Posted by: AdrianDaju April 12, 2019
Nepal bans 'PUBG' over concerns kids are addicted. Social Media and Yotube next.
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I haven’t eaten for free except some gurudwaras nor have I pooped in the same plate I ate in a foreign land. They should be thankful that Smart Brains like Itahariko from Nepal are working for them, paying taxes and contributing for the development of their country.
And Itahariko yes this is what I learned, I learned after all the influences and using almost everything made by them that I was sick. I am thankful that I learned I got sick and I got rid of my causes of sickness. And I don’t want my Nation’s upcoming generations to fall sick like me. I want my Nation to prosper and I will do my best to teach my Nation’s Kids what is right and wrong through what I learnt and realized.

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