Posted by: meraj September 9, 2021
Suggestions chaiyo
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personal opinion:

1. Three month of remote talks and relation, in majority of cases probably are not real relationships but more like affection.
2. If it’s arrange marriages and you are not sure about your relationship, don’t compromise, you will regret later and might also lead to unhappy relation in long run.
3. Think carefully about her notion of not being able to have babies , it may not look like big deal early on , but it could become major issue as time passes. Keep in mind even though many people don’t like to deal with kids,99.9 percent of people end-up having kids. There is strong reason behind it . But at the same time fertility treatments are fairly advance now. So think about it carefully. What is problem ? If it’s treatable if you want to have baby later on. If not are both of you 100 % sure about it. In general women will have more troll of not having babies , eventually, and you have guts to support her through that.
4. Other then that , women fertility problems as age passes , probably 3/4 years difference is not a big deal. But if you are planning to have babies , you don’t much time to chill. After 35 risk of having first baby, significantly goes up for women.
5. Other thing to consider with women’s age is that , women are generally more mature then men. So women of 33 will be much mature in thought , risk taking and fun activities compared to men of 29. This might result in difference in opinion and personality . This is probably most important reason , men has been marrying little younger women in many culture and for generations.

With all this in mind you can probably make informed decision.
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