Posted by: Mrityu November 4, 2007
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I flew couple of times with Qatar. I hate to say this but we nepalese should show some decency if we expect good treat from crew. Few nepali dai haru, who hopped in from Doha, started playing lok geet in their small cd player with speaker on. A hostess requested to stop, and they did but just for a minute. The music was on again. Just imagine how embarrassing that would be to rest of the pessengers and crew. She came back again and this time she was little impolite. And this is justifiable I believe. She went back and they curse her in nepali like anything..." Bhalu, Raadi..tesko plane maach*kney sittai ma chadeko ho?".  And few others sitting 2 seats ahead were asking for drinks more than 10 times. And it was clear from their intention they were asking just to harrass her. Finally it landed in ktm airport. At least 15 of them grabbed their hand carry before craft came to halt,  got up from their seats and were ready to step out. Similar incidents happened last december too. Seems like these action-reaction game happen in every flights to ktm. At least we need to learn to be courteous if we really expect benign treatment from others.

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