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 Vote: Ashu vs Gagan Thapa

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Posted on 07-27-05 2:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ashu once interviewed Gagan Thapa (I guess Ashu wrote it here). At that instant of mentioning Gagan Thapa's name here, Ashu criticized Gagan Thapa. I don't know whether Gagan Thapa will turn out to be another corrupt kangressi in future or not, thats not my biz. at this moment. At this moment, I regard Gagan Thapa a great fighter for democracy who has guts shout what he wanted to shout in publicly. Considering these facts, Ashu sometime back here wrote that he is not against KG's move because KG's Feb 1 move has so far done nothing harm to Ashu. From Ashu's academic background (St Xavier + Harvard + GAA ....) will certainly push him up the ladder and make minister in near future. Because of his aforementioned declaration that KG's move has not harmed him personally, will make those day much closer. So, Ashu will be a minister within these 3 years of royal rule, if not then, less than 5 years. As times come, we will see him coming forward denouncing the the 7 party movments in political manner .... like accepting KG's move of Feb 01. His statements will always be Dodhare and politically correct. In this situation, I want to see how many Sajhaities favor Ashu and how many favor Gagan Thapa. Fotunately or unfortunately, at this time, if I have to vote and select between St. X cum Harvard Guy like Ashu and Banasthali Guy Gagan Thapa, I will vote for Gagan Thapa. what about you guys? GP
Posted on 07-27-05 3:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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. I would go for Gagan. Nepal needs local products for clean up this dirty action. Later Harvard theory can be applied.It is too early for Ashu. But Gagan needs surely support from people outside like Ashu...(Harvard...Cambridge... Rochester products)
Posted on 07-27-05 3:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Gagan is no different than our corrupt politician.....he is just little younger than them.....time will tell how gagan is the same wine... staled... he is a maiost spokeperson with the congressi hood. jai nepal At least Ashu doesn't create trouble to nepalese,,but he tries to help those who needs by giving them polite dear mr.GP....u are just a glib..u don't know what u talking about...jai hos vote ashu
Posted on 07-27-05 3:58 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Gagan has been showing a great potential. Personally, I had very much respect for him, but recently from his close circle of friends that I heard that he has very good relation with the Crown Prince Paras. I was devastated to hear this, let's hope he is not used by the Palace. Sometime his strong criticism against the Palace makes me suspicious, he might be using this get a cheap popularity with the help of Palace. Nothing can be guess or predict in politics, let's hope it's not true.
Posted on 07-27-05 4:20 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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GP जी, तपाईको चुनाब पनि ५-प्रभुको नगरपालिकाको चुनाबको प्रस्ताब जस्तो भएन र ? Looks like Gagan believes more in the power of masses and Ashu on effect of principles. Gagan says monarchy is the root of all evils, Ashu says a true democracy is the solution of all. What both of these Yuvaa want is a positive change. To me, both are for the same cause, साधन फरक फरक छ, तर साध्य एउटै हो जस्तो लाग्यो मलाई त । Just my 2 yens ;)
Posted on 07-27-05 5:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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gagan is just using this platform to create his future as political leader so that he can again start another era of corrupt democratic leaders.. I think Ashu would be the best leader for nepal given his devotion to country and intellectual abilty. Gagan is merely a rowdy student leader who gave no damn about nepal and nepalese when his party was in power, he use to go around college collecting fund drinking free drinks at dance restaurant... he is right now just pretending good like other leaders are doing.. he is fox under sheep's cover... down with gagan.. we need leader like Ashu... to bring nepal up...
Posted on 07-27-05 5:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Gagan is ass*hole. Servant of someone for sure..... note it down. He is bullshitting as all other netas in Nepal are doing.
Posted on 07-27-05 5:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I will vote Pushkar Shah rather than Ashu or Gagane.
Posted on 07-27-05 5:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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GP, Keep this ass-busting business of yours upto yourself would you? tired of hearing you bashing ashu or the other way.
Posted on 07-27-05 5:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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GP, No wonder you share the same initial as Girija Prasad!!! It's almost histerical how well you know this Ashu character. No, I do not know Ashu and don't fancy half of the things he writes and talks about in these forums. That doesn't mean I am going to help you with your mental masturbation by answering your childish jargon. The way you have described him you either fancy him or it's mere jealousy that's oozing out. You take your pick! One last thing, if you have something against him, take it out with him personally. Don't dare misuse names like St. Xavier's, Harvard, GAA or Banasthali. They are still considered sacred by some. --BV
Posted on 07-27-05 6:01 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I vote for Ashu because I know he will knock you (GP) out in the first round in this debate. I don't see his stance as being dodhare to be politically correct. He is not taking sides of either extremists as opposed to you. He is taking the middle path, the best path, to analyse the current political scenerio. To be honest, he makes more sence than any royalists or so-called democrats in this forum.
Posted on 07-27-05 6:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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What a crappy topic to discuss about.Infact there is nothing to discuss about it at all.
Posted on 07-27-05 6:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Gagan Thapa Jindabad Gagan Thapa Jindabad all Ashu can do is write few words here in Sajha. Look what gagan has done, He is taking nepal towards better republic.
Posted on 07-27-05 6:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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जी पी दाइले काम नपाऽको हो? म चैँ गगन थापालाई भोट दिन्छु। आशु जीको बिरुद्दमा कोब्रा उठाए, कोब्रालाई भोट दिन्छु। माफ गर्नुस् आशु जी।
Posted on 07-27-05 6:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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And probablty he will be shot in his ass by the Royal Army men in custody.
Posted on 07-27-05 6:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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GP, You are comparing a cyber-only leader with a real-world leader. You are comparing a self-styled feudal chamcha with a mass-based democratic fighter. You are comparing a spoiler with a creator. You are comparing a selfish awkward with a social figure. You are comparing a self-styled commenter with a public-based commander. You are comparing an opportunistic idiot with a principle-based fighter. You are comparing a bigot with a wide-vision figure. You are comparing a cracked mind with a progressive mind. You are comparing a useless mind with a creative mind. You are comparing a destroyer with a builder. and many more... So, you made a completely WRONG and AWKWARD comparison. Did not you know we can not compare TUKI with SUN? -------------- Futurenepal
Posted on 07-27-05 7:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Khaobadi says: Probablty he will be shot in his ass by the Royal Army men in custody. Despite of such possibilities, he is dedicated to bring democracy back to Nepal. He is simply the great. GP
Posted on 07-27-05 7:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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In "Nepal" patrika (Iguess so) , long time back, I read one article on "Kina Pratyush Onta jasta.... le... Nepali Politics ma sidha bhag naline....". Now, I feel that one of the answer to this question is that they are scared of in-security: (1) personal life threatening under current situation like that (2) professional insecurity: if you can not get public vote and get elected to public posts you can be no where .... have no guts .... to waste time without a check. Here, at this moment, what Gagan is doing? I wonder whether he is paid by anybody? I will not wonder if he is doing all this from his parent's support for dui chhak or ek saro luga.... I am only worried that some Gagans when rise to political ladder and get public chairs get corrupted. Some Gagan does not we should blame all Gagans.... who are spending their life for people's benefit. GP
Posted on 07-27-05 7:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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GP you sound so much like some who just fancy about gagan but dont know in real what they are made of... these gagan and bully students leader like gagan should be locked up for life or kicked out of nepal... their political belief is costing 1000s of students their studies... their selfish political aim is costing 1000s of parents their fotune.... these m**** F****** are some one who can sell their mother for money.. so just pretending nationalism for political gain is nothing for them... every general public in ktm knows that so there is no one in street to protest his arrest I feel like laughing seeing people like you in sajha trying to project him as nation builder or future leader.... Leader my foot , they are not worth anymore than ass kisser... We know we should fight for democracy but should be aware of "bats" like gagan and his leaders too. They will fire their shot by resting gun on our shoulder and at the end shove the same gun up our ass...... In 1990s movement 100s of student and people died does anyone know what happened to their family after that.. while these leaders who pretended to protest siting in safety of house came out and exploited power to become rich and make us poor.... I once read the story in Kantipur aroung 6 month back who got mentally disable due to torture in custody during 1990 revolution.. but afterwards no one remembered him, no leader even tried to bring the issue of punishign panchayati leader and police cheif for torture.. instead they were bz signing pajero deal... b******S....
Posted on 07-27-05 7:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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One of the greatest achievements of 1990s movement, is the education that reached to wider population that Panchayat never wanted. Do not forget the new colleges, Higher Secondary Schools around the country at this moment are more than 1000s (refer:Nepal Patrika's recent article HS Schools). Next great achievement of 1990s is that it allowed 1000s of Nepalis to go abroad ... Remember in 1989, when I went to BKK, I had to get MANTRI's signature to get $150. from Rastra Bank ... can you imagine, immediately after 1990s, it went up and up..... In Panchayat all foreign currency went to somewhere, no students were allowed to have more than few hundred bucks outside the country. I remember that at that time, those Nepali students who wanted to travel outside Nepal e.g. US, they won't get more than $1500 for tution fees after passing through all hassles.... But, immediately after 1990s, the foreign currency exchange was greatly enjoyed by Nepalis students who wanted to come to US for studies. Today, I can see Nepalis here not from Ghusyaha class people only, but from lower class ... I can see these students right here in my backyard. That is the greatest achievement of 1990s. In 1980s, best students have to wait for colombo plan to be engineer or doctor, but today because of private education sector i.e. because of 1990s achievement, anyone good student can dream of being an engineer, or IT professional or doctor ... it has gone to much wider population... of course it has not trickled to bottom of the population.... as times comes it will... Higher Secondary school was great idea and it had brough a lot differences in education system..... All these things happened because of sacrifices made by many Gagan like people... whether you like it or not. It did not happen because of many western educated opportunists, but because of these poor nepalis .............. We should be grateful to them. Vote for Gagan. GP

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