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 I cant hate this Man !

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Posted on 10-09-11 9:55 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

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Posted on 10-10-11 3:36 PM     [Snapshot: 1182]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@dr babu who said 82% are aatankabadi. Chor ko khutta kat bhanda chor le matra khutta tanchha bhanne ukhan yaad aayo.
Posted on 10-10-11 3:38 PM     [Snapshot: 1184]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 @ timer
At what grounds you are stigmatizing all of them as basterds? I did not see anything bad about Marichman, KPB and Chand. It must be in the ideological basis, right? Marichman was one of the cleanest and patriotic PM of nepal. He, unlike other opportunists and corrupts, chose to remain unknown. He used to run a poultry farm after the advent of democracy in 1990. At least he did not have wife like hisila. He tried his best to supply petroleum, sugar, and salts and succeeded to an appreciable extent eventhough India sealed the border. Do not judge this Bhattarai guy now on the basis of his visit to maiti nepal, distributing horlics to senile citizens, riding a mustang etc.  Wait and see. He is not there for those populist works. Why did he not maintain his purity when he was not PM? He used to ride a stolen scorpio SUV.  If you are exalted by these acts what is the meaning of overthrowing monarchy, since kings and other royalas uded to do so even frequently?? In my view he is not different from rest in the block. He's doing the same stuffs his predecessors did...In fact he is one step ahead in treason to motherland.
1. He did not reavel income/ affluence of his wife
2. He appointed Mukti Pradhan, a maoist cadre and  unfit candidate, as attorney general
3. He did 4 points deals to accede to the power chair and still bragging about the 12 point pacts written in hindi by  SD Muni in a pencil.
4. He is about to pass the amnesty bill for maoist human right violaters
5. He is one of the biggest liar..... he chose a path to kill 15000 innocent nepalese since his famous 49 points demands were far from fulfilled in the Deuba's time. Does he have balls to implement those 40 points agenda as he is head of the government? If can't why he masterminded to kill all those nepalese people?  
6. He is positive in signing a pact with india for air marshall and "supurdagi sandhi", after this nepal will no longer be an independent state. Our ancestors chose to behead their head themselves but kept any foreign army from entering nepal. This power hungry already killed nepalese people and trying to yield in remaining national sovergnity. 
I am damn sure Marich man, KPB and Lokendra B Chand did not do these things.
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Posted on 10-10-11 3:39 PM     [Snapshot: 1157]     Reply [Subscribe]
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first thing,folks-be clear, are we accepting brb because we do not have any option? and that is why you are ready forget what he did? but not ready to forget what happened in kings era? if you accept wrong option to console your soul, then right person will never reach there. period.

@timer bro,

you said we are napunsak to be ruled by ....but amongst your number 6, marichman was never accused of doing bhrastachar, if you look his current life style -you would not even believe he was once pm. plus he is the same man who brought dal chamal mattitel when india/rajib gandhi did nakabandi?? i do not know what is your age, if you were not young enough back then ask any one.

similarly, lokendra bdr was and is still not corrupt, krishna prashad bhattarai was in fact patriotic diplomatic pm nepal had after 2046, he was successful in giving us 2046 constitution despite then staunch royalist their own kind of constitution.

mana mohan adhikari, good old man but was not successful, because then girija congress conspired and coupled with bhadra 12 supreme court decision.

of course, we had people like sher bdr, thanks to girija, again we had prachanda et al, again thanks to girija..these people are morally, financially corrupt but worst is that 2 of them are responsible for mass killing and death of innocent. if corruption is so dirty-then what would say about the killing????? is killing ok? should not they be brought into justice or just because, because of people's own stupidity we do not have any option, we now ready to accept anyone?? when are we more napunsak back then when marichman is pm or now?

Posted on 10-10-11 3:47 PM     [Snapshot: 1214]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@dr babu who said 82 percent are atankabadi????? Chor ko khutta kaat bhanda chor le matrai khutta tancha bhanthe testai ho kya
Posted on 10-10-11 3:55 PM     [Snapshot: 1245]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 10-10-11 4:11 PM     [Snapshot: 1259]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am not hard language user in Sajha and it I am very sensitive about that. But I put a word bastard and NAPUNKSAK intentionally.

Guys, it doesn't matter Marich Man, Lokendra or Surya Bahadur are currpoted or not, I can't say how much they are currpted but I will laugh to you guys who are living a democratic USA and favoring autocratic Panchayat, if you guys are talking about Panchayat system. These are just small jackles (Marich Man, Lokendra and Surya Bahadur), at that time wolves were king and their whole single family almost 1000 members who are currpting Nepal one way to other.

Yes, I always used a word Napunsak to Nepali because if we were Marda, not only south Asia even lot of African countries are already ahead of us. We are just blaming our system, king, and leaders and not doing what we should be doing from our part. How can a country doesn't have a single leader that is good, how can a country not a single system is good. Because we don't respect the system, we means Nepali, Nepali means literate and illiterate Nepali. We all who live in USA, in Nepal, in Rolpa, in India. Yes, we don't like Panchayat, we don't like Krisna Prasad, we don't like Girija, we don't like Puspa Kamal and we don't like Babu Ram, we hate everything, we hate each other, we hate our neighbours, we hate people in Sajha, we are jealous, we want everything what others have, so we need the system which can be favorable to us.

I don't want to argue about Marich Man and Lokendra, these are just a machine of king at that time. They are just another NAPUSAK and bastard who don’t have any ideology, who doesn't have any thoughts, who doesn't have education.


Last edited: 10-Oct-11 04:15 PM

Posted on 10-10-11 4:31 PM     [Snapshot: 1343]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 So true timer bro!
Posted on 10-10-11 4:34 PM     [Snapshot: 1352]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Where in the earth I supported panchayat? I say good for good...and bad for bad. That's all. But I am still sure this BRB is liar.
Posted on 10-10-11 5:31 PM     [Snapshot: 1433]     Reply [Subscribe]
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timer, i feel like laughing at you. brother, what do you mean by democracy? you mean to say we are more democratic than panchayet if so how..count how many journo were killed in panchayt vs your democracy? count the numbers pls..it is the same panchayat which locked bharat gurung, d b lama and who unlocked them?- your democracy..who is jp gupta? who is gachhedar? and if you are so clean how come they are the next so powerful people in your cabinet? do you even know there is a case against jp gupta in supreme court..etc i can go on an on...again, ramhari shrestha, birendra shah were killed? was that the demand of the time ? mr gt bro as you put your words on other thread? where is the culprit ?? he is the member of CA and you call it what?-beauty of democracy??? where criminal can enjoy and dance over the chest of the people ??

how old were you during 2046- if you are less than 10 years, then you better ask your parents about law and order, sense of security.. yes there were bad thing happened at that time, but also  good happened too, yes no one liked panchayat as the system, but again, this is the only system which lasted 30 years and gave stability after 2007. it is during the same period, nepal got UN recognition when Sikkim was annexed...if you like to make real comparison come up with facts not your hypothesis. the point is if we say panchayet is so bad, we have to be in a stage where we should be soooooooo good..are we or are we not?? objective analysis is needed here.

and if you do not want to argue on the points and people's name, then you should not have posted their name without knowing the fact. just because they were under the king does not make them corrupt or puppet, do not forget anuradha koirala and upendra devkota were also minister in king gyanendra's ministry, do you think these people are also corrupt?? or you did not voted for anuradha koirala?? just giving example, again does not mean today we are far better than king gyanendra's period, rather we are worst off!!!

again, it is not the matter of ideology- it is matter of right vs wrong, crime/criminal/impunity vs justice, so called democracy vs real democracy...yes napunsak are those who can not differentiate who is criminal or who is not!!!
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Posted on 10-10-11 5:59 PM     [Snapshot: 1484]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Shanti priya, don't take personally because you are the smartest person in Sajha.

My father was professor of economics and at the time of 2046, he is the one who teaches me about democracy and encourage me to go outside to throw Pachayat. My father was hardly survived with the bullets at 2046. It was at the time who know little about what is democracy, basically, I am one of the person who was involved for democracy. Regarding, what my father said, please read my post from 2008 to 2011. So, please make a base pointing. I know who is Marich Man, who is Lokendra and who is surya bahadur. Please don't think I don't know anything but what I don't know is it is not the time of democracy where prime minister's wife demand can be published in newspaper, it is a dark era where people are shotted in Jungle and no one ever know, people are raped in BAREK and no one ever know.I am mentioning NAPUNSAK myself not the smart people like you. It is just a healthy discussion, don't take it personally.

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Posted on 10-10-11 6:22 PM     [Snapshot: 1546]     Reply [Subscribe]
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nothing personal timer bro:-)

i too fought in 2046! i was young blood, part of euphoria.. i do not regret that i took part, but later the way things turned out -actually it made all of those people who participated in that 2046  a kind of napunsak if i borrow your word. yes in that period, people used to get killed but not as much as today where one can kill person just a 20 yard away from police office (eg-last shooting at ghantaghar).

i am not an ideologue or fan of any ism, for me what is right is right and wrong is wrong- i do not care if brb is doing these things for political benefitwhat i care is  first he has to go thru due process of law. ask your dad, does he think what brb did was more democratic than marichman? if not we are not in a postion to say panchayat was less democratic and we are more democratic now-at least objectively!

at least poor man can earn his living without any fear during panchayat! how are we today? democracy means- rule of law, public security, press freedom, political accountibilty, social security- how are we better of than before in these points????

Last edited: 10-Oct-11 06:26 PM

Posted on 10-10-11 10:14 PM     [Snapshot: 1745]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Shanti Priya, 

Now, the question of frustration, out of law, anarki, expectation, crime, humanity, dignity. That is really difficult topic to study and conclude. In this 21st century where every person is living with high hopes, high expectation, not only the person of city but from from remote village. The dreams are so high and different that people from Rolpa,  Rukum, Karnali, Bheri are fighting for two days meals where Kathmandu is never a country, it is never a nation, they are thrown from the main system. People in Kathmandu with dance bars and disco and with the colorful life want more security and more benefit. By the way, I am grown up in Kathmandu and I am a city boy. Then where was democracy in Panchayat? In panchayat all the colorful life was in Darbar, people has less expectation, they are almost like a black age where people didn't know what to do and not to do, so the society seems stable like in dark night, very few anarki was seen. After democracy people start exploring, people like us came to USA; people from somewhat remote village went to golf to work. But the people in Karnali is still struggling for two day meal there is no difference of Panchayat and democracy for them.

Please be gretful that we don't have die of hunger in Karnali, you are not the person who was killed by Maoist or from the Army. Your house was not burnt by Maoist and Army. You want more security and more colorful life where people are dieing of hunger. Don't ask them who they are, who they belong, what is their political color. Now Nepal is a bee heive without Queen, we are country where there is no Marda, one Napunsak come and rule and we Napunsak either support so hard or we hate so hard. So, please give some marda to rule, democracy is not perfect but there is not other system better than democracy. Help it to flourish, not fight each other to finish.

Last edited: 10-Oct-11 10:16 PM

Posted on 10-11-11 1:05 AM     [Snapshot: 1926]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Terrorists using Sajha.com as promotion.

It's pathetic the admin San Pradhan not doing anything about it.

Posted on 10-11-11 1:13 AM     [Snapshot: 1929]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You are 100% correct nagarikreport...These Maoists "bastards" (terrorists) are using sajha for promoting terrorism for free of cost. I think this terrorist baburam and Prachande hired these bastards for promoting terrorism here in sajha too. 
Posted on 10-11-11 6:56 AM     [Snapshot: 2077]     Reply [Subscribe]
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timer, what kind of weird logic is this? it is not difficult to conclude-it is apparent, right in front of your eyes..what we had vs what we have now? gives simple answer, no need to be rocket scientist. wheather i am personally vicitimized by moaists or not is not your concern, and that again is the stupid argument. it is not about personal issue it is about the nation as a whole from east to west!..again it is more about right vs wrong that i have been telling.

@nagarikreport and collegefootbal, let everyone put their voice here, for the record. do you remember there used to be extreme maoists supporter back then also, they used to tell the same thing when prachanda was pm. whenprachanda gone they are also gone. these people are not stable, nor they know the global context. watch out all these supporters will be gone after three months coz they will be left with no arguments to confront with the people like us, who have constantly raising voice against crime and terrorism.

Posted on 10-11-11 6:58 AM     [Snapshot: 2077]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 11-Oct-11 06:58 AM

Posted on 10-11-11 8:52 AM     [Snapshot: 2151]     Reply [Subscribe]
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के हो माओवादी , के हो कांग्रेस । के को आतंकबाद अनी के को समाजवाद । म एउटा साधारण नेपाली हुँ , जो हरेक सरकार , हरेक नेता सँग देस को बिकास को आस गर्छ , हरेक मिठा मिठा भाषान मा भुल्छ । म त्यो नेपाली जनता हुँ जस्लाई नेपाल सिङापुर हैन साधारण नेपाल भएको हेर्न मन छ । म त्यो नेपाली जनता जो हरेक आन्दोलन मा केइ हुन्छ कि भनेर कैले कस्को कैले कस्को झन्डा समतेर हिद्द्छ । मलाई आन्तन्करी भन्ने हरु गएर आफ्नो आत्मा लाई सोध ,गल्ती मेरो हो कि मलाई सपना देखाउने ति नेता हरु जो ।
०७ साल मा प्रजातन्त्र आउँदा केइ होला कि भनेर म लदेको थे , १७ साल मा राजा ले शासन लिदा अब चै केइ होला कि भनेर ३० बर्ष सएको थिए , ४७ मा बहुदल को लागि झन्डा उथौने पनि मै थिए अनी ५९ मा राजा ले कु गर्दा दरबार मार्ग मा बत्ती बाल्ने नि मै थिए, १९ दिन को आन्दोलन मा गएर थापाथली मा गोली खाने पनि मै थिए । म नेपाली जनता हुँ । जो हरेक पटक छलिने गर्छ , अैले बाबुराम ले आयो मिठो सपना देखायो म उस्को जय जय कार मा लागे मैले के गल्ती गरे ?
मलाई तिमी हरु को जस्तो लम्बा चोउदा भाषान फलाक्न आउँदैन , एउता कुरा लाई ३ तिर बाट हेरेर ४ तिर बाट व्याख्या गर्न पनि म जन्दिन । म नेपाली जनता हुँ । मलाई जस्ले मिठो सपना बाद्छ म तेस्को जय जय कार गर्छु । किन कसरी मलाई सोच्नु छैन , मलाई शान्ता सँग नेपाल मा गएर बाँच्न छ , तिमी हरु ले जस्तो ११ बर्ष भो म आको भन्दै सान दिएर यहाँ मर्न छैन , न त मलाई तिमी हरु को जस्तो वैयात साझा राजनीति गरेर यहाँ हिरो हुन मन छ । मैले जे देखी , जे मन मा लाग्यो तेइ लेखे ।
सान दाई को कुर छोड् मेरो बेलिबिस्तार लगेर FBI मा बुजये पनि मलाई माओवादी त के एउता कुनै पार्टी को सदस्य देखौन सक्दैनौ , रख्छौ बाजी !
तिमी हरु लाई अर्को को बाउ आमा सरापेर , अरु लाई तथानम गाली गरेर , कसै को नाङो तस्बिर रखेर थ्रेड खोलेको भये म अमेरिकन हुन्थे , सोसियल अनी सभ्य हुन्थे ! तर मलाई झुटै  भये पनि एउत आशा को त्यान्द्रो देखौने मान्छे को नाम मा थ्रेड खोल्द म आतंक कारी भये !
एदी नेपाली हुनु आतंकबाद हो भने हो म आतंककारी !  एदी बाबुराम बाट केइ आस गर्नु आतंकबाद हो भने हो म आतंकबादी !
अनी के रे , तिमी हरु जस्तो पर्दा पछाडि लुकेर ,आफ्नो असली पहिचान सहित लुकाएर यहाँ आएर राजनीति को बिशेषग्य भन्ने खोक्रा नाम हरु लाई बिरोध गर्न पैसा दिएर मान्छे खटाउने रे ! तिमी हरु ले आफ्नो इज्जत बदाको कि अरु को घाटा को ?
तिमी हरु अरु ले भनेको सुन्दैनौ मलाई थाहा छ, भालु लाई पुराण सुनाउनु र साझा मा आएर कसैलाई केइ भन्नु उस्तै उस्तै हो , जे भन्न मन लाग्छ भन तिमी हरु ले भनेर मेरो झ्याउ पनि हल्लिदैन ।
जय नेपाल

Posted on 10-11-11 9:10 AM     [Snapshot: 2151]     Reply [Subscribe]
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sabai educated citizen bidesh ma gayera baschan ani sajha aauchan ani falana le yo garyo diskana le tyo garyo vanera ris pokchan. i too have family back home and i  too know whats the situation back there and how i am living here. so america ma basera khaire le dukkha garera banayeko des ma aayera moj garechau. sakchau vane aafno des banauna jau. aarka le paskeko bhat khana sajilo vako cha timi haru lai. aafno des banaune palo ma didesh ma gayera baseko chau moj gareko chau ani nepali lai nana bhati vanchau. thukka timi haru mathi. america tyesai america vako haina. it also has been through a civil war. people sturggled and got thru but never went back to europe. 

Posted on 10-11-11 9:35 AM     [Snapshot: 2219]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Sorry no more comments on this topic. Bye guys.
Posted on 10-11-11 9:45 AM     [Snapshot: 2209]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nagarikreport and Collegefootball, it looks like you two are one person posting in Sajha with two different id.  On many of your posting one id is followed by another. 

Also, if Sajha.com were Maoist propaganda tool, don't you think your id would have deleted as well.  We can have a meaningful debate about things but reading many of your post it seems like you don't want a logical discussion.  Kind of like many political carades in Nepal who defend their leader even if they are accused of murder. 

Let's give credit when it is due and let's criticize when it is necessary.  Let us be open minded about ideas not be brainwashed.
Last edited: 11-Oct-11 09:49 AM


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