Posted by: Sparty August 13, 2019
Is this public charge or not
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@khoikhok, I'm little confused when you said "right now medicaid is not a public assistance". If medicaid is not a public assistance, then what is it?

Regarding to the issue raised by the OP, I guess USCIS will deny I485 when the applicant is currently receiving assistance or will likely receive (or keep receiving) after GC. Based on the language, I assume if you had received in the past and currently are not receiving and won't receive in the future then it shouldn't be a problem.

Also when your uncle applied for medicaid and they said it won't be a problem might be true until now. If the rule changes then their statement won't hold good. Since this is a serious (matter of GC being denied) and complex matter (words can be interpreted differently by different people), I would suggest you to talk to an immigration lawyer.
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