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 English words that pakhey nepalis massacre

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Posted on 10-19-13 5:01 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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H = yech
M = yem
N= yen
L = yel
America = amrika
Film = filim
Plane = pilen

Please add to the list. Nothing personal just the way it is

The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 10-22-13 9:26 AM     [Snapshot: 2256]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You must be one ignorant moron. Kathmandu is not only newars. I am Chettriya and my ancestors have been living in Kathmandu valley since the time of Prithvi Narayan Shah. When I say pakhey I am not discriminating on the basis of their caste.

You must be real pakhey to think Kathmandu is only made up of jyapus. Out of all newars in Ktm, only about 5% is jyapu. It is your ignorance that makes you believe all newars are jyapus.

Someone who is ignorant but acts like they know everything is a true pakhey like you.

Posted on 10-22-13 9:28 AM     [Snapshot: 2254]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Note to all Kathmandu locals:
- You invited other people from different part of country to rent your house
- You have money to invest from rent income so you don't work 
- You sold your land in higher price because other parts of country people are hard working to give you amount that you asked. 
- I am sure most sajha users are residing in USA, what do you think if an American tell you dirty pakhey because its similar as people migrate from other parts of country to Kathmandu. 
- You consider as Kathmandu as one country and other has no right to live in your city.

Posted on 10-22-13 9:54 AM     [Snapshot: 2278]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I hope the OP realized why I was complaining against this post. Either he did or he knew it all along and created this thread to create a stir and get some attention.

I am sure you have some level of high education, probably been to places and worked in a good environment. In this day and age, you still don't understand the negative connotation attached to few words? I bet those who use this word also use the words, Madhisey, Jyapu freely without thinking it is offensive. Well, news flash, few of the words you and I used as kids are NOT acceptable now in the civilized society. Stop calling that street vendor a Madhisey and that Sherpa dai a bhotey.

Now you will say what's the big deal with Pakhey. Well, the very reason this word is offensive is it creates a divide. A divide between those people who think they are well off and have negative view of the rest. Why are people who cannot pronounce a word, they way you pronounce, different and deserving humiliation (admit it, Pakhey is never used in a positive context)? Unless you were born here or came here before your early teens, your pronunciation will be different to most of the native speakers, should they call you hillbilly?

I have no doubt that people who use this word have low self esteem. They have been treated unfairly, or have perceived to be treated unfairly, and take every opportunity to look down upon others whenever they get a chance. Like I said earlier, none of the people I know who are well educated and civilized use this word these days.

Stop this Kathmandu vs Outsiders battle. We, as a country, have done nothing to be proud of; we are all on the same basket as long as we identify ourselves as Nepali. Get outside, talk to people and you will see where the world is heading towards and where you guys have been stuck.
Posted on 10-22-13 10:09 AM     [Snapshot: 2295]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kiddo this topic was not about Kathmandu versus outside but people who have low self esteem have made it into that. I want to continue this thread so I am going to start another thread which says

"English words and letters  that some Nepalis massacre"
"Funny ways in which English letters and words are pronounced by some Nepalis"

Would or does anyone have a problem with that?

Posted on 10-22-13 10:13 AM     [Snapshot: 2306]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If it is taken as just an observation (without putting anybody down) there shouldn't be any problem with that.
Posted on 10-22-13 10:31 AM     [Snapshot: 2310]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Personally, I don't like and never use this word " pakhe" to anyone. But, I feel that in today's context, if this word is ever used to someone, I don't think it means that person is from outside of Kathmandu. I think it means that that person is backward in terms how he presents himself, that is, in his appearance, behaviour, talking or thinking manner etc etc.  So, friends here who are outside of Kathmandu need not relate or react to this word "Pakhe". Pakhe is someone who is not considered civilised by a conventional society ( I know this word itself is debatable).  So, he/she might not be necessarily from outside of Kathmandu. He/she can by all means be from Kathmandu too. As a matter of fact, I have met many American pakheys here in midwest. So friends, even if you belong to somewhere outside of Kathmandu in Nepal, but you are very much civilized and updated people, don't take this word directed to you and get agitated.

Posted on 10-22-13 10:34 AM     [Snapshot: 2336]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good Job educated GADHAS ..
Posted on 10-22-13 10:46 AM     [Snapshot: 2354]     Reply [Subscribe]
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efg I agree with your statement. Pakhey is not about where you are from but it's more about lack of civilization.

Posted on 10-22-13 11:13 AM     [Snapshot: 2380]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Congratulations !!
Posted on 10-22-13 3:02 PM     [Snapshot: 2477]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good point efg, I concur wholeheartedly, that particular term isn't used practically (and even theoretically) in any context, only for people outside Kathmandu.

Quite honestly, replying to this thread especially when the content is flagrant is nothing more than feeding a troll, but in order to get our point across, we have no other alternatives.

With that being said  if the original poster even had a minuscule amount of wisdom Kiddo had, his life would've had a meaning. The reason I am saying this is because his intent in this thread was not to initiate a debate, or share humor or for any other worldly reason, but to spread maelvolence, like he always does. I know it is a free website and we all are keyboard happy and how sajha promotes freedom of speech to certain extent and blah blah, but for once as an educated ambassadors to our nation, I believe everyone of us are mature enough to discern between a debateful thread and what the original poster is implying about - to simply play with our emotions so he could laugh at our expense. Long story short, don't get worked up in threads like this and do not promote malice even when it is involuntarily so.

If the original poster were wise, educated, mature and secure enough to start a thread like this, the title should have been something different. Maybe he could have just started a lighthearted thread about our accent which he chose not to. Inserting the term 'paakhey' injects unnecessary and deliberate evil in the thread which he unsuccessfully tried to  camouflage with 'nothing personal' towards the end. And we all know that we could get away with almost everything as long as we insert terms like 'just kidding' and 'In jest'.

Like efg and Kiddo mentioned, the term paakhey doesn't imply a national divide based on geographical location. The term is only devised and used by insecure bunch of idiots who somehow amassed enough wealth and resources and demean individuals who are less fortunate - only as a desparate attempt to voice out their insecurity.

Posted on 10-22-13 3:58 PM     [Snapshot: 2527]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This only applies to people who call outsiders Pakhey

Locals of Kathmandu:

Newar: Farmers who did not wash their ash after defecation. Not even 30 years ago majority of Newars did not have enough to eat. Toilet ratio per house hold was less than 10%. Nine in ten newar was defecating in the street (ghar aagadi to street ma). Education wise, very few newars had ambitions to go to school and get eductated. Most of them just wanted to sell Cauliflower in their Kharpan or sell Mustard oil from their first floor if they were lucky enough to own a home. Major problem in communicating in Nepali langauage. As a matter of fact many did not and could not even speak the Nepali language let alone speak, read, and write it. Their offsprings still suffer with (ta, ta, and Da Da syndrom)

Kanthe Bahun Chetri: Living in the hills surrounding the filthy city of Kathmandu. They barely owned 2 ropani of land where they would grow food to support the family with the constant battle of starvation. 30 years ago Kanthe bahun chetries were seen going to their farm land with a Kodalo and came back home to beat their wives with fraustrations of life. No education, no communication skill, addding stupid "ee" sound after every verb, khanee, hagnee, garnee, hinnee and no property either (sold most of the land to migrants for 5 Lakhs per ropani and are watching the migrant selling it fo 5 Karod now.

Rana/Thakuri: Rana/Shah/Thakuri are in different class. They are not afraid of marrying their Mama and Phoopu ko siblings. They think they are better than everyone and pretty much sold all they had already but still want to make Royal life with borrowed money. Rin liyera masu bhaat khana parne haru.

Now the Immigrants:
The ones who not only came to someone else's territory and survived but also made themselves better off than the locals. They have some accent that they bring with them from their place and their culture too but they are definetly the survival of the fittest and are there to take away what locals had long time ago.
Last edited: 23-Oct-13 03:40 PM

Posted on 10-22-13 4:04 PM     [Snapshot: 2538]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Shrestha Jyapu..
Oh dhya makhu dhya... Stop Bragging of being kathe.. I am not from Kathmandu Valley, (BTW I don't understand why anybody has to be so proud of being from tht filthy  piece of dirt hole anyway), but I can bet on u that, KTM valley has more, Pakhey, in ur own words, than any other city in Nepal.U remind me of my friend from asan, never been out of valley, who use to try his best to speak  proper Nepal only when he was drunk. Pathetic piece of crap..

Posted on 10-22-13 6:10 PM     [Snapshot: 2640]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sap Dude, there's no doubt that a number of emigrants have made significant progress after emigrating to Kathmandu but you can't generalize both emigrants and locals en masse based on a few scenarios. It's true that quite a few Thakuris, Jyapus (farmers), and other locals have sold off their land and property for different reasons. But you make it sound like everybody's done so. That's not the case at all. The 'locals' still have a major stronghold when it comes to economy, wealth and power. I don't wish to get into this in detail, though. 

Also, I've seen you repeatedly lambasting Thakuris in various different threads and this time around, you went one level up by calling them inbreds. I don't see any need for this. I do understand someone showing discontent over "aibaksiyos, jyunaar garibaksyo and marji hos" lingo but it's kinda bizarre and amusing to see an educated person making comments as such in today's day and age. 

Last edited: 22-Oct-13 06:11 PM

Posted on 10-22-13 9:10 PM     [Snapshot: 2724]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I  am having hard time to figure out who is/are moron(s) participating in this thread. OP (read troll), people who are feeding the OP or myself ?
Posted on 10-22-13 9:21 PM     [Snapshot: 2733]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 To be honest i hate every non whites including beaners blacks asians jyapu bahun chetri vote everyone, n i m thinking about joining white supremacists group
Posted on 10-22-13 10:12 PM     [Snapshot: 2782]     Reply [Subscribe]
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behoove_me, rahasya, you guys are absolutely correct. There's no point responding in this thread, this has become a troll/racist discussion. Strange how behind the mask our true identity comes out. These are the same people who when you meet in person, will act as if they are the noblest of human being and hate racism outright.

Let's just not respond on this thread, let the trolls feed the troll.
Posted on 10-22-13 11:14 PM     [Snapshot: 2810]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This thread is a f*%king mess! Common people. 
Posted on 10-22-13 11:58 PM     [Snapshot: 2834]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is unf%*cking believable!

So called educated and the righteous have serious problem with one single word "PAKHEY" while Nepal is being looted by maoist politician. Killers are getting away and ruling the country. The corrupt are the top tier of the society.

These same educated and righteous people will be the first ones to say 'hajur' 'hajur' to these corrupt killers hoping they will get a piece of the pie. But here, they have no problem acting like the word Pakhey is the worst thing possible on earth. You cannot do anything about these politicians who are looting openly, but you feel like you are a savior by acting holier than thou art at a common word that exists in the Nepali dictionary. Why don't you guys burn some tires to remove that word for the dictionary.

People are acting like this word is worse than saying motherf%*ker.

Get your priorities straight kiddos.

Posted on 10-23-13 9:11 AM     [Snapshot: 2926]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Gadhas says Gadhas Does...

Posted on 10-23-13 3:52 PM     [Snapshot: 3040]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I feel pity for ignorant bastards like duderino who don't know that all newars are not jyapus (farmers). Do you think during the malla rule in Kathmandu valley, every one of them were jyapus meaning farmers? Less than 10% of newars are jyapus the others are businessmen or some other skilled workers like metal worker, clay worker, artist, etc.

Only ignorant fools would claim all Newars are jyapus. That's like saying all chettris are inbred or all bahuns are katto khane bahuns. But I am not that ignorant like you so I won't say it.


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