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 Cafe 'N' - Episode # 14

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Posted on 08-02-07 5:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Welcome to Cafe 'N' Click here to visit the last episode. Simple Rule of the place: "Be good and have fun" Latest updates: 1) TL and Caps -- in vacation. it might as well be true that both ended up in the same location. 2) Sndy -- gained expertise in cooking "raayo ko saag". 3) Flips -- got a green signal from LooTeKuKuR to claim the critically acclaimed "BT" title. 4) Camo -- got trained to train a dog. 5) Jugs-- still working on his thesis. 6) Cleo -- mama ki god mein so rahi hai. 7) Npl -- looking for "boka" to sacrifice for more lucrative turnover of the cafe. 8) Hi dai -- joined al--qaaeda--boka-sacrificing-gang in VA. 9) Dr. Bikash -- turned into a seasoned campaigner. 10) Limca -- found her niche in all her watches, clocks and her own face, which show same time ALL the time - 12 O' clock! 11) Lutii -- Her/His gender is still under scrutiny. 12) Rockend -- went through an abstinence from alcohol for 10 more minutes. 13) thapap -- food poisoned. last we heard of him was he visited sndy and TL. 14) Manvi/cerine/azn et al. -- bunked the team for good Chhutnu hune mahanubhav le kripaya ujuri halnu hola!
Posted on 08-08-07 11:40 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hello Jack, mero thikai cha, timro ni? No classes today?
Posted on 08-08-07 11:44 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am also doing ok..just got up..... ...ani I am almost done with my summer research..just a presentation left next week..ani classes with begin from 27th....so trying to get ready for my dukha ka din.... .... Sparrow
Posted on 08-08-07 11:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hare, ahile alik dhukha garyo bhane pachi sukha paucha ni Jack..it'll be over in a jiffy..I'm sure u'll come come out with flying colors..
Posted on 08-08-07 11:53 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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that's me? :O wow... am quite surprised thapap :D neway Hi to all... it's good to c everyone well and still typing away:D
Posted on 08-08-07 12:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sndy di...that is exactly the kind of thought which is moving me so far and I am sure it will do it again..anyways thank you... Sparrow
Posted on 08-08-07 12:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Morning Cerine... Sparrow
Posted on 08-08-07 12:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi all!!! how are ya'll? Cleo thanks for telling them i love them hai. hope they are doing good. and about me owing a couple of rupees; what about dollars? kaheney mein harj hi kya hein, no? Thapap what's going on here? I did not mind being a long nose, but bichara Lemon, you changed her gender. that's a male peacock broda! Hi to all!! later
Posted on 08-08-07 12:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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BIG HELLU TO ALL NICE PEOPLE OF NTL (Cafe-'N') - Cappy bro, TL Dijyu, Sndy Dijyu, Bhow Bhow maharaj, Cleo Maharani, Flippy, Lemony, Camo bro, thapap bro, Juggu dada, nepte bro, nanu dai, Dr. Development, Rocky bro, Munni, Cerine, sparrow bro, and all others.. I am finally back to second home from the first, had mixed one month life in KTM. First week was a blast...attended 4 weddings (none of them were mine tho )...2nd and 3rd - kinda quiet weeks..got my wisdom teeth taken out and had a week of bed rest because of viral fever. 4th week was hectic again - going around the places, tons of meeting with frns and relatives. Cleo, Would have accepted your coffee meeting offer if the invitation had come couple of days ago. Well..there is always next time. But wondering, how come you got to hear so many nice things about me . The person may have been bluffing hai. Sndy Dijyu, here is your GUTPAK.

Posted on 08-08-07 12:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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And for all nice people of Cafe-'N', pustakari from Nepal

Posted on 08-08-07 12:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sndy dont accept that gutpaak hai. He already gave that gutpak to chautari and we all already finished it. haaraluchha bhaathyo ke. :D
Posted on 08-08-07 12:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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kasto batho nepche, eutai pustakari ra gutpak sabailai dini?
Posted on 08-08-07 12:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepal ko chora bro..first of thanx for the pustakari and gutpaak...and great to hear that you had a blast in nepal...now have have over here at your second home... sparrow
Posted on 08-08-07 12:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Breaking News: Lawsuits Against General Technician Thapap: There has been lawsuits filed against General Technician Thapap of Cafe N'. Ms. TL, Ms. Lemony Cola, and Mr. npl2us has filed their cases at the Cafe Court. Reasons: Lemony thought General Technician (GT) thapap has mislead the cafe goers by posting भाले मयुर and claiming that picture was her. "This is morally wrong to ridicule someone's gender in private place. I am a female. Not a male for Bhadrakali's sake!" - said Ms. Cola. In addition, she said, every Cafe goers knows that she belongs to Cola family. But in that picture, she said, GT is trying to invade her privacy bringing that भाले मयुर with 7 at its leg. Upon asked what 7 has got to do with privacy, she said- long uptime back she used to date 7 UP, but later on Ms. Cola and her family realized that they and 7 up family shares the same Gotra. Therefore, she confirmed, she has filed the law suits 1. for falsifying the gender in front of cafe goers and secondly, invading the privacy. Reporters could see tears rolling down her cheeks when she made her statement. TL's reason for lawsuit was making her nose abnormally longer than it supposed to be. She was spotted at the court saying "मेरो नाक गीद्द को जस्तो छ की क्य हो? यो बुडेशकाल मा के के सुन्नु पर्छ बा। she is filing on the basis of मान हानी. npl2us has a very different view. he filed on the basis of indecency, or for that matter, nudity in the public place, if you will. he thinks if GK had to post his own picture at the cafe, he should have worn at least a bra rather than showing off everything. Nepte was spotted with varieties of bras of different sizes from Victoria Secret at the court house to show his dissatisfaction at GK Thapap's indecency at the public place. SNDY is to judge the case. Juggy, hi_nanu, CH, Loote, Cleo, Fulan_Flipty, and Cerine are called called for jury duty. We will keep you update of the latest developments. Eyewitness News @ Cafe N' IN Jest!
Posted on 08-08-07 1:01 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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npl2us ...very funny :D Awesome!! AFternoon Jack Sparrow .. that's a cool name:D
Posted on 08-08-07 1:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Great jon npl2us...it rocks... Cerine- thnx... Sparrow
Posted on 08-08-07 1:07 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 08-08-07 2:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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.Hello wonderful people here! sisterjaan: Hello dear *new you* sisterjaan! kahile paani kahile ghaam!! sparrow: r u back yet? or still enjoying Nepal? Cleo: karola baag re!! did you go to Palika bajaar also? cerine: woohooo!! you are back and not bored yet!! great! ;-) NKC: see! cerine is back too. ;-) Pretty: Did you check your voice mail? ... you should.. atleast once a day! he he!! Infact I check mine every hour with no new voice mail in it. ;-) he he he!! Howdy in Cafe? Chautari ko khabar ta thaha chha. npl2us: ke ke kura aaune ho bro lai? ha ha ha feri refresh garyo homepage. You don't need to hit the refresh button now on, it is auto-refresh now, thanx to San. :P TL: Are you also planning to be *new you*? ;-) Aru sabailaai sodheko chha bhandinuuuuuuuuu!! :-)
Posted on 08-08-07 3:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Camo I was back more than a month ago....I really dont know what made you think I am still there!!!..hehe... Sparrow
Posted on 08-08-07 4:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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By ya'll!!! catch ya'll tomorrow.
Posted on 08-08-07 4:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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1. for Crying out foul in the CAFE. [ where everything is in Jest and nothing could not be sued]

2. for trying to deface ( actually de-chest) GT . GT by definition is a male. Male show their chest in pride. females, npl2us and some "not so sure about sex" only wear contents of VS's catalog page 1-10.

3. 500 lb Gorrilla is suppose to be shameless by definition hence the obscene or nudity rule that is applicable to CHARIS and other MANNERED members is not applicable.

4. NPL2US is an insider with access to the JURY SYSTEM. filing attorney cannot call juries.

Attorney General Tech. Thapap

Brigadier SnDY is the Presiding Judge

we are all awaiting her decision on this counter-suit against NPL2US from Brig. SNDY.
Last edited: 08-Aug-07 04:27 PM


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