Posted by: ujl April 30, 2021
Suggestions from strangers
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The aim of life is to remove sorrow and pain so one can live harmoniously. If going to Nepal will give you the fulfillment you looking for then there is no need to be concerned. However, one needs to be very careful about the subtle modifications of the mind. Mind plays tricks on you. Even yogis who spend most of their lives on a secluded place are harassed by subtle desires that pop up in their mind out of nowhere. A yogi who renounced the world was crying because he could not buy an apple watch!

Somebody above in the thread said it will be hard to navigate the system in Nepal especially for people who lived in the states for long. My advice is that big decisions like this should be done in a calm state of mind. If you are not happy right here right now then there is no guarantee that Nepal or being with your parents will provide you the happiness. Because the moment your mind runs towards external object seeking fulfillment, you are on the grip of Maya or cosmic ignorance. Water seen on a mirage will never quench your thirst. Going to Nepal for parents is a good idea. However, having wrong expectation from a worldly relations will put your mind in a state of turbulence. Buy a notebook, be honest with yourself, and write all "desires" you have in your life. Count how many desires you have. Ask yourself, can you fulfill these desires in Nepal? If yes, Nepal welcomes you.
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