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 Help me to come over this depression

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Posted on 12-14-10 4:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hi guys

please help me to come over this depression. It has been gone for a while but it came back again. I guess it's depression coz all i see is darkness..all the time(for 2 days) i m feeling sad hopeless and didn't see anything that would spark my life

please help me.....

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 12-15-10 12:50 AM     [Snapshot: 401]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Can't this take this life like it is now anymore.....
Posted on 12-15-10 8:29 AM     [Snapshot: 500]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have suffered it alot of times and this is what i do :
1. I drink alot of water
2. hang around positive people
3. Talk to someone who understands you
4.Listen to good peace of music
5. go exercise
6. Think rationally if the matter that is bothering you is really that big of a deal
7. eat healthy 
8. divert your mind , read , go for a trip 
9. Never stay alone
10. tell yourself " Yes i can"

hope you feel better man 

Posted on 12-15-10 11:24 AM     [Snapshot: 570]     Reply [Subscribe]
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राछस Bro

Your name is राछस, with this name you can never think positive... 

Here are my suggestion.

1. You said you work 16 hrs. I guess you work in a gas-station 7 days a week. Take a day off once a week. Make sure it's not your college day either. Make it in week days. You deserve one day for yourself. You will start noticing the change once you have a whole day for yourself. Do whatever you want to do. May be smoke weed from early morning,or drink alcohol, or go to museum, roam in downtown, or just go for a drive... You got the point.

2. Talk to people at your work. just talk on anything except Politics or race.. 

3.  If you have a camera, take their picture. Make sure to take their permission.

4.  Watch lots of stand-up comedy. It's fun. This will also helps you to start a conversation with a stranger. Most stand up talk about everyday life. They talk about all the small things that are missing from our life.

5. This part is missing............

6. You mentioned you stop drinking. WHY?? There is nothing wrong with drinking ( you know what i mean). Stopping drinking stopped you from socializing. You are taking  away yourself from your friends. Start drinking again. Don't drink to get drunk ( exception accepted)

7. Listen music. Open an account in Pandora ( it's free). Create 20-30 station with diverse station. From Rock, hip hop, pop, indian, latino, or even some orchestra/opera. Play a quick mix station. Try it it's fun.

9. Go for work out. It helps a lot to relax a body.

10. Stop masturbating a lot. I guess you do couple of times day. Limit it to 2-3 time a week. But there is always condition apply.

11. I guess while reading this, you didn't realize that No. 8 was missing... 

12. Just take it easy. Everything will be fine. I guess you never cheated on anyone or never thought anything bad about anyone. If this is the case, you don't have to worry about anything. Eventually everything thing will be good. There are no other options.

13. DONT EVER SEE A PSYCHIATRIST. You know there are lots of Pharmaceutical company in US. If you start taking meditation, you will have to take it all life. 

14. Stop saying that you are feeling depressed. STOP being PUSSY....     

Last edited: 15-Dec-10 11:28 AM

Posted on 12-15-10 11:26 AM     [Snapshot: 578]     Reply [Subscribe]
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since you said you work for 16 hrs/7days ,  that might be the root cause..

you might want to take a week break and hangout with your good friends, working 16hrs a day and that too 7 days a week might have affected your thinking...

so take a break, work out, talk to your friends, ..

good luck

Posted on 12-15-10 11:38 AM     [Snapshot: 597]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@mukurdhom, @nyshangal
Yeah you might be right..this 16 hours job is the root cause......

5. This part is missing........... LOL..made me smile man 

regarding "talk to your friends" already said unfortunetly don't have many friends..except one and he is in the same boat.... 

Posted on 12-15-10 12:20 PM     [Snapshot: 622]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Engage in different activities around you. Craigslist might be good website to look at.

 Try doing some volunteer work. Helping others will give you a sense of accomplishment. 

 Watch inspirational movie or documentary. CNN hero 2010 gave me goosebumps.

Go to club or sports bar. Meet people and talk to them.

Find something that interests you and be crazy at it.


Posted on 12-15-10 12:29 PM     [Snapshot: 636]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi Rachas Bhai(hope you are younger than me)
As said by everyone in this thread, the root cause of your depression is your work schedule.
Please remember that we all are human  being, not a machine and our body needs periodic rest.
I know, it is easier for us to ask you  to take a day off from your work without knowing your financial situation. Having said that, the only solution I could provide is  to invite you to visit me and my family in southern California for the winter break. After visiting us, you might find a new friend on my little son, who will keep you busy with his errands.
Please do not let your negative thoughts dominate you.
Good Luck!

Posted on 12-15-10 12:36 PM     [Snapshot: 649]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Make new friends.

Work less hrs.

Go to vacation.

Read books.

Call Nepal and talk to your family and friend Everyday.




Posted on 12-15-10 1:57 PM     [Snapshot: 689]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi Demon (rachas)!

Let me share my experience. I go through depression now and then, at least once in a month, lasting for couple of days. I feel like giving up everything and going to jungle to live as a "sanyaasi" (plz don't laugh!)  but I can't meditate and I am afraid of wild animals too. I like to watch good movies, read a novel or do nothing. I just ponder on the causes of the depression and face it, accept them because I just think it as a phase of the life.  I also take some days off from the work to be with me and myself, not giving a damn on anything.  It is so easy to be depressed in this country as u would have a same routine life without any break. No relatives or frens would be available when u badly need to see them. Seriously, this feeling will pass after somedays. Then, I realize depression is just a part of a normal life. At last, I think u r the best friend of urself, other people can assume or try to imagine but u know how it feels. Express ur bottled up emotions in any way. I don't know how? But sometimes u can say it loud when u r alone, be careful of forbidden words. he he!

Remember u know what works and what not!

Take care !


Posted on 12-16-10 6:12 PM     [Snapshot: 879]     Reply [Subscribe]
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heehee Depression, Trust me I suffered most from it. I had crazy sucidial tendencies, blues, feel like leaving this country for ever and much more complex feeling. Needless to say I am suffering from manic depression. But I take is as one part of my life. I have depression so I can control. I dont let other way around. I agreed with most reply. But mukurdhoom, most of you suggestions are worthy except medication part. Some depression dont need medication, that is true. As we came from Nepal, we think all illness is PAGALPAN. So are so afraid that someone level us something.I was so harsh on myself when I dignosed with this illness. I do take my medicine and it helped me. Rakshak, sometimes when you need medical help, you need it(no matter what you think). People take medication for blood pressure which is life long. Some suffer from TB take 1 year medication. Likewise, if you suffer from short term depression, take medicine for few months(BUT FOLLOW ALL THE ADVICE BEFORE TAKING IT<GIVE YOURSELF 1 WEEK, AT LEAST) Dont even worry about insurance, this country you can get help if you ask. But if you really think going back home makes you happy , then go back. But beware, what if you feel same once you are back. Depression can hit anyone, anywhere.

ok That was my part. But write more, I see you are not replying, even Crazy's advice hoh, ur big fan of her story. Where are u now. , i am the craziest one as one of her story "kramasha"lol. now I accept it , I am feeling better. the key is Share it my friend, SHARE. there are lot of ppl like you, ur not alone. Write, This SAJHA sabai ko sajha


Posted on 12-17-10 9:55 AM     [Snapshot: 1024]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It's been 3 days and there is no sign i am healing at all. It's cloudy out here and and just like these black cloud my mind is covered in a black thick layer. From yesterday, i stop talking with everybody i know and switched off my phone. I don't know why i am doing it but i think it is the best way to isolate from the world for a while. I might get some peace of mind. 


That's so nice of you.Right now I don't know about it but i promise if i ever been to south carolina i will  meet you. You said something that means a lot(more than anything) to me. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Sorry for hearing that you suffered once in a while. You almost took my word out from my mouth

"I feel like giving up everything and going to jungle to live as a sanyaasi"

Almost because i also wanted to drive to somewhere, some unknown place where no body knows me and i don't know anyone. And wanted to suffer more and more and don't know why...and yeah i will go to beach and cry out loudddddddddddddd and throw all my anger,frustation sadness.....

"the key is to Share"
This line made me to reply to this thread. I havent' talked with anybody for a while didn't check my email(don't get any emails except junk anyway) and being quite for all the time. I hope you are right trishnaa and i hope sharing all my feelings will help me to be a person i used to before. 

Right now i m watching "the wrestler". This was the first one in the red box.

I am not big fan of BOOKs but i will read some comics as from my child hood i
 just so crazy about it. used to walk a lot for one comic book...

Last but not the least All of you understand what i am suffering from and helping me to overcome from it(seriously i am following your suggestion). you all are strangers and trying to solve my issues even though we haven't seen each other, may never meet personally in future. But What hurts most is that my own people, my own loved ones don't care,treats me like a piece of shhhiittt and blames me
that what i am doing is for myself and not for them...i guess i am a loooossser here... 

Posted on 12-17-10 10:24 AM     [Snapshot: 1041]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Oh common!

dont worry I know how it feels. I am out of the blue now. but before that I suffered from so long term depression that you cannot ever imagine. its was really bad. I felt i am like a looser, pathetic person in the world, noone understand me. i wanted to die(higher sucidial tendiencies). So, I google suicide and i found Samartians website. I mailed them. I share all my feelings in emails. I cannot talked how i feel even  these days. so i wrote them .i emailed 10 times and they replied it. it helped me in greater extent.  they replied in 24  hrs. it felt good. try this website and write jo.i did what you just did. I intentionally flush my phone. I deactivate facebbok. I did not clean my room for days and days. i did not ate and what not. But trust me"This Too Shall Pass" every morning is a new morning .


 i feel like i am the main cause of problem going around my family and noone try to get. oh lord. i cried so much that my eyes sollowen for days after days. you know, I  being there and i am outta now. that doesnt meant i wont go back to that phase. BUT, presently, i am enjoying life(not a lot but somehow.

you said 3 days right, give yourself 4 more days. that will make one week. if you wont feel better, ask for medical help. believe me or not, I denied medical help for months. I took medicine and feel better in 2 month. I follow all the suggestions(most of them as same as written by sajhaties). even if u start medicine( i pray you wont have to), it is imp to take track of your life. my case is DIFFERENT. but depression can hit anyone.

dont worry and write more. whatever comes in your mind, share in sajha. if you cant share all your feelings in sajha, share half of it or quater at least. feelings are heavy, so lets share. and rest of the feelings, you mailed to jo(check website above)and read their relpy. (You Are Not Alone Who Feel This Way)

My questions to all readers( does any one else know what to live better life with manic depression- BP disorder) I am that


Posted on 12-17-10 10:27 AM     [Snapshot: 1043]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hya mula राछस bro timi kina tension lee raa ko... Just chill. don't say nobody cares for you. We (Sajhabasi) care for you. Reason, you not getting any stupid suggestions so far. We care for each other. Most of us here in US, or in Sajha.com are away from our family. We are family to each other.

Imagine you kill yourself, Imagine your parents crying in front of your body. Dude get a life. Stop blaming yourself. Life is beautiful.  

"What hurts most is that my own people, my own loved ones don't care,treats me like a piece of shhhiittt and blames me" F#%K that, it's because you made them treat you like. Don't blame anyone for your misery. I guess everything started when you started disrespecting your love one. It was never like that before. 

Dude I am at my work right now, and I could not stop myself writing here. m u j i jasto, "i guess i am a loooossser here... " now you are giving tension to the sajhabasi, who are trying to be supportive. This is the same reason you loved one ( as per you) care less about you. Stop being stubborn. 

Just chill, go with the flow of life. There are up-down in life, like stock  market, which had a had hit in december 2008. You life is in recession.. he he ... but there is a beautiful future in front of you. Imagine someday you will get married, you have kids, family of your own. Also imagine your 17 year old son got laid with the hot teacher from his school, you will feel proud ( at least deep inside)... he he... 

Ani jada jadai, please stop feeling you are looser. Have fun, do your work, pay your bill, finish your school, drink some good scotch, smoke some funny stuff... talk to people, and DO NOT take any medicine to overcome depression. 

La ta M U J I "KUEYA BIU" take care   

Posted on 12-17-10 10:43 AM     [Snapshot: 1056]     Reply [Subscribe]
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he got only one stupid reply(just now) . It is not him who is blaming himself. It is  DEPRESSION (which is K-K-jati timle lekhya kasto). hah, i named my depression, he is one ugly animal named "Kuttajati"sometimes he takes over me, i won now but fight is still going on.

la ma lekhchu how I felt when I was depressed, timle j j bhannu cha bhana hai, I dont care( i will laugh at you, make sure make it funnier than earlier)

1. I am the biggest problem

2. I hate myself

2. I am not only a piece but i am shit all over the place

3. My family and friends never tried to understand me. they are really mean people

4. I am a looser, big time looser. my life is a wasted life as spilled milk


timle lekhya you line man parena, edit gara (  it's because you made them treat you likeI guess everything started when you started disrespecting your love one. It was never like that before) you never know

Listen Mukurdhoom, No one ever want to(really really want to ) feel this way, SHIT happens so need to clean up you know.

but it was funny response , make me laugh. LOL

smoking and drinking won't help, hai stock market that is boring, Football season that is intersting. pay  your bill. this is imp. i forgot to pay my bills when i  depressed.

Last edited: 17-Dec-10 10:51 AM

Posted on 12-17-10 11:25 AM     [Snapshot: 1076]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well Trishnaa Darling

Firstly there are two #2. 

1. I am the biggest problem

Hell ya you are the biggest problem. You started the problem, you better find the solution by yourself. Instead of complaining, feel better everyone is trying to help you one way or other. 

2. I hate myself

That's your problem hating yourself. I don't hate myself, why would I ? There is no point of crying over spilled milk. Make sure you  buy a genuine container. " तपाई पसले सँग साबुन माग्दा माहाशक्ति सोअपको पूजा साबुन भनेर माग्नु कहेले नक्कली पर्दैन" 

2. I am not only a piece but i am shit all over the place

Sweetheart make sure to clean your place coz you have shit all over it. Nobody wants to visit a shitty place, except "Prachanda" who loves making a good place shitty. Also #2   part II is still #2. Something never changes.  

3. My family and friends never tried to understand me. they are really mean people.

Why would they? Have your ever tried finding why they felt like that? You also said "they are really mean people." Go screw yourself. What makes your statement justified that you are different from them.  

4. I am a looser, big time looser. my life is a wasted life as spilled milk.

May be you felt you were big looser sometime, but I guess you don't feel that anymore. That's what I am trying to explain राछस. If Trishnaa can change why not you... यो कथा हो तृष्णा मेरो , मुटुको पाना भारी भारी लेखेको 


Also make sure to visit Dhawse 's "****Rated Jokes ***"

ल त जनता हो , खाजा खाने बेला भो ।  

Last edited: 17-Dec-10 11:32 AM

Posted on 12-17-10 11:37 AM     [Snapshot: 1103]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you're in student visa in the USA that is the biggest depressing thing in the world. things like taking pictures, lighting candles, eating chocolates or even smelling your fart etc etc will not help you. it's a very very stressful and waste of your time and inner conscience shows you sign of depression to warn you.if you're depressed, then you should be to be in such depression situation. get of the situation, then you will not be depressed. 
Posted on 12-17-10 1:01 PM     [Snapshot: 1122]     Reply [Subscribe]
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watch larry king live on youtube.... 
Posted on 12-22-10 7:20 PM     [Snapshot: 1398]     Reply [Subscribe]
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its more than a week, hope u r doing well,  just concerned

Take Care!

Posted on 12-22-10 7:34 PM     [Snapshot: 1410]     Reply [Subscribe]
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In my opinion I feel that sometimes depression is a choice. We can either choose to be depressed or give a damn and live our lives. At this point I dont think medication is advisable. Like most sugestion take a day or two off from work and do what you thought you would do if you would only be free while working. Don't worry about the money you lost by not working, think about the future medication money you saved by taking a break. Get drunk to you head and if you have a chance of one night have it lol. And the most important is talk to your family , just talk about anything , tell them you love them, may be you never told them how much you miss them ..it will make you feel good, and go with a positive attitude to work.
Cheers man 

Posted on 12-22-10 8:02 PM     [Snapshot: 1435]     Reply [Subscribe]
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thank you for your input....I m doing a lot better now....feeling like that now i can suggest other people too.

"आफै त महादेव उत्तानो पर कसले देला बर" भन्ने जस्तो क्या 

happy holidays to all.


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