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Posted on 05-17-02 11:32 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-08-04 3:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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btw, someone who claims to be christain should think many times before claming to be logical.. as those chraistains believed that the earth was flat with thier great logic ;) based on bible.. they believed mary got knocked up with no one.. hence still virgin ;) , some important thigns that you might wanna adapt when you're defending christainity.. a) you can't take the side of logic.. christanity is based on bible.. not logic.. not science.... b) if you're not converting , then you're not following his words, and that means you're not a christain.. remember you have to pass a hard test before you enter the heaven.. it's easier to enter thought the needle hole but it's hard to enter the heaven ... ;).. so if you're saying that you're not preaching or spreading the good news ( your bible news) then you're not being a good christain and hence.. you're like a elephant tryin' to enter the needle hole.. better go wid us and back that arse up.. on a frida night instead.. chilll...
Posted on 12-08-04 7:55 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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John simth ji and darjeeling ko kte ( i hate darj gals) no offence but i went to schooling in kalimpong ( SUMI) pure kaatar chrisitian school. I was even canned for saying i dont believe in christ...what kind of chrisitan are these guys..we dont even speak our mind..arent they fanatic. If darjeeling gal is talking like that i am not surprised.. only thing they have seen is kathmandu and delhi.......what do u know about ppl and world? do u know why all this sajha guys are skeptist and good in argument coz they have seen the world and meet diversified ppl. If dont like disscusion then enjoy some where...here we are good listiner......most of us are hindu and buddist here but we still analysis our relegion.......we still make fun of krishan and ram etc etc Yo all darj ppl learn some thing here Tyo darjeeling chaakap, Big talk chai khalti maai raakha.....timi haru naata taa nepal ko na india ko.....mula haru india maa class 10 pass garyo ani nepal maa teacher bhayo ..... jo chor tesko thulo sor
Posted on 12-08-04 8:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am not racist but i just cant stand ppl from darjeeling.....most of them are big talk...they talk too much..i hate ppl who talk to much.. OKie john smith ji.............do u know who goes to chruch now days.....only ppl from third world country and old ppl.......In western world including UK and US....they go to church only when they are getting married or to baptised kids....I held a party on dashain...there was a getogether and tell u what everyone there has a red tika in forehead....which if forbidden by your relegion.....if they dont give F$$k why all the ppl for darjeeling and nepal became christian....still avoid tika in dashain..and dont celebrate dashain....only kattar badi in relegion exist in third world country...where there is a lack of proper education...bro calcutta ra delhi ko university bata degree lidai maa educated hudaina... Mero bhanu yeti nai ho......
Posted on 12-08-04 8:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey Darj kte an john smith read the book of dan brown Demons and angels Da vinci code.......you will understand how palagrism ( tantrik) was abondend and given bad name by chrisitian..then u will understand why we
Posted on 12-08-04 11:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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To all : "Ekam Sataha Vipraha Bahudha Vadanti," which may be translated: "The truth is One, but different Sages call it by Different Names"
Posted on 12-09-04 7:36 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well I can see how much you hate people talking too much ahmmmmm I guess U aint got anyone to talk thats why ur all the time hangin on the net responding threads which is not ur concern. and as far as you dont like darjeeling guys , well I can say that I am proude that I got a chance to be a darjeeling citizen even though I am from nepal and you know what I dont even want to compare nepal with darjeeling,or you guys with ours Its not that I dont love nepal each and every one of us from darjeeling love nepal and we feel bad for whatever is happening there, cause it was part of us and it will always anyway forget it,what I felt bad about you is you studied in kalimpong and U didnt noticed .... anyway kalimpong is not that close to darjeeling either, and as far as U dont like darjeeling ko ketis may be cause U didnt get one I know ( They dont even give a piecea Sh*T to you nepali guys ) It hurts I know but I am sorry to say so cause you know what I dont like people judging others without knowing them. and I realli dont care how much people go to church in U S or U K its non of mY business. how discusting you are see what U have written "nd only thing they have seen is kathmandu and delhi.......what do u know about ppl and world? do u know why all this sajha guys are skeptist and good in argument coz they have seen the world and meet diversified ppl. the other think you know what you are I have already mentioned on the top diont judge people without knowing them. We aint intrested in tellin people where we are from we aint like you. and at last We are not here to preach or tellin you that jesus is the lord of all and you have to agree with me did we say that? or have I man I am just tryin to reach some nepali chrstians as I have mentioned on my thread If you are not one of them no ojnes forcing you to stick your nose here . See its that simple if you dont like U dont have to stick your...whatever here.... But you know what I wont say that if you are not chrstian you dont have the right to respond you can but the thing is if U need anyhelp and help dosent mean preaching. you know there are lottta nepali guys out there far away from home who needs some kinda help or .... its waste to keep typpin the same thing again n again. Anyway thanks for your visit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>EXIT THIS WAY.
Posted on 12-09-04 7:41 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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oOPS I forgot to mentiuon that the reply I have posted above specially goes out there for mr.moneyminded -----------------------> this way to top and press [ x ] to shut the window. thank Q
Posted on 12-09-04 8:41 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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John, Although yo u wrote that message for mm, let me tell you something. Listen, i don't think most ppl here are spitting out the hatred. I think, most ppl are fed up, tired, and sick of preachings. I for one is sick and tired of preaching and them telling me that i am goin gto hell if i continue to listen to my ansistors or keep practicing my religion. like i said earlier many times , i respect your religion- please respect mine in return and let's live in harmony and love... thanks
Posted on 12-09-04 8:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well i had no intentions to write in this thread because when it comes to discussion abt religion the best thing to do is to keep quiet. Ofcourse every one thinks that their religion is THE BEST and they have all the right to think that way. But one thing we all shouldn't say is that our religion is better than others for so and so reason. Just because i think that HINDU religion is the best and the coolest, I have no right to criticize others religion and vice-versa My simple understanding about religion is... Religion is like your mother ..or lets say parents.... And as you dont pick and choose your parents ... you dont pick and choose you religion too.. If your parents have some flaws you don't choose different parents in the same way if your religion has some flaws you don't go and choose another religion. It was your fate.. that's why you were born in particular religion. Please lets all act civilized and not fight in the name of religion.... So if MR. Subba and Darj keti wants to preach abt there religion let them. But while doing that we request TWO of you: Please do not to critize other religions (hindu, muslim, sikh...). Peace!!
Posted on 12-09-04 10:55 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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And all these religions teach these morons to fight?GOD BLESS
Posted on 12-09-04 1:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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http://darjeelingnews.net/forumdarjeeling/viewtopic.php?t=198&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=150 i hope you guys are happy.. aakash ma thukyo bhane afnai mukha ma parcha bhanya sunya ho?? you guys are giving bad name to other nepalis
Posted on 12-09-04 1:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I dont need any dead person loving me........its so eeeeeerie. Be it buddha, mahavir, jusus or whofuc****ever........... As long as living people in the world love me, its fine with me. Next.
Posted on 12-09-04 2:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey guys, lets stop this non-sense! It's been thoroughly proven that this discussion is unproductive... I fell into this trap too, but it's enough... we're just getting more and more offensive and belligerent... it is our instinctive nature to defend our culture and heritage... let's just allow the sheep-herders to ramble on... i think if no one responds, they'll go away... we're being drawn into this crap and we're loosing our dignity... and for what? we were taught better than (remember naitik sikcha)... bhanchan ni, gobar chalayo bhane afai mailo huncha (something like that)...
Posted on 12-09-04 2:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good point Gorkhali ji, however, i would like to ask my brothers and siters to stand up for your religion, your culture, your pride whenever someone tries to tell you that you are going to go to hell for practising it. Please do not hesitate. Please do not just listen to them and not say a word. Trust me, you will feel horrible at the end if you just let them preac you. I have no problem with the convertees who could not find spritual connection and peace from Hindu or Buddist religion. However, do not let them judge. I personally believe that every religion has good words and some have been twisted and modified or misinterpreted. I personally think that these guys who wanted to bring christainity into our attention do not even know detail about the religion.. it seems like they have not read the bible enough and were just emotionally excited by the preaching of thier pastors or fathers or whoever... very far far from the enlightment.. and real sprituality.. hope the universal froce, Bramhaaw, the god will guide them and show them the real truth.. bye bye, dyamn
Posted on 12-09-04 7:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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What is better; to represent the head of a deer or the tail of the tiger. One thing that Bizare wrote was touching " You don't chose parents they are chosen for you". Imagine the co-incidences that works to make an individual; a reknowned endocrinologist rightly remarked "" It is no surprise that so many mating fail to yield progeny-It is miricle that inspite so many odds still progenies are produced". Hence, why are we made to be who we are--to follow the life as a cheerfull leaf in a downward following stream, or to create trubullence and rebel for good or bad. However, it is not without a purpose that you were born the way it was, you change and modify yourself you reap the rewards and along with it pay the price. Father John-s, your nasty remark about Darz girls not loving boys from Nepal cannot be generalized, afno bela ma hamra pane fan following hune garthe Daz ka keti haru maz (no hard feelings, and jealosy). Huna ta afu Darz bhanda purba bata ayeko hunale pane huna sakcha, tara sauta ko ris le logne mathe mutnu na bhayena ne, ki kaso. Anger and other vices are the demons and our ability to control them is the real God, hence we ourself are God, because we are part of God (is not a speck of gold a gold, a drop of water; water), hence Yin-Yang balance and harmony within and outside oneself is the heaven here and everywhere.
Posted on 12-09-04 10:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-09-04 11:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-09-04 1:16 PM Reply http://darjeelingnews.net/forumdarjeeling/viewtopic.php?t=198&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=150 i hope you guys are happy.. aakash ma thukyo bhane afnai mukha ma parcha bhanya sunya ho?? you guys are giving bad name to other nepalis I don't think that was pointing particularly at the discussion itself. Rather at the comment by a member. No need to get jumpy now. Mic check huh huh huh.
Posted on 12-10-04 1:20 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-10-04 8:26 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-10-04 8:53 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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MoneyMinded you are one of the most foul and vile mouthed person that I have ever had the misfortune to come across. Your responses/posts, not only in this thread but elsewhere as well, reeks of immorality, foul language and senseless arguments. You personify the very quality that you say, you detest in other people which is ?talk too much?. Besides that, you lack refinement and can barely grasp the crux of an argument without indulging in swearing. This discussion in particular is about religion. ?You? on the other hand, have veered it to your personal likes/dislikes about Darjeeling/Darjeelingeys, which frankly, I could hardly give 3 hoots about. Rest assured, the feeling is pretty mutual. It may be true that Darjeeling/Darjeeling is economically disadvantaged when compared NOT to Nepal but to Kathmandu valley ONLY. Kathmandu, MoneyMinded is the capital of a country. Darjeeling is a small, very small district within a state. Yes it is true, due to concentration of wealth, people in Kathmandu valley may be richer than people in the district. Here you are comparing apples to not even oranges but apples to cars, which is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT. Yes, people within Darjeeling may not be rich compared to people in Kathmandu valley but we pride ourselves in the quality of education, that has an esteem not only in the region but also in neighboring countries. Money and the power of money is fleeting.?.One day it could empower you, the other day it could rip you off everything that you own. EDUCATION on the other hand is a powerful weapon---Something that no one can snatch away. Darjeeling may not be overflowing with money, but most darjeelingeys are proud to be residents of a place that boasts of a 98% literate population. Compare that literacy rate with a district of comparable size in Nepal??the difference will be humbling. Ofcourse, I don?t expect a respectful response from you. THAT I am more than assured is NOT your Forte. The sea with its depth of riches is calm in comparison to a stream which could hardly boast of anything beneath it. You can do all the bashing and swearing your heart desires, but remember----I remain undeterred in my views and opinions about my heritage and my religion.

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