Posted by: Deke February 15, 2021
दुर्लभ पुराना गीतहरु !!
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Guys, do any of you remember the following teleflims (as those were called in the late 80s to early 90s on NTV)- Ra, Pancham, Chakrabyuh, Tadako Basti, Bhok ra Bhittaharu, Shreeman, Rupmati, Anuradha, Narisaunus Hai, Aja Bholi ka Katha (later called Hijo Aaja ka Kura), Meet Ba, Hosh Prasad, Chatureko Daupech.. Ra was the first ever nepali sci fi telecom. A rock from an asteroid gets onto the earth's surface and a kid finds it. The rock is a kind of wish fulfilling device. It was an interesting concept. Similarly, Pancham was probably the first thriller suspense teleflim involving the story of an ailing boy and his five friends.

Anand ji, let me know if you want to make a video on forgotten teleflims of NTV. I can tell you about the story of the aforementioned ones.
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