Posted by: salamkrishne March 16, 2021
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I did not see GeetMai.....bro/sis comment before I wrote mine. I agree with you.

10/15 years ago I used have lot of suspicion on people trying to bring hundreds of thousands of dollars (karodau nepali rupees) to US from Nepal. I still thing that was legit suspicion. Things like "is that घुस खाएको पैसा, is that कालोबजारी tax छली आदि आदि...." I think people still bring money from Nepal to US that were NOT EARNED, or INHERITED. But, these days it is not big deal for lots of people to bring big sum of money by just selling land and houses. Almost all of the district headquarters land price has appreciated so much that a plot of land measuring ५० feet by ७० feet easily  gets you १००k dollar.
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