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 Vote: Ashu vs Gagan Thapa

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Posted on 07-27-05 2:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ashu once interviewed Gagan Thapa (I guess Ashu wrote it here). At that instant of mentioning Gagan Thapa's name here, Ashu criticized Gagan Thapa. I don't know whether Gagan Thapa will turn out to be another corrupt kangressi in future or not, thats not my biz. at this moment. At this moment, I regard Gagan Thapa a great fighter for democracy who has guts shout what he wanted to shout in publicly. Considering these facts, Ashu sometime back here wrote that he is not against KG's move because KG's Feb 1 move has so far done nothing harm to Ashu. From Ashu's academic background (St Xavier + Harvard + GAA ....) will certainly push him up the ladder and make minister in near future. Because of his aforementioned declaration that KG's move has not harmed him personally, will make those day much closer. So, Ashu will be a minister within these 3 years of royal rule, if not then, less than 5 years. As times come, we will see him coming forward denouncing the the 7 party movments in political manner .... like accepting KG's move of Feb 01. His statements will always be Dodhare and politically correct. In this situation, I want to see how many Sajhaities favor Ashu and how many favor Gagan Thapa. Fotunately or unfortunately, at this time, if I have to vote and select between St. X cum Harvard Guy like Ashu and Banasthali Guy Gagan Thapa, I will vote for Gagan Thapa. what about you guys? GP
Posted on 07-27-05 11:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I won't vote for either. I hope ashu dai doesn't take it personally. :-) Nepali politics is messy, dirty and highly ilogical. I don't think people like Ashu , GP and other Sajha posters for that matter can succeed in today's Nepali politics. Its not to say that Gagan Thapa will survive and succeed either. For the former educated group, Nepali politics does not follow any logical pattern, its not even politics as it understands it. For the latter who is willing and eager to join the politics, it is not as easy as shouting slogans in Ratnapark. Ashu group will think its not getting enough working oppurtunity to implement its ideas and vision for Nepal and feel underworked and failed, where as Gagan group will think its been asked to do more than it is capable of doing and feel overworked. The result: both groups stop working and thinking and be no different than their predecessors! Gp ji, Kissinger writes in his book, Diplomacy, that running a country is harder than what some analysts think. The analysts have the liberty to take one issue at a time and base their analysis on that one event. The statesmen don't have that liberty. They have to take all the issues at once and make decisions on the spot. Sometimes they have to act on their instincts. For Ashu and other educated people who have been discussing/debating politics here and in other places by highlighting one or two key issues, without taking into consideration the overall picture, it will be quite difficult to understand the working of the Nepali state, if and when they involve themselves in the active politics of Nepal. Also you have to understand that the people they will be working with or the people who will be implementing their plans will be the people who have been in Nepali civil service long enough, and who see the things quite differently that ashu and others see. So this group will not be able to bring any significant change in the society, if not fail outright. Gagan and others who ahve been basing their politics on their harsh and uncompromising, rigid rhetoric and by addressing the popular issue(s) of the day, will find it extremely difficult to balance their "popular" vision and the national priority/vision. So both group is likely to fail in toady's Nepali politics. The fact that this group gets arrested every now and then shows how bad they are in playing the political game. Its not challenging the authority with harsh rhetoric, but to weaken the authority by playing a game of "chess" with it, hoina? So who succeeds? I think only those people who have stopped thinking and hav given up any illusion to change Nepal, and who believe in "pashupatinath ko desh- j huncha ramrai huncha" succeed in Nepal. In other w ords, people who have no vision, who have no interest or intention to change Nepal, who are thick skinned and who don't want to work succeed because they will neither feel overworked nor underworked (because they don't work at all) and will not be frustrated because they didn't involve themselves in politics to change the soeciety and the country at the first place. Its sad, I know but its teh reality of nepali politics today. We can always be optimistic though- bholi ta surya awasya udaucha, hoina? "Hope gets us going"
Posted on 07-27-05 11:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The fact that this group gets arrested every now and then shows how bad they are in playing the political game. Its not challenging the authority with harsh rhetoric, but to weaken the authority by playing a game of "chess" with it, hoina? = the fatc that the members of this group get arrested
Posted on 07-27-05 11:55 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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and to clarify things: it is possible to speak fluent Mandarin Chinese (with certain limitations.. for example a student can explain day-to-day stuff fluently and can carry out informal conversations on any topic, but will ahve a hard time explaining the Chernobil nuclear disaster in official Chinese) after a semester if you work hard on it and attend the class regularly. Its not as hard as some people think. Reading and writing is another story though. I have met students who speak farararararara Chinese after taking 8 weeks of classes in the US, and can get by very easily in China.
Posted on 07-28-05 2:48 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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When Ashu writes something calmly and honestly, and without intending to belittle others, he sounds very wise - this thread is a good example. However, it is unfortunate that the same Ashu gets so agitated by some comments against him that he forgets his credentials and starts talking like 'I know every thing and all of you are foolish' stuffs. Leadership means being convincing to and inclusive of all sorts of people. Such a respected personality he is in Sajha, his pompous ideas have overshadowed his realistic views more than often. I hope Ashu will abandon his ego-centric performance in sajha and learn to be more responsible, inclusive and honest. First step for him to climb the leadership ladder. Hopefully, Ashu doesn't mind - अर्ति भनेको घर्तिको पनि लिनुपर्छ । As far as the topic is concerned, I think the time has come for Ashu to give his full support for the movement Gagan and other young leaders are championing. There's no need of Gagan and Ashu being adversary of each other. Both of these guys have enormous potentials in their respective fields and one could be the compliment of the other's endeavours. For instance, Ashu's support on Gagan's pro-democratic campaign can help reinstating democracy in Nepal. Whereas Gagan's support on Ashu's ideas of economic and business reforms can help the country's economy progress. Why can't promising young Nepalis concur with each others' ideas and work together in a democratic environment for the greater good of the nation?
Posted on 07-28-05 5:37 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lately, dragging Ashu into every possible thread has been a practice. This could have been because of Ashu's amicable cyber-personality or his persistent demeanor. Having had opportunity to closely observe several fire-brand student leaders, ranging from NeBiSangh and Akhil, I choose to be guardedly optimistic on Gagan. My stand is for Ashu's friendly disposition. I like Ashu the way he is. Don't let politics blemish his character!
Posted on 07-28-05 5:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Its amusing that Isolated Freak says he won't vote for either. He probably would like himself to be nominated by the king.....
Posted on 07-28-05 5:54 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think Ashu and Makune are alike...., both think they know everything, but both are confused, too much analysis but no result.
Posted on 07-28-05 6:23 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ashu all the way... he makes more sense than most of you combine. The guy has a right to support whoever he wants. Why is it bothering the rest? No one should label anyone without any proper evidence. Those who said Feb 1st was a good move for a country doesn't make them Royalist just like those who support the parties doesn't make them corrupt ghusiya. Gagan Thapa?s arrest was all staged performance. He wanted to get arrested so that the stupid campus students would have a good reason to throw stones at the street. Gagan ain't loosing anything. His popularity is rising higher than ever before. He knows that talking thrash about king would make him more noticeable and he would get more attention from the media, parties, fellow stupid students, and YOU. This thread proves that he is getting it all. He wants the ?Gagan Thapa? to be the house hold name, so that when he stands for election for a prime minister someday...the voters like GP wouldn't have no problem electing him cause this name is something they have often heard in the news, gotten arrested several times from Ratna park, and you would be like he deserves to be elected. With out a caring, if he is educated enough or knowledgeable enough for the post. We Nepalese like to talk a lot. Usually more than we actually know about the fact. Have you notice a guy who can play two guitar chords, acts like Jimmy Hendrix, a person who has read 2 articles on democracy acts like he knows everything there is to know about democracy. I just wanna let them know that more they talk more we know how stupid they Talk less. Stay strong Ashu....believe what you want to believe. Lot of these people wants to control what your faith. They want to enforce their beliefs on you. Why the hell should they care?
Posted on 07-28-05 7:32 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"All these things happened because of sacrifices made by many Gagan like people... whether you like it or not. It did not happen because of many western educated opportunists, but because of these poor nepalis .............. We should be grateful to them. " well Gp ji, it didn't all happen because of many Eastern, especially Nippon educated oppurtunists either. :-) " Now, is a time to speak loudly. Ashu one page writing in NepaliTimes might be more effective than Gagan's shouting in Ratna Park. But, not using ashu's abilities is clear indication of his hesitation either from personal perspective or from his professional clacuations (benefit vs loss) or from both perspectives. " Gp ji, a writer/a columnist has the rights to choose his topic and can write whatever he feels about it in the 500-600 words limit. If you blame ashu for not writing what you feel/think he should be writing, you are expecting too much from him. Let him write what he feels like writing, if you are not happy, you just stop reading him. I am sure he is not forcing you to read his articles at gun point.. or is he?:-) And blaming people for seeking benifits and this and that just because they refuse to be your mouthpiece is quite undemocratic, hoina? " Its time to speak by peoples like Ashu, and so many educated masses whose single page can change the fate of 25 million Nepalis. Look at Shrawn Mukarang's one kabita/muktak, it can be so effective .... but if you don't use at the hour of need, what is it for? " Gp ji, why don't you do this FIRST yourself. Afai garera dekhai dinus na.. afai example banne ni, kina arka ko mukh takera basne? La guru ji, lekhau 2-4 ota article yeso Nepali Times, Kantipur lai. " Next part. Education is backbone of education. We should not forget why Japan and Korea were able to develop so fast. The very first reason is education. Though the number of women in work force is not that promising, but good mothers are good teachers for 16 hours. " Japan ra Korea developed because of education, but there is another component to Japanese and Korean development, and that is, industrialization and "modernziation". Guru ji tyatro Purba ma basya, aba yaha lai thaha chadai cha ni gathi kuro k ho bhanera. " waiting for opportunities or to sideline with guys like Gagan who despite of life threatening challenges continues to dedicate himself for the public benefit in hot day in Ratna Park... Its time to speak by peoples like Ashu, and so many educated masses whose single page can change the fate of 25 million Nepalis. Look at Shrawn Mukarang's one kabita/muktak, it can be so effective .... but if you don't use at the hour of need, what is it for? " Guru ji, is this what you REALLY feel or its just another hahoo? Gagan is not doing community service in ratnapark, he is, as others have already pointed out, creating a place for himself in Nepali politics. You saw him rallying for the public benifit "in hot day in Ratnapark", but what you didn't see or pretend not to see is the disrupotion of classes in colleges, his supporters peltings tones at the cops, people vandalizing public properties etc. You also don't question what makes him a student leader? What is his qualification to become a student leader? What college does he attend? How long is he going to be a student leader? Sorry to disappoint you Guru ji, but these student leaders are the worst people in Nepali politics, even worse than Girija and Deuba. They threaten teachers, beat them up.. they disrupt classes, they do all sort of things which does not affect the ruling class/group, but the very students they think they are benifitting from such silly displays of political consicousness. Students can't study, teachers can't teach... and who do you think is affected by this? Not YOU, not ME, not ASHU, not any other Sajha poster, but the poor Nepalis who can't afford to go abroad and who come from villages to get higher education in Kathmandu. Have you ever even thought from those poor people's perspective? Because of Gagane and company they can't study, the exams get rescheduled.. campus looks like a war zone..imagine all the psychological burden these poor kids have to bear because of these suckers like Gagane! Then come and tell me, IF you are wrong and Gagan is really a student leader, a bright young politician, I will, without questioning your judgement, follow Gagan.. But for now, unless you prove me that 1) he is not getting money from political leaders 2) he is a genuine student (that he is not enrolled for his 5th Master's in Sociology or whatever) 3) he does not encourage his followers to destroy public properties 4) he lets teacher teach and stundets study peacefully 5) he is not looking for any political gain I remain, not only a skeptic but an ultra-critic of these band of hooligans.
Posted on 07-28-05 7:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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GP, GP Guru trying very hard to drag Ashu into something he's not particularly interested in. Why doesn't GP, the spin doctor, try comparing Gagan Thapa to himself or Nepe, the fire-brand leftist Sajha politico? I think that would have made more sense. Ashu has recused himself from this bull of a comparison very gallantly with showed some genuine class. FutureNepal, Sardarsingh and Parmendra trying gain some mileage by trying to ridicule and discredit Ashu and play to their gallery of fellow "REPUBLICANS". Parmendir-wa, shamelessly plugging his blog in every second thread. They are kind of scared and are taking lead from uber-strategist Karl Rove... to discredit the message one needs to just try to discredit the messenger.
Posted on 07-28-05 7:37 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Gp ji, Just because Gagan is the enemy of your percieved enemy does not make him moral, right and just. Think about it.
Posted on 07-28-05 7:40 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hoena bhane, who is this ASHU?? I know Gagan T from the news...
Posted on 07-28-05 7:44 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yo GP, These guys are not running for office..what are you voting for ? Your Scuttlebutt conversation regarding the subject is of no relevence at all. And what do you mean by,"Education is backbone of education ?" what sort of an oxymoron statement is that ? Why only Japan and Korea.... Saru Tansho hoookey Soooroo San(there is a whole world out therrrr besides Korea and Japan). Why the fug are you touting these names ? WHAT ABOUT YOU ? WHY DON'T YOU RUN FOR OFFICE ...WHY ARE YOU PIMPING ASHU AND GAGAN ? WHAT HAVE YOU FREAKIN DONE FOR THE COUNTRY TO COME AND QUESTION OTHERS ? IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING THEN SHUT THA FUG UP.
Posted on 07-28-05 7:45 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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आशु न गगन, आशु न गगन, पुन्टेसंग छ है देशको लगन! पुन्टेको तालु चिन्हमा छाप लगाऔं सबै भेना मिलि साली भगाऔं!! जय देश, खुईल्यो मेरो केश!!! :p
Posted on 07-28-05 7:53 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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माईलेज सबैले लिराखेक छन। तिमी चिप्पड ओल ब्लकले पनि लिराखेकै छौ । अब कति वर्षसम्म चुनाउ नै नहुने देशां चुनाउ होला र आशु र गगन भिड्लान भन्नु नै मनसायिब कुरो भेन । बरु भविश्यका कर्नधार भनेका गगन र पारस शाह हुन, उनीहरू बिचमा कस्लाई छान्छौ भन्ने प्रश्न बरु मनसायिब हुन्छ । मैले यो प्रश्न अर्को थ्रेडमा पोस्ट गरिसकेको छु ।
Posted on 07-28-05 8:09 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Please read: "Ashu has recused himself from this bull of a comparison very gallantly with showed some genuine class." as " Ashu has recused himself from this bull of a comparison very gallantly and showed some genuine class."
Posted on 07-28-05 9:14 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why am I even participating in this thread, this thread is to fulfill the grand design of Gagan to earn cheap popularity, which he does not deserve...... Students in KTM are really stupid and idiots going on rampage for release of gagan, why do not they realise they are being used as pawns.. they are not shattering govt property they are shattering their own and their parents dreams...
Posted on 07-28-05 9:40 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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vote for gagan thapa
Posted on 07-28-05 9:48 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey Newuser.. You wrote exactly that I wanted to say. Ashu is really educated, a really fine critic but when somebody utter some appalling statement his views and criticisms drastically changes to a pompous scrutiny. Hopefully we will see some changes on this characteristic. I do not support school politics nor do I support an autocratic individualism but since everybody should get a chance to prove themselves I would not mind giving a chance to any one of them. Optimistically our country will acquire a good apprentice who will upgrade our relegating situation.
Posted on 07-28-05 9:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i am apalled with the NRN view(not all though) on gagan thapa ... i say so becoz to the best of my knowledge most of the ppl posting at sajha ar NRNs...timi haru muji kei nagari uta masti garera basya chau tara halla chahi dherai garchau (not targeted to all folks hai .. only those crticizing things they have not been able to do or out of sheer jealousy) here in nepal ... and i see a lot of public support for gagan thapa...the youth have a lot of respet for this guy ... "in the future he will become corrupt too" ... what a pathetic assumption?!?!?koi polular bhayo ki future ma corrupt huncha bhanne ... aafu le garna sakina bhanera aru lai tyasto aarop lagaune....teso bhae ke ta aba koi popular figure lai ni supprt nagarne ... timmiharu hitler hau...timi haru raja mahendra jastai hau.... timiharu pol pot jastai hau ... mass-based, popular figure lai dekhi nasakne...gulla haru

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