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 About what Mr. Balen has been doing
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Posted on 09-20-22 10:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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So the Tukucha river has been running in the past around the royal palace as what was believed and then it disappeared but now what Mr. Balen has been doing is raising so many questions in my end. So listen to the owner of JayaNepal hall, he claims he is 100% sure that there was no river he ever noticed during his whole life time, and he looks like he is in his 70s already. According to him, the land was given to his father by King Mahendra and then his father built a cinema hall and the business continued for 2-3 generations as we all know. So when I look at the mess Balen has been creating, It looks like it was covered tactfully with the bricks and not some RCC structure or some wooden planks and it is like 15-20 feet under. For sure this was not done recently. I even heard maybe the city hall employees in Rana regime, or Mahendra regime or earlier maybe collectively determined to cover the river which may have been insignificant during those olden times or may be covered it because it was running around the royal palace, I do not know.
So now Mr. Balen is going around making all these hullabaloo as if the people from recent times did something secretive to cover up the river. I feel like he is all hell bent in the mission to prove the current residents feel guilty of their constructions over Tukucha. Is it justified? Can they be held responsible of what the past residents did about 80-90 years ago?

Posted on 09-20-22 11:49 PM     [Snapshot: 33]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Not sure where you coming from? I would find older videos or images in the neighborhood
Posted on 09-21-22 12:09 AM     [Snapshot: 39]     Reply [Subscribe]
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See I don't live around that area, and as a kid I remember visiting that movie hall the way it was with no river around, and I am particularly referring to what the hall owner has to say and claim. When the river is running under 20 feet-ish, where were the city hall people when the people were covering up the river or when they were making the building plans and passing them via city, wada etc.? What about the whole group of government people who were hatching the plan to disappear the river then?
Can they be brought to table? How was the napi naksa made of some imaginary land and passed in the first place? What was the city doing at that time? Now Mr. Balen comes and tries to correct all the misdoings that the previous corrupted people had graced. What about brining those corruption forefront than going out in public and acting like that Anil Kapur from Nayak movie. This feels like he is seeking attention more than going to the root of the problems.

Posted on 09-21-22 6:27 AM     [Snapshot: 111]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I kinda feel same way!he seems like overdoing it and wanna be Anil Kapoor as well. I wish he gave them hand written notices not just in Newspaper that no one reads, of a month to have it destroyed
Posted on 09-21-22 9:21 AM     [Snapshot: 170]     Reply [Subscribe]
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टुकुचा खोला ओरिपरि धरै घर मैले भाडामा लिएर ब्यबसाय संचांलन गरेको हुनाले मलाई धरै कुरा थाहा छ . पिडित घरधनीहरु ऐले टुकुचा माथि ओभानो बन्नु भनेको ब्यर्थको कुरो हो .
खोला थियो भनेर थाहै छैन भन्नु उनीहरुको कुतर्क हो किनभने मध्ये रातमा खोला बगेको प्रस्टै सुनिन्छ . बाढी आएको समयमा त दिउसै खोलाको गडगडाहट सुनिन्छ . यो भन्दा पहिले पनि धेरै पटक महानगर पालिकाले ति ठाउँहरुमा खोला बगेको हुन सक्ने हुनाले कुनै ठुलो संरचन नबनाउन चेतावनी दिदै आएको थियो . महानगरपालिकाको चेतावानीकै कारण धेरैले त्यो ठाउँमा पक्कि संरचना बनाउने आट गरेनन तर भाडा खाने लोभमा साना तिन संरचना चै बनि रहे .

हद तब पार भो जव राजेन्द्र खेतानको लक्ष्मी बैंकले सक्तिको आढ़मा खोलाको बहाब बदलेर ८ तल्लाको पक्कि राम्रचना बनायो . उसको देखा सिकी गर्दै तेशपछि अरुले गगनचुम्बी भवनहरु बनाउन सुरु गरे .

जानाजान गरको गल्ति माफी हुन सक्दैन . खोलामाथि बनेको संरचन जुनै बेला ढलेर ठुलो दुर्घटना हुने खतरा हुन्छ . बालेन सरको सहासको म प्रसंशा गर्छु . एसले दिर्घकालिन योगदान दिन्छ .
Posted on 09-21-22 1:56 PM     [Snapshot: 261]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I do not mind people having a vision, or at least a mission for visionary change. My arguments here are:

# Balen walking around with his bulldozer, can it really bring any long-term change or "dirghakalin yogdan" like you said? I am saying this because as we all know, his post as a mayor is not going to last his life time or is it? With the way politics are in Nepal, I wonder if any leaders with vision ever really lasted long in Nepal. Not even the so called "visionary" Maobadis!!
In Boston we had Thomas Menino as a mayor from 1993 through 2014. He became like quasi-father to every other Bostonian. Can any leader ever serve like that in Nepal, ever?

# There are so many factors that led to the situation that it is now. Ok I agree, some residents are lying to say that they did not have an idea of river underneath at all, but think about it, what led them to make all these up? Who are the "enablers"?? Isn't it the city itself? The city workers, employees themselves? Don't tell me we need people like Balen to show us how the bureaucracy works in Nepal now. Balen should have done some inner soul searching himself and first determine the internal faults they have as a city rather than creating the chaos and spectacle as he is doing now. To me this is just so superficial.

Posted on 09-24-22 9:16 AM     [Snapshot: 780]     Reply [Subscribe]
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सित्तैमा पाए अलकत्रा पिउने नेपालीको जन्मजात गुण हो , एक इन्च जमिन भए पनि छिमेकीको मिच्न पाए औलाई हनुमान भन्दा बहादुर ठान्ने संस्कार को कारण साबजनिक सम्पत्तिमा सबैको नजर जान्छ तेसैले साना तिना पानि बग्ने नाला हरुका छेउ घर बनाइ बसे पछि बसेका बसै हुन्छ यदि कुनै बहादुर आएर त्यसलाई सुधार गर्न चाह्यो भने मात्र सम्भब छ | कुनै पनि गाउ घरमा भएको नाला हरु पुरिनु भनेको अतिब्रिस्टि भएको बेला पानि बग्ने बाटो नभए पछि सहर जलामय र बाटो बाटोमा डुंगा चलाउनु पर्ने अबस्था आउछ | भएका ड्रेन हरु पनि फ्यालेका प्लास्टिक ब्याग हरुले पानि थुनी दिन्छ |
चोरि चकारी , छलछाम बाट बनाइएका घर हरु भत्कायो भनेर बिमुख नहुनुस | भबिस्यको लागि र काठमाण्डोउ सहर लाइ हरेक मनसुनको बेला हातमा चप्पल जुत्ता बोकेर हिड्नु पर्ने अबस्था बाट जोगाउने उपाय ठान्नुस |
२०१५ को मनसुन मा दक्षिण भारतको चेनाइ सहरमा अतिब्रिस्टि संगै नदि नाला सागुरिदै गएका , ढल निकास को ब्यबस्था को कमिको कारण पानि निकास बन्द भै जलामय भएको थियो |
के यस्तै अबथा काठमान्डौ सहरमा पनि नहोला भन्न सकिन्न | भएका creek लाई फोहोर मैला फ्यालेर पुरिदै गए पछि ब्यक्तिगत् सम्पत्ति बनाएर बस्नेले थाहा पाउनु पर्छ उसले आफ्नो व्यक्तिगत सम्पत्तिमा होईन सार्बजनिक सम्पत्तिको दुरुपयोग गरेको हो र त्यो गुमायो भने कसैले बिचरा भनि रहनु पर्दैन | घर बनाउनु अघि सोधेको थियो र अहिले बिचरा का योग्य छैनन् |

Posted on 09-25-22 2:06 PM     [Snapshot: 960]     Reply [Subscribe]
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In such a corrupt country run by mafia like ours, I don’t know how long Balen will be able to do what he is doing.
Posted on 09-25-22 10:59 PM     [Snapshot: 1069]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Benedict, what you are saying is Nepal ka murti haru sabai Europe and USA ma chan. Nepal tries to claim that those murti was stolen from Nepal so return to Nepal. On what basis should Nepal claim that its their? Its been sold at least 10 hands before its in the current owner hand. Now, the current owner says I bought this murti 50 years back and now that person who he bought from is dead. I didn't know how the previous owner bought this murti. The cost of murti now is 200 million. I cannot return it even though I know it may have been stolen. Is this correct logic???

Posted on 09-29-22 10:50 PM     [Snapshot: 1390]     Reply [Subscribe]
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As it turns out, the titles for land around the Tukucha tunnel, (constructed by noted engineer Jogbir Sthapit) was issued during the reign of Maharaja Bir Shumsher JBR. Since then even the constitution of Nepal has changed several times. The Mayor seems to be making a stand that any real estate development around/along body of water be it a lake, a creek, or a stream should never be allowed to stand if already built because he could claim statute of limitation never applies in Nepal. If that is the argument, then the whole Kathmandu valley was a huge beautiful lake, that would reflect the entire Himalayas at the horizon on a full moon night, which Manjushree mischievously drained. Since most media-followers are supporting the new Nayak Balen, may be they all should get together and replace the historical natural dam at Chovaar, let the Melamchi water flow in and restore the lost lake to its original glory. Oh yes, lest I forget, the citizens in the valley should be given 35 days in order to evacuate to safety at higher ground.
Last edited: 29-Sep-22 11:32 PM

Posted on 09-29-22 11:12 PM     [Snapshot: 1392]     Reply [Subscribe]
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My first post, I was talking from what I saw from those several videos where Balen's bull dozer is doing the honor of delayering the land and showing us the view of the river underneath. I have some knowledge and idea of how construction is done. Nowhere did I see like a wooden plank covering the river or RCC slab cover. There were bricks making the arches, and for any civil engineer or architecture students they can tell you how tough it is to make arch with bricks. It requires proper framework from below to hold the arch and let it set to be able to hold the weight from above. And mind you, I did not see like huge RCC tunnels either. That was the basis I said that may be the river was covered like 80-90 years ago due to various reasons, I may not be able to explain now. How can I tell you now what the government officers at that time were thinking? Unless I do some history research or investigation.
Balen creating all this mess and all these news-hungry YouTube journalists enjoying the spectacle and making some bucks off of it, it looks so ridiculous to me. Where is the need and desire to study our history and understand? The first video ever I saw him digging the land in Jay Nepal Hall itself created so much stir in me. Is it really worth it? What after this?


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