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Posted on 05-17-02 11:32 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-07-04 12:28 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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John dude do you want me to go harsh on you........let me tell you actually they is a search going on now........that actually jesus never died.........he escaped and it was actually one of his disciple and when they he come back to life actually he appeared just to prove miracle and escaped to himalayas.........where he lived as hindu........thats why look at the ppl in kashmir.....they dress up like jesus and have same beard....they also have a temple of some hindu saint in kashmir who looks like jesus........but he was actually hindu... your bible is totally monopolised.......and do u know that your bible says that ppl use to speak same language ..........yes they use to speak sanskrit........ want more
Posted on 12-07-04 12:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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oh sorry ........latest evidence has proved that jesus was married to prostitute who use to screw romans and jews
Posted on 12-07-04 2:03 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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What I hate in religion is the stress on an individual name as the "Supreme of Supreme". How can some one be Supreme of Supreme, yes they (if they really existed) may had those good virtues and qualities that may have elevated them to a level, call it trasendental, for others to admire, follow and later worship. However, zealots genesis and intolerance breeding preaching is either a faulty or deviated philosophy, that is the root of disharmony. Talk about God, because evolution theory will never be able to explain all those co-incidences that it takes to explain life, but again competing to put one character as the Supreme is itself faulty. Whatever be the idiological basis, the first question is who is God?, then only we can fight to claim who can rightly inherit the mantle of representing God for the masses.
Posted on 12-07-04 2:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bro i have found my god within me like devkotta said" first know yourself and then analysis other" if u dont know what is vedas, purans etc being a nepali putra then we will open your eyes......... let me tell you most of the sajha members are highly good in analysis and tell you what we belive in GOD but not some humans..........jesus was not son of god he was a normal person.........if your god is so great then tell him to show his face to all of us......and stop the war in the world Man lagyo bahdai maa je payo tai.......tapai ko brain wash garne style purano bhayo.........we can see guys like you walking in street with bible trying to brain wash in every corner ..........plus you were furious when i said that .........means you are still in control of yourself......you still of temper, ego,pride.......you cant control this thing but at least balance it so you can be really close to god.
Posted on 12-07-04 1:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Case I I had an Argentinian friend. He was a nice guy. The only problem with him was he always used to talk about Jesus this and Jesus that. He would say something like "Jesus is always looking after you" and blah blah blah. My reply would be, "Mate, I dont want noone looking after me all the time. That makes me nervuos. I wouldnt be able to go to toilet, or have sex that way mate. Allow me some free time, will you?" Case II Further, on saturday night at around 10 pm on high street, I can see people giving out some brochures about Jesus and all to drunk people who are looking for a good time. These distributors would far more appreciated if only they distributed condoms. P.s. Shrawan ma aankha phuteko goru le sadhai hariyo dekhchha = Missionary ko donation le brainwash bhayeko patmurkha bajraswath le je ma pani Jesus dekhchha.
Posted on 12-07-04 3:37 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"i was raised in the church and i was told to believe, i wonder if god believes in me..." -descendents
Posted on 12-07-04 4:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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the true Theme shud be MAKE URSELF BE LOVED BY EVERYBODY , sabai Devi devta, allah, jesus, mother mary,buddha le malai maya gare po I wud be a happy man..khali Jesus le matrai garnubhayo bhane feri aru ko man dukhla ..tyesaile la plss everbody love me muuuaahhh kiss me ,hug me...n what else. he he
Posted on 12-07-04 7:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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jesus is great!!!!!!!!!
Posted on 12-07-04 11:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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LMAO! Race ra Religion ko kura garyo ki dimag tatera aauchha. Muj! padheko goru haru! tah jatha haru le garda ho Nepal ko haalat esto bhako.. tah muj! haruko buddhi jata gaye pani palaudaina! Go to hell! ch!#n! haru! Furious Foe

Posted on 12-08-04 5:23 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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For 4 mysty just lemme change my topic for sec....... Here I go gorkhaliiiiiiiii Timi lai nikkai desh ko chinta lageko raicha khai ta K garyauu aaja samma ? ani K socheka chau ta bholi ko lagi? Arka ko kura ma pyacchaaaaa bolna sajilo cha, tara jaba affai le kehi garne bela aaucha ani tehi ta ho, ani auta kura bhanchu na reesaunu pahila afno bolne dhanga sudhaara ani balla desh ko bare ma socha, The question is what have you or we done for nepal ? I do feel bad for nepal but the next day ............ (see thats why the situation is what it is today) It needs more than just feelings to build a nation 12 nepali people got killed in iraq , In nepal people got angry they protested and demonstrated,they burnt mosque, shops and some muslim people ever got hurt, lotta indian muslims became homeless They have to leave nepal helpless ( see this is what we do ) and after that ?? Few weeks late the same streets the same people but ........... seemd like notthin happend, and _THE END_ Why???? didnt like the climax? Its cause we were one of them protesting out there. Arka ko begarna hami sabbai tayaar hunchau morna marna tayaar hunchau tara jaaba afno ghar, afno manche ko kura aaucha hami saddhai ghar bhitra chuppa lagera baschau , ya ta bidesh tira lagchau, Aani thya bata dosh ra aarop lagauna thalchau.....
Posted on 12-08-04 8:37 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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WTF! Same question there! Mr John Smith AKA subba or wateva. "What have u done for your country?" Subba muj! lemme clarify wat u did for your country, culture and religion! * Tero bajye le mandai aayeko Kirati dharma chodera ekdum ramro kaam garis! (WTF) *Kirati haru ko bhanai anusaar kirati haru le bajye bajai ko puja gardachaan; Nature ko puja gardachan (which is truth!) Taile k garis? *Nepal is known as a rich country for culture, tara taile k garis? Missionaries ko kaam garis! Khub ramro garis! badhai chha talai! *MM bro caught the perfect point abt. your family name! (muj! Smith lekh aba SUBBA kina lekhchass? Talai Jeez le buddhi deyos Foe
Posted on 12-08-04 10:24 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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foe Well at lesat I dont blam people, I asked you this question cause I knew what typpa guy are. I havent done anything I agree but its not that I dont wanna do I love my country and if times comes you will see anyway I am not here to discuss what I will be doin in future or.... Ok letme show what U have written on the top, Race ra Religion ko kura garyo ki dimag tatera aauchha. Muj! padheko goru haru! tah jatha haru le garda ho Nepal ko haalat esto bhako.. tah muj! haruko buddhi jata gaye pani palaudaina! Go to hell! ch!#n! haru After seein this U know I realli felt bad for you, thats why I asked you if U have done anything good for your country, ( I wont expect either) If I would have seen you face to face or heard you sain all this kinda stupic stuffs I would have never wasted my time ( " kukkur ko pucchar 12 barsa dhungroo ma rakhe pani teda ko teda" bhanthe ho raicha.) Prabhu le timi lai timroo pucchar sojho parne dhungroo deun........ what more can I say?
Posted on 12-08-04 10:24 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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good jesus loves me.. i wish jlo loved me too... man, some Nepali ppl are higly brain washed by these missoniaries... Christanity is more intutionalized than spritual , i have found.. .it is run by grant and donnation by the rich govt and it's church members.... HInduism is not bad either.. i hate it when these ignorant christains say bad things about hinduism... call us idol worshippers and what not.. when th ey don't even understand a basic theme of the religion...they are blindfolded by their pastors and other stupids..... Grow up ppl.. what you've got it precious.... don't give up just cuz some missionary wanna brag about your conversion story int he church.. or wanna feel like he has saved you.. be strong.. and teach them a thing or two about hinduism... Next time if someone asks you for church or dinner or worship... please don't forget to ask them if they would like to join you for bhajan or idol worshipping.. if he can't respect you..there is no need to be his friend.... we often fall for these missionaries cuz we are nice . we respect foreigners and visitors. if someone is nice to us we can't help. it's a Neali culture... they come to us, they act nice and even invite us for some mercy dinner.. and we fall for them.. slowly they brain wash us so much that we turn into a sheep just like them.... argggggggggggggggggggggg..... it's frustrating.... i find it hillarious when these rich brat kids run thier cars around town and spend money lavishly - don't have to work cuz papa is rich... and they talk about christanity.. agggggrrr.. when i ask those stupids some questions about sprituality they show their true color of stupidity.... ask them: a) If god was all powerful all goody goody, why does he put some people to suffer while he lets others enjoy. Christanity doesn't believe in reincarnation so don't give me that past life shit.. why is it that some rich brat born in rich part of the America enjoys all the good life but the some poor girl sayyy in north korea or Ethopia suffers with hunger and pain.. if god was all mercyful father , all powerful, why would he let something like that happen.... b) bible talks about god punishing humans.. punishing them what... mass murdering them.. now which dad would mass murder his childern to displine them.. is god abusive parent...??? argggg i can just go on aand on... christanity is nothing but an instutionalized foundation run by money.. there might be some sprituility hidden inside but it is not the only way to get there.... does any believer know where was jesus for that 12 years when he was lost track??
Posted on 12-08-04 10:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The real problem is not with general Christians. At my Uni, on teh debate board, there was a debate going on about religion/christianity and most of teh educated people/students didnt give a f""" about christianity or any other religion. They believe in doing good, not some Holy book or the One and Only Goddamed son of the HOly or anything of that sort. The real problem are these bastards who have been brainwashed to believe that there is only One Supereme god whom should be followed or Only one Holy book or There is someone looking after you all the time or He died for you, this and that bullsh*t, you kinow. These bastards reveal their true face in the form of some Arab terrorists or some harmless-looking genuinely-clad retard always preaching about how some god has the capability to rescue you if you followed him. The Arab terrorists/fundamentalists and this kind of harmless-looking discreetly-clad donation-fed-by-the-missionary are equally dangerous, mind you. Peace
Posted on 12-08-04 11:33 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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jagalte bhoot,so thats what you know about chrstians huh? so U think that all chrstians are fed by missionaries ? And I dont care how much of you were intrested on that debate who cares? By the way even in jeruselm people dont blive in jesus, its not surprising who can change somones mind, even god cant if, he could he wouldnt have let anyone make advanced weapons, or so n so... U have the right to say what U wanna say buy dont say which dosent make anysence cause its just waste of your cents. instead of replyin back to this thread buddy go and hang out with your friends ................. nice rhymin huh ? nevermind.. peaceeeeeeeeeeeeee \/
Posted on 12-08-04 11:37 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you believer for reminding me about jesus' love for ,me. You see, Jesus and I are pretty close. We have this love-hate relationship. It might be lil complicated for you to understand our relation but this is how it works. As you know jesus is a nice dude/dudeni ( well! we don't know if jesus is a guy or a girl. So, I just like to refer jesus as IT.) So, as I was saying jesus and I are pretty close. he calls me all the time. Sometimes IT even sends me letters telling me about how much IT loves me and I don't love It. But I don't reply them. The bottom line is -- He loves me and I hate him. That is how our love-hate relationship works. On your face, U_day
Posted on 12-08-04 11:41 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-08-04 11:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Oops, John_s dude, I meant to post my recent post on teh other thread about "we are bheda" or somehting like that. But nevermind, you get the picture. The things I have said may not make sense to you becuase, yes, it sometimes becomes quite complicated to people whose whole life and world revolves around some holy dude, be it jesus or mohammed or someone else. One with an open and good heart should not have any difficulty in understanding it. But I am glad that you have toned down your voice from talking about all-knowing everywhere-present jesus to somethign else. bhagwan le timilai sadbuddhhi pradan garun om shanti shanti
Posted on 12-08-04 12:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i am born in a religion and my religion is good enough for me,ofcourse humanity is the best religion,aside that hinduism and buddhism is good enough for me and most of the nepalese. but being a nepali,we have alwasy been tolerant and had no problem with any religions eve.but this iraq case changed a lot of views on one community and you fawkers trying to convert people into chrisitanity is also changing views on christianity.yo fawkers ,why dont you fawking pray to god read you bible and be good and be happy,why do you want others to be chrisitan.man thats a crime and personally i know how these missionaries talk casue a missionarionary came to me and asked me if i would go to heaven or hell and stuff and said if i becoem a chrisitan i would go to heaven and blah blah. now thats sick so alll you followers of chrisitanity we respect what your religion is and we have no problems whatsover but dont fawking try to convert us or talk into chrisitanity.else you ll get an attitude and action of "fawk you and your jesus".
Posted on 12-08-04 12:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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John S...Jai Masehi. I for one totally understand where you are coming from and what your sentiments towards Jesus is. Amidst a flurry of venomous insults directed towards you, Jesus and Christianity I applaud your efforts to spread the word of God. From a fellow christian to another, I think you have done your part and you have done it well. You surely do not deserve this base form of criticism---criticism not only to your religious beliefs and sentiments, but to the God who you believe in. Since the nature of a forum is primarily to foster the exchange of diverse ideas--ideas that may not necessarily coincide with yours, I guess you can't really sheild yourself from responses of this nature. I only hope you have the stomach to digest these harsh words. What can I say.....such is the life of the cross.

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