Posted by: p14nd3m1c May 28, 2021
5 questions to ask your friends who plan to get the Covid vaccine
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My friend. You are the reason I post all these things. The vaccine is not approved by the FDA but the vaccine industry is very powerful, they are using their $$$ to exert power onto law makers and media to promote the vaccine to make billions in profit.

The vaccine may not be dangerous but still the fact that it's being forced onto the general population through propaganda is very concerning. It may not be dangerous but there are many individuals like yourself who go through vaccine injury or negative side effect.

You are the kind of person that the media loving brainwashed population would hate because your story does not resonate with the propaganda. Many people who are speaking against my concerns or who have lashed upon me like religious fanatics would hate you because they are not ready to even acknowledge that there are people who have suffered wrongly and even met with death because of this unapproved vaccine. Emergency Use Authorization is not approval as many people have trouble understanding. Many people here have so much faith in this vaccine that they probably think that I am using another username here. That is the extent of their faith in this vaccine religion.

It's good that you did not take the second vaccine after the first one resulted in unwanted complications. The way these vaccines and virus work is that once you are infected your body builds antibodies to fight it. The vaccine is actually dead cells of virus injected into your body so your body can create antibodies to fight it. The vaccine industry wants to give 2, 3 vaccines or even yearly vaccines so they can make profit out of it. The fact is that many people most likely have already been exposed to covid without any symptoms and have already built immunity to it. The rise of new strains have also been attributed as the side effect of the vaccines as the vaccinated people who are using the emergency use vaccine may be causing different mutations of the virus.

The corona virus is differnt from anything this world has ever seen. The symptoms are varied so much and different people are affected differently. It almost seems like a synthetic virus because of it's behavior. Previously it was almost illegal to even imply that the corona virus was man made. Facebook and Twitter and all media used to ban anything or anyone implying that corona was man made. Now that finally they have scared the world into getting the vaccine they are allowing people to debate about it. After all it's a divide and conquer strategy that allows the colluded politics and corporations to keep churning money for themselves at the expense of the general public, whose lives are expendable.

Anyway you are not alone.

You may have noticed but I stopped posting multiple threads on sajha homepage after you said it.

He must be talking about Gates and Fauci
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