Posted by: Riten October 29, 2007
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I for one enjoy riding in the airplane.  Can't affort first class or business class like Birke above, but economy is fine for me.  I like to watch movies - therefore backseat tv monitor is a must for me.  Unlike many people, I love airline food, especially if it is Asia based airlines because they usually have food that agree with my taste.  I like little knick-knacks they hand out.  Even at the airports, I love looking at airplanes.  It is always a joy to hear so many languages and trying to figure out who is from which country.  I also enjoy browsing the duty-free shops, I rarely buy though because their prices are usually artificially high despite being sans tax.  But I do like to try out different airport restaurants, I especially liked those in HongKong and Singapore airports.  So, my vacation starts even before I land in Nepal.  That's the reason I don't mind reasonably longer hours in the plane or couple hundred dollars more to fly in better airline with nicer crew.
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