Posted by: mansion January 9, 2012
BA/QA training in dallas area
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 Programming, BA, QA are totally diff aspect, each aspect demands diff set of skills, the job desription is different, dont just get in the wagon because one says one is better or different than the other, u need to decide on your own. google it, dice it, see the job description, do aptitude tests online, figure out what your skils or pref fit the best too...and take it from there. the consultancies in dallas are the last thing you need to worry about , there are plenty, actually more than the actual jobs lol, dont sweat over it :)

Hey Goodass, when you say, programming fetches more moeny than BA/QA, how much more actually are you talking about..just wondering, it always baffles me when someone who has no idea what the BA does, his career growth opportunity and sofroth, just naively comments, that they dont make much money. 

But to the point. stick to your own domain and ya vendor calls are not interviews :) and always ask for F2F interview rather than on phone, especially if you'r applying for a BA position. 
and when you'r ready to pursue your career as a BA, ask me for more advice :)


Mr . BA :)
oh and just incase ur in a rush, check sulekha or eknazar, under jobs training, there are plenty of ads for all sort of trainings . goodluck :)
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