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 Please Confirm this???

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Posted on 04-30-15 10:17 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A circular has been sent from the Rastra Bank to all the banks to divert all the money to PM's fund.

Please do something and confirm with Head of Bank with your connection. Our Scum bag politician will do whatever to take the donations.
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Posted on 04-30-15 9:41 PM     [Snapshot: 1040]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Government has not been able to even coordinate the resources at the airport. On top of that, they want to handle all the mess by themselves. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. But I think this is the worst move by our government. It doesn't have the capacity to mobilize all the funds. I will write why it is wrong:
- Last year, many people donated for sunkoshi flood victims to Prime Minister's Welfare Fund. PM used this for his personal medical tab instead of helping the real victim.
- Government is inefficient, and they're currently overwhelmed and won't be able to channel it in a proper way.
- Every year, in our country, several developmental budget ends up not being spent. History shows that they're inefficient in channeling the budget to the programmed project. This is something beyond what they have seen.
- Why will NGO or INGO do all the hardwork for donation drive when it is going to be AUTOMATICALLY transferred to PM's (sort of PRIVATE) account? I called it PRIVATE account because he can use it for Personal benefit (he did it few months ago).
- By doing this, is government saying that they're going to take RESPONSIBILITY of its citizens on its own hands (Anil Shah said this).
- Do you who our PM is? Have you watched interview of Bamdev on toughtalk? Do you know the parliamentary committees called on top administrators on their committees THIS WEEK for clarifications while they were (I hope) working on ground zero. I wrote this to show how qualified our leaders are.
Posted on 05-01-15 12:07 AM     [Snapshot: 1147]     Reply [Subscribe]
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yesta kahte govt. hamlai chaidaina. janata afaile rule gare huncha Nepal.
Posted on 05-01-15 12:11 AM     [Snapshot: 1150]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I was shocked when I call my home back in Nepal about my donation. They told me that they had to deposit my donation to PM's account. I felt like falling off the roof as that would be the last thing I wana do in my life. I hate politicians from Nepal. My family tried to explain me saying don't worry this and that. They told me that you can't just go and help people individually, you need permit or order. I was so pissed. I don't trust these corrupted politicians. Even I told my family that I need my money back because rather than giving to this government, I would personally give it to the ones that needed the most. My brother said he is going to pay me back. He thinks the government will appreciate his help. Lots of minds need to be changed. Like someone implied on sajha, we need to massacre these politicians for good grace, then only Nepal changes. We should sacrifice our lives so that in the future, others will have a good one.
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Posted on 05-01-15 6:50 AM     [Snapshot: 1311]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Have you followed local news like fm channels interviewing locals? Who have reached them? Is it the government? It's more local organizations and groups who have approached these victims and now they can't have fund to help the victims. The government instead of PROVIDING them the fund, has decided to TAKE AWAY its fund. The locals are complaining that they don't know if we've government. The best we've seen are from Nepal Armed Forces and Nepali Sena who have been helping tirelessly and rescuing victims.

First, many like 'Ujyalo' won't donate if it goes to PM's fund because many don't have trust on our government. Second, they will start dog fight among themselves eyeing for the big fund.

सरकारले प्रतिपक्षलाई बेवास्ता गर्‍यो

जनार्दन शर्मा प्रभाकर (एमाओवादी सभासद)

If some group are abusing the funds, arrest them right away and take their fund. You can't capture everyone's fund for the fear that they'll misuse. Government's role is to regulate. It doesn't think that it has the ability to REGULATE few hundred or thousand accounts. What gives them more CONFIDENCE that they can CHANNEL these funds to MILLIONS of people. They may spend some of this scarce fund on their HELICOPTER tours. Baburam, Ram Sharan Mahat has been accused of misusing HELICOPTERs visiting their own constituencies rather than sending these to rescue the victims. I heard this in FM channels.

Posted on 05-01-15 7:11 AM     [Snapshot: 1342]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Apart from immediate like food, tent, clothes etc, it is better money should be in government fund. If some one want to give money to some particular victim in personal capacity nobody going to or can stop. It is outright wrong some individual or NGO or charities to raise money from other people, countries, in the name earth quake victims in Nepal. Those individual, NGO, or charities doesnot have any mechanism to reach out the victims who are spread in one third of Nepal. Government should declare how much they can help to victims according to death, injures, destruction of their properties. NGOs , charities, journalists, and social workers should check and ensure whether the victims got the announced help.

Any NGOs, Charities, or Individual who are crying foul for this government initiative have certainly hidden interest of earning money or something else like converting locals to chritinity.
Posted on 05-01-15 7:24 AM     [Snapshot: 1381]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I can guarantee some of the people from site like gofundme are going to utilize money for their personal use. There are like 100s of donation sites not, not sure whats scam whats not. If there was a single site to collect all the money, this would not have happened.

Also rather than bitching about netas and commenting all day long, go do something about it. Like another andolan. Commenting on Sajha all day is not going to fix problem.
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Posted on 05-01-15 7:52 AM     [Snapshot: 1422]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I hope PM fund will be able to channel the resources on time and it can win the trust of people to donate to their single account. If they do that, that'll be the beginning of New Nepal. I do sincerely hope it happens.

People don't always have hidden agenda to express their opinions. Those who always see these might have the one hidden among themselves.

I also hope that the above commentator preaching others start from himself.

All the best PM's team!

Posted on 05-01-15 8:26 AM     [Snapshot: 1469]     Reply [Subscribe]
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keChaDai... Bitching about netas because they come up with unclear ambiguous statement to follow. I don't give a rats ass about what the netas are doing or not doing, that is not the intent here, the intent merely is to spread the word and not stop the government from adapting a solution which is probably going to casusemore harm than good.

Andolan does not require burning tires or being out on the streets, it can be done on any platform available and with enough support things should change. Being on sajha all day or not is not an issue, if we can spread the word out on any platform then so be it.. personally given my situation i am not able to go back to Nepal and help with the efforts physically however i can always hope with what little i am able to do people will realize and support the idea. In this case do not restrict accessibility of funding to any agencies that might have collected it on their own. Given the situation our government has not even been able to reach the areas these people have even after his long.
Posted on 05-01-15 9:09 AM     [Snapshot: 1529]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If I give money to Doctors without Borders I KNOW IT WILL GO TO PEOPLE WHO NEED THEM NOW TO SAVE LIVES. This is not the right time to implement this asinine law. All this time this has been going on the Govt. did not give a shit. But now when ppl actually need those aid to save lives they come up with this stupidity. If lame ass Nepali govt does not have the capacity at least DO NOT HINDER THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE THAT CAPABILITY.  We should be thinking of lives... not tracking money at this point and time. People are just talking about lost lives, but there are hundreds of thousands who are injured. And they need proper care and treatment NOW !!
Posted on 05-01-15 7:19 PM     [Snapshot: 1846]     Reply [Subscribe]
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शेष घले भन्नु हुन्छ ...म उत्तर कोरियामा छु कि नेपालमा घलेले यसरी पोख्नु भयो, सरकार प्रति आक्रोश 
भूकम्पले अत्यन्तै प्रभावित क्षेत्र सिन्धुपाल्चोकमा राहत वितरण गर्न जाँदा सरकारले गर्यो .....शेष घलेलाई हस्तक्षेप ....साथै हङकङबाट आउनु पर्ने, शेष घलेको ३० टन राहत सामाग्रीमा पनि सरकार द्वारा प्रतिबन्ध!


Posted on 05-02-15 7:23 AM     [Snapshot: 1983]     Reply [Subscribe]
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राहतमा सरकारी तगारो

भूकम्पपीडितहरूको उद्धार र राहत वितरण सरकारको मात्र दायित्व हैन, त्यसमा सक्ने सबैले हात लगाउनुपर्छ र साथ दिनुपर्छ भन्ने मान्यता प्राय:नेपालीले बोकेका छन्। त्यसअनुसार अनेकौं वित्तीय संस्था, बैंक, उद्योग, घराना, सञ्चारगृह मात्र हैन, नेपालभित्र र बाहिर रहेका स्वदेशी र विदेशीहरूले राहत र पुनर्निर्माणमा आआफ्नो गच्छेअनुसार योगदान पुर्‍याउन अगाडि सरेका छन्।
कतिपयले राहत र विकास कोष स्थापित गरी सहयोगको याचना गरेका छन्।तर यो राष्ट्रिय दायित्व निर्वाहमा पनि सरकार र राष्ट्र बैंकले तगारो लगाइदिएका छन्। 
सबै रकम र कोष खर्च गर्ने अधिकार 'प्रधानमन्त्री राहत कोष' अथवा प्रधानमन्त्री कार्यालयलाई दिएर राष्ट्रबैंकले दायित्व निर्वाहको अभियानमा जुटेका संस्था, नागरिक र विदेशीहरूलाई निरुत्साहित गरेको छ।
हो, राहत र विकासका नाममा स्थापित कोष र रकमको अनुगमन तथा पारदर्शी 'अडिट' हुनुपर्छ। राष्ट्र बैंकले नियमन प्रक्रिया परिभाषित गरी त्यस्ता संयन्त्र खडा गर्न सक्छ, तर प्रधानमन्त्री राहत कोषमार्फत नै जानुपर्ने बाध्यात्मक परिस्थिति सिर्जना गरेर कतिपय अगाडि बढेका कदमलाई पछाडि धकेलिदिएको छ उसले। भर्खरै नियुक्त गभर्नरले सम्भवत: वर्तमान पदीय हैसियतभन्दा प्रधानमन्त्रीका आर्थिक सल्लाहकारकै रूपमा यो निर्णय त लिएका हैनन्?
राहत वितरणको जिम्मा केन्द्रीकृत गर्नु र गैरसरकारी क्षेत्रलाई प्रधानमन्त्री कोषमा रकम जम्मा गर्ने निकायका रूपमा मात्र मान्यता दिनु भूकम्पपीडित र परोपकारी दायित्वप्रति गद्दारी मानिनेछ।
परोपकारी र राष्ट्रिय दायित्वप्रति सचेत तथा समर्पित यस्ता गतिविधिलाई प्रोत्साहित गर्न सरकारले मूल्य अभिवृद्धि, आयकरलगायत अन्य करलाई माफी दिनु स्वाभाविक मानवीय कदम हुनुपर्थ्‍यो सरकारको। तर उसले यी समस्त सद्भावपूर्ण अभियानलाई राजनीतीकरण गरी प्रधानमन्त्री राहत कोषलाई पोस्ने काम गरेको छ, जुन अनैतिक र अमानवीय हो।
पक्कै पनि प्रधानमन्त्री सर्वोच्च कार्यकारी निकाय हो र ऊ जनताप्रति जबाफदेही हुनुपर्छ। तर जुन प्रधानमन्त्री कार्यालय र सरकारले जनप्रतिनिधिमूलक संस्था संसद् बोलाउने साहस र विवेक प्रदर्शन गरेको छैन, त्यस्तो अवस्थामा प्रधानमन्त्री कोषको कारबाही कति पारदर्शी र जवाफदेही होलान्? 
राहत वितरणमा पीडित जनतामाझ जान नचाहेका र नसकेका खासगरी चार राजनीतिक दल र तिनका नेताहरूको संलग्नताले भ्रष्टाचारको संस्कृतिलाई निरन्तरता देला भन्ने डर पनि प्रचुर छ।
प्रधानमन्त्री कोइराला स्वयंले बुधबार टुँडिखेलमा राहत र स्वस्थ वातावरणबाट वञ्चित पीडितहरूको खप्की खानुपरेको थियो। सिन्धुपाल्चोक, रसुवा र गोरखामा उद्धार र राहत पुग्न सकेको छैन।
उद्धार र राहतमा भिडेका सुरक्षा निकायलाई कुनै नीतिगत निर्देशन दिएको छैन सरकारले भने अर्कोतिर पुनर्निर्माणका दीर्घकालीन खाकाबारे ऊ मौन छ। त्यस्तो अवस्थामा राहत वितरणको जिम्मा केन्द्रीकृत गर्नु र गैरसरकारी क्षेत्रलाई प्रधानमन्त्री कोषमा रकम जम्मा गर्ने निकायका रूपमा मात्र मान्यता दिनु भूकम्पपीडित र परोपकारी दायित्वप्रति गद्दारी मानिनेछ।


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राष्ट्र बैंकको निर्देशनले सहयोगी निरुत्साहित
काठमाडौं : नेपाल राष्ट्र बैंकको निर्देशनले सहयोगी हातहरू निरुत्साहित भएका छन्। नेपाल राष्ट्र बैंकले बुधबार बैंक तथा वित्तीय संस्थालाई निर्देशन दिँदै भूकम्प पीडितको नाममा खोलिएका खाताको रकम प्रधानमन्त्री राहत तथा उद्धार कोषमा मात्र रकमान्तर गर्न पाउने र आफूखुसी वितरण गर्न नपाउने निर्देशन जारी गरेको थियो।
तर, सहयोग गर्न चाहने सर्वसाधारण तथा विभिन्न संघ संस्था भने सरकारको खर्च गर्ने प्रणाली पारदर्शी नभएको र सरकारी कोषबाट राजनीतिक दलका कार्यकर्ता पोस्ने व्यवहारका कारण निरुत्साहित भएका हुन्।
विभिन्न सर्वसाधारण तथा संघ संस्थाले शनिबार मुलुकमा गएको महाभूकम्पको उद्धार तथा राहतका लागि बैंक तथा वित्तीय संस्थामा खाता खोली सहायता जुटाउने अभियान नै सुरु गरेका थिए। तर, एक बैंकरका अनुसार राष्ट्र बैंकको निर्देशनपछि सहयोगी हातहरू निरुत्साहित भएका हुन्।
विगतमा राजनीतिक दलका नेताहरूले राहत वितरण गर्दा आफ्ना कार्यकर्तालाई मात्र दिएको तथा सही रूपमा पीडितले नपाएको भन्दै सहयोग रकम जम्मा गर्न निरुत्साहित भएका हुन्।
विगतमा राजनीतिक दलका नेताहरूले राहत वितरण गर्दा आफ्ना कार्यकर्तालाई मात्र दिएको तथा सही रूपमा पीडितले नपाएको भन्दै सहयोग रकम जम्मा गर्न निरुत्साहित भएका हुन्। 
बैंकरहरूका अनुसार सरकारको नियत ठिक भए पनि व्यवहारमा दलका कार्यकर्तालाई मात्र पीडित देख्ने बानी परिवर्तन नहुन्जेल सहयोग गर्न चाहनेहरू आश्वस्त हुने स्थिति भने छैन।
विगतमा केही संघ संस्थाले सहयोग रकम दुरुपयोग गरेको भन्दै राष्ट्र बैंकले राहतको नाममा खोलिएका खाताको विवरण पेस गर्नसमेत बैंकहरूलाई निर्देशन दिएको छ। 
राष्ट्र बैंकको निर्देशनअनुसार विभिन्न संस्थाले राहतका लागि खोलेको कोषको रकम आफूखुसी वितरण गर्न पाउने छैनन्। कोषमा रकम जम्मा गर्न सकिने तर आफूखुसी वितरण गर्न नसक्ने व्यवस्था गरिएको राष्ट्र बैंकले बताएको छ।
यस्तै, सरकारले पाल, खाद्यान्न जस्ता वस्तु सहयोग गर्दा भ्याट छुट दिनुपर्ने उनीहरूको भनाइ छ। 'हामीले वस्तु खरिद गरेर दिँदा सरकारलाई नै मद्दत गरेको हो', बैंकरले भने।

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Posted on 05-02-15 7:32 AM     [Snapshot: 1994]     Reply [Subscribe]
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we all know about the relief fund and it's mechanism of action. Anyone like Swarnim Wagle, can claim and make arguments in many many ways in support of the Relief fund. Look in real field... What the heck they are doing.....look who else from that fund is getting relief from the victim now.... Perhaps you have also watched a video clip from CDO of Lalitpur......who was saying that " tapai Lai Kina rahat dine? " to the victims requesting for a tent.
The rescue and relief effort is not a like "wait and see" ? It should be done right away with every possible
mechanisms. As we all know how many people got immediate relief...????
We understand that there might be people with some hidden interest in the name of help. But, majority of those international community are there to help Nepal and not to file asylum... ...

The leaders have already lost their faith from general public. They further proved their insanity during this tragedy first not doing enough by themselves and now blocking the direct support to the victim in the name of one-door policy through relief fund.
Listen many voices of the victims......who else is getting relief, who else is getting support .......As a citizen of Nepal, do I have no rights to protect my sisters and brothers who are affected by this tragedy ?? If I have right, then why I have to direct funds and other relief materials that I cleared from well wishers of Nepal to the government rather than to the victim who are in desperate needs.
I have been told that "a huge amount of tents collected in Pakistan by Dr. Achyut Adhikari is not being able to deliver to Nepal because the Nepal gov is not accepting those aid unless it comes directly from Pakistan Gov." Why you have to go and look to gov gov officials at this time of tragedy ...

So, my point is that we have to get our right to help the victims in every possible ways. If Nepal Government hook on such activities, they are inhumane .......victims need immediate relief..........Pls pls DO NOT MIX POLITICS IN HUMANITY.
- Santosh Thapa

चिनको हेलीकप्टर सहयोग र तत्काल बाटो मरम्मतगर्ने प्रस्ताब अस्वीकार गर्ने गृहमन्त्री तुरुन्त राजीनामा गर !ज्यानमारा आरोपमा अदालतमा मुद्दा दायर गर्नुपर्छ ।
I heard from two ministers that there is lack of parking at airport for helicopters, which is ridiculous.
बिगत केहि महिना पहिले जुरेमा पहिरो जादा अरनिको राजमार्गमा भएको पुन-निर्माणको चिनिया प्रस्ताब यो सरकारले इन्कार गरेको थियो |
- Roshan Shiwakoti

India kaa planes laai chai jathavaabi parking garna dine, ani helicopter lai alikati ni thau chaina jasle heli use garera durgam tira pani raahat supply garchu vanda nahune
- Prith We

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What is the PM's Disaster Relief Fund and What it is Not?

I have been swamped with queries on what the recent Central Bank directive on transfer of funds after the April 25 earthquake means. I share your concerns. But it only affects bank accounts that were opened in the last 6 days under the direct subject of "quake relief." People, agencies, NGOs, or donors with established bank accounts before April 25 can continue to receive and mobilize funds just as they used to in the past. But I am verifying some more facts, and will post separately on this topic later.

In the mean time, there is a lot of misunderstanding about the PM’s Disaster Relief Fund. Let me clarify based on what I know:

1. The Prime Minister (or his party) has absolutely nothing to do with it. The PM cannot access this fund himself. It is coordinated by the Vice Chairperson of the NPC and 8 Secretaries through a unanimous decision.

2. It is purely a relief fund, channeled through the Chief District Officer in each disaster-hit district, and is meant to follow a “fast track” to cut through the usual procedural delays in a slow bureaucracy.

3. The fund cannot be used to provide donations or any other administrative or overhead costs including facilities and allowances to civil servants. (They get no helicopter rides or random “incentives.”)

4. This is completely different from the Prime Minister’s “Assistance Fund” which he can use with discretion.

5. Is there some leakage, abuse, waste? I bet there is, just like there is scope for foul play in any large fund run by multilaterals (WB/ADB), bilaterals (UK/US) or NGOs. But what are the safeguards against potential abuse? Unlike the PM’s “Assistance Fund” which is not legally required to be audited, the “Disaster Relief Fund” is audited regularly and annually by the Office of the Auditor General of Nepal. There is a clear “Karyabidhi” (Operation Regulations 2006: http://opmcm.gov.np/…/cm…/file/niyamawali_20110717014805.pdf). “Akhtiyaar” can also look into cases and folks can go to jail.

6. The Government will most likely also add an extra layer of third party, independent auditing to enhance credibility and transparency.

7. No political party or leader has any access to these funds at the Centre. My personal view is that to prevent misuse in the districts, vigilance and scrutiny is required by the media and civil society. Do ask tough questions and hold officials to account.

8. The website lists all contributions so far (file downloadable in Excel), including the US$1 million cash donation from Bhutan:http://pmrelief.opmcm.gov.np/contributors.aspx

9. In view of the above, the premise of this article in a British newspaper that “funds are being directed to a political party” is completely untrue.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/…/Nepal-aid-donors-may-halt-fund…

10. For further clarity, please contact the Coordinator of the Fund, Prof. Dr. Govind Raj Pokharel (NPC Vice Chair) on his mobile: 98511 00407 or the Secretary of the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Mr. Narayan Gopal Malego on 98415 16505.

From Wagle’s facebook page. Wagle is a member of National Planning Commission (NPC)


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Just read this from Mysansar:

राहत संकलन खातामा राज्यको ‘कब्जा’को कोकोहोलोको वास्तविक अर्थ बुझौँ
By Salokya, on May 2nd, 2015

हिजो अचानक एउटा कोकोहोलो मच्चिएको छ, राहत संकलनका लागि खोलिएका बैँक खातामा राज्यले ‘कब्जा’ गर्ने निर्णय गर्‍यो। शब्द चयनले नै यसलाई नकारात्मक देखाउँछ। तर सिक्काको दुई पाटो हुन्छ। यसलाई नकारात्मक हिसाबले मात्र बुझ्न भन्दा पनि दुवै पाटोको विश्लेषण गरिनुपर्छ।

सबैभन्दा पहिले गरिएको के हो ? त्यो बुझौँ।

नेपाल राष्ट्र बैँकले सबै बैँक तथा वित्तीय संस्थालाई निर्देशन जारी गर्दै ‘राहत कोष’को नाममा सञ्चालित खातामा भएका रकमहरु ‘इयरमार्क’ गर्न भनेको छ। के हो त यो इयरमार्क भनेको?

इयरमार्क गरेपछि त्यो खातामा रकम जम्मा त हुन्छ। तर त्यसलाई खातावालाले आफूखुशी निकाल्न भने पाउँदैन। जुन प्रयोजनका लागि उनीहरुले जम्मा गरेको हो, त्यही प्रयोजनमा मात्र खर्च गर्न पाइन्छ। यी राहत कोषका खाताको प्रयोजन राहत हुने हुनाले यसको रकम प्रधानमन्त्री दैवी प्रकोप उद्दार कोषमा जानेछ।

आफ्ना कर्मचारीलाई महिनौँसम्म तलब नदिने मिडिया, अफिसको फर्निचर र लेखको पारिश्रमिकसमेत दाताबाट लिएर पत्रिका बिक्री गर्नेहरु, आफ्नो खल्तीबाट सुको नराखी वा थोरै राखी जनताको पैसा उठाउन खातामात्र खोल्ने संस्थाहरु सरकारको यो निर्णयबाट क्रुद्ध छन्। उनीहरुले मन्त्री र सरकारी अधिकारीहरुलाई भेटी निर्णयबारे विरोध पनि जनाएका रहेछन्।

तर विगतमा राहत कोषका नाममा यी संस्थाहरुले सञ्चालन गरेको कोषका रकमको खर्च प्रयोजन बुझाउँदा सवारी साधन, व्यवस्थापन, कर्मचारी आदिका नाममा खर्च गरेको भेटिएको थियो। यस्ता संस्थाहरुको राहत कोषको खर्च केमा खर्च गर्ने केमा नगर्ने कुनै निर्देशिका नहुने हुँदा अनुगमन गर्न पनि गाह्रो हुन्छ। ‘व्यक्तिगत रुपमा आचरण कस्तो छ सबै थाहा छ, कति के गर्न सक्छ, विगतमा कयौँको पैसा कसरी खाएका थिए पनि थाहा छ, तर मिडियाको आवरणमा कोष खडा गरी जनताबाट पैसा उठाएका छन्। त्यस्तो खातामा जम्मा भएको पैसाको सदुपयोग हुन्छ भनेर कसरी विश्वास गर्न सकिन्छ’, राष्ट्र बैँकका एक अधिकारीले बताए।

आफूखुशी पैसा खर्च गर्न नपाएपछि उनीहरुले सहयोग नआउने चेतावनी पनि दिएका थिए। तर राष्ट्र बैँकका अधिकारीहरुले राज्यलाई नै विश्वास नगर्ने हो भने अरु पक्षको कसरी विश्वास हुन्छ भन्ने जवाफ दिएका थिए।

परोपकारी संस्थाको खातामा होइन
इयरमार्क कुनै संघ संस्थाले राहत कोषको नाममा सञ्चालन गरेका बैँक खातामा मात्र लागू हुने हो। विगतमा पनि यस्ता संघ संस्थाले उठाएका रकम आफूखुशी के के नाममा भएको खर्च कटाई प्रधानमन्त्री उद्दार कोषमा नै जम्मा गर्ने गर्थे। अहिले भने त्यस्तो खर्च कटाउन नपाइने गरी सिधै जे उद्देश्यका लागि हो त्यहीमा अर्थात् कोषमा जम्मा हुने बनाइएको हो।

विधानमा नै परोपकारी संस्था उल्लेख भएको संस्थाको आफ्नो खातामा आउने रकम यसरी इयरमार्क हुँदैन। तर यस्ता परोपकारी संस्थाले पनि राहत कोषको नाममा अर्को बैँक खाता खोले भने त्यो रकम पनि इयरमार्क हुन्छ।

कसैले कुनै व्यक्तिलाई विश्वास गरेर पैसा दिन्छ भने त्यो पनि इयरमार्क हुँदैन। व्यक्तिगत पहलमा आउने रकम व्यक्तिकै खातामा जम्मा हुन्छ र त्यसको खर्च व्यक्तिले नै कसरी गर्ने भनेर निर्णय गर्न सक्नेछन्। उनीहरुले या त त्यो पैसालाई आफै वा कुनै संस्था मार्फत् राहत पुर्‍याउन प्रयोग गर्न सक्नेछन्।

यो व्यवस्थाका सकारात्मक र नकारात्मक पाटो पहिल्याउने काम अब तपाईँहरुकै। प्रधानमन्त्री उद्दार कोषको त एउटा निश्चित नियमावली छ र लेखापरीक्षण हुन्छ। नियमावली अनुसार यसमा संकलित रकम यस्तो प्रयोजनमा खर्च गर्न पाइन्न-
पूरा नियमावली तपाईँ यहाँ पढ्न सक्नुहुन्छ।

हो, सरकारी संरचना त्यति प्रभावकारी हुन नसकेको अनुभव सबैलाई भइरहेको छ। तर जो पायो त्यही संस्थाले राहत कोषको नाममा उठाएको रकम पनि वास्तविक पीडित सामु पुग्छ भन्ने ग्यारेन्टी हुँदैन। विगतका अनुभवले पनि त्यही देखाएको छ। राज्यलाई नै विश्वास नगर्ने अवस्था आयो भने गैर सरकारी संस्थाहरु मार्फत् तपाईँ सहयोग गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ। होइन, कुनै व्यक्तिलाई तपाईँ विश्वास गर्नुहुन्छ भने व्यक्तिमार्फत् पनि सहयोग हुनसक्छ। त्यसमा कुनै रोक लगाइएको अवस्था हाललाई छैन।

अहिले मच्चिरहेको कोकोहोलो चाहिँ विभिन्न संस्थाले ‘भूकम्प पीडित राहत कोष’को नाममा बैँक खाता खोल्ने अनि त्यसको रकमबाट प्रशासनिक खर्चका नाममा पैसा कटाएर राहत कोषलाई दिने काम रोकियो भनेर हो।
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विदेशी उद्धार टोली परिचालन नभई फर्किने तयारीमा

पी.टी. लोप्चन/उज्यालो । काठमाडौं, वैशाख १८ – भूकम्प पीडितको समयमै उद्धार नभएको गुनासा आइरहेको बेला विदेशबाट आएका केही उद्धारकर्मीको टोली अझै परिचालन हुन सकेको छैन । जर्मनीबाट आएको ५२ जनाको उद्धार टोली, दुवईको २९ जनाको मेडिकल टोली र नर्वेको ३७ सदस्यीय राहत तथा उद्धार टोली परिचालन हुन नपाएको हो ।

भूकम्प प्रभावितको उद्धारका लागि विभिन्न देशबाट आएका खोजी तथा उद्धार टोलीलाई आ–आफ्नो देश फर्कन सरकारले औपचारिक आग्रह गरिसकेको छ । नेपाल आएका उद्धार टोलीले घरभित्र पुरिएका मृतकको उद्धार गर्ने अधिकार आफूहरुलाई नरहेको बताएपछि सरकारले आ–आफ्नो देशमा फर्कन आग्रह गरेको हो । 

खोजी, उद्धार र राहतको अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय टोलीको समेत नेतृत्व सम्हालेको नेपाली सेनाले समेत उद्धार टोलीलाई सम्बन्धित देशमै फर्काउने बारेमा कुरा भैरहेको र नेपाल सरकारले गर्ने निर्णय बमोजिम हुने जनाएको छ । 

सरकारले आ–आफ्नो देशमा फर्कन गरेको आग्रहसँगै कतिपय विदेशी उद्धार टोली परिचालन हुन नपाई फर्कने अवस्थामा पुगेको छ । नेपाली सेनाको व्यवस्था तथा नीति निर्देशनालय जंगी अड्डाका अनुसार भारतबाट आएको ९ सय ६२ सदस्यीय २८ वटा टोली  सिनामंगलको एपिएफ बेसक्याम्पमा, चीनबाट आएको ४ वटा कुकुर सहितको ८ वटा टोली धुलिखेल तथा सिंहदरबारमा, पाकिस्तानको खोजी टोली भक्तपुरको दधिकोट र मेडिकल टोली भक्तपुरको सल्लाघरीमा खटिएका छन् । 

श्रीलंकाको १ सय ४० जनाको दुई टोली काभ्रेको दोलालघाटमा, बंगलादेशको १७ सदस्यीय टोली खोकनाको आदर्श स्कुलमा, इजरायलको  २ सय ८६ जना सम्मिलित दुई टोली छाउनी अस्पताल र शोभाभगवती, नुवाकोट र साँखुमा परिचालन गरिएको छ । 

यस्तै भुटानको ६२ को मेडिकल टोली त्रिशुलीको विदुरमा, अमेरिकाको ६ वटा कुकुर सहितको टोली खोजी तथा उद्धार टोली रसुवामा, मलेसियाको ४७ जनाको टोली हरिसिद्धी र साँखुमा, फ्रान्सको ८ जनाको टोली चरिकोटमा, स्पेनको ९ जनाको खोजी टोली गोर्खामा, कोरियाको १४ जनाको टोली भक्तपुर थिमीमा, सिंगापुरको १ सय ६ जनाको मेडिकल र खोजी टोली गोर्खा र खुमलटारमा, थाइल्याण्डको १७ जनाको मेडिकल टोली टुँडिखेलमा परिचालन गरेको छ । 


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This is why many nepalese don't trust the government fund. Government of Nepal decides to distribute tents to CA members on the second day of big earthquake. Can government assure that it is not going to do the same thing with its funds? Can it guarantee that it didn't distribute the tents and resources among political cadres? There are many REAL victims who have not got tents in the villages. Government decide to distribute THOUSANDS of tents to its CORRUPTed politicians.

Posted on 05-15-15 7:05 PM     [Snapshot: 3572]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 05-15-15 9:10 PM     [Snapshot: 3660]     Reply [Subscribe]
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case in points

1 . it has been almost 2 years, floods in terai and landslide in sindhupalchowk, yet so called PM fund for rehabilitation frozen not distributed at all.

2. ok there is auditing but who can stop it reliefs as kongressi/emale/maobadi syndicate, it has already distributed as such level on ordinary people's money.
3. afraid they will spend on needed fancy govt buildings first and audit can stop nothing.

PM fund is a joke say no to it. there may be up and downs but immediate reliefs is what needed now

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