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 The Slander of Dilshova

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Posted on 02-27-14 9:14 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The recent melodrama in the media regarding a social service icon Dilshova comes as a harsh reminder of the day and age we live in.

The main issue was that the credibility of Dilshova was attacked in a very heinous manner - accusing her of sexual misconduct on the very children she gave her life to serve. This was the worst slander and defamation of character that was possible and the involved media chose to publish such harsh judgment on her character without any kind of verification or sense of responsibility. Even the name of the journalist making the accusation has not been published.

It is a shame that many highly qualified educated individuals are seemingly participating in the blame game instead of trying to understand the gravity of the situation. The point is that a selfless individual who was doing an immense service to the needy was attacked in a moral and personal manner, and the so called educated elite is trying to make it about the 'management', 'record keeping' and 'healthy living conditions'.

They forget that this is Dilshova's home, and how many of you know homes where they need to have a big management for record keeping and meeting specific requirement? This is not the US or some developed country we are talking about. In paper it looks good to say we have this many educated and this many hospitals, but in the street and village level, we have the majority of Nepali population living in worse conditions than the one provided by Dilshova. You cannot blame her for making their lives better off than it would have been without her intervention.

Legally, maybe she's required to file papers and such, but you cannot blame an unlicensed surgeon for saving a man dying of heart attack. However, if it is in your character to find fault you can always find fault saying 'He was not even licensed.' 'He had not taken a bath for a month.' 'He was not using sanitized equipment or gloves.' and the list can go on. But, the most important point here is that a life was saved. Whether it was a legal thing or not is not important specially in Nepal where murderers roam free with protection from higher echelon of the legal entities.

So dwelling on the legality of social service is a ridiculous stance that anyone can take. The sanitation is an important issue, but then again, how many Nepali families have access to good sanitation? Someone living exposed to the street is worse off than someone living under Dilshova's house. Would it be nice? Yes, obviously! It would be nice if everyone in Nepal had access to fresh drinking water, access to medication, sanitary living environment and all that, but we cannot force the ideal scenario onto harsh reality.

As far as the establishment reeking urine and feces, anyone who have been to a daycare of infants will know that it is only normal for such smell and similarly when there are numerous elderlies with low control over their bowels and bladders, then such smell is only natural.

Having said all this, obviously some better management would be nice, but then again, there are many things in this life that would be nice. I am sure this comes as a good lesson to Dilshova in the need to manage more - as long as she has the finances for it.

All I am saying is that let's not put excessive undue stress on trivialities, and appreciate the big picture. A social service icon's character has been defamed by the greedy media who want to sensationalize everything so that they can sell well. Instead of focusing on 'good to have things', can we look critically at these irresponsible media for their false claim, trying to discredit a known figure to gain negative publicity for their own establishments?
The postings in this thread span 4 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 03-02-14 10:59 AM     [Snapshot: 4048]     Reply [Subscribe]
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no wonder sajha is full of d**k suckers to reveal their pathetic opinion on dilshova and her deeds..disgusting arsehole even to criticize on the religion..
muzee harukai comment bata eeniharuko sochne level ani character tha hunca kee eeneharu pani tee ek madhey hun jasle babu ama lai hela garchan ani dobato ma chadchan swasnee ko muzee ma ghusrinako lagee.
tehi bhayera dilshova dekhi aakroshit bhaka hun..

Posted on 03-02-14 12:00 PM     [Snapshot: 4120]     Reply [Subscribe]
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नागरिकले त्यो हेडलाईन लेख्नमा अली जल्दबाजी र गल्ति गर्‍यो जस्तो लाग्छ। पत्रीकाको काम जनतालाई खबर पुर्‍याउनु हो न की judgment दिने, नागरिक ले राम्ररी छान्बिन गरेर मात्र त्यो खबर छापेको भए हुन्थ्यो अथवा यौन दुराचारको आरोप नलगायेर खाली आमाको घरको सफाइ सम्बन्धी लापर्वाहीको न्युज छापेको भए हुने थियो। सिर्फ एक तर्फी टेलिफोने सम्बादको भरमा दिलशोभाले यौन दुराचार गर्‍यो भनेर निश्कर्श त निकाल्न भएन नि, होईन र? नागरिकको यो tabloid स्टाईलको बिना प्रमाणको सन्सनिखेज हेडलाईन ले एक दिन नागरिकलाई पोल्नेछ। यदि यो कुराको (यौन दुराचार) प्रमाण नभएमा जनताले नागरिक लाई कठघरामा ल्याउनै पर्छ। नागरिकले दिलशोभाको आसुँको मोल चुकाउनु नै पर्छ।

Posted on 03-02-14 3:35 PM     [Snapshot: 4234]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Now this is real investigative Journalism, not the s**t hackjob done by Mysansar and Nagriknews:


Posted on 03-02-14 4:33 PM     [Snapshot: 4289]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@sojoketo: please be a little respectful of yourself and others even though we might not know you. using those uncivilized words wont give weight to your comment.
Posted on 03-02-14 10:52 PM     [Snapshot: 4537]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I appreciate everyone's opinions here.

People are bound to have differences in a democratic society and so it is only natural to have people having different opinions regarding this issue.

Few people have expressed that the important thing here is the mismanagement, bad sanitation, and financial transparency.

The importance of good management and good organization is a universal truth which does not need to be restated.

Personally, for me this is about people like you and me who are trying to choose which side to support in the face of a false, sensationalized defamation of character and portrayal of a respectable citizen as as sexual abuser/exploiter without any proof.

Now some of us see the absolute ridiculousness of the whole media circus and find it fundamentally wrong to publicly defame someone's good name with the ultimate insult of sexual deviant. Some of us however choose to scratch the legality and working condition of Dilshova institution AS IF all other institutions are all operating legally in all possible way (Are all institutions using legal paid softwares?).

I am not saying that mismanagement is the way to go! There are obvious things that we do not need to argue about. Management is good, transparency is good, doing things in a legal way is good, sanitation is good. Noone has to take the higher ground and preach these things.

In my opinion, the only preaching that is needed here is the absolutely horrendous lack of judgment and ethics shown by the involved media in demonizing a respectable individual as a sexual miscreant. And thus my stance on this issue.

You are free to scratch into the underlying good management, transparency, legality, sanitation, which as I said are obvious things which would be good for any institution.

Posted on 03-03-14 1:21 AM     [Snapshot: 4645]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This one by Dipendra Bhandari is worth reading.
Posted on 03-03-14 5:11 AM     [Snapshot: 4695]     Reply [Subscribe]
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A mismanagement is when you spend 2 dollars that you can do with 1 dollar. In this case she was spending 50 cents when she had 2 dollars.
by no means this is a mismanagement. this is a classic case of greed.
Posted on 03-03-14 11:24 AM     [Snapshot: 4851]     Reply [Subscribe]
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नागरिक news को सामाजिक बहिस्कार गर्न पर्छ !! हुदै नभएको घटना लाइ छानबिन नै नगरी तेस्तो गम्बिर आरोप लाउन हुदैन ! पत्रिका को आफ्नो मर्यादा हुन्छ , जुन पत्रिका ले तेस्को पालना गर्दैन तेस्ता लाइ सबै ले बहिस्कार नै गर्न पर्छ !
mysansar को उमेस तेस्को उदाहरण हो !
Posted on 03-03-14 11:24 AM     [Snapshot: 4851]     Reply [Subscribe]
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यो भिडियो हेर्नुस एक पल्ट र आफै मुल्यांकन गर्नुस | मेरो ब्रम्हले देखेको दुइचार बूँदा प्रधान सम्पादक प्रधानजी लाइ राख्न चाहन्छु | 

१. मैले जाने बुझे सम्म ( मेरो भाषिक ज्ञानले ) -यौन दुराचार आरोप छ भन्नु र समाज सेवाको आबारण मा यौन दुराचार गरेको तथ्य फेला पाएको भन्नु एकै होइन | 

२. मापदण्ड पुरा नभएको भनी स्वीकार गर्नु शाब्दिक अर्थमा गल्ती स्वीकार गरेको हुन सक्ला तर त्यहाँ शाब्दिक अर्थ भन्दा धेरैथोक छ | सरसफाईको प्रयास न पुग्नु भनेको के गल्ति गर्नु हो ??

३. यौन दुराचार भन्ने शब्दले प्रधान सम्पादकज्यू हेराइ मात्र लाइ बुझाउदैन... नेपाली पाठकहरु बिल्कुलै नबुझ्ने छैन | 

४. आशाराम बापूलाई यौन दुराचारमा पक्राउ गर्दा आशाराम बापु माथि आरोप लागाउने पीडित मान्छे आफैले उजुरी दिएको र गहिरो अनुसन्धान र प्रामाणहरु भेटीए पछी मेडियामा आएको र पक्राउ गरेको कुरा संग दिल शोभालाइ जोड्नु कहाँ सम्म ठिक हो ??

५. दिल शोभालाई मात्र हैन कसै माथि पनि मेडियाले प्रश्न उठाउन पाउँछ तर संगिन आरोप लगाउन अघि सत्यताको गहराई नाप्नु पर्दछ | नागरिकमा छापिए पछी , नागरिकमा सम्बादाताले समाचार सम्प्रेषण गरे पछी हामीले आरोप लगाएको हैन भन्न पाउनु हुन्न | 

Posted on 03-03-14 11:35 AM     [Snapshot: 4850]     Reply [Subscribe]
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As there are so many news floating about Dil Shova that it's hard to keep track, but I read somewhere that she got total Rs. 1.12 crore income through donation for this year. It also reported that she spent around Rs. 3.50 lakhs per month on food, school supplies, medicines etc.for her members. And as of now, there is around Rs. 70 lakhs in the Aamaghar account. So this roughly shows that she is not using the fund for her personal luxuries and she's not transporting suitcases full of money to her Maiti khalak as reported.

Yeah, as Mancini pointed out, she seems to be spending 50 cents when she had 2 dollars. But I don't agree with him that it was her greed. I think, she did this because of her insecurities about the finances. She had gone through the extreme poor condition where she said that they could not even buy vegetables and they just ate "[Disallowed String for - Bad word 'fuk']ka chyura". It is not guaranteed that she will continue to get this amount of donation in coming years too. So she might have become insecure to spend generously and is still sticking to her frugal ways.

When people get old, they somehow begin to behave stubborn like kids and it's well known fact that it is certainly not an easy job to raise kids even for the parents. So given her efficiency, her own old age and her lack of knowledge about the standards she should have met to run old age/ child care facility, she seems to have failed. But I think there is no place to doubt about her good intentions.
Posted on 03-03-14 12:25 PM     [Snapshot: 4949]     Reply [Subscribe]
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आखीरमा सपै दोषी !
१। सडकका बृद्दहरु पालन पोषण गर्ने - समाजसेबी दीलशोभा दोषी  ! बृद्द मात्र पाल्ने संस्थामा जुम्लाका बच्चाहरुको हेरचाह गर्नु पर्ने बाध्यतामा परेका दिलशोभा दोषी ! राम्ररी बोल्न नजान्ने, हिसाब राख्न नजान्ने, कानून नजान्ने तर अरुलाई माया, माया, माया गर्ने दिलशोभा दोषी !
२। बाल कल्याण समितिले आफै चिट्ठी लेखेर बृद्द पोषण संस्थामा बाल बच्चा हेरि दिनू भन्ने तर पछि दर्ता नगरेको अभियोग लगाउने बाल कल्याण दोषी !
३। बिजय कुमार र रबिन्द्र मिश्र जस्ता पत्रकार जस्ले परोपकारी दिल शोभालाई पब्लिक फिगर बनाई दिए - ति दोषी !
४। एकतर्फी कुराको आधारमा, बिरामीको हेरचाहलाई पठाएको "बुढी"को आधारमा "यौन दूराचार आरोप पुष्टी" भनेर समाचार लेख्न हतार गर्ने नागरीक न्यूजका KP Dhungana र प्रधान सम्पादक prateek pradhan दोषी ! अझ जनताले कुरा नबुझेको भनेर जनतालाई बेबकुफ बनाउने प्रतीक झनै दोषी !
५। पानी, बिजुली आपुर्ती गर्न नसक्ने, शहरका खातेहरुको ब्यबस्था गर्न नसक्ने तर मापदण्डको कुरा गर्ने सरकार दोषी !
६। ती आश्रमका बृद्दहरुका समृद्द छोराछोरीहरु दोषी !
७। दिल शोभालाई आर्थीक सहयोग गरेर अनियमितता गर्न उन्मुख स्वदेशी तथा बिदेशी दाता/ दातृहरु दोषी !
८।  सो आश्रमको सर सफाई, बृद्दहरुको हेरचाहमा सुधार गर्ने, अरु न्युनतम आबश्यकताहरु पूरा गर्न तिर उन्मुख हुन सकिने तर नियत ठीक नभएका पदाधिकारिहरु दोषी !
९। त्यो फोन रेकर्ड बहिनी (गुरुड्ग) गर्ने दोषी !
१० ।  के पी ढुङ्गाना, "बाहुन"ले जातिय दिलशोभा माथी गरेको सुनियोजित षडयन्त्र हो भन्दै के पि को ज्यान लिने धम्की दिने जाति बादीहरु दोषी ! 
११ । राधीका मानन्धरलाई थला पर्ने गरि बिरामी पारी दिएका "क्यान्सर" दोषी ! समय दिन नसकेका उनका छोरा छोरी, बिदेश गएका नाती नातिना दोषी ! दिलशोभाको घरमा पटक पटक बस्न गएका ति दोषी - दिलशोभा संग सहयोग माग्ने राधिका मानन्धर दोषी !
१२ । दिलशोभा प्रति सहानुभुति जगाउने र अरुका निम्ति पनि केहि गर्नु पर्छ भन्ने भावना भएकाहरु सब्बै दोषी !

Posted on 03-03-14 1:22 PM     [Snapshot: 5017]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Shirish ,

अनि दिलशोभा को पक्छमा , बिपक्छमा या निस्पक्छ भएर आफ्नो राय दिने हामीहरु पनि दोषी जस्तो लग्न थाल्यो अब त मलाई | सबै लाइ intellectual or moral high हुन्छ जस्तो छ यो बिषयमा आफ्नो राय दिए पछि | 
Last edited: 03-Mar-14 01:30 PM

Posted on 03-03-14 11:20 PM     [Snapshot: 5308]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@balatkari gundey,

u said she sud be hanged to death.

If she is guilty, let law handle the situation. now one is above law but if she comes clean in sexual abuses, can i hang u to death?

dherai talibanatha nadekha yeha...
Posted on 03-04-14 1:52 AM     [Snapshot: 5387]     Reply [Subscribe]
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New vital info
Posted on 03-04-14 10:24 PM     [Snapshot: 5666]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just like Dil Shobha should be punished if she broke any laws, Naagarik and it's journalist K. P. Dhungana should be sued for defamation. Naagarik presented this news as a fact and stated they had an evidence to prove the prostitution. This was a false statement written without adequate research. It caused serious harm to Dil Sobha, her organization, the senior citizens who live at Amaa Ghar and her employees. I think there is enough grounds to file a litigation for defamation.

If a lawsuit is being filed, I will gladly donate to help fund the litigation.
Posted on 03-05-14 12:10 AM     [Snapshot: 5699]     Reply [Subscribe]
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what the heck u mean be respectful of myself.. of course i do respect for what i'm b'coz i ain't like any other jerks to be judgmental and derogate
someones good deeds just for fake stuffs..
having pathetic opinion for innocent is more uncivilized and full of vulgarity than using the words that sounds unusual, weird and uncivilized for
(saaja samajka asabhya ani amanabiya bhadra bhaldmeeharu)
again for those who respect ppl favoring the truth and right stuff, i do have respect for them, so i do respect myself.. :)
no matter for me ppl in favor of wrongful deeds and inhumanity are always a d**k sucker.

BTW @macini your name itself seems to be uncivilized and vulgar.. people will mistaken it with @makchikni as macini looks like abbreviation of makchikni when k--kindness is missing in you
and h is silent. :)
Posted on 05-20-14 11:17 AM     [Snapshot: 7690]     Reply [Subscribe]
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<>(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js#xfbml=1"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, '', 'facebook-jssdk'));

Posted on 05-20-14 1:11 PM     [Snapshot: 7847]     Reply [Subscribe]
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So why has this news disappeared? Can't they not prove it, like they said? How can we make these news media accountable for their actions?

Somebody needs to pay for this, either her or the media which published the story. Jail time and financial retribution is an absolute must. Let us keep this thread alive and keep forcing the real story come forward.
Posted on 05-20-14 1:27 PM     [Snapshot: 7875]     Reply [Subscribe]
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On one hand, I would like to commend Nagarik News for featuring an editorial that almost resembled an apology, which is a rare feat in our society to begin with.

On the other, it seems insufficient, judging by the words of the editorial which to me read like "We accused without evidence, but we couldn't find evidence on sexual predation, hence kinda sorry, but other reports on hygience, sanitation were true"

What I find particularly troubling is how all other celebrity journalists are stating that it was a "simple" mistake by a professional and the need to move on. Yet, noone talks about the psychological scar that has been inflicted on the victim and how she can get proper justice under our fledgling justice system.
Posted on 05-20-14 8:18 PM     [Snapshot: 8022]     Reply [Subscribe]
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These reporters are the new form of 'dada' in Nepal. Everybody is scared of them. While we understand freedom of press, they should be governed by the same law as with everybody else. This is a clear case of their irresponsibility and poor journalism. They have destroyed someone's life and many other people's life depended on her. Why is there no severe punishment? Where are all those people who believed the news? What is your say?
Their apology is useless and a joke. How can we let a mere apology be the punishment? If I committed a crime and print an apology in the newspaper, can I get the same result? So why are these vultures allowed to scape with an apology? They need to pay. If not, these people will not stop and there will be many more victims like Dil Shova in the future.

Last edited: 20-May-14 08:27 PM


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प्रियंका कार्की फोटो अबलम भाग २ , ३ जून २०१६ copyright @पुन्टर
उमेर नम्बर मात्रै हो ...
Dr. Fauci न टोक्नु न बोक्नु भएको छ ट्रुम्पलाई
The Great Himalayan Cable Car
दुर्लभ पुराना गीतहरु !!
ग्रीनकार्डमै किन ज्यान फल्छन नेपाली नायिका ?
KP and PK
विद्या तेरो सिन्दूर खोइ, केपी ओली तेरो पोइ ..
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