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 Cafe 'N' - Episode # 14

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Posted on 08-02-07 5:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Welcome to Cafe 'N' Click here to visit the last episode. Simple Rule of the place: "Be good and have fun" Latest updates: 1) TL and Caps -- in vacation. it might as well be true that both ended up in the same location. 2) Sndy -- gained expertise in cooking "raayo ko saag". 3) Flips -- got a green signal from LooTeKuKuR to claim the critically acclaimed "BT" title. 4) Camo -- got trained to train a dog. 5) Jugs-- still working on his thesis. 6) Cleo -- mama ki god mein so rahi hai. 7) Npl -- looking for "boka" to sacrifice for more lucrative turnover of the cafe. 8) Hi dai -- joined al--qaaeda--boka-sacrificing-gang in VA. 9) Dr. Bikash -- turned into a seasoned campaigner. 10) Limca -- found her niche in all her watches, clocks and her own face, which show same time ALL the time - 12 O' clock! 11) Lutii -- Her/His gender is still under scrutiny. 12) Rockend -- went through an abstinence from alcohol for 10 more minutes. 13) thapap -- food poisoned. last we heard of him was he visited sndy and TL. 14) Manvi/cerine/azn et al. -- bunked the team for good Chhutnu hune mahanubhav le kripaya ujuri halnu hola!
Posted on 08-21-07 10:13 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hello wonderful people, Flips, how r u? Bg bg ho? Hey Jack, classes start bho? No more pictures? Cerine, hello.. Hello Mr. Hyde, thanks for dropping by :) Rest of the gang....Heloooooooooooooooooooooo
Posted on 08-21-07 10:15 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Loots, this is for you :)
Posted on 08-21-07 10:18 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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sndy di - Classes resume next monday. Ani I am almost done with good pictures that I could share. All I got left is my trip to dolpa. Would you like to see that? Sparrow
Posted on 08-21-07 10:22 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sure Jack, u went to dolpa too? That must be an interesting trip..share with us na..:)
Posted on 08-21-07 10:25 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Will do for sure. IT was an unexpected event in my trip and I was there for two days. It was a totally new experience to live over there. I realised then how lucky I was to be where I am today. I will upload the pictures tonight. You can enjoy them tomorrow since I am at my friend's place right now. Sparrow
Posted on 08-21-07 10:31 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sure, take your time Jack. I know it's such a wonderful experience visiting those places hagi? Sometimes I feel like leaving everything and go live there...it would be nice..hoina ta? On the other hand, we learn to respect and treasure what we have hagi?
Posted on 08-21-07 10:57 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Exactly sndy di. It would be really tough for us to adjust over there particularly after being used to with so much of physical luxuries. The place was great and it was really really beautiful. Sparrow
Posted on 08-21-07 11:04 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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La will be waiting for the pictures tomorrow hai ta
Posted on 08-21-07 12:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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मोइले उत्ता चौतारीमा पोनि केटाहरुलाई यो क्वेसनहरु राख्देको छु कि अन्त यहाँपनि हान्नु मनपर्यो हौ! लु आबो सबले गिदी खेलाउनु ल! फ्लिप फ्लपले चाँहि यान्सर दिनुपाउछ कि तर कम्पिटिसनमा आउदैन ल! १) हाम्रो धरानको देसीलाइनमा भाको अशोक अग्रवालको हार्डवेर पसल कत्ता पट्टी फिर्केको छ? २) हाम्रो धरानमा दुइटा सिनेमा हलहरु छन्त हो, आबो भन कि माथ्लो हल र तल्लो हल भन्नाले कुन कुन हललाई बुझाउछ? ३) हाम्रो धरानमा भाको सेउती खोलाले कुन कुन सिटीलाई छुट्याउछ? ४)हाम्रो धरानमा भानुचोकमा भाको भानुपाटले कुन हातमा किताब बोकेर कत्ता पट्टी फिर्केर बसेको छ? ६)हाम्रो धरानको तिन्कुनेमा भाको इन्जिनेरिङ क्याम्पसको पस्चिम पट्टीको क्षत्रलाई के क्षत्र भन्छ? ७)हाम्रो धरानको हात्तिसार क्याम्पसको नजिकै भाको मन्दिर कुन मन्दिर हो? ८) हाम्रो धरानदेखि उत्तर उकालो गयो भने भेडेटार आउछन्त हो, आबो त्यो भेडेटार कुन् जिल्लामा पर्छ? ९)हाम्रो धरानको बुढा सुब्बामा भको बाँस झ्याङको बिशेषता के हो? सबलाई फिरी सलुट गरे ल! मो टाइम मिलाएर फिरी आउछु नि!
Posted on 08-21-07 1:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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BIG HELLU TO all nice people of CN,

Camro bro, jammai pass. Dharane pariena kyaare aafu ta.

Sndy Dijyu, namaste. babu lai kasto chha ahile?

jack bro, hI !

Flipy, folliwing India Vs England ODI? India 35/4 (12.1 ov) chasing 289. Looks like another ODI defeat for indians in the card.

loots bro, ke hudai chha?

Cerine maichha, good day to you as well. Presentation saki sakyo ?

Hyde, heluuu !

Rocky bro, ke chha?

Ritik pajee, balle balle
tu si creative ho jee.

Baki jammai lai feri helluuu
Last edited: 21-Aug-07 02:06 PM

Posted on 08-21-07 2:01 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi all! how are ya'll? Camo bro salute, i have answers for a couple of question. उत्त्र: प्र न: ७: दन्तकाली मन्दीर। प्र न: ९: लप परेकाहरुले आफ्नो लपर्को नाम लेख्न त्यो बास्को झ्याङ प्र्योग गर्दछन! तेसरी लेखेको खन्ड्मा लप सफल हुन्छ भन्ने पुरानो कीम्बदन्ती छ। अरु प्रस्न को उत्तर् चाहीयेमा क्रीपया गुगलीङ् गर्न हुन अनुरोध गर्दछु। SNDy, हाउ आर यु? Sparrow, हाउ आर यु? Fulan_Flipty हाउ आर यु? Rocky, हाउ आर यु? Captain saab, हाउ आर यु? Cerine, हाउ आर यु? Lotekukur, हाउ आर यु? nails, thapap, avni, TL, sabai हाउ आर यु? LATER folks and folkies!
Posted on 08-21-07 2:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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npl2us: that's cute...am good nkc: u really wanna know? ... ... ... i didn't think so :P flip_flop: i don't know wha to say about this summer...other than it flew on by sndy: how are things going with you? hope ur lil one is better now
Posted on 08-21-07 2:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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You guys r funny..ha ha.. Camo bhaijan: 0/10 mero ta..fail bho..too tough ni..:) NKC, babu is fine now..thanks for remembering :) How u ni? Long time no see.. Neptem, ur ta atti funny chau k..moon ma daag cha ra? He he..LOL..Kelluria lagera hatte bho hai Nepte lai.. Rest of the gang..khoi kata ho?
Posted on 08-21-07 2:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Cerine, yes, he's fine now..yehi raicha jindagani aba..u enjoy while u can, r kya
Posted on 08-21-07 3:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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GOOD AFTERNOON .. And i m feeling sleepy anyone in the kitchen for a cup of coffee?? Cerine, Good luck then. Hope it will be good one. Sndy Dijyu, good to know that babu is fine now..I am good too. Afno ta Bholi dekhi school pani suru, back to hectic life.. Nepte bro, how u been? Camo bro, tyo budha subba ko bas ko speciality chai - tyaha ko bas ko tuppo hudaina. Ani bhedetar pani sunsari mai ho kyare. Tamor tare pachhi matra dhankuta jilla suru jasto lagthyo malai ta. Baki jammai lai another round of HELLUU
Posted on 08-21-07 3:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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.Good Afternoon everybody! Npl2us bro: Thanx for answering those two questions. :-) NKC: ha ha ha! Dharan ko nabhayera ho pass gareko? LOL. Thanks for answering two of those question. :-) sndy sisterjaan: ha ha ha! even if I had asked you to just count the numbers of questions I had asked, you would have failed on that too. :P Check your answer again! LOL Cerine: Hi there! I hope you were not bored in Summer Vacation at all. I just hope ni feri, I am not sure about it though! he he he! Howdy? Class suru ho aba? masti chha .. back to school! woohooo!! haina? Ki bored again? About the correct answer, I think flip flop will answer them correctly! Hello to Captain/LooTe-Da-Hunk/Sparrow/Rocks-Da-Killer/TM/mR. hYdE/Avani/Lems/TL/Juggy/Nails/Thapap-Da-H1B expert/..ani baaki sabailai Salute!! :-)
Posted on 08-21-07 3:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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NKC, bholi dekhi school re? la la have fun :) Camobhaijaan, I'm ta poor in maths ni..he he..and alchi too..he he..
Posted on 08-21-07 3:55 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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La ta la ma ta lagey hai! sabai lai TATA bye bye!
Posted on 08-21-07 7:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Abuiiii darr lagyoo CAmoo.. Ani MR hYde or Dr jekil... darr lagyoo hai mr hYde meroo barema tha cha ki kya ho..... haha!!!!!!! LOL... mistake kya ....... feri......... no mistake ahile chai lah....... Camoo when DID I kill you huh?? when did I become killer.. huh?? everyone......... how are you ???? npl2us matra sanchai hola... coz I gave answer to his question...... how are you ???? yepieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! gudnitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa -rockuuu baba........
Posted on 08-21-07 11:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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. Haha Camo som, that's a bit of mind-tingling questions. There was a time when I barely remembered about Bhanu chowkko sabji pasal. Jugs helped me clearing out the blurry images. Lemem try if I still can get some of them correctly. 2) mathlo Hall - Shiva Hall Tallo hall - Ganesh talkies 4) Right Hand 7) Dantakaali Mandir but Budha Subba isn't that far either. 8) Pretty sure it's Dhankuta district. 9) Baasma tuppo hudaina. G'nite everyone! :-)

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