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Posted on 05-17-02 11:32 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 05-17-02 11:33 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 05-17-02 12:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Believer, Checked out the site. Its always nice to see other believer. Good to know that Tom is doing an awesome work for God. I wish him all the best and pray for his Ministry. By His Grace, Montou
Posted on 05-17-02 1:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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There is no god and Jesus actually died. He never came back from the dead(nonbody ever did in our entire human history). That whole story about him coming back is a lie. He will never be coming back either for those that are waiting for him. Who the hell on earth would want to come back to this hell hole of a place called earth plagued with problems. Bible is a fictional book written to tame our society from the ills. To sort of give us a picture that shit happens. People should never ever ever take it seriously. Like quoting them like the fanatics do. Never liked the idea of christianity portraying the rest of religious orders as cults. If you look at the current events its obvious which religious order operates as a cult(with all the christian men of cloth being accused of alll sorts of things). Look at the front page of any newpaper these days about your priests. From Jimmy Swagert to Cardinal Law. Only poeple without self confidence need turn to god for guidance. SEEK YOUR OWN PATH MA FRENS. DO NOT FOLLOW THE HERD
Posted on 05-17-02 2:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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>There is no god and Jesus actually died. He >never came back from the dead(nonbody ever >did in our entire human history). That whole >story about him coming back is a lie. you cannot prove or disprove any of your assertions. the word "faith" exists this reason. so, as to your screed, talk ain't's free! what's your take on "atma" (sp?)
Posted on 05-17-02 3:00 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hey believer, r u nepalese or khairay?
Posted on 05-17-02 3:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It is an interesting discussion in religion..
Posted on 05-24-02 5:34 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nice to hear you from all But i cannot be bais. I cannot just say that christianity is good. You have your freedom what to choose. There is two ways to go one goes to heaven and that is narrow and one goes to hell that is wide. Bye
Posted on 05-24-02 9:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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believer, i didn't get your answer to my question.
Posted on 05-25-02 1:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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What is the answer you are looking for.Does it matter if i am khiray or Nepali???
Posted on 05-25-02 2:01 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey KOKO, I did that.................I did have your kind of believe but Do you know why you live and what is your standard ( means where you rest) I donot want the answer like i rest on earth. And i donot want answer like i live for my goals. Okay you reached to your goals than finally what you are going to get,Happiness???????( Like wealth, fame etc). Main thing is that after getting your goals earth exists same and the earth is not going to turn upside down or you aint gonna find heaven here.Coz heaven was created by the god and you donot belive god so u will also not belive the concept of heaven. You are not only the person that makes path and walk through that. Every body does walk in the path the other had already build. You are not untouched with that one.So u aint gonna seek any new path.There is evil person around us and evil is our human nature and that is bad. You cannot be hunder percent pure. Can you? And you donot have to be that pure too.You can give example of presit who are actually doing what they are not supposed to be. But they are forgiven if they repent. You need to first try to learn few words from bible and give us a pointl Why jesus is not going to come back??? He knows this earth is hell hole with problems and he came and showed us how a man can live a sin less life in this world. He didnot committed a single sin but died in cross for his innocence and went to hell as a sinner.You cannot be like him. Can you unless say that wow JESUS you were the great man. If you did that much that you might be blessed. You can be fan of the some one rock band or a movie star But not of the man who died for you?
Posted on 05-25-02 2:49 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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is montou actually maneet?
Posted on 05-25-02 1:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Tell me something I don't know. Love is an appealing word. Please save it to your family and do not make any comments about anyone unless you know for sure. It is your belief that Jesus loves everyone. It is your belief that he died for the sins of others. It is your belief that he even existed. It is not necessary for everyone else to believe in what you believe. People nowadays use caution before choosing any idea or belief. Considering most to the wars are caused my religion and religious fanatics. Look at the current Middle East crisis. Look at the crisis in US. It is all based on some one believing that their belief is right and others are wrong. How long will people have to suffer the consequences of the religion? How long the world will have to bear the fanatics that only believe on what they want to believe and want the rest of the population to go to hell? How long will the people of the world will have to bear the consequences of making a wrong choice? Why cannot we have a society free of religious dogmatism? Why cannot we have a society of intelligent people that use caution even practicing religion? Of course religion is a matter of choice or by birth. Let us respect people of all religions, and respect each other. And stop canvassing for any specific religion.
Posted on 05-25-02 5:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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yeah, it does matter
Posted on 05-25-03 2:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Excerpt from S. N. Goenka's address, given at the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, Jan 2000. ........................................... People with strong attachment to their own faith have the firm belief that the followers of all other organized sectarian religions are nonbelieveres and therefore will never taste salvation. They are fully convinced that to convert others to their religion is a great meritorious and hence they apply various coercive methods. Such blind faith of the followers of different organized religion is likely to turn into fanatic fundamentalism.It leads to controversies, contradictions, violent confrontations and even wars andbloodshed resulting in a tremendous amount of misery in the soceity, wiping away its peace and harmony. And all this is done in the name of religion. What a great misfortune of this human world. When outer shells of religion become so predominatly important the inner core of morality gets lost. Sometimes people feel that there cannot be a religion without the hard outer shell, however undersirable it may be. But successful experiments were made in the past and are also being made evn today where 100 percent importance is given to the inner core of the morality, ignoring the outer shell as totally irrelevant. There exists a method to adopt this practice successfully called Vipassana Meditation.
Posted on 05-25-03 2:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Can we keep religion out of Sajha? yattikai ta world ma muslim le christian ra christian le muslim lai mariracha. the same with muslim and hindus in india.. aba yaha pani religion. tyasaile i am glad that i dont' believe in it.. If there is god then It is ME and noone else. AMens
Posted on 05-25-03 3:20 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lau.. there is no god k kura garings? Why do miracles happen only in remote place or some thousand of years ago? Why can't it happen in a place i live or you live? We just need someone to pin point when we are in trouble, that's why we beleive in something that never exists. Do you ever give thanks to god when u are happy? I doubt so.. if you do then u must be some uncommon person. BTW bible teaches people to hate even your family when it comes to god. what are you talking about? Bible was written by someone like us not by "god" demagh kharabh! All religion has pros and cons i think. Lets not point only on priests here :) and they are not considered "god" but a guider. I don't want to live my life in some fantasy world that really doesn't exist! For me hell and heaven are fantasy world. I am so happy in this life that i don;t need another world that is better than this one. That's my opinion. :) kaju
Posted on 05-25-03 8:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Buddhism has the characteristics of what would be expected in a cosmic religion for the future: it transcends a personal God, avoids dogmas and theology; it covers both the natural & spiritual, and it is based on a religious sense aspiring from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual, as a meaningful unity" - Albert Einstein
Posted on 05-25-03 8:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world, being exceeded in numbers only by Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. It was founded in Northern India by the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. He was born circa 563 BCEin Lumbini which is in modern-day Nepal. At the age of 29, he left his wife, children and political involvements in order to seek truth. It was an accepted practice at the time for some men to leave their family and lead the life of an ascetic. He studied Brahmanism, but ultimately rejected it. In 535 BCE,he attained enlightenment and assumed the title Buddha (one who has awakened).

He is also referred to as the Sakyamuni, (sage of the Sakya clan). He promoted The Middle Way, rejecting both extremes of the mortification of the flesh and of hedonism as paths toward the state of Nirvana. He had many disciples and accumulated a large public following by the time of his death in his early 80's in 483 BCE.

Two and a half centuries later, a council of Buddhist monks collected his teachings and the oral traditions of the faith into written form, called the Tripitaka. This included a very large collection of commentaries and traditions; most are called Sutras (discourses).

As Buddhism expanded across Asia, it evolved into two main forms, which evolved largely independently from each other:

bulletTheravada Buddhism (sometimes called Southern Buddhism; occasionally spelled Therevada) "has been the dominant school of Buddhism in most of Southeast Asia since the thirteenth century, with the establishment of the monarchies in Thailand, Burma, Cambodia and Laos."
bulletMahayana Buddhism (sometimes called Northern Buddhism) is largely found in China, Japan, Korea, Tibet and Mongolia.

To which might be added:

bulletTibetan Buddhism, which developed in isolation from Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism because of the isolation of Tibet.

Since the late 19th century:

bulletModern Buddhism has emerged as a truly international movement. It started as an attempt to produce a single form of Buddhism, without local accretions, that all Buddhists could embrace.

Posted on 12-07-04 12:18 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This ones specially for koko,keke (uffffffffffff nick these days) if I would have seen this thread couppla months ago, I would have agreed with you guys I use to think that theres no god, but you know when ever I got hurt or use to get in trouble I use to call god's name deep inside and I even use to pray cause deep inside my soul I always belived that theres someone who created this beautifull world, he created mountains,beautifulll flowers,amazing animals take a sec to think when U see those himalayas from the plane what do U feel? when U see those beautifull flowers those green field those the first think that comes from deep inside is peaceeeeeee!! and peace is the fruit of soul and soul is from god, (peace comes from soul not from heart) we specially man are made from 3 parts ( body, heart and soul) buddy it takes time to know god, And to know god U have to search,search and you will find search truelly from your soul and U will find Jesus said that he is the way, truth and life. Seek and You will find the way to the truth of life .......... John_s

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