धिजीविलाई त कमरेड प्रचण्डले देखि सहन्नन भने साम्यवादलाई स्विकार गर्न नचाहने आम जनमानसमा उनको रबैया कस्तो होला अनुमान गर्न सकिन्छ। तपाईंको यहि नीति नै माओवादी कार्यनीतिका रुपमा जारी रह्यो भने प्रचण्डलाई पोलपोट र नेकपा माओवादीलाई खमेर रुज भनेर सम्बोधन गर्नु गलत हुनेछैन। पोलपोट र खमेर रुजहरुको राजनीति अब इतिहास बनेर गयो। माओवादीहरु पनि इतिहास बन्ने कि आफूहरुलाई सुधार गरेर देशको सामन्ति राजतन्त्रलाई ठेगान लगाउन शान्तिपूर्ण र व्यवहारिक नवीन आन्दोलनको शुरुवात गर्ने भन्ने निर्णय अव तपाईंकै हातमा छ। तर निरंकुश राजतन्त्र नेपालका लागि जति खतरनाक छ त्यति नै खतरनाक तपाईंहरुले अहिले अंगिकार गरेको प्रचण्डपथ छ। देशमा प्रजातान्त्रिक गणतन्त्रका लागि सम्भावनाका प्रशस्त ढोकाहरु खुलेका छन्। तपाईहरु उक्त ढोकामा छिर्नका लागि अब प्रजातान्त्रिक शक्तिहरुसंग मिलेर शान्तिपूर्ण आन्दोलनमा लाग्नु उत्तम हुन्छ। तपाईलाई नेतृत्व र सत्तालिप्सा नभएको भए सहकर्मी र सहधर्मी वावुराम भट्टराईलाई खुम्च्याउने प्रयाश गर्नुहुने थिएन। त्यो तपाईंकै राजनीतिक कमजोरीका कारण नै भएको हो। सर्वर्पथम त्यो कमजोरीलाई सच्याउनुस, त्यसपछि जनवादी शासन लाद्ने दिवास्वप्न त्याग्नुस र आतंकवादी शैलिका हत्याहिंशा र पूर्वाधार नष्ट गर्ने आक्रमणहरु पनि छाडिदिनोस। व्यवहारिक राजनीतिको बाटोमा आउने प्रयाश गर्नुस। अझैपनि केहि समय वाँकि छ तपाईंहरुका लागि। अब पनि बुद्धि पुगेन भने तपाईलाई सहानुभूति दिनेहरुले समेत तपाईंको राजनीतिक अवसानमा सन्तोषको श्वास फेर्नेछन्। कृपया उग्र दक्षिणपन्थिहरुलाई मनपरि रजाईं गर्ने मौका नदिनोस ।अन्यथा तपाईले मर्ने बेलामा कुन कुरामा चित्तबुझाउन सक्नुहोला प्रचण्डजी ?
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Kusum Bro, One accuse me of being a maoist and the other being a mandale. Very funny, isn't it? I think my postings suggest that I am really impartial.Otherwise, I would have been pushed to only one extreme.
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Balla khayou netaji. Get rid of Deuba, Makune and Girija company first: Kaida ko chha. Padhnu bhaye hunchha sathiharu. - http://www.kantipuronline.com/nepali/kolnews.php?&nid=35708
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कुन्सांग काका भनेर किन भन्या नि?
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अप्रिल दिवसका अवसरमा श्री ५ महाराजाधिराज ज्ञानेन्द्रबाट बक्सेको सन्देश। साभार गोरखापत्र (प्रकाशनको तयारीमा रहेको यो समाचार एकजना कर्मचारी मार्फत पहिले नै हामीकहाँ सम्म आइपुगेकोले मिति मिल्न नगएको पाठक वर्गहरुमा जानकारी गराइन्छ।) गोरखापत्र। काठमाण्डौ। चैत्र १९ श्री ५ महाराधिराज ज्ञानेन्द्र वीर विक्रम शाहदेवबाट अप्रिल दिवसका अवसरमा आज एक सन्देश जारी गरिबक्सी देशवासीका नाममा शुभकामना व्यक्त गरिबक्सेको छ। मौसुफबाट सन्देशमा हुकुम भएको छ ' प्यारा देशवासीहरु, अप्रिल दिवसका अवसरमा समस्त देशवासीहरुमा सवभन्दा पहिले हार्दीक शुभकामना टक्र्याउँछौ। भगवान पशुपतिनाथले देशवासीहरुको वुद्धि विवेक यसरी नै तिक्ष्ण र अक्षुण राखिरहुन भन्ने हाम्रो सदिक्षा रहँदै आएको शाहवंशीय इतिहासले प्रमाणित गरिसकेको छ। मुलुककले शान्ति, सुरक्षा, विकास, न्याय र मानवअधिकारको दिशामा महान प्रगति गरिरहेको वर्तमान समयमा देशवासीबाट यस्तै सुझवुझपूर्ण र शान्त व्यवहार प्रदर्शन भैरहने मेरो सरकारले आशा राखेको छ। देशवासीहरु, हामीले राजनीतिक पार्टीका असक्षम नेताहरुको भद्रगोल सरकार विघटन गरि प्रत्यक्ष शासन लिइबक्सेपछिका दुई महिनामा भएका सुधारहरु सवैका सामु छर्ल?ङ्ग छन्। यो छोटो समयमै हाम्रो शाही सेनाले आतंककारीहरुको शक्तिलाई तहसनहस गरि उनिहरुलाई फुटाउन समेत सफल भएको सर्वविदितै छ। काठमाण्डौमा यस बीचमा कुनै आतंककारी घटना घटेको छैन भने देशका अन्य भागमा पनि दिनहु केहि आतंककारीहरु मारिने बाहेक कुनै अप्रिय घटना हुन पाएको छेन। अव हामी आतंककारीहरुलाई सिध्याएरै शान्ति सुव्यवस्था बाहल गर्न सकिन्छ भन्ने निष्कर्समा पुगेका छौं। केहि वर्ष धैर्य रहनु पर्दछ। यसका लागि हाम्रो अपूर्व वलशाली शाहि नेपाली सेनालाई धन्यवाद दिएर मात्र पुग्दैन। हाम्री महारानीको जन्मोत्सवमा हामी शाही सेनाका शाहसिक अधिकृतहरु छानी छानी उनिहरुलाई तक्मा बक्सेर उनिहरुको कामको सम्मान गर्ने तयारीमा छौं। मेरो मन्त्रीपरिषदले पनि अहिले निकै गहकिलो काम गरेको छ। खासगरि तुलसी गिरी मेरा प्रियपात्र हुन। केहि मन्त्रीहरुले उनको सराहनिय कामको समकक्षमा काम गरेको पाइएको छैन। तिनलाई म चाँडैनै ठेगान लगाइबक्सदैछु। तिनीहरुका बदलामा उपयुक्त सक्षम व्यक्तित्व मन्त्रीपरिषदमा आउन चाहेमा राजदरबारमा निवेदन दर्ता गराउन म यसै सम्वोधन मार्फत अनुरोध गर्दछु। यस अवधिमा स्वदेश र विदेशमा रहेका राष्ट्रवादी नेपालीहरुले हाम्रो कामको समर्थनमा आवाज वुलन्द गरेका छन् भने केहि औलामा गन्न सकिने अवांछित तत्वले हाम्रो कदमको विरोध गर्ने दुस्साहस गरेका छन्। सहि कदमको प्रसंशा गर्ने देशभक्त नेपालीहरुको कदर गरिनेछ भने अराजक अवांछित तत्वलाई कुनैपनि हालतमा न्यायोचित कारवाही गरि सजायँको भागी बनाइनेछ। स्मरण रहोस हाम्रो समर्थनमा उत्रने राष्ट्रप्रेमी नागरिकहरुलाई हामीले केही सम्मानहरु समेत प्रदान गर्ने निर्णय गरेका छौ। सहि व्यक्तिले उचित सम्मान पाओस भनेर एउटा संयन्त्र खडा गरिएको छ। त्यसले स्वतन्त्रतापूर्वक सहि व्यक्तिहरुको चयन गर्ने कुरामा हामी ढुक्क छौ। भ्रष्टाचार विरोधी शाही आयोगले प्रसंशनीय काम गरेको छ। हाम्रो विरोध गर्ने र गणतन्त्रको पक्षमा वकालत गर्नेहरु सवभन्दा ठूला भ्रष्टाचारी हुन भन्ने हाम्रो विश्वास छ। उनिहरुलाई हामी कदापी छोड्ने छैनौ। अन्य भ्रष्टाचारीहरु मध्ये जस जसले हाम्रो कदमको समर्थन गर्नेछ, उनिहरुलाई हामीले माफी दिइ पुन राजनीतिमा फर्कने वैकल्पिक उपाय सुझाइबक्सने छौ। हाम्रो महान उद्येश्य प्राप्तिमा समर्थन जनाउनेहरु सबैजना देशभक्त हुनभने अरु सबै आतंकवादी हुन। आतंकवादीहरुलाई कुनै पनि हालतमा समाप्त गरिनेछ। हाम्रो कदमको चीन, उत्तर कोरिया, पाकिस्तान, क्युबा जस्ता प्रजातान्त्रिक मुलुकहरुबाट सराहना भएको छ। ति मित्रराष्ट्रहरुलाई हामी धन्यवाद दिन चाहीबक्सन्छौ। भारत, अमेरिका बेलायत, युरोपली संघ, संयुक्त राष्ट्रसंघ आदिले मानव अधिकार र नागरिक स्वतन्त्रताको बहाना बनाएर हाम्रो देशविकासको बाटोमा भाँजो हाल्ने प्रयाश गरिरहेकाछन्। तिनको हामी घोर भ्रत्सना गरिबक्सन्छौ र हाम्रो आन्तरिक मामिलामा हस्तक्षेप नगर्न र आतंकवाद विरोधी कदममा सहयोग गर्न जोडदार आग्रह गरिबक्सन्छौ। अन्यथा हामी आफै आतंकवादीहरुसंग लड्नसक्छौ। अधिकांश प्रेस जगतले हाम्रो कदममा अपूर्व सहयोग पु-याइरहेको छ। शाही घोषणाका विपरित आतंककारीहरुलाई टेवा पुग्ने समाचार सम्प्रेषण गर्ने केहि संचार माध्यामलाई हामीले सम्झाइसकेका छौं। फेरी पनि गल्ति दोहोरिएमा उनिहरुलाई क्षमा गरिनेछैन। अधिकांश पश्चिमी संचार माध्यामले कुरै नबुझी भ्रामक समाचार सम्प्रेषण गरेका छन्। उनिहरुलाई कारवाही गर्ननसके पनि काम गर्न सकेसम्म रोकावट सृजना गर्नु हामी सवैको कर्तव्य हो। अन्तमा मुलुकका लागि शान्ति सुरक्षा सवभन्दा महत्वपूर्ण कुरा हुन। शान्ति सुरक्षा खल्बलाउने कुनै पनि कार्यलाई हामीबाट सहन हुनसक्ने छैन। शान्ति भन्नुनै मानव अधिकार हो र सुरक्षा भन्नु नै नागरिक स्वतन्त्रता। हामी सवै मिलेर शान्ति सुरक्षा कायम गरुन्जेल देशवासीहरु कसैको लहैलहैमा नलागी वीवेकसम्मत ढङ्गले हाम्रो कदममा सहयोग पुग्नेगरि चुपचाप बस्नेछन भन्ने हाम्रो विश्वास छ। जनताको साथ पाएमा दशकौं सम्म अहिलेकै जस्तो शान्ति सुव्यवस्था कायम रहनेछ। वुद्धजीविहरुबाट पनि हाम्रो प्रयाशलाई बुझेर अन्तराष्ट्रिय जगतमा देशको प्रगतिको सन्देश फैलाउनु पर्दछ। यसको विपरित काम गर्नेलाई विदेश यात्रा गर्नमा प्रतिवन्ध लगाइएको सवैलाई विदितै छ। ज्यादा बाठो हुन खोज्नेहरु आतंकवादी ठहरिनेछन्। अन्तमा अप्रिल दिवसले देशवासीमा शान्ति, सुरक्षाको महत्वको चेतनाले जरो गाडोस र उनिहरुलाई हाम्रो देशविकासको महान प्रयाशमा मन बचन र कर्मले आँखा चिम्लिएर सहयोग गर्न सदबुद्धि प्रदान गरोस। छुटफुट हुन गएका कुरामा पनि देशवासीले हाम्रो मनशायलाई बुझेर काम गरुन। श्री पशुपतिनाथले हामी सवैको कल्याण गरुन। जय नेपाल।'
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नेपाली हामी रहौंला कहाँ, नेपालै नरहे - राष्ट्रकवि माधव प्रसाद घिमिरे । विर्सिएको Thread लाई फेरि एकपटक व्युँताउँदैछु । वुधवार नेपाली नयाँ वर्ष । यसै मेसोमा साझावासीमा शुभकामना दिहालौं र मनमा लागेका दुई चार कुराहरु पनि साटिहालौं भन्ने जाँगर चलेकोले । उता फुटवल आउनै लाग्यो । ए ए आयो आयो । पहिला फुटवल हेरिहालौं , त्यसपछि कुरा अगाडि बढाउँ । फुटवल सकियो । आफ्नो मनपर्ने टिमले जितिहाल्यो (जितिसक्या छैन तर जित्छ के, अहिले मध्यान्तर) । अँ २०६२ साल पनि लाग्नै लाग्यो । नेपालको याद आउँछ। नगएको झण्डै २ वर्ष हुन आँटेछ। आएदेखि गएके हैन । कहिले के नमिल्ने कहिले के। यो वर्ष त जानै पर्छ । जाने हो जसरी पनि आफ्नो मात्रृभूमि, आफ्नो घर , आफ्नो परिवार, स्वजनहरु अनि आफ्नी मायालुलाई भेट्न । कति भैसक्यो सम्झेर, टोलाएर याद साँचेर वसेको पनि। शरिर हजारौं कोष टाढा छ। तर मन भने किन त्यै नेपालमा गैरहन्छ कुन्नी ? किन आँखाभरि त्यै गाउँघर, भीर पाखा, पानी पँधेरोका दृश्यहरु मात्र छाइरहन्छन कुन्नी ? उफ - नेपाल । हाम्रो साझा घर । समस्त नेपालीको सिंगो चिनारी बाकेको हाम्रो नेपाल । कति मनोरम छ हाम्रो देश । त्यसैले त होला विश्वको जुनसुकै कुनामा बस्ने नेपालीले पनि नेपालको नाम सुन्दासाथ कान ठाडो वनाउने गर्छ । त्यहि माटोको सम्वन्धले त हो नी । यो विरानो देशमा मानिसहरुको भिंडमा नेपाली जस्तो अनुहार देख्?नासाथ हजुर नेपाली हो ? भनेर सोध्न मन लाग्छ । बसमा, ट्रेनमा , थिएटरमा , पार्कमा,बजारमा धेरै पटक सोधेको छु मैले र प्रायजसो अनुमान मिल्ने गर्छ । ' कसरी चिन्नुभयो' प्रश्न तेर्सिन्छ कहिले काही । खोई त्यस्तै लाग्यो,अन्यमनस्क भावमा खिसिक्क हाँसेर जवाफ फर्काउँछु म । नेपाली भेट्दाको आफ्नोपनले मन फुरङ्ग हुन्छ। आजभोली त नेपालीहरु पनि कति धेरै, झन आफ्नै सानो परिवार टाढा विरानीमा गोलमटोल भएजस्तो लाग्ने । यहि नेपालको मायाले होला सवै नेपालीलाई जस्तै मलाई पनि देशको वेथिति देखेर चित्त दुख्छ । दिनहुँ हाम्रा दाजुभाई मरेको खवरले मुटुमा च्वाँस्स घोच्नपुग्छ । हाम्रा दाजुभाई किन एक आपसमा लडेका होलान ? उनिहरुको लडाईंले कसलाई फाइदा पु-याएको होला ? यहि प्रश्नको उत्तर खाजिरहन्छु । उत्तर थाह छ पनि तर म यति कमजोर छु कि यो अनावश्यक रक्तपात रोक्न मैले केहि गर्न सक्तिन , म मजवुर छ । अनि केवल दुखद समाचारहरुमा नजर दौडाउँदा घाँटीमा पीडादायी किलिक्क हुनेगर्छ । म ?एकछिन अवाक हुन्छु र आँफैलाई सराप्न पुग्छु । भगवान मलाई किन त्यो गरीव देशमा जन्माइदियौ भनेर । खैर दुख मानेर केहि हुने होइन । म एक्लोले केहि गर्न सक्ने पनि होइन । तर पनि नेपालको माया गर्ने युवापुस्ता मिल्ने हो भने, मिलेर केहि गर्न सकिन्छ कि भन्ने विश्वासले मुटुमा जरो गाडेको छ। त्यसैले आफ्नो समयको उल्लेख्य हिस्सा नेपाली दाजुभाई दिदी वहिनीसंग? ?विचार आदान प्रदान गर्न साझामा विताउन मन लाग्छ। नेपालमा लागि हामीले त्यस्तो ठूलै योगदान ?दिनसक्ने त पक्कै होइन । तर हामीले विदेशमा जे जस्ता राम्रा कुराहरु देखेका छौं , तिनै कुरालाई नक्कल गरेर नेपालमा पनि एकाध राम्रा परिपाटीहरु स्थापित गर्न अवश्य सक्नेछौं । हामीले आफ्ना व्यक्तिगत स्वार्थहरुलाई आफैसंग थाति राखेर देशको हित हुने कुरा सत्यता पूर्वक वोल्न सक्ने हो भने शासकहरुलाई स्थिति सुधार्न दवाव पुग्छ । अनि हामीले आफ्ना लागि जम्मा गरेको ज्ञान, शीप र धनबाट स्यानो अंश कट्टा गरेर देशका लागि लगानी गर्ने हो भने देखिने योगदान पु-याउन पनि नसक्ने हामी छैनौ । जेहोस नयाँ वर्षले अहिले देखिएका प्रतिकुल सम्भावनाका वावजुद नेपालको आकाशमा मडारिरहेको अशान्तिको वादललाई चिर्न सकोस , चाँडैनै शान्तिको दीयो जलोस र नेपालीका घर आँगनमा उज्यालो छाओस । सम्पूर्ण साझावासीले पनि नयाँ वर्षमा उत्तरोत्तर प्रगति गर्दे सफलताको शिखर चुम्न सकुन। सवैको जीवनमा हर्षोल्लास आओस। नयाँ बर्ष २०६२ को हार्दीक मंगलमय शुभकामना


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