Posted by: mansion January 9, 2012
BA/QA training in dallas area
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check, or

vastika is good too, if you ask gauri dai, that you do wanna get into BA, and if he has few other candidate, you guys should be able start a class. the instructors name their is vikram, sometimes he has his own ppl wanting to take BA class, you guys can get together and start a class. he will be able to place you too, or after you take the class, you can market it thru whoever you want. 

some ask for money for the class , 300-400, no harm paying, since if you get a job thru them, they will refund you. its only fair, that you pay, so that even if you take the class and move on, they still dont loose the cost of training you. nothing is for free dear :)


check your email, the one associated with your sajha accont. 
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