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 foreign degree........

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Posted on 09-20-04 11:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ok jsut posting a new thread. there is a mentality in nepal that people think a foreign degree from us,uk,aus or basically is better then the nepalese degree,similar to people having a mentality about science commerce and arts. i have always wondered why is a foreign degree so much highly rated for professional as well as social purpose.wherever you study be it nepal or be it bhutan or aus ,you have to work hard to get a degree and whatever they teach you , say for example in economics in bhutan ,they teach the same to you in aus as well as us of a.say for example( i dont know about science hai.........) the theory of relativity is same all over the world. now why do people go to this foriegn lands to learn many of the subjects that are easily available in our country.is it really for the "degree" or is the degree a secondary matter? well it is understandable for people to go abroad for some very specailized subjects like rocket science or neuclear thing and also for some real high education but for ssubjects that are available in our universities which are as good as any university's program. also for example say computer science,why not india?casue i think india is as good as any place for computer science if not better but why is every body wanting to go to usa for that !!!!!!!!!!!!! so i have always wondered is it the foriegn degree people are genuinly pursuing or is it the foreign land???????
The postings in this thread span 5 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 09-27-04 4:51 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If these kinds of things really pissed u off mahakal.......... and can't stay away from your "f" word then it's rather silly!! If u have good points u won't have to degrade so low to use these "f" words!! This thread is about the discussion regarding different perspective then why are u being an ass? I am putting my view and u are doing the same......if everybody would agree with the same views then why is this thread necessary in the first place?? Why a nepali who has a foreign degree can't tell the truth.....just being a nepali doesn't mean I have to be so "desbhakta" and what I am doing is stating the obvious. First of all, u cannot work in US or say some other country with Nepali degree. Yes, you definitely have to study further to get a job here! okay u agree that computer and techonological things aren't that good in Nepal but even without these modern majors.....let's say literature, business, engineering or even economics........people do tons of research on those too...not only technology. Hence, professors are wayyyy experienced hence gives u new perspectives on any subject beyond text and assingments.......u can't compare them to nepali teachers man! I am not doubting that a nepali can build an empire state building if the proper training is given and in order get the proper training he/she must study here......building a nepali house if different than building a house here.....totally modern equipments and engineering.....Mark my point..I am not saying that a third world man can't work here......he can but with a degree here....unless u are from India. Why do u think other countries don't like american degree..? u think nepal is the only one who accepts it? This is the first time I am hearing this from anybody.........okay let's say even if it's true why the hell would I go to canada or other country to work?? If majority of big countries accept it then who cares some other countries don't! How can u firmly say these things when u haven't even experienced colleges here?? I have experienced it in both countries therefore I say it for fact!!Don't just assume things! ........U can't give up your jumra issue can u? Let me clarify for the last time!! Somebody first insulted me with a jumra issue then why can't I reply them back?? Why don't u stop that guy first?? AND I AM GETTING REAL!! CHEERS!
Posted on 09-27-04 8:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Comon guys! grow up!
Posted on 09-28-04 12:45 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I logged in today thinking that I will cut off and stop more discussions since I have completely different view than of yours .but I came to read a few lines of your post m/s sweetpie and I thought I would rather write a few lines more. I didnýt read your whole post cause I didnýt want to argue more on that . This post will have nothing to do with the main point of the subject in which we were arguing cause it will never finish .but, You beech cant just stop running your mouth can you? There is a big difference in ýreplying/defending a view ý and a straight out insult. You should better know it than me as you are a neprican and your day to day language is English .well what if I say all women in America are ýsluuutsý or ýhoesý and all they like is to suck deeeck ,in your own American way of speech .now I say I am replying you for you insulted me saying me an ass .so what does this make??? Now you answer it back and I will say you trying to be an ýAmericaný or ýa true nepricaný as you said me trying to be a ýdeshbhaktaý . replying back for a personal insult donýt mean you insult the whole community or the whole tribe where your opponent or whatever comes from. I know me using the words ýsluuutý and ýhoeý is not right but here I use it like you and I am replying to youý howýs that? Is it fly with you? To me you saying we have jumra no matter whom you said and why you said is not fly as straight as that. Thatýs it beech hahahahah!. That is your own laugh that I seriously copied and pasted and sent it for you with love..
Posted on 09-28-04 3:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A simple question: Why foreign degree is perceived better than Nepali degree ? Simple Answer: Because foreign degree is better than a nepali degree that's why the perception. Remember, a degree from Bihar is also a foreign degree and we do not perceive that a better degree than a nepali degree. We are just talking about those degrees that are better. Some of the posts here are so far off from the reality...either they have no idea what they are talking about or they know nothing... Saroj
Posted on 09-28-04 3:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I went to Galaxy school and then came to Hong Kong my motherland. I do not go to school and it is not important to go to school. So why everybody fighting, only boring people go to school. So you all are boaring people.
Posted on 09-28-04 10:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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BRAVO MAHAKAL!!!!! U have officially proven u are an idiot with a brain full of "u know what"! Oh angry boy Mahakal...... U really look like a typical kaal! U better shut your mouth running like a wild dog before you start a thread!! Go to few debate class to practice kiddo! Who wants to debate with a person who has this much curses because he couldn't win!! GROW UP KID!! And yes try to spell your curses correctly if u have curse somebody okay? SAYONARA TO THIS WILD PIG!!
Posted on 09-28-04 10:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think he aint Wild Pig but Dumb Fat Pig
Posted on 09-28-04 10:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A thread like this is usually started with complexes, frustrations and lots of dreams that were crushed when they stamped the "denied" stamp at the embassy.. You should just say sorry and move on rather than arguying with hurt people like this.. and then when you log off, feel good about yourself cuz someone's jelouse of you :).... Wheather Ram bahadur or Shyam bahadur believes it or not, American Degrees are far more marketable than Nepali ones. And you don't need to argue about something that is already there. If someone wants to argue that the sun is not bright that do you spend your valuable time on preacing and arguying that "murcha munushaya" or just move on and do you thing? ... Please utilize one of the precious things you have learned from your foreign language; effective time management and move on from this silly argument. You got nothing to prove. It has already been proved by many scientist, researches , studies .. and all kind of tools. Also, if you see a handicapped person you don't make fun of him/her. Same with the people with inferiority complexes and frustrations :) take it easy... Dyamn
Posted on 09-28-04 10:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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make that foreign degree - insted of foreign language ;) peace..
Posted on 09-29-04 12:22 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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now its getting more funnier.all right sweet pie if you think i dont know how to spell bitch then here you go,i spell it "bitch" "slut" and "whore" happy? might be typical you as well.sweet pie, sounds like a hooker's name or let me be precise a stripper's name.now that my spelling is corrected here we go;;;;; allright.as i no longer want to debate on the main point of this thread cause i know the views dont match so it will be just an elongated debate for nothing.debating ehhhh, that finished a long time back when you came out with your jumra thing.winning and losing is irrelevant point in discussion forums as this and did i lose hahaha? .debate classes hahahaha as if your life depends on this.well the bottom line is not every nepali has jumra unlike you did in nepal and you are a bitch.LOUD AND CLEAR. and yeah most of the people in sajha being from the us,i guess, i can see quite a few neprican attitude like you three dyam,sweet pie and lonely star are showing.hahaha.isnt it funny ......you mofos think you are better hahaha just becasue you are in us a and ooh yeah you guys got "visa".nobody else gets a visa hahhaha.frustated aye by not being able to come to the us a.hahaha.and on the top of that you come with a suggestion to move on casue one couldnt get a visa in an assumption here that i didnt..only you guys are the ones to get visa and you should be given the status of "rastriya bibhuti" with a big medal.hahaha this is like nahune jatha ley ray ban payo bhane price tag sitai launcha well thats like you .america ma baseko fuiiii laune jatha haru.hahahaha man this is the lowest grade of pride or a sense of achievment i have ever seen or known.that you guys have .you are cheap american baptized bast....s. it does matter you dumb butt crack ,what a ram bahadur or a shyam bahadur thinks cause it is a view. having a view is not only some tom dick or harrys entity.well for the last time i say, i never really argued on the marketabitly of an american degree then of a nepali one, i argued on the quality of it as well as i started this thread on the mentality of people having a perception of american being superior like science being superior to arts.and well it was going on fine with views/differences and you mofos come with a "i am in america" attitude and bring on stuff like jumra and visa.cheap shits. inferiority complex ,my assss, hell with that.you being in america have a superiority complex hahahah ,cheap ( if there is anything below that you know that i might not know then read thatit as that) thats the only word i can use.superior hahahaha. sweetpie lastly for you only you .you are a mouth full "thick cum".well i myself filled that thing between the double quote for you unlike u who left me to think for myself what was in the double qoute of yours.and yeah i know how to spell,beeeeeech !!!!!!!hahahaha
Posted on 09-29-04 1:43 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I can see that this discussion is leading to nowhere... rather than showing some personal pride why not you people stick to the theme... I do agree Mahakal in one point when he said that not all the subject but we can`t compete in science and technology field.... Beside look at this guy, he is so confident with himself. I know he can do lots of difference to Nepal. A guy like this can do lots of difference, whole lots of difference. I can see energy in this guy. and yeah for being deshbhakta or not being deshbhakta does it matters.... how many of us do the things for country. Its far better if we just able to develop oneself... ourself... then it will gradually transform into the country too. And yeah as far as education goes... there is one side which the people have not dicussed yet... that is conceiving and perceiving... and I doubt all the nepalese there in US are not brilliant and neither people back in Nepal are stupid. I have this personal experience.. my friends who were dumb in thier studies ....suddenly start emailing me as they have become the intellecutal in a month or two.. As far as my opinion goes....seeing, hearing,listening and studying is not only parameter that make you wise you need to breakit down, analyse it, cook it , samash down again into fragments and then building ...these all process that goes inside the mind stands for being wise. Have you people read the novel of parijat.... I once mentioned it... and yeah there is english translated version from p. devkota . the name of novel is called Blue Memosa. Read it and prove me which standard those these literatures stands for, May be you can`t find it in american libarary. but I believe this will beat thousands of books there in it. And yeah why always our hot debate leads to insulting eachother... after doing that... do you still think that you people are intelligent. how can you be intelligent who doesn`t even know civillized way of communication
Posted on 09-29-04 9:09 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I hearby declare this chapter closed. You can't post here anymoer, its locked.
Posted on 09-29-04 2:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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aiteee mahakal.. you're the most intellegent guy in the world. happy now?? what stays there is, you've got your degree and i've got mine and mine is more marketable, whether you believe it or not.. i can sell it to everywhere in the world and not get frustrated over it. I do not need to come to sajha and bash on people for having better degrees and tell them "mofos" and "whores" to prove my degrees. hahahahahahah...so sorry dude.. prozac might help :) good luck
Posted on 09-29-04 2:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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GROW UP KID!! And yes try to spell your curses correctly if u have curse somebody okay? SAYONARA TO THIS WILD PIG!! ....sweetiepie inferiority complex ,my assss, hell with that.you being in america have a superiority complex hahahah ,cheap ( if there is anything below that you know that i might not know then read thatit as that) thats the only word i can use.superior hahahaha. sweetpie lastly for you only you .you are a mouth full "thick cum".well i myself filled that thing between the double quote for you unlike u who left me to think for myself what was in the double qoute of yours.and yeah i know how to spell,beeeeeech !!!!!!!hahahaha ...mahakaal If that's the way how civillized and educate degree holder debate with eachother then F**k Jejus i love to be uncivilized......hehehehe ooops did i said tht star words...............NIVAN
Posted on 09-29-04 10:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hahahah yeah it is funny.frustation hahhahaha.i never said me is better or worse well that now looks a historical thing since the basic idea of the thread was took a different path a long time back.yeah right you can sell it better than mine ofcourse dude you can i know that.i studied in a poor country nepal llike mine and you from the states.so it is obvious when it comes to marketabilty.but yeah you "MOFOS" need to get that in your mind it does because it comes from USA and not becasue it is superior.that was the whole point i wanted to say but oh well thats a different story. you cheap suckers are of a mentality that one who doesnt know how to speak english is ignorant or medical doctor is superior to a historian etc. dont fly so high that it might be hard to get down to the ground reality.get in your head that not all nepali graduates are unemployed and not all foreign graduates are employed be it wherever in the world. if you think not being in the us gives one a depression then i can only imagine your level of thought that i already mentioned CHEAP. i hope the chapter/thread will be closed /stopped here on casue all the foreign degree holders dont need to or dont have time to prove they are better cause they think they are and i say better my asssssss. long live your neprican attitude. ha ha ha
Posted on 09-29-04 10:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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and yeah lastly even if you come with something more to say or whatever i wont bother meself to answer or write to you cheap neprican suckers with a "superiority complex".faaaaaaack that.
Posted on 09-30-04 2:00 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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take a cold shower... jelousy does no good..degree does not mean you have learned enough. Degree basically means that you have ability to learn. So what are you bragging about.. if you're talented, resourceful , if you have the capacity then of course you will be credited no matter where you are.... You are judging on American institutions when you have no expirence about the American Institutions. Which is wrong. Yes there are dumb and smart people in every race, every country and every culture. There are smart people in Nepal and there are smart people in America and the same applies with the dumb people. Believe it or not, American system of education in good Universities in the USA do have credibility prepare you for more learning. They did not just earn that reputation because they are rich. They are rich because they have the credibility. If you do not believe that then please come to the USA , even in an exchange program and compare it yourself. I am not defending Amercian system of education because i received my degree from one of the Universities in the USA. However, I believe that good thing should be praised. Nepali universities have lot of learn and follow from the U.S universities. Learning should not be blocked by jelousy and hatred, not should learning be bounded by the national boarders.
Posted on 09-30-04 9:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hey dyamn..........awesome points!! Be careful mahakal will try his best to reply his response in curses as with me!! BRAVO BRO!
Posted on 09-30-04 10:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i think this is a good thread to complain abt my nepali teachers: man, those guys use to whip us with bamboo stick, pull our side burns for not cutting the hair, and so much stuff..aah samjhiyo bhanne, tei SIGN bUDO lAI pittidina maan lagcha.. AGRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! they abuse kids in nepal!!!!
Posted on 10-01-04 10:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well hey hope I am allowed to stick to the main topic though there are a lot more discussions going around. Well I did 1 and a half year of my BBA in nepal and am here in states at present. There are a lot pf subjects which are taught here... and they are taught in nepal too.. so whats the difference???? The teachers here explain it so good that one gets to know the whole concept better and does not have to cram up. I am saying this with personal experience.. I have done at least 3-4 subjects having the same contents... ppl are right here... the contents are universally same.. but the technique and the availabiloty of material is better here. Thats what makes the Degree in foriegn better. But I also agree that if you study your butt off in nepal and have a personal tuition teacher the results can be good... BUT there really is no practicality in Nepal. The teachers do teach us stuff but never in the practical perspective. When I did Econ in Nepal our teacher would teah us Demand and stuff with Shyam buying 6 apples.. eating it and being so full that he cant eat anymore.. so he is full he wont want apples anymore.... but in real are these practical?? I think not... but here they get you slides and other stuff and it is in practical terms... and thats what education is about.. being able to apply it in practical form so that later you can use it in your job... I am not trying to offend everyone.. this is just my observation... I love Nepal and hate to hear stuff aginst it bu t thats the truth... ask anyone.. you cant ever compare th classrooms in Nepal with the classrooms here.... Though the contents are same but there is a big thing missing in the Nepali education.... NOW please dun go callin me names... I just wanted to tell the truth!!

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