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 Vote: Ashu vs Gagan Thapa

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Posted on 07-27-05 2:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ashu once interviewed Gagan Thapa (I guess Ashu wrote it here). At that instant of mentioning Gagan Thapa's name here, Ashu criticized Gagan Thapa. I don't know whether Gagan Thapa will turn out to be another corrupt kangressi in future or not, thats not my biz. at this moment. At this moment, I regard Gagan Thapa a great fighter for democracy who has guts shout what he wanted to shout in publicly. Considering these facts, Ashu sometime back here wrote that he is not against KG's move because KG's Feb 1 move has so far done nothing harm to Ashu. From Ashu's academic background (St Xavier + Harvard + GAA ....) will certainly push him up the ladder and make minister in near future. Because of his aforementioned declaration that KG's move has not harmed him personally, will make those day much closer. So, Ashu will be a minister within these 3 years of royal rule, if not then, less than 5 years. As times come, we will see him coming forward denouncing the the 7 party movments in political manner .... like accepting KG's move of Feb 01. His statements will always be Dodhare and politically correct. In this situation, I want to see how many Sajhaities favor Ashu and how many favor Gagan Thapa. Fotunately or unfortunately, at this time, if I have to vote and select between St. X cum Harvard Guy like Ashu and Banasthali Guy Gagan Thapa, I will vote for Gagan Thapa. what about you guys? GP
Posted on 07-28-05 10:04 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why Gagan has gut to sout at Ratna park but not in front of Girija? When Susil Koirala dismissed him from general secretary, he made very simple resentment but not strongly. If intervension in student organisation by party is not democratic practice than he should have gut to fight against that. While present constitution was being drafted, we voiced against the previous arrangement of nominating MPs by King saying nominating is not a democratic practice so all MPs should be elected by the people. But, why in our political parties, who are considered pillars of democracy in multiparty democracy have undemocratic provision of nominating large number of central committee members by the party chief (President/General Secretary) in their constitution? Such provision has made party leader dictator as we have seen how they have been involved in corruption and undemocratic practices and also how they supresse voice that was raised against their such acts. Why Gagan does not have gut to voice against such undemocratic issues that exist within his party? If he feel he think he is a freedom fighter and have gut to fight for democracy then should start from his own party because there is saying in Nepali society "Paile afno ghar ko Kaser safa garna parchha".
Posted on 07-28-05 10:13 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well, at the outset, I thank Ashu and every other Sajhaity here who joined by posting their feelings and ideas and those behind my computer screen who read all these postings with interests. After reading all these ideas and feelings, I have decided to put following comments: 1. Before starting this thread, I used to consider Ashu as a candidate for political leader, and therefore, I wanted to compare Ashu with Gagan. I got this idea of comparision based on the article in Nepal (I guess) titled :Pratyusha Onta jasta ... kina ... politics ma bhag naline.... 2. After going through all these postings and feelings of the Sajhaity, I have realized (my realization need not to match with others) that Ashu can be classfied to be closer to a diplomat, then a politician. So, I realize now that average sunny day, Diplomats and Politicians can not be compared, they are like apple and oranges. I certainly made a mistake in my attempt to compare apple and oranges.... 3. My comparision comes at the time of national crisis. At such time, even Valarie Plame's husband who was diplomat also spoke what was needed at that time and he got a fire by disclosing his wife's name for the part he played. So, diplomats should not remain silence or be perfect diplomat all the time, but they can tell the truth when time demands. 4. I am neither a friend of Gagan, nor a relative. I know him from news and but, still like his stance. I remember my best friends' room-mate was a student leader and was killed by CDO of his district when he was on his way to his home. He was caught when he landed in his district headquarter and then, taken to a river close by and shot dead by bullets. His friend was left unharmed, but as a witness. That kind of event repeat in Nepal. I know the stakes of being a student leader. Despite of such stakes, Gagan is continuing what he think is right for benefit of people. So, Gagan is great guy. Who knows whether he will remain a honest guy, or a corrupt like GRJ. I took placard "GRJ jindabad like that" for his release when he was transferred to far west nepal and jailed .... If I knew that GRJ would become so corrupt, I would certainly have not taken those placards ..... Its called hindsight 20/20. At this time, Gagan is a great guy among the nepalis of that age. 5. Well, I regret that I dragged Ashu's name here in this thread, I should not have done that. Being a leader is like a snow ball, you keep on rolling ......... You won't know at the end of day, how could you make such a big snow ball when snow on the ground is so thin or has already melted away.... I am sure that this thread has helped Ashu to be stronger and tougher than ever before... I am sorry if it has harmed him negatively, but I am sure it did not. No harm intended. Thanks to all. GP
Posted on 07-28-05 10:16 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Guys don't except fair voting next 5 or 10 years in Nepal and some more between Gagan and Ashu? Do you think its comparable, One VDC chairman and one head master? Anyway Do you guys knows who is Ashu? (But i have read his view about Gagan) but About Gagan , ask anyone in Nepal or In nepali web community who is he? Guys living in America and making decision about nepal and Nepali, its not fare with nepali who are living in Nepal. I have no idea about ashu, except his habit to criticise about other, which is not enough to be a poltician in Nepali politics. Guys Nepali politics need revolutionary leader not like any Parkash Koirala or Parchanda . We are going backward reason of royal family. Royal family take half of budget money,which can run 100s of school and hospital.Not only money they are drug dealer and mafia in Nepal, so why we need this family, who give them power to destroy present or future of nepal . Royal family is just burden for Nepali and we have to throw it anyway. Now what Gagan is doing is just showing how to throw this royal palace with out taking weapon and killing nepali. People can be educated but it doesn't mean he will be better than who is holding less education than him. nepal need more Gagan to slove problem in nepa (But also ashu to make more and more nepalese people to educated), he do what he says , he fight for nepali and do for nepali.
Posted on 07-28-05 10:31 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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SajhaBusaima:Anyway Do you guys knows who is Ashu? what ashu is doing in his personal life is not my Biz. here in this forum. What I know based on what he writes in public/ open forums. I am not talking about the forums where you have to login to read the stuffs. I know Ashu is great a guy who writes in, used to be in TND's team as moderator for long time. currently, he writes articles in his own section in NepaliTimes at Possibly you can find him at .... GP
Posted on 07-28-05 10:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Arthabeed URL was misspelled: -
Posted on 07-28-05 10:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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To GP, GP bro, got your email via sajha. Was surprised to see you resented on this उखान: ''अर्ति भनेको घर्तिको पनि लिनुपर्छ।'' Moreover, you have accused me of being a racist. ''Sometime, you knowningly or unknowingly careless and pour RACIST .... statements.'' Sometime रे . What a terrible accusation? के भनौ तपाईंलाई खै ? म त्यस्तो रेसिस्ट सेसिस्ट छैन, ढुक्क हुनोस। बरु तपाईको अनपेक्षित आरोपले खङ्ग्रङ्ग पा-यो यार। अरु उदाहरण पनि छन भने जानकारी पाउँ गुरु। माथीको प्रसंग चैं नेपाली भाषाको चलनचल्तिको उखानलाई साभार गरेको मात्र हो। तपाईंलाई थाहै होला यसको अर्थ - ठूला मान्छेले साना मान्छेको कुरा पनि सुन्नुहुन्छ। भाषा शिक्षणमा जे सिकाथे त्यै लेख्दिएको हुम मैले त। तपाईंले नै अन्यथा ठान्नुभएको छ भने त्यो तपाईंकै दृष्टिदोष हो। आफू त निरपेक्ष मान्छे परियो। बरु अब यस्ता उखान हटाउनु प-यो भनेर सम्वन्धित निकाय तिर उजुरी हाल्ने कि? हो भने मेरो पनि समर्थन छ ल।
Posted on 07-28-05 10:45 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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NewUser, Hmm, .... K bhanou maile....... Jai Nepal. GP
Posted on 07-28-05 10:48 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A strange discussion going on here. Who is Ashu? I think all the discussion in this particular thread is on the basis that Ashu is also as popular as Gagan, if not more. However, if you consider people not living in the USA or better said, people that do not visit sajha, I don't think anyone has ever heard of Ashu, let alone of his achievements in St. Xaviers, GAA and Harvard. As a very infrequent visitor of Sajha, I think this discussion is a waste of space and time. I applaud his decison to return to Nepal, however there are a lot of people In Nepal that were educated in the US. Should all of them expect top posts in the government or the National Planning Comission? Without disrespect to Ashu, I don't personally consider someone who gets in Harvard as a full fee paying international student a great achiever because the entrance requirements are always made more lenient for foreign students completely for monetary reasons. King Birendra was not overly intelligent student but he still got his education in Harvard. Neither did his Harvard education nor his stay in the US have any influence in the development of Nepal during his long reign as Nepali monarch. Can anyone provide me, I'm completely oblivious about the existence of Ashu, any info about any of the work he has done that makes him so worthy of discussion.
Posted on 07-28-05 10:55 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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जहा गुलियो तहीं बाहुन भुलियो, यसलाई पनि रेसिस्ट भन्ने कि ? यसमा केहि हद सम्म रेसिजमको गन्ध आउला, तर अर्ति भनेको घर्तीको पनि लिनु पर्छ भन्नेमा चाहिं घर्ती भनेका नजान्ने, अनपढ, भन्ने अर्थ लाग्छ, त्यसैले रेसिजमको गन्ध ह्वस्सै आउंछ । पुरानो चलिआएको कुरा होला, तर जसरी नाच्न जान्दैन आंगन टेंढो भन्ने ऊखान परिवरतन भएर नाच्न जान्दैन डिस्को टेंढो हुंदै छ त्यसरी नै समय सापेक्ष बनाउन पाऐ बेस हुन्थ्यो । न्युयुजरले प्रयोग गरेको वहा रेसिस भन्न खोजेको होईन, टुक्का नै रेसिस्ट भयो जस्तो लाग्यो । चेन्ज गरेर के राख्ने होला सबैले सोचौं ।
Posted on 07-28-05 11:02 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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NewUser ji, I always tell my dissatisfaction over like these proverbs whoever use them. It starts from my own house. I stand by my understanding that these jokes have to be removed from use. Educated people should be cautious who these words represent and switch these "RASCIST" words to some other or avoid using them publicly. I tried my best, but failed in this case. Let me tell you one story. when i was in japan. One top Yomuri Giant Player used "triangle country: IF ji knows its meaning: SanKokuJin". He said like this "I made a great mistake, and I feel ashamed that I am SanKakuJin". He did not know the literal meaning, how the proverb was derived. It was meant: "Chinese, Taiwanese and Koreans were the three kinds of people, Japanese used to refer as three country people... SanKokuJin". He suddenly got fire from Korean, chinese and Taiwanese communities in Japan. It became a great controversy in the baseball game ....... Finally, the player apologized and told that he did not know the literal meaning that it hints that he was behaving like chinese, korean or taiwanese, .... not behaving like a japanese. So, lets respect these supressed THARS and avoid publicly using these misleading proverbs. That is my intention. If you think you have done nothing wrong, let it be. But, for me the use of GHARTI is objectionable whether you like it or not, provided you are not GHARTI. GHARTI is a respectable THAR in nepal and surely, it was upressed THAR until chandra samsher gave a mukti to them in Amlekh ganj. My own grandmother had one Gharti slave presented by her father and got mukti after Chandra shamsher banned it. They are descent people, their grandsons were my class mates and they were as competent as me. So, I disliked the use of GHARTI in your postings. Thats it. Period. GP
Posted on 07-28-05 11:10 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Who the F**k is this Ashu? how is he comaprable to the feet of Gagan Thapa (the firebrand leader)?
Posted on 07-28-05 11:16 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you really need to use, who not you switch that word as in the following modified form: अर्ति भनेको भरीयाको पनि लिनु पर्छ .
Posted on 07-28-05 11:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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GP bhariya ko chai buddhi nai hudaina ki kya ho? May be the bhariya is an educated one.. couldn't find a job so working as a bhariya. There is no shame in any kind of job... u should have already figured it out since you were outside the country. Anyways, if you try to point out some small irregularities in the figure of speech.. u can make an ocean out of a drop of water. Was just giving you an example.
Posted on 07-28-05 11:49 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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frankenstein: ".... I still remember we had to get permission or contact with gunda's from dillibazar (local NSU leaders) to get into Shankhar Dev campus.... College chief did not have that much power as these..." That is wrong. That is not democracy. ".... but this should be true for all the political prisoner in jail right now..." I agree. I am for freeing of all political prisoners. My call on Gagan's specific case is by no means exclusive. IF has provided some analysis. I disagree with b/c it is pessmistic, but the analysis helps even the optimist picture things and see things that might be small parts of the ground reality. This might the only piece of IF's writing I liked at Sajha. Don't get the guy going on monarchy. He brings down the energy in the room. "I have met students who speak farararararara Chinese after taking 8 weeks of classes in the US, and can get by very easily in China. " Well then, I'd like to learn Chinese, and Arabic, and French and Spanish. Newuser: "Ashu's support on Gagan's pro-democratic campaign can help reinstating democracy in Nepal. Whereas Gagan's support on Ashu's ideas of economic and business reforms can help the country's economy progress. " Cool.
Posted on 07-28-05 11:52 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"अर्ति भनेको भउतेको पनि लिनु पर्छ।" बनाइदिम न त। म रिसाउँदिन, ल। :) :) -भउते
Posted on 07-28-05 12:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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gagan is magan gagan is crap
Posted on 07-28-05 9:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just my two cents here : I dont know who Ashu is, but I do know Gagan ( have drank few cups of teas with him when I was in Kathmandu), I associated myself with leftist politics back then, about 10 years ago,but now my personal affiliation with politics has no bearings whatsoever I am going to type here. For those read me from point of an unbiased point might be mistaken after they re-read my post and so will the bunch who think the other ways... Here is the crux of the problem about this thread itself : Gagan Thapa and Ashu both do not represent 95 percent of folks here in sajha and even more may be 99.99 percent in whole as Nepalese in Nepal. Ashu might have read Nepali history in details only when he decided to go back to Nepal to work ''for the people'',Gagan may have on the other hand read it times and again in the newspapers and have had a sense of what it is like. Why am I raising this petty issue as to what the hell this history stuff has to do with their 'visions' for Nepal and Nepalese. I have closely studied articles written by Ashu in Nepali Times and I have seen news of Gagan lately in the Nepali press as well. Ashu merited a comfortable job , due in part of his harvard education may be,where he can criticise students like Gagan Thapa and likes where Gagan goes to streets chanting slogans against King. The real problem here is not who is who and who has accomplished what and who writes well or not or who voices their opinions from the slogans. The issue here is the misunderstanding of both acts. Writing in a paper with praise or criticism of an individual or institution or the place where the individual hails from or voicing the slogan against monarchy or monarch itself is the solution to our problems back home.Our problems back home are utter ignorance and not being able to realise the importance that'good politics only can change people's lives for good' Let Ashu join the King and his junta or Gagan be the supremo of the revolution, how does it matter to a nepali in the street? Ashu may have the comfort of writing from an air conditioned room in kathmandu,Gagan may have had assurance about some political aspirations of his own, which are both good for these two anyways, nothing wrong with that. The question is do they really understand the fundamentals of Nepal's poverty,politico-economic impact of the armed conflict of last ten year and the new world order that is brewing up due to globalisation and its impact in the everyday lives of the farmers and workers of Nepal? I guess not! because when you have never become poor in your life, you dont acknowledge its cruelty in real, only in seminars and bichaar gosthis. Both of these fellows have gone to boarding schools in Nepal, anyone here tell me how many kids have gone to boarding schools in Bajura? dadeldhura ? and even in Morang district where Mr Ashu once wrote in his column about koiralas?...The numbers are dismal and majority of the ones who even make it to SLC in Nepal cant afford RR college itself, albeit the Harvard and lucrative potential of power and 'instant popularity' i should say who both of these fellows have had for granted with the foreign education and and one street fighter. The bottom line is :it's just an argument about who is more stupid than the others, not that who is more visionary than the second one. Both of them to me are an alike pair, just like hatti and hatti chhap chappal. King is not right at all, my point was not to back him up...still a leftist at best.
Posted on 07-28-05 10:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sardarsing, Posted on 07-28-05 5:51 AM Reply | Notify Admin Its amusing that Isolated Freak says he won't vote for either. He probably would like himself to be nominated by the king..... Posted on 07-28-05 5:54 AM Reply | Notify Admin I think Ashu and Makune are alike...., both think they know everything, but both are confused, too much analysis but no result. Did you also go to Siddhartha Vanasthali like I? How come we both have the same conclusions? Whenever you are in SOCAL give me a buzz buddy! Your drink is on me! BTW, Ashu even you are welcom, honestly, I want to personally meet and talk with you (My gal can testify that I have no Gay intentions towards you and further more I don't live in Bay Area :))
Posted on 07-29-05 8:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 07-29-05 9:08 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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GP-ji wrote: "I am sure that this thread has helped Ashu to be stronger and tougher than ever before..." GP-ji, it's fine. Things happen; and that's life. One picks up the pieces and moves on to something better. What's done is done. Let's move on to other things, to other topics on Sajha. On another note, though we have never met face-to-face, you have known me quite well since 1993 through our 100s of cyber-encounters. And thank you for your good words on my behalf. And you know me: Though I appreciate many visitors' kind gestures towards me while not knowing what to make of others' gaali, I try NOT to let both their (unwarranted) praise and their (unwarranted) gaali get to my head. Fortunately, Sajha remains, as it has always remained, a pleasant diversion in my life (after I get done with real work for the day). And, as such, I have learnt to appreciate Sajha but NOT take it too seriously (despite my occasional "oh, yeah?" sort of aggressive tone). :-) So that's that. By the way, is NOT my site, but that of a fellow-columnist at the Nepali Times. And Paramendra, ke garne, I am pretty stupid when it comes to learning Mandarin on my own. Then again, now that I have taught myself to speak Bangla with reasonable fluency, perhaps it's time to take another crack at Mandarin . . . so that I can finally visit my brothers in Shanghai in October. oohi ashu

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