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 Vote: Ashu vs Gagan Thapa

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Posted on 07-27-05 2:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ashu once interviewed Gagan Thapa (I guess Ashu wrote it here). At that instant of mentioning Gagan Thapa's name here, Ashu criticized Gagan Thapa. I don't know whether Gagan Thapa will turn out to be another corrupt kangressi in future or not, thats not my biz. at this moment. At this moment, I regard Gagan Thapa a great fighter for democracy who has guts shout what he wanted to shout in publicly. Considering these facts, Ashu sometime back here wrote that he is not against KG's move because KG's Feb 1 move has so far done nothing harm to Ashu. From Ashu's academic background (St Xavier + Harvard + GAA ....) will certainly push him up the ladder and make minister in near future. Because of his aforementioned declaration that KG's move has not harmed him personally, will make those day much closer. So, Ashu will be a minister within these 3 years of royal rule, if not then, less than 5 years. As times come, we will see him coming forward denouncing the the 7 party movments in political manner .... like accepting KG's move of Feb 01. His statements will always be Dodhare and politically correct. In this situation, I want to see how many Sajhaities favor Ashu and how many favor Gagan Thapa. Fotunately or unfortunately, at this time, if I have to vote and select between St. X cum Harvard Guy like Ashu and Banasthali Guy Gagan Thapa, I will vote for Gagan Thapa. what about you guys? GP
Posted on 07-27-05 7:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The result of the race lies at the end of the finish line. Gagan is running hard in the first lap, but will he be consistent to make it to the finish line. He seems dedicated and able, with all the boldness of a youth aspiring to lead the nation. I do not belief that his personal liking like; drinking, smoking, flirting should be used to question his capanility. If in his youth he had done that, it is well and fine for him to better understand the youth nature; that he may be leading. Having said that, knowing Ashu, through his debates and writing here at Sajha and elsewhere, I give my votes to him, for the moment. Though, I feel myself stupid to be drawn into a comparision of two different individuals by a semingly prejudiced individual bend on downsizing someone.
Posted on 07-27-05 8:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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राजाले आचि गरेको बास आउनेहरुलाई गगन थापा कहाँबाट पच्न सक्छ । तुलसी गिरी जस्ता राजाले तिमी नारी भयौ भने भने, सारी लगाएर हिंडनेहरुले खबरदार भोलि गगन पनि चोर हुन सक्छ भनेर प्रोपोगान्डा फिंजाउनेलाई, तिम्रा भगवानका अवतारले कति मूर्ति बेचे, नमिता-सुमिता कान्ड, प्रवीण गुरुङ्ग कान्ड, कालो सुचि १६८०, पदम ठकुराठी सबै बिर्सन्छन । जे जति भनेनी नेता भनेका जनताले चुन्ने हो, राजा र ऊनका चम्चा होईन। आशु र गगन दांज्नै नमिल्ने क्याराक्टर हुन, गगनले नेत्रित्व देखाईसकेका छन भने आशु कुन खेमामा लाग्ने अथवा के गर्ने, कसो गर्ने सधै अलमलमा पर्ने भएकोले अहिलेलाई गगन थापासंग नै नेत्रित्व गर्ने खुबी देखिन्छ ।
Posted on 07-27-05 8:07 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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GP and frankestien, i could be wrong and, but i really believe characterisation of gagan in the way you did didnt sit too well with me. first of all GP you could be his friend or just a great fan of nepali democracy who loves someone who really is stepping against the monarchy in nepal and i am not so sure could turn out to be one of the greatest leader in history. frankestien, if you look up my earlier posts u would know that i kinda supported king's move on feb 1, coz i saw it in pakistan when pervez musharraf took over the country and of all places they were celebrating it in of all places, peshawar. u might argue they could have been just some paid people to demonstare that julus but i had that feeling it was genuine. ideologies are great, marx was great, mao was awsome and i dont know if u have followed the communist/congress/ democratic movement around the world but "alo. presidente" is the top rated show in venezuela where hugo chavez takes call from local listeners all day long on sunday live. do i like chavez, maybe. do i like his propoganda or philosopies as such, i doubt it. but is he a great leader...hell yeah.i dont remember it correctly but i think it was aldous huxley who said " when a person is in big mass, or julus as such, they forget their identities and chaos creeps in and whoever is in that situation to impress and diverse those mass of people in his diresction can be counted as great leader" i could have interpreted incorrectly. so to say gagan thapa will be future girija is i think a wrong assumption... i personally believe he will be worse or may be lot better. and gp's your assumptions that he could be the next messaih........i hope u are really right but i dont think thats possible. leadership is game of oppurtunitists. personally u could be good or bad and can strive to be anything but when u decide to be a leader u have to be everything not just anything.hey, i sincerely wish gagan will turn out to be one of the greatest leader of our history and wish him all the best. jai nepal by the way i am member of nepali congress party mysef
Posted on 07-27-05 8:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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My vote is for Ashu. If people like Ashu come to the forefront, it would be better days for nepal.
Posted on 07-27-05 8:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i hope, gp's comments are not censored coz it says gp posted the last comment afte pade queen but it doesnt show up here. gp i would love to hear your commnets
Posted on 07-27-05 8:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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अमुल्य मत खेर नफालौँ, भन्छन्। मलाई चैँ पूर्ण लोकतान्त्रिक प्रजातन्त्र चाहिन्छ। आशुदाइ यसमा अलि हच्केको जस्तो लाग्यो, त्यसैले हाललाई गगन दाइलाई भोट हालेँ। गगन दाइले जिते क्यै नभेs नि अर्को पल्ट फेरि भोट हाल्न त पाइन्छ। हवस् त, सबैलाई राम! राम ! :) -भउते
Posted on 07-27-05 8:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think it is very important we rally behind Gagan Thapa for his safety and freedom. That is the need of the hour: - As for the topic of the thread, I am not too interested in participating. I think we are comparing apples and oranges here. Gaganji is a political leader. Ashu, for all his various qualities, is not someone aspring in that particular field.
Posted on 07-27-05 8:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Though this thread could not make enthral to comment, I would like to acquaint GP jee that his claim of development was simply ridiculous and not relevant. Mushroom grow of higher schools and facility to exchange US$ are not the potential development. You seem to be self centred or lacking knowledge about economics. If you could, you would have talked about economic growth, literacy level, GDP & GNP and infrastructure development rather than micro issue. You know there is huge difference between HSS and Isc from TU. While taking exam for Ministry of Education, HSS students get clear advantage because they are given more percentage then in traditional TU. Most of the Higher Schools are making money rather than providing education and reinvest on it. In this season only White House accumulated One crore and five lakhs from admission fees and VS Niketan and Don Bosco made around 85 lakhs. Have you seen in what short of building these schools are and have you seen the facility they provide? White House even doesn't have table tennis within its premises, forget about rest. Regarding your comparison, I abominate it. Gagan doesn't have to prove anything academically and Ashu on politics. In other hand shouting on the street and writing bombarding words can not prove that they can drive country. As Ashu is not political or public figure, it is unethical to put his name and compare with any other person.
Posted on 07-27-05 8:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't understand why many people here take it against Ashu when he said that he had no problem with Raja's move on Feb 1. All you people who are against it, tell me why? What was so great before Feb 1st that the king took it away? IF you have talked to local people from Ktm, and Nepal, you will hear from people that they like whatever happened on/after Feb 1. At a time where not a single un-corrupt king or politicians exist, what have you got to loose? ALl these poeople here in Sajha, go to Nepal, see it from your eyes and then come write why you are still against Raja's move. Regarding Ashu and Gagan.... it is incomparable and I know GP's intentions are not healthy. What do you want to show? That you are Gagan's ass-kisser? Ashu is an intellectual individual who makes his moves based on the knowledge he has, and has basis on everything he says. He does not just go out in the street and shout about people he does not like. Gagan can do better to Nepal by getting a job, for Nepal's sake. He is Nepali kangressi ass-kisser and there is nothing good to be expected from him. A better comparison would be, Gagan and Paras.
Posted on 07-27-05 9:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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PDQ#1 says: My vote is for Ashu. If people like Ashu come to the forefront, it would be better days for Nepal. My friend, from which direction??? From FRONT or from BACK?? IF so, Some of my curiosities: What is Ashu doing now?? Why is he here in Sajha just to waste his time with his BAKAMFUSE GAAF?? Why is he not going in the forefront of Nepalese politics if it is good for society?? Why does he afraid to look even from the window to the public from his hideout? Why is he not doing even a rats ass for the society?? Possible Answers (Completely opposite characteristics of GAGAN): Because he loves his property and life than society.. Because he just talks and does Nothing --- I mean, completely NOTHING. Because he does not want to do for PUBLIC, but only for PRIVATE. Because he wants to be a minister without public acceptance. Because he expects everybody should pray BHAJANS for him because of his Harvard degree. Because he expects Wah-Wah Ashu for his GRE-words. Because he prefers SAKTIPUJA to make himself fit for any circumstances Because he is a GADEULA... can move both BACK and FRONT. Because he is a academic VIRUS for Nepalese society. Above are mine --- just a visiter not an arguer of this Sajha --- perceptions about Ashu till date. It may be because of my low knowledge about Ashu. PDQ#1, can you summarize me the characteristics of Ashu who can lead our country??. I will greatly appreciate, if really so. --------------- Futurenepal
Posted on 07-27-05 9:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mr. Sursab, Education itself is not development. Education itself is not achievement. This is I know very well. I went to formal school for 21 years. There are two parts in education: Literacy and scholarship. I will not go beyond that what literacy and what scholarship is. Nepal's schools have done very well in the literacy aspect of education. Next part. Education is backbone of education. We should not forget why Japan and Korea were able to develop so fast. The very first reason is education. Though the number of women in work force is not that promising, but good mothers are good teachers for 16 hours. Nepal should also realize. They needed 50 years to transform literate women from housewife status to join males in work areas..... They still lag. Still Japan and Korea tell everyday in their television that its their education to masses whether its mushrooming or not .... If a school does not survive, it will die. Thats the principle of free market, and Ashu also supports free market and his articles in NepaliTimes all the time advocate this philosophy. These private sector schools are doing great job and we should not blame them... its govt. that should put them in order. As we were in democracy for only 13 years, so we were in self correcting stage. Lets not forget the great mistakes done by our neighbour India. India also passed through such stages, they jailed Narasingha Rao, but they could not jail Rajib Gandhi... in both cases there were corruption. The difference was experience and corrections in the system and difference in time domain. So, as time passes we could certainly bring the system again in track. King's move certainly will not help us, we have to go through all these steps again and again. Its time stand against Jagat Gauchan, its time to stand against Black listed Tulsi Giri, its time to stand against Senate Shrestha... ... as Daschel pointed out. Now, is a time to speak loudly. Ashu one page writing in NepaliTimes might be more effective than Gagan's shouting in Ratna Park. But, not using ashu's abilities is clear indication of his hesitation either from personal perspective or from his professional clacuations (benefit vs loss) or from both perspectives. So, my intention of proposing voting here is to sideline with the educated masses whose KALAM can change the whole situation in the country but keep on muting themselves .... waiting for opportunities or to sideline with guys like Gagan who despite of life threatening challenges continues to dedicate himself for the public benefit in hot day in Ratna Park... Its time to speak by peoples like Ashu, and so many educated masses whose single page can change the fate of 25 million Nepalis. Look at Shrawn Mukarang's one kabita/muktak, it can be so effective .... but if you don't use at the hour of need, what is it for? Certainly Ashu and Gagan are like apple and oranges, and when time is passing and if you have limited budget you need to select one, out of apple or orange. ..... Sorry to disappoint some of you . Ashu as Ashu is our leader here in We want him to speak at this 11th hour of national crisis. GP
Posted on 07-27-05 9:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Let me clarify here. Ashu was always one of my best CyberModels. I wish that he will always remain at least what he is upto now. I always admire him. Otherwise, I would not be comparing Ashu with Gagan. Its my priveledge to compare Ashu with Gagan. I will hardly find any other guy who can be lined up with young fire band political leader like Gagan, for its only Ashu. These two come from contrasting background. One rises from mass, mass of poor people. The other one returns to a poorest country who like others could stay here at US and had luxury life (at least in Nepali perspective). We certainly need these both types, one in policy making: think tanks and the other one in swinging public opinions..... But, at this time, THINKTANKs in policies are of no use, when there is no policy. What economic policy do you expect from Black listed Tulsi Giri, convicted of murdering attempt, corrupts ...... So, there are no policies. There are no rule and laws.... So, at this time, you should not waste time on economic policies when there is no room for policies, but at this time educate people between these two systems: democracy vs autocracy. Thinktanks should speak what were our achievements in last 13 years and they should not waste time only on pointing a few failures. Our think tanks are always sarcastic, cynic and always lacked professional inputs ..... they always had an attitude, if you don't include me in your system, I will call your system a failed system.... Honestly tell people that what we achieved in last 13 years, why could not achieve in last 30 years of Panchayat system. ..... Its time to use your pen. If don't use pen fairly, its time to follow blindly the dedicated people like Gagan.... Speak ............... tell where you stand........... Don't put leg inside and outside.... based on opportunities.... GP
Posted on 07-27-05 10:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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GP-ji, Kay ho yesto . . . eka bee.hai.nai? First some comparisons: Gagan Thapa is a well- known student politician in Nepal. Compared to him, I am a little-known person, with an extremely narrow sphere of influence, if any at all, in Nepal. [In politics, name recognition counts a lot; and Gagan is light years ahead of me in this regard, and is likely to stay that way.] Gagan Thapa has been to jail a number of times for his political beliefs. I have been to Bhadragol jail once as a harmless guest to watch a Cultural Program put on by some children of inmates. :-) Gagan Thapa has dedicated his entire adult life to politics. My path, as of now, has NOT involved public service aka politics. Gagan Thapa has had first-hand experiences of competitive and even brutally-fought student elections and has had a front-row seat of the process of national elections in the past. I remain quite inexperienced of such real-world cut-and-thrust matters of politics. Gagan Thapa is already a rising star in his political party . . . and he was/is so popular that his own neta Girija had to undemocratically fire Gagan from his own elected student-leadership post of General Secretary. I am NOT a member of any political party. At this point, based on his own DIVERSE experiences, Gagan is more likely to make more correct political decisions than I would. And so, as an evidence-driven person, and after careful weighing of these pieces of evidence, I would, at this point, vote for Gagan Thapa over Ashu for the above VERIFIABLY TRUE reasons. ******** Now for some clarifications: a) It was Gagan who interviewed me for an hour for a radio show in 2001. We talked about Nepali politics and society. In an answer to his question, my stance then, as now, was: Democracy has its own in-built self-correcting mechanisms. I also said something along the line that "getting prices right" (on economic front) and "getting institutions right (on political front) were the two challenges that younger Nepalis should work toward. b) Gagan and I have since exchanged ideas at forums at Martin Chautari -- the best place in Nepal to have unfettered discussions about anything under the sun. c) I have been of critical of Gagan and his friends because, through their actions in 2002, they did not let me -- a mere part-time student -- to complete a semester-long Chinese Language course at Biswo Bhasa Campus. Because of the student politics, which was affiliated with what Gagan and others were doing at the time, the campus was closed for many days, and the studying was haphazard . . . and that really pissed me off. I wish they had conducted their politics WITHOUT disrupting normal college studies. That was my first brush with Nepali student politics, part of which I did not like. To this day, my dream of speaking fluent Mandarin remains unfulfilled :-( d) When I said "King's actions have not harmed me personally" on Sajha, I meant to say that that was how MOST middle-class Nepalis in Kathmandu tend to reason when justifying the King's Feb 1 move. I also said that instead of talking about abstract goals, political parties need to take such views into account, and then craft messages that concretely challenges such ""King's actions have not harmed me personally" views. Merely attacking the messenger (in this case, me) and unnecessarily painting such a person as "pro-royalist" may provide temporary kicks/entertainment to some people who see the world ONLY in black-and-white, but that's not going to achieve anything useful, real or permanent. Aru pachi, oohi ashu
Posted on 07-27-05 10:58 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 07-27-05 11:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ashu: "I have been of critical of Gagan and his friends because, through their actions in 2002, they did not let me -- a mere part-time student -- to complete a semester-long Chinese Language course at Biswo Bhasa Campus. .....To this day, my dream of speaking fluent Mandarin remains unfulfilled :-( " I doubt you could have spoken "fluent Mandarin" after having completed just that one course. Stop blaming Gagan Thapa. Take some responsibility. The Republicans call it the dictum of personal responsibility. Learn it yourself. At home! :-)
Posted on 07-27-05 11:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I see so many people potraying Gagan here as next nation builder or leader of future... But is he capable to be good leader, in nepal any one can be leader but can he be good leader.. OK GP or anyone who think he is good can point me some good things he did to bring good t to Nepal when he was president of NSU in past year and years before. Ok now he is chanting against king doesnot make him nation builder, even girija is doing that even makune is doing that we know both of them are opportunist... Do anyone have any thing to support Gagan as good leader or as you want future nation builder? He has already hold the public position as NSU president for few years, what did he do that during that period for better of nepal or at least better of studetn and education or nepal.... Moreove congress govt was in power when he was NSU president so it gives him more power to do something during that period... Ok give me reason to support him, what has he doen in past for me to vote him so that i can believe he will do good in future... Ok he was ex-general sec not president but that is a powerful public position too... "Gagan Thapa?s Letter from Custody Gagan Thapa, Ex-General Secretary of Nepal Student Union May 8, 2005 Kathmandu The recent activities ...." courtesy...
Posted on 07-27-05 11:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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GP Jee, you might have got your answer from Ashu himself. But I really did not understand your clearification above. You tried to relate too many things at once. Hopefully you are absolutely right and "let the time passes".............
Posted on 07-27-05 11:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why support Gagan Thapa? Is he a "good" leader? Will he make into a good Prime Minister? Some of these questions border toward the absurd. Gagan Thapa is not a candidate for Prime Minister. We should support him b/c we should support the ongoing movement for democracy. He is at the forefront of that movement, that is why we should support him. That is reason enough. And esepecially at this critical hour of his arbitrary arrest, these absurd musings actually do some harm. Get your priorities straight, folks!
Posted on 07-27-05 11:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Paramendra your argueemnt about ashu and mandarin is so childish, you are just trying to be bully to support gagan... do give answer like my way or highway, give better reason why should we support gagan, even thought because of him or bully student leader like him lots of nepalese got deprived of education or couldnot get educate in time... there are many like ashu's who could not study properly because fo leaders like gagan wont let school/college/universities the place for education, the will turn it into dirty politics play ground.. And this all happened during 12 years of so called democracy..... I still remember we had to get permission or contact with gunda's from dillibazar (local NSU leaders) to get into Shankhar Dev campus.... College chief did not have that much power as these m***** F***** A-holes gundas./..... Can any one justify how was this better for education....
Posted on 07-27-05 11:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Paramendra my point is why should we even bother he is arrested what as he done for us or Nepal.. I know we should denounce this illegal arrest and I agrre with you on that paramendra but this should be true for all the political prisoner in jail right now... why only Gagan is getting highlighted... what has he done so far to potray him such high... those 5 students who burn kings /queens picture in front of cops are more bolder than Gagan... this guy just walked into police station after all was done ......

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