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 Nepal secular state, more changes needed

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Posted on 05-19-06 4:27 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Until then, religions will continue to divide humanity in the same way as they have done for centuries. Ignorance is the basis of intolerance…. ( borrowed from a net article ) How the interim government has announced that Nepal is a secular state which does not make the hindu in nepal less hindu … but still the other biased policies remains. All this also needs to be changed, from reducing number of Hindu holidays, to adding others religions religious day declared as holiday ( 2 holidays for each religion in Nepal, just a thought ), to not using the “nepali” or khas language as compulsory or the 1st language, etc.. Please do not look for offence when there is none, my friends. Just cause happy the country no long proclaiming it a Hindu state does not mean against the religion. Nepal staying a Hindu kingdom would have been dammed by its southern neighbor (big brother, a more fitting word would be big dada!! if you know what I mean.) Dada expects all the other neighboring countries around to move on their thoughts, image, morals, etc.. and not to be better then them… just look at the interest of the hardliner Hindu politicians in big dada towards Nepal. For that reason of being a Hindu state some or most Indians, always very eager to associate or say people from Nepal and them are the same but they won’t associate or say that people from Bangladesh are the same with them. Go figure. A case of seeing what is not there, stubbornly saying a box and a triangle is the same. Everyone wants to have clarity in regards of country, religion and race. Ask a Malaysian Indian Muslim person, is that person an Indian? “Yes “will be a reply. Hindu Indian? That person will reply, “No am a Malaysian by national, Sindhi Indian by race and a Muslim by religion“ proudly. A person from Nepal if says is a Buddhist or Christian, etc.. apart from Hindu the reception is not welcoming from others, even from their own fellow Hindu country women/men. Thinking that the person who says is a not Hindu is trying to be someone else then what actually is when overseas or blasphemy if said in Nepal. A slow movement to hindunize (is there such a word?? no seriously do not know) the whole nation by claiming a “Nepali “ new year. Non-Hindu of Nepal being hypnotized to think that they are Nepalese by race when there is no such thing as a Nepalese race!! Even if argue that when say Nepali/Nepalese is referring to the citizens of Nepal. Why then celebrate the Nepali/Nepalese New Year?? Is being a good citizen mean to celebrating/observing a Hindu harvest festival. " Nepali bha ehra Nepali new year na man nay???” Why should people observe it when not one’s religion beliefs ???!! Just because of being called “Nepalese“??? People in and out of Nepal are yelling their lungs out calling for democracy in Nepal, yet those in power or the vocal mass deliberately call a Hindu festival Nepali new year without thinking that in Nepal there are Buddhist, Kirat, Muslims, Christians, Bonpo and many others religions. Why not the new year of Gurungs, Yolmos, Sherpas, Manangs, Tamangs and many other Himalayan ethnic people called a Nepalese new year, which are Buddhist/Shamanistic/Bonpo based? What about the Kirat also?? What about the Muslim new year, there is for those who did not know of such a New Year? Lets forget about respecting them, when the world views us we want to be known or seen only as Hindu. In the process if the rest of the others population is viewed as Hindu, it’s too bad! Is what imagining who ever is in the government of Nepal said or is saying when in power. That’s democracy for all the people of Nepal in and out of the country!!! The holy cow not to be kill or eaten imposed to all other non-believers, why again??? Look at Malaysia or Indonesia, despite being a Muslim country non-Muslim are not reframed to eat pork. Yeah pork is not holy some may argue but the Muslims majority they don’t eat pork the rest of the non-Muslims minority are not reframed by their government state policies or seen as a sin or crime?? Don’t point out the bad points of these countries, every countries has some, learn the good not the bad. Those who want to argue on the bad points go/come to sahja.com a place, people of Nepal in or out of Nepal go/come to bicker about of who is bigger by caste and creed. Who are the original people of Nepal. Who is more educated. Why everyone must know the so-called “Nepali” language or speak it properly. Why the girls wearing revealing cloths when overseas and being shameless? (Who died and made one the moral educator!!!! Why are ones’ moral the best!! Girls have a right to wear what they like or behave and one should stop hypocrisy by not ogling with drooling mouths and raise it as a topic in a forum as can’t get the image out of one’s mind due to lust rather then being shocked!!). Who they have as friends or getting along with for justification for self or need to be unlabelled and what not. Who really made the country? Who contributed to the country, etc….. not forgetting Nepal should stay a Hindu kingdom said with such arrogance!! There is a small agenda in this writing won’t deny that. People from Nepal all over the world especially to the Hindu of Nepal, no attacks intending intentionally nor unintentionally do note that again. The Indian dada saying “ ahray bai, India or Nepal toh ek hi heh na”… do you really want to hear this??!! The point making is there is to too much emphasis on differences in Nepal, quoting “Until then, religions will continue to divide humanity in the same way as they have done for centuries “. Then why the hell am I making so much of noise about government policies about Hindu festivals, etc… most people may say and even call this person a fool/confused/out to make trouble. Patients my friends, there is another more important point… just because Nepal “majority” is said to be Hindu, does not mean that all are Hindu and celebrate/observe “ Nepali ” new year, Tihar, holi, etc… ignorance to others beliefs, culture, language, etc... and only assuming or glorifying one’s religion or one’s people or one’s language or one’s beliefs to be correct in a country or world will lead to intolerance…. The need to be one is always mistaken to eradicate others or change/convert others to follow what one is following. Hope we have learnt some things about ignorance and respect, although some may think that I’m ignorant and without any respect for writing this also… irony, ha ha ha… The weekends are near so time to enjoy with ones’ friends and family which always brings a smile and warmth… Cheers!! May Allah\God\Bhogawan protect and watch over all of you and may Sakyamuni Buddha’s teachings guide you all my friends… For all those whom do not believe in religion/god may your right judgment guide you all… lets do the right thing and not let our ego win.
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Posted on 05-19-06 9:01 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bidhan408, Did we had any kind of refrerrendum when Nepal was declared Hindu nation? Isn't that unilateral decision taken by a group of Hindu believers and off course the King, reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. For instance, do you agree if Nepal is declared as Bhudhist or Muslim nation? I bet you definitely not going to like it. Probably, you are not expecting Proclamation would not make nepal a secular state because you are Hindu by religion. I am Bhudhist by religion and I never expect Nepal to be a Bhudhist nation because it would undermine other religious belief. I have read some comments from sajha viewers saying Nepalese had freedom to choose religion even if Nepal is Hindu nation so why it is necessary to change this. Well for Hindu it is matter of pride and privilege given by constitution but other believers it is matter of not having recognition from the constitution and it is obviously a discrimination for them. Or Is that be better if constitution declares Nepal as Multi-Religion nation instead of saying Secular State or is it the same?
Posted on 05-19-06 9:20 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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why bring this issue of religion now. nepal never had a problem. It is not matter of pride or anything. But to take this decision now is something that is uncalled for.
Posted on 05-19-06 10:57 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Personally I do not mind Nepal not being a hindu state (i am a bahun and hindu) but what I agree with is that there should have been a vote by people on this. NewNepal I understand that other ethnic groups were not consulted before declaring Nepal a Hindu state but that does not mean that someone can just come and say its not anymore either (two wrongs do not make a right). This should have been decided by the people not by the politician. As for other people who still want to argue about Hindu state stop arguing. First because Nepal has already been declared secular state. Second I agree with NewNepal and Gesar that we need to respect every religion, culture, and language. If we celebrate hindu religion that does not mean enforce it to others. We have been doing this kind of thing for long time which is why we never had unity. Now everyone can decide what religion they want to follow and what not to follow. Understand that I am not diagreeing or agreeing with anyone I respect everyones opinion and suggestions.
Posted on 05-19-06 11:03 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why do politicans have to bring the issue of religion. india is a secular state but see how hindu and muslims has killed each other. Nepal is only hindu nation in the world is something we had been and we could be proud of. But that doesnot mean buddisht , christian have been ever neglected in nepal. Rarely have there been fight between hindu , muslims christians in nepal as it has happened in so many countries. I would say the new decision is completely uncalled for.
Posted on 05-19-06 11:17 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bidhan 408...i don't know i may be wrong...it may not be true also..i heard when nepal was declared as only hindu state,it iwas the hand of india, i am not trying to argue...do you know nepal is the birth place of buddha???? india don't want to recognize nepal as the birthplace of buddha, and it is like a politics..well the government if they have asked for secular vote i think people will go for secular vote...there are lots of people who follow both hinduism and buddhism?????....almost all janajati......and to say hindu state is not fair for people who follow other religions...
Posted on 05-19-06 11:21 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Do you know why many people are not buddisht in nepal. Thats because hinduism was deep rooted in nepal long before buddha was born. Have their been any incideces of serious voilences in nepal before. No. now politicians have introduced new issues. Just wait and watch. In a years to come nepal will be figthing the war of religion as well. I hope i am proved wrong .
Posted on 05-19-06 11:27 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't know if you have heard it or not...i have seen many janajati saying that they should not celebrate dashian because it is not their religions...have you heard dashain tihar boycott?? .it has happened when nepal was hindu state also...but i don't agree with this one as dashain is our national festival. you said many people are not buddhist which i don't believe..there are many people who belive in buddhism.......just because our country was delcared hindu state the problem is we never recognized there is and was lots of buddhist follower????
Posted on 05-19-06 11:43 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hahaha.... freinds, make a referrendum always for the whole 27millon population to decide what should be decided or not??? the past is not the present or the future!!!! am saying not you or the whole nation to decide but the current goverment!! come on don't you think that even if referrendum of choicing a goverrment that some may have not voted for the goverment??? then how??? look to the furure... it does not matter if you are hindu, muslim, budhist, kirat,bonpo, etc... what matters is nation building... some of the question thinking can only be satisfied by nepal being a hindu nation... do everyone one in nepal wants that??.. this fool does not know... but is everyone is for that.. this fools does not no!!!... democracy is also about following laws.. pls keep that in mind... if we are to argue on every topic... is it productive?? some is a slow process, some is a trial an error... etc.... but what is every people of nepal ( citizens or orgins ) main goal or wish for nepal??? shearch deep, my friends... deep in your hearts....
Posted on 05-19-06 12:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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सम्विधान सभाद्वार निर्णय गरिने भनिएका कुराहरु संसदले गरेपछि अब संविधान सभाको औचित्य के? कुन कुन कुराहरु संसदले गर्न सक्ने र कुन कुराको लागि संविधान सभा चाहिने? यो कुरा कसैले स्पष्ट गरेको छैन। संविधान सभाको वकालत गर्नेहरु संसदको लापर्वाही विरुद्ध किन बोल्दैनन्? संसद गैर कानूनी हिसाबले अघि बढिरहेको छ। यो दीगो शान्ति, प्रजातन्त्र र स्थायित्वको लागि घातक छ।
Posted on 05-19-06 1:34 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Gesar's story of a layman and a priest seeing a naked woman at the riverbank made me think... that priest needs serious medical attention. Apparently, he is suffering from short term amnesia. Any healthy person with fully functioning mental capacity, like that good layman there, should be able to recall what happened in past to a certain degree. To deny that faculty is not normal. :-)
Posted on 05-19-06 2:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Declaring Nepal a "Hindu state" 64 years ago was probably the product of the most stupid ..danm stupid ( and also a corrupt mind). I'm happy the tag of 'Hindu state' is gone now. It was darn stupid to give a nation a tag of "Hindu state" becaue it is/was the against the fundamental values of democracy. What if the United States or Canada had declared 'a Christian nation'. OR what if India were to declare a 'Hindu state' after all, the largest population of Hindus (in the world) is in India. Why was India not declared a 'Hindu state' ? On the other hand the very same people who declared Nepal a 'Hindu state'(back then) were the ones who sold the name of Gautam Buddhism and Buddhism in foreign countries or when they had confront foreigners. What a corrupt idea !!!
Posted on 05-19-06 3:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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you are 100 percent right!!!!!!
Posted on 05-19-06 4:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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since people are fighting so much already i hink there is going to be a conflict over several issues relatedto religion in the near future. But only time will tell
Posted on 05-19-06 4:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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BirBhadra; I am sure you are a BAHUN!
Posted on 05-19-06 5:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Amazing how hypocracy is universal with every race and nation! It's hard to let go your power. In the past, we here at Sajha have seen so many caste bashing threads and there was one unamous voice infavor of tolerance and equality. Even the administrator of this site was involved, what do you have to say to these people, SAN? The same people seem to be nervous now and are exercising their inner hypocracy when the "Hindu" tag is removed from the constitution. No matter what, it's easy to say about equality among social gatherings and definetly very easy to type on your computer to pour your years of education's worth. Deep down inside, we're all hypocrats. There were also some threads questioning whether Buddha was born in India or Nepal. Many angry Nepali started spilling their disgust towards India's claim over the statement. Well, the answer is here- Nepali don't care. We're more worried about COW and the sipping of the urine as our main belief. So Buddha was born somewhere else, definetly not in Nepal. These same people have no problem removing their "Bishnu" aka "The King " from power, who with no people's consent declared Nepal as Hindu kingdom in the first place. The image of Bishnu being corrupt and evil reflects your own belief. Talk about yourself. They're coming out with lame thread like "We can eat COW now", which is just a making mokery of your own beliefs. Most of the Nepali eat beef as soon as they leave the country incase you don't know this; not tell their parents, that's a different story. So it's not new anyway. Some nations eat dog. Are they better off tha us, you bet ya. Nobody is going to force you to eat cow. If some does eat them, it's not your problem. How come these COW loving people don't see the cruelty of buthcering animals and playing with blood durung Dashain every year. The treatment and the conditions of those so called "Gai Mata" (cows) on the street , I don't think it portraits god and religion to an outsider.Those are nothing but abused animal wandering along the streets waiting to die and blocking the traffic. Nobody has said anything againt it or enforced their doctraine against killing. You like that way, don't you? It's called animal cruelty for the rest of the world. But to you, NOooooo. Oh I get it, it's your religion and you have the right to exercise it. If you can't get over with your old senseless beliefs, then you risk being "Nonsense" and practically you should not be involved in any matter to social justices. You don't let a crazy person drive your bike or your car, do you? A country represented by the constitution with that belief is dumb.Justice has to come with neutral, unbiased, senseable point of view. It's not about the Hindu religion, it's about any group of people having the majority of the power that can and has lead nations after nations into disaster.Todays' reflection of corruption and sick mentality of every Nepali are the byproduct of when only one group reperesents a country, constitution and power. We have seen that all throughout the world. A civilization can move forward when everybody is given the equal right especailly on the writing of the country's contitution. Just beacuse we have lived in peace in the past with Hindu declared as the main religion doesn't necesrily mean the socitey was better. It has created division realted with caste discrimination in marriage, untouchable and many more. Tell me those are right, and I'll stop writing anything here. If you have Hindu festivals imposed among the schools, that's FORCING your values. Why not other religious too. If you do not want other religious festival to be imposed on your kid, then learn how to be neutral. Nobody will force you to celbrate at your house. This doesn;t mean there's something wrong with your culture. We're different and learn how to respect that. There should be ALL or NONE. Neutral holidays like Independece day, Constitutional day, Labor Day should be put into place, but definetly NOT New Year or Dashain, Tihar, Losar. You celebrate on your own, nobody will bother you. I positively support this move of declaring Nepal as non Hindu country, atleast in the writing. Implemeting it, that's a whole new strory. One thing at a time. As much as I hate these politician, I think they made the best initial move towards future democracy. We complain about building our nation, peace, prosperity. Well this is the first move, atleast on ink and paper. So I'd suggest everybody to move FORWARD, and not BACKWARD.
Posted on 05-19-06 8:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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to jay mehta: whether i am a bahun or newar or bhote or Rai that is none of your fu(king business. however if indian agents like you come tread on my land there will be only two things : 1. your Gardan primed with little water for easy hacking 2. My grandfather's Khukuri which hasn't tasted enemy's blood for quite sometime okay dhoti bro be careful who you mess with.
Posted on 05-20-06 2:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Grow up guys! aadivasis-janjatis-dalits have been demanding a secular state for years now. It was one of the demands of the recent movement, but was subsumed under the banner “Samabeshi Loktantra.” Going secular is good news for Nepal. this is an EXCELLENT news for both the marginalized muslim/ and historically persecuted christian community as well as for the aadivasi-janjati-dalits! mind you, enlightened brahmins/chhetris have also been in the forefront of a crusade for a secular state. you cannot have a 'samabeshi loktantra' with a hindu tag. how can you have over a dozen upa-dafas pertaining to Hinduism and ONLY ONE in the now-dead constitution (thank God), , and not a single one for Islam or other religions? Tagging Nepal as a "Hindu country" is discriminatory and offensive to countless other religions!!! grow up again dudes! that 85% of the population of Nepal are Hindus is a myth - no matter what the manipulated figures in the population censuses taken during the hindu regime show. Don’t you get it? It was on this and similar other heaps of lies that the legitimacy of the Palace and the God-like status of the Shah Dynasty was built! you must know that the state-sponsored population censuses have always been mired in controversies - and even the National Planning Commission have had to admit to this fact on more occasions than one. “Katmar” under secular Nepal? Again grow up dudes. at least, this is a good first step toward abolition of the apartheid of South Asia (caste system) which stems directly from fundamentalist Hinduism, which has been given protection by the palace. there has been more “katmar” under Hindu Nepal than you can even document. Even animal rights activists are scared of the voracious appetites of hindu gods and goddesses such as Kali Mata. Haven't you heard of the allegations that Mr. Bharat Keshari Singh's groups were involved in the murder of Mr. Pokhrel, who had financed many education institutions across Nepal through organising of "Yagyas”. I think the new Nepal Government must look into this allegation and bring the culprits to book. shiva sena resides in pointlessness in India. they are a spent force. hindu Bishwo Parishad also resides in pointlessness. certainly, Secular Nepal may open up possibilities for religion-based politics and give rise to Nepali BJPs. But there are also countervailing forces in Nepal. You guys have to remember that the Dalits - aadivasis - janjatis - muslims - christians are a formidable force and they have the numbers. enlightened Brahmins and Chhteris are okay with the secular tag, and are even saying that this is best for the country. Maoists as well as the large swathes of rural population they have a sway over have welcome this Secular Tag. So to say that Nepal is imposing a "Secular" tag on a country with 87% to 97% Hindus is a heap of lies. Did I also mention women who are fed up of patriarchy, which had been given a boost and protection by the palace and its god-like King. mind you, the non-Hindu minorities are increasingly empowering themselves, organising themselves and asserting themselves, thanks to the space created for them by the 2046 movement. Aadivashis-janjatis alone make up 37% of the population. Dalits make up 20%. Women make up almost 50%. Christians and Muslims are rapidly growing in numbers. So with figures like these, it is not scientific to say that Nepal is a "Hindu" country. Anyway this has nothing to do with science. Turkey’s muslim population may actually exceed 90% but it is still a Secular Country. I don’t think it Secular Nepal will create any long term problem – it may create a short term problem. If you look at the hilltops in and around Kathmandu, you can see more lavish and more modern Buddhist gombas and monasteries outshining the shive lingas and tridents. This is only a sneak preview of things to come! When the Tamangs / Sherpas/ Gurungs/ Tibetans decide to celebrate a “Lhosar” on the same day (attempts have been made in this direction), then “Lhosar” will truly be a “national” festival, and help forge a pan-aadivasi-janjati solidarity. It is only a matter of time. I say Secular Nepal will not pose problems in the long term because even though Nepali BJPs may come to power (every dag has its day) in Secular Nepal - so what? Many BJPs have come and gone in India - but India is still a secular country. Only in Secular Nepal, can we have equal respect for all religions, all cultures - thus enriching the diversity of Nepal. This is a very positive thing! Otherwise what difference is there between people who are arguing in this thread that Nepal is a “Hindu Country” and should remain so, and our successive kings who have acted like Nepal was their “birta”. Lest people counter that going Nepal secular under is “indianisation of Nepal”, it is good to remember that Nepal has been more indianised under Hindu Nepal. I have actually heard Paras say, “I’m married to India.” He meant both literally and figuratively. You must know about the Sankacharyas from South India, who exercise control over the Pashupati Nath. And it was the Sankarcharya from South India who introduced Hinduism’s ugliest aspect –Caste System – to Nepal. Hell, it was with Hinduisation of Nepal that Indianisation of Nepal began. So if people on this thread argue that Nepal going secular is “indianisation of Nepal” needs to reread Nepali history. Anyway, HINDU tag is an idea whose time has gone. Gone with the wind! i have no doubt pashupati nath temple will acquire a much cleaner and more respected image under Secular Nepal. Under the kathit “Asal Hindu Rastra Nepal”, pashupati nath temple had become a poster boy of mismanagement, fraudulence, chakribad, corruption, sins, thanks to the palace and palace-propped puppets. when count draculas like Bharat Keshari Singh & the palace puppets masquerade as spokespersons for "ASAL HINDU Rashtraya", this is what happens – they ruin/dirty the image of Pashupati Nath temple and also of Hinduism. They allowed the holy Bagmati River/Sali Nadi to be polluted. Where do you think all that money that the devotees offered to Pashupati Nath temple went? No point for guessing correctly. SECULAR NEPAL is an effective way to drive a stake through the hearts of these draculas and their false-god-king and thereby prevent their sullying the image of Hinduism. Under Secular Nepal, we may finally have the chance to restore Hinduism, and thereby Pashupati Nath, Bagmati & Sali Nadi, to their pristine glories and coexist peacefully (more than ever before) with other religions and cultures? Have you thought along these lines at all guys? May Pashupati Nath give you the inspiration to think along these lines as well!
Posted on 05-20-06 3:27 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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" If you look at the hilltops in and around Kathmandu, you can see more lavish and more modern Buddhist gombas and monasteries outshining the shive lingas and tridents. This is only a sneak preview of things to come! When the Tamangs / Sherpas/ Gurungs/ Tibetans decide to celebrate a “Lhosar” on the same day (attempts have been made in this direction), then “Lhosar” will truly be a “national” festival, and help forge a pan-aadivasi-janjati solidarity. It is only a matter of time. " HMMMMMmm.. that was the real beef out here. Ok i give u that lets not make dashain Our national holiday we should make lhosar.Happy!
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Hello all Nepalese Om shanti shanti shanti, Well, it is good finally Nepal being a secular country. Now this is the chance for all Nepalis regardless of cast, creed, race, language and religion to be united as one nation one people as Nepal and Nepalese practicing all different cultures, languages and way of life what we call faith. As everybody knows to our knows Human Organized Civilization we have only concrete base from Indus Valley Civilization after destruction of Atlantis and Sumeru Civilization. Indus Valley Civilization is based upon Migthy Kashmir Valley and Tibetian Platueaic Himalayan. This has been mystery with Shiva Lingum and Guheswori, that is our origin and this Mystery of functioning of Brain and associated Electric Wave imbedded in us. So from the very beginning we are luckily being borned in Nepal as Nepalese part of this GRAND MYSTERY of HUMAN CIVILIZATION and must be proud to have association Kiratshwor Mahadev and Guheshowri at the same time Secret and Sacred Bajra (Lightening = Electricity) in the Swoyembhunath and Buddha. As human civilizations evolved further came into existence many other faiths as judiasm, Christianity and Islam ofcourse not to forget all indigenous original shamanism from Asia to Africa to among Eskimo in Atanrtica up in North America-Canada and among aboriginals in Austrai, Maoris and many such native tribes throughout globe and strangly enough all these traditional thinking way of living and leading life and perception is almost same directed towards same MYSTERIOUS, UNKNOWN OUR CREATOR-S the GOD. Til now nobody has seen this GOD this was in the past an excuse and tool to use and exploite innocent and simple people who are ignorant and not exposed to other world and cultures by BUNCH OF THUGS for their own survival. It happened with Hinduism in our part of world, with Judiasm in Middle East along came Christianity in terms of Catholicism and still going on with Protestantism in modern world and finally now this direct CLASH OF CIVILIZATION going on between specially ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY. Well, everybody KNOWS THIS FACT THAT WE ARE BORN ALONE WE ARE ALWAYS ALONE NO MATTER WHAT AND WE WILL DIE ALONE ONE DAY TAKING THIS INDIVIDUAL MYSTERY ALONG WITH US. PERHAPS WE EACH AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL GET TO KNOW THE TRUTH ONLY LEAVING EARTH AFTER DEATH AGAIN WITH TRANSFORMATION OF OUR ELECTRICITY ENERGY INTO ... ANOTHER IN THIS MULTIVERSE?? IT IS STILL MYSTERY. SO volks so long as we live EVERYBODY HAS RIGHT TO LIVE AND LEAD their own life according to their OWN PERCEPTION AND THINKING without harming others in the VICINITY. WE ARE HUMAN BEING BECAUSE WE CAN THINK AND COMMUNICATE AND REASON WITH OUR LOGIC WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG. So long as we live it is our sturggle to keep this MYSTERIOUS ELECTRIC WAVE intact by supplying Food in terms of Energy so is this SURVIVAL FOR EXISTENCE. Hence, live and let live respect each other, take others as they are and lead peaceful and harmonious life. THIS QUESTION OF GOD NO MATTER THROUGH WHICH TRADITIONAL FAITH OR BELIEFE SYSTEM WE TRY TO UNDERSTAND OR WITH ALL THESE SO CALLED MODERN SCIETIFIC EDUCATIONS IN VARIOUS FILEDS AS GENETICA ENGINEERING, PHYSICS, BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, MATHMATICS, COSMOLOGY -ASTROLOGY, IT WILL REMAIN A MYSTERY FOR LONG GENERATIONS TO COME. WE IN OUR LIFE TIME WILL NOT GET TO KNOW THIS MYSTRY. PERHAPS IN DISTANT FUTURE ONE OF OUR GENERATION IF COMES IN CONTACT WITH ANOTHER MULTIVERSIAAL CIVILIZATION AND COMMUICATE PERHAPS WE UNRAVELL THIS MYSTERY OF GOD AND ORIGIN OF WE HUMAN BEING NO MATTER OF WHAT COLOR, CREED, CASTE OR NATION WE BELONG TO. AFTER ALL ALL RELIGIONS ARE JUST SURVIAL SYSTEM TO PROTECT ONESELF FROM GETTING KILLED AND IF POSSIBLE TO EXPLOITE OTHERS LOOKING ANSWERS FOR THIS LONLINESS AND FULFILLING WITH THIS MYSTERY OF UNKNOWN MYSTERY WHAT WE ALL CALL GOD NO MATTER IN WHICH FORM OR NAME. LIVE AND LET LIVE LIVE AND LET LIVE PEACE PEACE PEACEP PEACE AND HARMONY AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL
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'Every soul has to find its own way towards Moksha'. The above statement is one of the basic philosophy of Hinduism. A lot of us agree that Hinduism is not an organised religion.It is a coglomeration of may different practices that existed in the South Asian subcontinent. What I mean to say is the main basis of Hinduism is very secular. It is compatible with any other religions. You have to know what you are doing and understand the basics.If you think some of the practices are wrong, just do away with this in your own life. If you feel that you will achieve salvation by following a different path (religion), it is your choice and the basic Hindu philosophy has never objected to it.

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