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 BA/QA training in dallas area
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Posted on 01-09-12 4:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Hello all, 
I need help regarding BA/QA training related consultancies around Dallas area. Any one has any idea about reputed consultancies ?
Please let me know guys.
Posted on 01-09-12 5:19 PM     [Snapshot: 40]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 What's ur major? 
Posted on 01-09-12 5:32 PM     [Snapshot: 59]     Reply [Subscribe]
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footy bro le career counsiling garna lageko ho ki kya ??
alisha: i have heard a lot of good words about vastika. i beleive its a nepali owened company and i have a friend who recruites there. i can hook you up if you promish me you will buy me a pizza !

Posted on 01-09-12 5:34 PM     [Snapshot: 43]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 hey footyan, 

where are you working now.. have been following your post of QA.. am also searching for job..
i do not have any computer major just managment,  tried my hand at Database technoology but its very hard to 
crack interview.. am feeling dejected... planning to go for QA .. can you guys help us with the consultacny.....

how easy is it if you are workingin this field...

Posted on 01-09-12 5:43 PM     [Snapshot: 70]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Thanks footyfan. 
My major is engineering. Help gara na footyfan? Ka ho kasto ho?
@one that got away: Can you help me to find the information about QA/BA. I talked with the person in Vastika. They told me about programming training. As you know lot about vastika, can you provide me details about their placements. Katiko job milaidine chance chha? Tiniharuko job milaidine record kati ko chha? Accomodation kasto chha. Thanks and plz provide me more details.  I will buy you a pizza for sure. 

Last edited: 09-Jan-12 05:50 PM

Posted on 01-09-12 5:57 PM     [Snapshot: 111]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 You don't really need great IT skills working as a QA/BA (albeit I'm neither of the two). Matter of fact, all Indian housewives seem to be working as QAs in a vast majority of areas in the Bay Area. 

Re: Good/Bad consultancies, you might wanna look it up off Sulekha.com. 

I wouldn't join a company if they asked for joining fees, though. There are plenty that offer free classes, accomodation and some even pay money during the training period. 

Good luck! 

Posted on 01-09-12 6:09 PM     [Snapshot: 127]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 @ footyfan: Thanks a lot. 
Do you have any ideas about programming then. How is that ATL? Does it takes really a great time to learn all those programming?
What do u suggest? Can you provide me suggestions regarding which one is more easier? QA or programming?
Posted on 01-09-12 6:36 PM     [Snapshot: 152]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you know Java and related technologies or any other programming language knowledge, job will come to you...The market for programming is so good. u\you will be overwhelmed by the response ( At least, I was few months back....) though the last client interview might be a little tough...also insist the vendor on telephony interview rather than face to face...with that you have the flexibility of using ur computer during the interview process for reference and also it will be less anxiety prone as compared to sitting in the middle of 5 to 6 managers for the interview and being the focus for 3 to 4 hours, but of course, if you are an attention seeker that's would be a different story...Lol....

Posted on 01-09-12 6:44 PM     [Snapshot: 162]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 @ Thanks goody.
Are you working right now in IT field? How long it takes to learn programming? Do you have any idea about IT consultancies in Dallas area. Thanks.
Posted on 01-09-12 7:48 PM     [Snapshot: 207]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi Alisha_Girl, well first off, anything can be learnt. How how long depends on person to person and their interest and experience. In my case, I got the training in Beginner and Intermediate level Java for about 2 months during which I did some few self study and practices between slacking off...lol...I graduated MS in Infomation Systems Technologies, and for some reason, I hated hated programming. Anything programming I would try my best to avoid it...I was more interested in Networking and Database back then. But life as u see it, what you expect is always not what you get. So I decided to join programming bandwagon and here I am working as a Java Web Developer for a year now...But during that course what I realized was an interest in the programming language...It was not as bad as what I had imagined before and avoided...Being able to create applications out of collection of words that is not a sentence, that looks out of place and incomprehensible, upper case lower case letters at random locations, no clear convention for punctuation etc (at least it looks like that at first...lol), is amazing and an adventure in itself. Normally we use computer to complete tasks but with programming we command the computer to do the task...lol...Though I had hard time at first, being fired and relocating and what not, now my boat seems to be sailing smoothly....My point is, since it seems like you are still looking out for choices to get into IT field, you can give it a shot at programming because job market for Java and other programming is not good, but VERY good.. If you can make it through training diligently, your boat will sail smooth too...Training for programming might seem overwhelming at first as compared to BA and QA training, but down the line it will be worth it I guess...more money...It's a like a bigger moneyplant with prospect to grow bigger...lol...

I don't know much about consulting in Dallas but my firm is in Tampa, Florida. They have a nice group of recruiters there who will flood ur mailboxes with the requirements. They did a great job placing me so I want to believe the company is good. They provide free fooding, lodging and training though I don't know about females, esp if single.  After I was ready to move out of the their apartment after being placed in a job, two girls joined the company and moved in the apartment but they were with their husbands who were also there for training. Let me know if you are interested........

Posted on 01-09-12 7:50 PM     [Snapshot: 224]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Programming, BA, QA are totally diff aspect, each aspect demands diff set of skills, the job desription is different, dont just get in the wagon because one says one is better or different than the other, u need to decide on your own. google it, dice it, see the job description, do aptitude tests online, figure out what your skils or pref fit the best too...and take it from there. the consultancies in dallas are the last thing you need to worry about , there are plenty, actually more than the actual jobs lol, dont sweat over it :)

Hey Goodass, when you say, programming fetches more moeny than BA/QA, how much more actually are you talking about..just wondering, it always baffles me when someone who has no idea what the BA does, his career growth opportunity and sofroth, just naively comments, that they dont make much money. 

But to the point. stick to your own domain and ya vendor calls are not interviews :) and always ask for F2F interview rather than on phone, especially if you'r applying for a BA position. 
and when you'r ready to pursue your career as a BA, ask me for more advice :)


Mr . BA :)
oh and just incase ur in a rush, check sulekha or eknazar, under jobs training, there are plenty of ads for all sort of trainings . goodluck :)
Last edited: 09-Jan-12 08:08 PM

Posted on 01-09-12 9:59 PM     [Snapshot: 315]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks goody  and mansy....I will think about it. But just concerned about the placements they do. If I don't get job then....:(
Posted on 01-09-12 10:17 PM     [Snapshot: 334]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 you will get a job . its their job to get you the posting, job posting thru a vendor, if your resume is good and gets sorted out, you will get the interview, but its you who has to crack the interview...thats your responsibility, not theirs. Their job is not to place you in the job, yes some do give proxy interviews, but i'll tell you dont fall for it. you can do it, its not rocket science. 

make up your mind, what you wanna  get into. personally id suggest, get into BA, there's lotta scope, if you can do it..and you can do it too. anyways goodluck.  but ya dont fool yourself thinking these consultancies will get you the job or place you, i mean thats just not their job, and thats not in their hand, their job is to train you, prepare you, do your resume, help you with interview prep, get you the job interview, but its you job to prepare, study and crack the interview. 

take care. 

PS: and its mansion, not mansy :P
Last edited: 09-Jan-12 10:17 PM

Posted on 01-09-12 10:36 PM     [Snapshot: 361]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Thanks mansy..ooppps mansion. Ok ok do u know any consultancies in Dallas then?
Posted on 01-09-12 10:41 PM     [Snapshot: 365]     Reply [Subscribe]
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check eknazar.com, or sulekha.com

vastika is good too, if you ask gauri dai, that you do wanna get into BA, and if he has few other candidate, you guys should be able start a class. the instructors name their is vikram, sometimes he has his own ppl wanting to take BA class, you guys can get together and start a class. he will be able to place you too, or after you take the class, you can market it thru whoever you want. 

some ask for money for the class , 300-400, no harm paying, since if you get a job thru them, they will refund you. its only fair, that you pay, so that even if you take the class and move on, they still dont loose the cost of training you. nothing is for free dear :)


check your email, the one associated with your sajha accont. 
Last edited: 09-Jan-12 10:46 PM

Posted on 01-10-12 9:31 AM     [Snapshot: 459]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lot of good ideas/suggestions here. There are lot of Indian doing very well in IT  and I have seen some of our guys getting into this field slowly. All it takes is your firm dedication and willingness to put few months on core programing/training. If you can find a consulting company, ( sulekha.com) it does not really matter where u can go and train, as most of them provide you with free housing and training. If you make it successfully, they will take cuts off from your salary and  in most cases place you on the job and sponsor for your H1B. I think this is probably a good way to go for most college graduates on OPT that are having hard time to find a job based on their major.

As for technologies to train, it depends on your background/interest. You can can train in any programming like java,.Net, C++,  database programming or if you dont have any tech. background, may start out as QA/BA and learn more as you go. If you have good technical/business background then one can try learning ERP programming like SAP or Oracle but the efort to learn these may take longer.
Do some research, call consultantancies and see if there in an training offer you like. The opportunities in IT is better than most other fields.

Posted on 01-10-12 2:41 PM     [Snapshot: 564]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am not advocating anyone to just jump on something but rather I am just saying that it is easier to get a job if someone knows programming as compared to BA and QA. and also since Alisha_girl seems to be seeking opportunities in IT areas, I was suggesting the options that might interest her. I totally agree with you that each demand different skill sets, knowledge, interest and background but it seems that ppl have misconception that BA or QA is the best option to enter the IT field. I don't have BA and QA experience but I was involved in some training for both so I believe these areas have less learning curve than programming. Due to this same reason, it seems that BA and QA opportunities have become quite stagnant since there are too many for those positions. And as per indeed.com, this is the average salary per annum.

Java Programmer - $91,000
BA - $82,000
QA - $75,000

or you can see the trend comparison here:

Also I quite disagree with your suggestion to take F2F interview, esp who is just entering the IT field. F2F is more tougher than the telephony interview in many ways. First, you have to dedicate a time period for the interview which might be even the whole day since interviews can take as long as 5 hours. Second, you have to go the client site which might be different from the city where you reside and third someone starting in IT field might not have the ample hands-on knowledge, skill set, attitude and confidence for that particular IT sector to handle the F2F interview. I am being pessimist here, I am just laying down the fact and the fact is Beginner + F2F interview has high probability of failing, though I am not saying that everyone will fail.

@Mansion: I never said Vendor interview is the real interview. But initially everyone has to face the vendor too and you will have to satisfy them  before they can forward your resume to the client.

Everythng aside, @ Alisha_girl, you should do some research to decide which area fits you best. As Mansion suggested "u need to decide on your own. google it, dice it, see the job  description, do aptitude tests online, figure out what your skils or  pref fit the best too...and take it from there."

And don't worry about If you will get placed or not...Sooner or later you will be placed but how soon will depend on how focused you are to grasp the opportunity...Aba Kammar kasera, tuppi badhera mehenat gara (lol...not that extreme either)... kaam dhama dham milcha.....but Good Luck....

Posted on 01-10-12 4:07 PM     [Snapshot: 613]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Hey goodass, i was just trying to make a point. i never intended to question your opinion, but rather put a different perspective, i guess thats what BA's do. 

i would really not follow what indeed says about the salary, for one i can assure you i do make more than what's listed their for BA, having said that you do sound like you know what you'r talking about, and with that in mind, you may be right in your own way and am right in my own way. 

Once again, go for F2F :) always works :P

my only concern would be, common man, ass is an ass, regardless if its good or bad :) its a joke :P

btw do let me know, if there's a SAP ( MM PP ) or  salesforce training, even seible. 


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