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 Cafe 'N' - Episode # 14

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Posted on 08-02-07 5:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Welcome to Cafe 'N' Click here to visit the last episode. Simple Rule of the place: "Be good and have fun" Latest updates: 1) TL and Caps -- in vacation. it might as well be true that both ended up in the same location. 2) Sndy -- gained expertise in cooking "raayo ko saag". 3) Flips -- got a green signal from LooTeKuKuR to claim the critically acclaimed "BT" title. 4) Camo -- got trained to train a dog. 5) Jugs-- still working on his thesis. 6) Cleo -- mama ki god mein so rahi hai. 7) Npl -- looking for "boka" to sacrifice for more lucrative turnover of the cafe. 8) Hi dai -- joined al--qaaeda--boka-sacrificing-gang in VA. 9) Dr. Bikash -- turned into a seasoned campaigner. 10) Limca -- found her niche in all her watches, clocks and her own face, which show same time ALL the time - 12 O' clock! 11) Lutii -- Her/His gender is still under scrutiny. 12) Rockend -- went through an abstinence from alcohol for 10 more minutes. 13) thapap -- food poisoned. last we heard of him was he visited sndy and TL. 14) Manvi/cerine/azn et al. -- bunked the team for good Chhutnu hune mahanubhav le kripaya ujuri halnu hola!
Posted on 08-09-07 12:00 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Afternoon people...ani Happy B'day TL ( just following sndy di k) Sparrow
Posted on 08-09-07 1:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi Bootiful people, You guys have become so Pokhta is greeting each other! Kasai ko naam liye kasai ko naam choot la bhanney pir!! Hi Manvi, Flipflop, if I had a cute bunny, I'd name it "Flippity Flop." Cerine, it's enough that you read my silly stories. :) SNDY, S-o N-ice D-ay Y-ar ; It's cooled off today! Loote-da-vick-reject, pehaps a smoothie? Ice Tea tastes like, jado mahina ma hadtaal bha bela ma, dhoodh bina ko selayeko chiiiiiiiiso chiya. Same goes for Frappuccino, tastes like the dregs of left over coffee. ;) ThapaP adhoonik bhanya Nepali Rap geet ho? What do those fall into anyways? Nepalko Chora--Now I have another bhai added to my list of cyber bhais. Enjoy your day!
Posted on 08-09-07 4:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh......everyone is invited to the surprise Birthday party of TL. Venue : Cafe 'N' Time: sharp at 7 Happy Birthday TL. Sitaraji - How did you know I look like a bunny re kya? ;-) Hope all is well Where are the rest of the gang today?
Posted on 08-09-07 5:00 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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.Hello wonderful people!! Before I wish Happy Birthday to TL, sndy has a surprise for ya... Happy Birthday TL Sabai lai Salute!! :-)
Posted on 08-09-07 5:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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evening folks! :P cerine, howdy? me too bored now :( npl, jack, heY! sn diiiii, why u quiet these days? is everything alright? haven't witnessed u irritating me in a while now :P..i am sooooooo not used to it:( sitara di, never liked ice tea myself. good to see u on the same page :D. does that make me--->LooTe-Da-Sitara's-Accept :P flips, u mean tonight at 7? why so late? :D. u've been sleeping all day ho? haha :D hello js/camo/thapap/jugs/manvi and all --------------------- here's our TL aka louly lady-da-b'day-lady :D since i don't know your whereabouts, am launching this hot air balloon cake from my place. it will hopefully land at your place before midnight :D. save few pieces for this ravenous admirer hai? :D :P
Posted on 08-09-07 6:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I hope that hot-air-calorie-laden-balloon-cake does not end up on the place
where skinny people are minorities! (Just a solemn wish)

Last edited: 09-Aug-07 06:07 PM
Last edited: 09-Aug-07 06:08 PM

Posted on 08-09-07 10:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hello everyone. its safer (O: i will not miss anyone. anyway, TL dijju yappy yippo b'day sndy dijju, is everything ok? u seem different. chitara dijju, those geets are called "atyadhunik geet" kya.. he he he (O: .. i can barely understand what those rappers say [ in english or nepali ] so, i think i am like deaf and blind to rappers (O: [ source also chitara dijju ] { no copyright violation } he he he LooTe hi and bi flips keep toggling cerine its definitely u. didn't u see how bored she was (O: that little birdie (O: cleo, howdy. u cannot cross roads re? road cross kina garnu paryo.. palki ma base bhai halchha ni :P camo how u? nkc u be cool nplus where u vanished u tired of playing legal game ho? already scared juggy bro where art thou? i know u reading... better post tooo kya good night good morning
Posted on 08-09-07 10:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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many happy returns of the day TL GL! so are leo huh? :D
Posted on 08-09-07 11:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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TL: di happy birthday !!
Posted on 08-10-07 12:46 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Happy Birthday Dear Mitini Jyu!! Hope u had wonderful day!! :) Hi to rest of u peps!! :)
Posted on 08-10-07 12:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hello Wonderful people.. Loots, me back to irritate you.. Thapap, me alive ! Sitara, me enjoying and u? Camo, me not that besura.. Manvi, me saying helloooo..... Me coming back in a while..and hello to everyone !!
Posted on 08-10-07 12:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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sndi: di hajurlaai me too saying helluuu hai yitna sannata kyun ?
Posted on 08-10-07 12:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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happy bday TL :-D hiya to all ... everyone having either an extremely bz week or they're on vacation :D
Posted on 08-10-07 12:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hellu everyone
Posted on 08-10-07 12:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Woho TL Dijyu ko B'day po raichha. Dhilai bhaye pani janma dina ko hardika mangala maya shubha kaamana chha hai, TL Dijyu. Baki jammai (Munni, Sndy Dijyu, Juggy, Tiru, thapap bro, TM Loots, Cleo, Camo bro, Flippy, Sitara di, jack, nepte n rest l) lai mero big hellu hai
Posted on 08-10-07 1:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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NL ppl:cheer up!!
Posted on 08-10-07 3:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi all! Manvi how are you? that was a nice song there! NKC gundruk bhaat for dinner tonight? how are you getting along these days? Thapap bro, what's up? Aint quite tired yet. Got busy. Will be back hai. Cerine how's it going? SNDY acting busy these days? TL where are ya? you ok? Tyra how are you? Juggy how are ya broda? CH kati laaaaamo vacation ho! LLCCMGMG Nails how are you? Loots Camo bro big salute to you Hi dai i will be in VA for weekend. wanna invite me?:-) Sitara how are you? I enjoyed your writing at the other thread. Do ya'll talk turn by turn for real? We guys do tachhhaad machhaad, don't even bother to interrupt while others are talking. Fulan_Flipty how are you? i heard you have not heard from him for a week or so, and you have called all our cafe's ladies to go to the lake to practice this song to please him. Is this a rumor? Aight folks and folkies! I am outta here for today! Have wonderful weekend.
Posted on 08-10-07 3:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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neptem, "All the world's a stage" bhanera thaha chaina? and we're here to act..and my part is to act busy for now..tyasaile ni.. Anyways, have a wonderful weekend !! Hi NKC, thanks for Gundpak hai..was yummy !! Hello Cerine, Hey Manvi (again )..
Posted on 08-10-07 3:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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. Hello Folks - A very good Friday afternoon! npl2us - Not to please him bu to punish rey kya? How is it going? sndy - How's summer treating you? The weather has been merciless, kusto garmi ho. :-( TL - Hey missy, howdy? NKC, manvi, Cerine, Loote, Cleo, Jugs, thapap and to all - Have a great weekend.
Posted on 08-10-07 4:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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.Hello wonderful people! flip flop: bhakku garmi chadyo ho tyo Thaau maa? lu aabo kulfi khaau ki anta ramailo hunchha natra bhedetar ma chiso hunchhanta. :-) sndy sisterjaan: Acting busy re!! ha ha ha!! npl2us bro: A big Salute to you too Sir!! manvi: hi there! woohoooo!! I am cheering up now! :) NKC: Mr. Gundruk ko jhol! thapa sir: Jaalim duniya me kisi ko sir bhi bolna manaa hai! kyaa kare kambakt din hi kharaab hai! :P cerine: bored now already! rite? Hello TL/Captain/LooTe/Tyra/sparrow/ .... Ani Salute!! :-)

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