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 How Nepalese are.......?

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Posted on 11-12-04 4:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear Sajha reader, I am very very sorry to write this message and I question myself who am I? Am I a human being or not? what is different between me and other nepalese people? I don't get satisfied answer and I am innerly burning myself. I know that while I am writing my problem nobody will listen to me and nobody care to me and others who are like me. It is the universal truth that the world is running on the 21st century. But in Nepal still they are busy to seperate the lower caste and upper caste system. Not only in Nepal, even in abroad their thinking style is same. I think they don't have the thinking power at all. They can not feel anything and they don't know what is life, what is humanity and what is human right. They are only proud of themselves being so-called high caste. And making the caste base they want to show their devilness. You might be puzzle d that what I am talking about and what is the topic? What made me to write this; the answer is below: I was born in Nepal as being so-called low caste. Now, I am in New York, USA. I am at college now. Everybody knows that how expensive room/apartment is in US, specially New York city. So, I request to share an apartment with a Nepali guy thinking my own family and relatives. I had thought that the nepalese caste system will be limited within Nepal. And then they asked my caste, I told the reality after that he said, " I am so sorry, if you shared apartment with us then nobody gonna come to our apartment and everybody will hate us". I surprised and asked, why? He easily answered, " you are Dalit, untouchable caste". Hearing all this I became so sad and cried myself. I had never thought that I am such a lower level person. I could not sleep at all, it made me really upset with my life. On the another day, I saw an advertisement at India Abroad (which publishes in New York) that a Nepali family is looking for a roommate to share a room. I called them and it was almost fixed to move their apartment and finally they asked my caste and I told the truth, again they repeated the same statement stated above. I felt like a deadbody myself and cried again. Numerous time I tried to share a room with Nepali people but all the time I was rejected and rejected. Finally, I am tired and I am sharing a room with a Indonesian family. I am also Nepali, I love Nepal and I have the same blood as other Nepali people has but why I am being an actor of hatred among Nepalese people. I am asking the question myself. Guys, if you have heart and humanity please, could you spend a second to solve the problem?
The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 11-15-04 7:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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REkha.. what are you writing??? Seems like you are losing your head!!! We were supposed to help this BROTHER... not write our stories.. jai nepal
Posted on 11-15-04 7:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ProudNepali ji Yes you're right I'm losing my head thinging about how people mistreat other people. There is not much we can do to help DEADBODY besides give him courage and support him. DEADBODY bro you might have heard this song. "YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY". Next time someone puts your down and makes you feel bad about yourself, just think about everything you have accomplished in life without any of their help. Think about what you have done to make other people feel good about them self. Just think about all the good things and don't let ANYTHING bother you................ Proudnepali ji what about you ??? What are your thoughts on Caste System ???
Posted on 11-15-04 7:42 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yo brother.. Ny is just like that. Whether you lose or you win. Come down to Beantown and you will understand the life in a better way. And of course your views about different groups of people will also change. People say "US is the melting pot of the world" well SEE how true that is !!!@#$ I say Boston is the melting pot of all sorts of Nepali: HMM that's sp true. Seems like you are bit educated!!!! BRo did you read that story in 9th or 10th or maybe 8th grade Mahendra MALA titled "PALAko Paicho"" and do you remember the very first line: BHEDA BHEDAsit BAKHRA bAkhra sita (should have been bakhri sita.. lol) well that's how this world is. If the world was so perfect ... what would be the purprose of being alive?? anyways bro.. for now (I am running out of time) I will say learn to live the American Way... Don't give a damn about what others think.. or try to do to you. Time will come when you don't even feel like peeing in thier faces (they will look so ugly by then)... hmm.. yeah bro COME down to beantown. Wait for my much serious posting. JAI NEPAL
Posted on 11-15-04 7:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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All I have to say is no matter where in the world you go there will be this one person who will make you feel like CRAP. Yes there are many educated, open minded people in Boston. I don't know much about Boston or New York but from what I know YES Boston does have very accepting, friendly people and things might get better for you. But like I said people will not stop critisizing..........................Deadbody bro just be happy with who you are and don't give a DAMN about what other people say.......... that's all I gotta say.................There is only one caste in the world and that's HUMAN
Posted on 11-15-04 8:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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America like a melting pot hmmm i have to think about it. I think its more like a Pizza with different toppings. Each and every toppings has its uniqueness but if mix and match goes wrong than it sux. he he he Well well well lot said , if u want to see how nepalese acts one have to visit Ocean City during summer. Newar courting for newar, bahun courting for bahun, chettris courting for chettris gosh. I am not saying all who come to ocean city for a work are like that but personally seen and talked with suffering ppl. I met this gals who were from Tx they were looking for job but unable to land one. I saw them sitting on braodway and chatting as usal being nosy i bumped into them. Than they said there are lots of job but hard to find cuz ppl are giving preferences to their caste. May be some of those ppl come to this site too. Typically ppl were even some newari ppl were also offended by his behavior cuz he was saying openly i am gonna hire only newar ppl since he was working as a manager to this fast food chain. BTWT he was from Mn. now some may got it. ONCE AGAIN i am not generalizing all the nepali coming OC to work most of them are nice but some are rotten eggs like i have mentioned above the guy from MN.
Posted on 11-15-04 8:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rekha , i"m glad to know your answer. I was actually expectating somthing like tha tfor you.. good girl:) ... ya We Nepali ppl need to seriously marry people from other caste , so our gin pool get litttle better and we grow little taller and less bhudiiwaalasss....we seriously need to marry from other caste , other religions and other cultures... Swattiiii, most ppl working in Ocean city , MD are illegals. Most Nepali students who do not have work permit but who know how to use tipex an photocopy work in most fast food restaurants and stuff.. am i complaining ?? hell noooo.. but you're right, even though all Nepali are nothing than summer slaves working for highschool graduates and drunk bastards in OC , most do keep to hold the steriotyping from back home... if you or those girls have found that then they should've called BCIS on those phukers.. so they can go back and practice thier affiliation much better... it sucks.. but as long as there r people like rekha.. no need to worry ray kaya.. ;) dyamnn
Posted on 11-16-04 9:21 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is deadbody again. I am glad to read all the postings. Thanks for giving the precious time to give the views about the matters. I am appreciated with all who has positive thoughts about the problem and who has taken the problem seriously. Well, some of you have talked about the US as a Melting pot, it is true but I think if the number of Nepalese people has risen in US then they will teach to everybody about the caste system. So, I am scaring about this. I think it is better to teach the nepali non-sense people about the human rights and also we have to teach them to respect a human being as human being. So, what I have decided is now if any non-sense nepali people talks about the casteism I will sue them directly. So that they will know something. Also, in case of Nepal, dalit people are trying to be freed through peaceful way. But the Brahmnist state never hear to them. So, now I think dalit people need to be commit to weaponeous movement. The non-sense people like a animal doesnot have any brain so they need force to be cleared the casteism from their mind. The time is demanding this now. There is a scientific theory that IF THERE IS PRESSURE THERE WILL BE RESISTANT AND IF THERE IS RESISTANT THERE WILL BE EXPLODE. All the victimes come on to be unite together and fight against this casteism.
Posted on 11-16-04 9:25 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey No way, I am not keeding with you and I am telling the truth to the people who has sense. I am not telling the non-sense people like you. The non-sense people like you has the majority in NYC that is the reason I got the problem. But I promise that I will teach you something about this. Don't joke anymore like this ok?
Posted on 11-16-04 3:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Deadbody bro all I gotta say is Good Luck and hope they will learn something from you........ I'll always have your back...............Peace Out......................
Posted on 11-17-04 4:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I totally 100% agree Gurl. Deadbody bro hopefully you're felling a little bit better knowing that we're all here for you and don't you even think you're LOWER then other people just because they said it. It's not the CASTE, it the personality that makes a person bigger and higher. peace out.....
Posted on 11-17-04 4:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Oh really Miss GI.. I didn't think that way. Oh. nevermind Jai Nepal
Posted on 11-17-04 5:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi Rekha, You are the one who has the great sense of humor and humanity. You are the one who has known the value of life, mutual respect and high thinking. Actually, if there was majority of people like you in Nepal then probably today I would not be a actor of hatred in US. Rekha, I am really appreciated with you. I wish if someone borns in this old as being Nepal then he/she should be like Rekha. Rekha and other guys who has the positive thinking on my problem might be the sign of civilization. Keep up Rekha, you will be evaluated.
Posted on 11-17-04 9:07 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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deadbody, i dont know if you wrote that above paragraph just to impress Rekha, or you wrote it with total understanding of life and humanity.. You used big big words in there, so i beilive you know what you are talking about, so can you clear some of my thoughts, please? What is civilization? how do we become a civilized world and how do we know that we are civilized? how do we differniate right from wrong? what is humanity? how does one know, what is "true" good values and what is not? what are good morals? what are the Values of life? how do we become high thinkers, and give mutual respects? and lastly, but very important question i ask you, because all the disscussion here is being revolved around this statement, How does a person become a valued guy in the society? can you answer me :)
Posted on 11-17-04 9:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If deadbody or anybody would have known answers to the above questions, the world would consider him/her an enlightened soul(for lack of a better substitute). how can you stay sad if you know all the answers that has plagues the human mind since Aristotle, Plato etc.? I, for one, would be jumping up and down without a care about what other people think about me.
Posted on 11-17-04 11:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Deadbody, personally I think you and this story is full of it. Though I don't disagree that discrimination against lower caste still exists in some part of Nepal, I just can't believe people who are living in non other than NY, where there are all sorts of race, religion, castes all mixed up would be so narrow minded or say something of that to someone's face. Even in Nepal, the people who discriminate try not to make it so direct.
Posted on 11-18-04 9:55 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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deadbody dont feel sad. you cannot debunk your opinion about the whole nepali community just because some people are mean towards you. I dont have any discrimination towards any casts or status. They have to have good heart thats all.
Posted on 11-18-04 9:56 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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yo danny dai ko post jaile pani kina yaasto laaaaaaamo?
Posted on 11-18-04 12:07 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am sorry to hear about your bad experience. Seriously.. caste system abroad ?? that also in the metropolitan area like NYC..... that is really surprising and sad. Well lets hope those low-minded so called "high class" people will not get any roomates and will have to pay $2,000 per person. That will be their punishment. Or may be getting kicked out from their job for their race and ethnicity..that will definately bring them self-realization... All i can say is instead of feeling low and bad abt yourself u should feel sorry and pity for those assH@les . Though they were born in high society they lack a biggest quality that every human being should have..."Humanity" . Sooner or later they will realize... such a low mentality will take them nowhere. So don't take their 2 cents thoughts in your heart. Life is beautiful ....so first of all go and change your name from deadboy to full-of-lilfe or livelyboy :o) Peace!!
Posted on 11-18-04 12:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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DB, I sympathize with u if actually u had to go thru discrimination in NY or anywhere else. But you (and others concerned) know what........life is too short to be spent complaining. Dont give a sh*t to what others think about you..........MOVE ON. Dont hang around with those ..........tyatro New York ma Nepali haru sita nai basna janu parchha bhanne chha? WEll, ke bhasan diyai bho ra..........
Posted on 11-18-04 3:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Deadbody THANK YOU for the wonderful comment. Like all these people have said DON'T CARE ABOUT WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT YOU, YOU NEED TO RESPECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS. THAT WILL MAKE YOU BETTER PERSON. "KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS". You keep being nice and being your self, they will eventually come to their sense and they will realize how bad they treated you. Or easier way "SCREW THEM". There will come a time in their life where they will be critisize by other and they will think about all the people they have hurt so far and they will realize and hopefully they will stop all this B-shit. "Yeah safar bohot hain kathin magar, na udash ho mere humsafar" song from 1942 A LOVE STORY. Peace Out..............................

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