Posted by: GeetMaiJawaafDiu? September 9, 2021
Suggestions chaiyo
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doesn't your last post sound umm.. a little 'racist' to you? LOL! Watch out, some B/L/M activists could be prowling around your corner. 

Why don’t u fcuking reveal how much you make in a yr. let’s go straight pal......"
Except for my bathing suit, I could be a thorough minimalist,
who simply does not care about how much in income his wife brings from her American corporate job. Your username is Tesla_Guy - you must have either made a killing in TSLA investment or drive one costing upwards of $40-45k, with hefty monthly insurance premiums committed throughout its useful life. That alone makes you come ahead of most of us on here from a networth aspect. Good on you. The question of income or finance is an integral part of a marriage. Let's not pretend it is not, Ok?

I hope you are not shit-testing everyone on here while also kicking off a factious row among otherwise civil patrons.
I am certain these sajha-users hardly spent twenty minutes thinking about your predicament before commenting because none of us are stakeholders in your marriage except you, your future-wife,[your future-children if applicable,] and your parents. I would practice total transparency if or while seeking advice from parents and during contemplation so that no one feels deceived long after the consummation. Have fun, big boy!
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