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 खुशी थिए नेपालमा, दुखी भए अमेरिका मा ।

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Posted on 10-06-10 8:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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मलाई मात्र हो कि अरुलाई पनि यस्तै प्रब्लेम छ ? मित्रहरु प्लिज शेयर गर्नुस्....
क्रेडिट कार्ड मा कती तिर्ने ? वाक्क भइसके ।।।अब ग्र्याजुएट त छिट्टै हुँदै छु तर पनि काम पाउन एस्तो गाह्रो छ यो देश मा।।।कसरी बच्ने होला ?
सधैं एसरी नै फ्रस्ट्रेटेड भएर कती बस्ने । नेपाल मा फेमिली पनि मिस गर्छु। बा आमा लाई सम्झिन्छु, दाजु भाई बहिनी लाई सम्झिन्छु बेला बेला मा अनी भक्कानो फुटेर आउछ अनी रुन्छु रातभरी ।
बा आमा को पनि अब उमेर धेरै हुन लगिसक्यो, कसरी एक्लै बस्दै होलान ? मैले आफुले कमाएर अहिले सम्म दिन सकेको छैन । छ बर्ष पुग्न थाल्यो अमेरिका आएको पनि । एस्तो कुरा दिमाग मा खेलिरहन्छ अनी पढ्ने कसरी ?? बेर्थ अमेरिका आएछु जस्तो लाग्छ आज्कल । थोरै कमाये पनि मान्छे हरु खुशी छन नेपाल मा , आफ्नो परिवार सँग हासी खुशी बसी राखेका छन जे होस् । मान्छे हरु किन आत्महत्या गर्छन् जस्तो लग्थियो पहिले, अहिले लाग्छ शायद यस्तै यस्तै भएर होला । म मर्न पनि चाहन्न , आमा बा लाई हेर्नु पनि छ, बिचरा बुढा आमा बा ले हुर्कायी पढाये, उनिहरु लाई मैले केही गर्नु छ । जिन्दगी ले मलाई किन एस्तो गर्‍यो ? 

I am really Frustrated with my Life right now...

Please share with me your feelings/problems so that i feel little relaxed.

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 10-07-10 12:12 AM     [Snapshot: 403]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ghar jau ma ta [Disallowed String for - bad words]..kasale rokeko chha ra..afai jbarjasti basnu chha...ani dhukhi bhaya re.!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
Posted on 10-07-10 1:18 AM     [Snapshot: 459]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Racheeta jee.. sabai lai ustai ho.. tara koi koi lukayera bhandainan, maan manai runchan, karauchan. tara thapai hami afno maan ko kura sathi bhai lai bhanchou, yo nai ramro kura ho ne hoina ra..

yestai bhayeko le ma coming february  ma sadai ko lagi america lai bye bye garera jadai chhu...

Posted on 10-07-10 2:31 AM     [Snapshot: 495]     Reply [Subscribe]
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hi dear every where is same life dont do any thing plz let see i am also in CA last 5 year n i do every day job but just i get one thing for my life in here that my wone place to lev work so plz try to do same as every one that for your com....bye take your self
Posted on 10-07-10 3:23 AM     [Snapshot: 512]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepalese community is segregated. We try to fit in here in USA, but at some point in life, we go back to our home country because that's where we are respected and counted. So, here is my suggestion, if you decide to stay in USA, try to be integrated. Black community integrate themselves with white people. Unlike Asians, who are confined within their own circle and culture. Have a positive mindset and stop thinking like a racist. I am sure you will start seeing life in USA.

Posted on 10-07-10 7:34 AM     [Snapshot: 587]     Reply [Subscribe]
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My love, I can feel your pain 'cause I was on the same boat couple years ago.

BUT, yes But..Look at this our Universe. Sun is the biggest source of the energy and provides life to the Earth. But the Sun couldn't provide light all the time to the Earth. And Earth has to go through the DARK phase. BUT, in that Earth's Dark Phase, all the ANIMALS AND PLANTS they Don't get  FRUSTRATE, they just keep quite and stay still. They Know Darkness is in between Earth and Sun but not Among them. So Animals don't complain to each other. And next day they are bless with brightness again.

"THE ENERGY" already pulled you out of the Nepal. If you keep complaining among us, 'THE ENERGY' will say, its between you and me, and you could have waited little bit, I am already on my way, Why you have to go out and complain with BAND BAJA....  So, "THE ENERGY' wants you to stay still and keep your trust on "IT".

good luck.

Posted on 10-07-10 8:51 AM     [Snapshot: 707]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Came here 4 years ago. Worked the shit out. Days in days out studied hard maintained 3.5 GPA. Choosed the major of interest and at the time I am about to graduate won Dv lottery. What else can I ask for. I stopped complaining about life long time ago when was nearly killed at the gasstation. Take the life as it comes. You got to shape it yourself.
Posted on 10-07-10 9:31 AM     [Snapshot: 766]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi guys,
Well, here is my short story, I came here 5 years ago too, start it as a freshman in bachelor's in business leaving everything the 3rd year bbs in Nepal. Still habn't graduated, (hopefully) next semester. I am on average grade. and working as always in small store. I have no idea whats my future plan is. Feels like, I am just traveling in a boat which is operated by the flow of air, wherever it takes i'm going.
Since now the graduation time is approaching, I am feeling like I don't have any skills in my hand nor on my mind. I am feeling like I should have join some graphics design program which is feels like my  real interest is on, which i spent most of my time beside my major study. Its not that I have no idea on Management, which I have studied so far, but I have no confidence on finding the job, scare with future after graduation. I am thinking will my life be spoiled in gas stations?. I wish to get rid of it, but no matter what i think i guess Im sticking with it. Sounds childish, but i wonder will my life be just depended on this gas station after my study too.

Need some suggestions guys!

Posted on 10-07-10 9:39 AM     [Snapshot: 796]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Without scholarship, life is hell for students. That is why I told all my brothers and sisters not to come here without getting scholarship. So non of my family members are here except me. They all are happy back in Nepal, got settled, have  Rs30k - 50k a month job. As I got scholarship so I came here:). It was not that hard to get a job around 2006. So working since 2006. Never applied for GC. Still in H1. Planning to go back in next two years to Nepal and work there.
Posted on 10-07-10 12:36 PM     [Snapshot: 935]     Reply [Subscribe]
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if u really have an honest intention of returning to nepal and u cant afford the ticekts then I hope we can arrange something in sajha, that will help u buy a ticket to go back home, as a matter of fact i would rather be happy to pay for a live person returning home than a  dead body in coffin, and if its just a mere frustration , then stop acting like a whiny kid, it was your decision to pursue american dreams, and defend your decision, nothing comes granted for anyone, there are thousands of others who might have gone thro worse situations ,and would rather tackle it happily than cry like loser  here in front of us .

Ya, i m defnitely tired of all these hypocrites who would do anything to stay here in US, and still whine about the things they miss in nepal and blah blah ..

Nobody will stop u at the airport to leave US for Nepal, even if you are in an expired visa


Last edited: 07-Oct-10 12:39 PM

Posted on 10-07-10 1:58 PM     [Snapshot: 1040]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Please don't create this kind of stupid thread!!!!!!! Its your life and you can go back to Nepal if you really miss Nepal so much. WTF !!!.. Racheta, timi jata janchau tehi dukhi huncha...Bholi parsi nepal maa gayera timro sajha thread yesto huncha 

खुशी थिए अमेरिकामा , दुखी भए  नेपालमा

Posted on 10-07-10 3:02 PM     [Snapshot: 1131]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Welcome to USA. Let's face the real life drama this is how we feel while dealing with own responsibility ( back home we were less responsible ).

Posted on 10-07-10 3:13 PM     [Snapshot: 1160]     Reply [Subscribe]
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everyday i wish i would die, can't return to Nepal, people will think that I am a loser, if i return als what i would be doing, hanging out with bunch of gajadis, play soccer and act like stary dog sitting all day infront of some shop or street or join Milan Gurung's gang?
Posted on 10-07-10 3:13 PM     [Snapshot: 1160]     Reply [Subscribe]
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everyday i wish i would die, can't return to Nepal, people will think that I am a loser, if i return also what i would be doing, hanging out with bunch of gajadis, play soccer and act like stray dog sitting all day infront of some shop or street or join Milan Gurung's gang?
Last edited: 07-Oct-10 03:15 PM

Posted on 10-07-10 3:13 PM     [Snapshot: 1160]     Reply [Subscribe]
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everyday i wish i would die, can't return to Nepal, people will think that I am a loser, if i return als what i would be doing, hanging out with bunch of gajadis, play soccer and act like stary dog sitting all day infront of some shop or street or join Milan Gurung's gang?
Posted on 10-07-10 3:21 PM     [Snapshot: 1110]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well said Mampakha ! Could not have said it better.

Posted on 10-07-10 4:13 PM     [Snapshot: 1231]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am compelled to write this down as I increasingly see the frustration amongst the students who have recently graduated or are going to graduate.

First of all the truth. Just because you attended a school in USA doesn’t mean you will get a job. First of all the job outlook in general is very bleak, second companies are increasingly not hiring international students. If you have a degree in a non technical field that makes the outlook even worse. Think about it, hundreds of thousands of Americans graduate every year, most competing in the non tech field, why would an employer choose you over them specially when they have a natural command of communication, i.e. language. You might get lucky sometimes, but the fact is you have to offer something to standout otherwise you will end up being frustrated.

So, my first advise is that don’t waste your time taking courses just for the sake of graduating in US. If you are really into history and liberal arts, or even business mgmt, then go ahead and take them; you might get something out at the end. But if you are taking those courses just to get a bach/master degree then good luck finding a job.
Second, while at school, start networking. Nepotism rules in Nepal, networking rules in US. Don’t constraint yourself with just the usual Nepali crowd. Attend seminars in the field of your study/interest. Talk to professors, experts. Keep throwing the dart until it hits the bulls eye.

Third, have a fall back option. What will you do if you don’t get any job in your field after graduation? Are you willing to go back? Many students just come here, go straight to school and don’t worry about it until 1 semester before the graduation. You need to have some plans. Maybe you are willing to do other jobs that could sponsor H-1B visa even if it is not in your field of study.

Fourth, keep on applying. The more tickets you buy the better chances of hitting the jackpot. Don’t give up after applying for, say a month. New job postings keep changing every day and one day you migth find a company that is looking for you. Have a budget and a plan so that you can afford this period of job hunt.

Lastly, don’t get frustrated. What’s the worse that could happen? You will end up going back to Nepal and maybe disappoint your parents a little. Don’t worry, they are your parents and others who are disappointed were probably not your biggest supporter anyways. Hey, atleast you have an option to go back. US citizens who don’t find any jobs don’t have that luxury, they are stuck here. Some of you might have loans, don’t dispair. If you are willing and able, you will always be able to repay them back even in Nepal, it might take a while but you will be able to do so.
I want to add that you need a positive outlook. If you get frustrated and think negatively, you might end up in just that. Don’t take failures as the full stop, they are just speed bumps. Keep thinking that you are going to get there and keep trying. I can’t promise you that you will get a job here, but I can promise that you will lead a satisfactory life either here or back home..isn’t that what we all strive for anyways?

Posted on 10-07-10 9:49 PM     [Snapshot: 1413]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I liked what kiddo wrote in this thread. My experience is finding a job in America is anothe project work or thesis work. It takes at least six months to get a job if you start looking for job from today. You should not be frustrated at all because everybody undergoes in this way. Besides, you always have to polish your resume to match the job posting. Resume should reflect your experties. Spend more time in the beginning of job search to make your resume. Learn job finding techniques and manners. You may find some in websites such as careerbuilder.com. In the job market, they actually look for a person who is well fit in that position. They do not like to see some who recently hired is a failed in that job. If you get phonecall for interview learn how to respond. I am sure you will learn how to respond in an interview only after you are declined from first few interviews. You need to count it as well as a process of finding job.

Networking is really important for job search. Be curious about job oppertunity. Talk about your job search with advisors, professors, seniors, friends. Do not think other people will take that job if you talk to others. Email the people in the company about your interest. Grab the oppertunity to talk with people in manager level in seminar, workshop, jobfair etc. Show your geneous smartness. If you can target what kind of company you like to work in. Excel you expertise or learn such subjects what they are looking for. In America, good is not enough, you have to be excellent to beat American counter part. So, try to build a speciality which can distingush you from others. Finishing the course and graduating from a college is not enough. If you think the field you are in is  hopeless, do not regret to change the field or going to higher degree. Higher degree schooling is not the priority of Americans, it could be your chance.

Be positive, think positive. Otherwise you will ruin your interview. I suggest to do some mediatation (pranayam) regularly for positive thinking and making your brain healthy. The problem in front of you is looking at you if you can solve it. If you can overcome or solve this problem there is a meaning of your degree, otherwise you need to learn more.

Posted on 10-07-10 11:48 PM     [Snapshot: 1509]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Man! thats why I love sajha. Thank u guys( kiddo, kancha dai) for this great advice.
Posted on 10-08-10 9:47 AM     [Snapshot: 1640]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Racheeta jee,
Since i am looking for a girl and want to get married soon and i am in the same boat as you are. I m also graduating soon. I am having problem finding a girl and i am not able to go to Nepal after i graduate because of the Visa status. Why not we talk on the phone, contact each other. Maybe we'll like each other ? who knows ! That'll solve your problem as well as my Problem. We'll live like a happiest nepali couple in America. !!

Plz reply. !

waiting for your reply !

Purana Kagaz.
Posted on 10-13-10 1:37 PM     [Snapshot: 1916]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Enjoyed this thread. Liked Kiddo's reply the best. Sincere, solid advice.

Purana Kagaz,

I like how smooth you are that you can proposition to a girl without making her think that you're too desperate.



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