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 भुटानी सरनार्थीहरुको सन्धर्भमा ...
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Posted on 09-27-20 1:00 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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why these idiots like to introduce themselves as Nepali . just because they speak nepali doesn't make them nepali . these peps have really bad reputation and are making lots of confusion in neighborhood.
Posted on 09-27-20 1:20 PM     [Snapshot: 35]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dave_dat छिमाबू, तलाई भुटानी भन्न लाज लागे नभन त आफुलाई , नेपाली को बदनाम नगर तिमीहरु , जुन थालमा घिच्यो....
Posted on 09-27-20 1:25 PM     [Snapshot: 15]     Reply [Subscribe]
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They were thrown out of Bhutan becauase they followed culture of their Nepali origin. Took em decades to reach at a point where they have representation albeit in the United States.
We celebrate nepali culture and seem to have no issues with celebrating folks in Dargeeling. Why should Bhutanese of Nepali orgin adjust just because some folks feel like they "own" what being a nepali means.

Posted on 09-27-20 1:30 PM     [Snapshot: 20]     Reply [Subscribe]
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People identity is not just the country you are born and living. Their mentality , their culture, way of thinking and many more things are aligned with Nepal and Nepali culture who can not disassociate with it.
Ignorant and arrogant people are found every were and your question is one of them. Look at the 5-6 million Indian people who become Nepali citizens do not not consider it their county still may be loyal to India?
Unfortunate these people were victims of Nepali immigration rules who could not follow as Indians and become a landless people. By nature and by emotionally they were not Bhutanese what should they call themselves ?
Why on earth you tell people you are Nepalese even after taking US citizenship? If you able to answer it you will find your answer.
So you are thinking that you are superior than these people and looking them down? You are another AH person.
Posted on 09-27-20 1:35 PM     [Snapshot: 61]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bhutanese are decent Nepalese. They worked hard and are very happily living in US. Most of the Bhutanese people in Texas that came in 2010, 99.99% own house and most are running businesses. They are not show offs. They are good people. Most Nepalese us think they are superior than them but in reality they are kind and decent in behavior. And ohh... don’t judge the book by its cover.
Posted on 09-27-20 1:41 PM     [Snapshot: 67]     Reply [Subscribe]
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सरनार्थी, दिन दुखि हुन म मान्छु, हामीले नि भातमाराहरु १० १२ वर्ष पालेको हो , त्यहाँ सम्म केहि गुनागो छैन , नेपालमा हुदा झापा बेलडाँगी मागेर खान्थे, तेस्मा नि गुनासो छैन , यिनीहरु को झुपरपट्टि बाट कयोउ अपरादिक घटना बढेको छ तेस्मा नि गुनासो छैन ।

तर अमेरिका आए पछि चै यिनीहरुको चर्तिकलाले ऋष उठेर आएको छ । तेत्रो वर्ष पालेर राखेको नेपाली लाई जता नि गाली बेज्जती गर्दै हिड्छ अनि अरु सुमदाये संग चै आफु नेपाली हो भनेर भ्रम फैल्याउने गरेको धेरै घटना आको छ । यो दोधारे चरित्र किन ? नेपालि लाई गाली गर्ने हो भने अरु संग चै गर्ब ले :we are proud नेपाली भन्न छोड्नु पर्यो । छिमाबू झगडा गर्न मन छ भने तिम्रो सासक संग गएर लड जसले तिम्रो छोरि चेली बलात्कार गर्यो , तिमीहरु लाई सरनार्थी बनायो ,

छैमाबू , भारत लाई पानि पानि बनाउने नेपली संग तिमीहरु भारतको एउटा प्रान्त को नि एउटा administrative zone को मान्छे ले सक्दैन । फुर्ति नलगा
Posted on 09-27-20 1:50 PM     [Snapshot: 86]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Totally agree with haku bhaya . But lets not generalize all bhutanese ,a few might be better . If they want to introduce themselve as proud nepali, let them bhaya
Posted on 09-27-20 2:23 PM     [Snapshot: 101]     Reply [Subscribe]
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My earlier comment was little bit hasty, time and again i keep forgetting this is effin troll farm, any ways, ख्वासा हाकु, I am more nepali than you. तेरो काम छैन यो संसारमा धर्तीको बोझ।
on a little bit serious note, what did Bhutanese folks did to warrant such a hate from Nepali? I know they are stateless population, and personally I wouldn't mind them saying they are Nepali.
And as ख्वासा claimed how are they tarsnishing Nepali's rep...do any one have like firsthand experience, seriously need to know what is driving in the wedge?
Posted on 09-27-20 3:23 PM     [Snapshot: 163]     Reply [Subscribe]
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dave _dat : तेरो कमेन्ट admin लालजी ले मन परयेना र मेट्यो मैले के गंरू गोपाल भुटानीको नाती
Posted on 09-27-20 4:50 PM     [Snapshot: 227]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Aru baneko testai hoo, bhutani bane pani, Nepali vane pani. But I am hoping some of these next gen bhutani will turn into stripper and we could enjoy some ethinic lap dances 😁.

We have sort supply of ethinic stripper and neplease/Indians are inferior in these skills.
Posted on 09-27-20 7:53 PM     [Snapshot: 360]     Reply [Subscribe]
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1) Nepal did not give them citizenship because that woudd immediately kill their struggle/cause ,which was to go back to Bhutan. Once Nepal would accept them as citizens then that meant Bhutan was right  and that would disqualify them for any third country settlement or to go back to Bhutan.

2) they based their struggle in 3 phases 1st to go bqck to Bhutan ,2nd to get into 3rd countries and 3rd will be to settle in Nepal as citizens. Right now they are on 2nd phase. Its not that Nepal is discriminating but they themselves would not want to be Nepali citizen at this point.

3) i got into lots of arguments in tic toc. Some wished all Nepalis to die with even bigger earthquake where as some said they never received any help fron Nepal. Most of them said they were actually paying Nepal to stay there and unhcr was paying their tab. In reality Nepal helped for a long time specially before unhcr started to help them.
Nepal qccepted them when India sadly packed them like cattles into buses and dropped them at the silgudi border.

4) they are still making videos on tic toc and calling all kinda names to Nepalis. They say pretty bad things like we are cowards to not fight against india etc. Some support India and wish india to take over Nepal. They totally forgot that Nepal was the only country who helped them in the begenning and and India dis not help them at all. From teens to adults, they all jumped into blaming Nepal in tictoc.

5) not all of them were true Bhutanese. Lots of them were from asham and different parts of india who just migrated to bhutan. There are lots of legal Bhutani Nepalis in bhutan today as well. Some of them are in big positions. 

6) they are lucky , they get cash assistance and medicare and medicade and even thousands in food stamps without having to worry about public welfare charge. Their elderlies get day care from govt and they get all kinds of benefits. Which is good for them but sorry Nepal as a poor country could not give the same and its not wise to blame Nepal sice their lifesytle improved now. NEPAL did what it could.without Nepal their fate woukd be sadly like what Rohingya refugees are going through right now. 
Last edited: 28-Sep-20 12:30 AM

Posted on 09-27-20 10:41 PM     [Snapshot: 507]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well said, Sida Nepali....
Posted on 09-28-20 12:04 AM     [Snapshot: 546]     Reply [Subscribe]
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यो सहि भन्नुभयो, स्ट्रिप क्लबमा डाइवर्सिटीको कमी छ। I'd be happy to see some ethnic nepali beauty shaking their behind and going up and down the pole...क्यानडा मा चैं south Asian representation राम्रो छ भन्ने सुनिन्छ।

Sida बोरो,
सहि भन्नु भो नेपालले सिटिजन सिप देको भए, भुटानको ईथ्निक क्लिन्जिङ लेजिटेमाईजड हुन्थ्यो। धेरै नेपालीलाई भुटानी रिफ्यूजी वेस्टर्न देशमा सेटल भाको मा डाहा भा छ, नेपालीले टिपिएस् पाएर इण्डियन, वाङ्लादेशी जल्या जस्तो।

म युयस आउंदा TIAमा सेतो मा निलो IOM लेखेको झोला च्याप्प समातेर प्लेन चढ्नेको लाईन देख्दा सारै मन दुख्या थियो। पछि याँ भुटानी संग फिजिकल र पोलेटिकल टसल हुँदा नेपालीलाई जिङ्गोईस्टिकल्ली सपोर्ट गरियो। पछि काममा एउटा भुटानी भाई ज्यानीटर थियो, बुढा बुढी बाबुआमा 2 टि दिदि बहिनीलाई एक्लैले काम गरेर सपोर्ट गरिराथ्यो, माया लाग्थ्यो विचराको।
अहिले टिकटकले फेरी 2009-10 को issueमा घिउ थप्ने काम गरेजस्तो छ।

हाकुचा लाई के कुरा चित्त न बुझ्या हो कुन्नी, कि चाइनीज एप को अर्को भिक्टिम हो।

Posted on 09-28-20 12:37 AM     [Snapshot: 587]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dave bro, timro janitor sathi was probaly getting cash assistance for both parents, food stamps like 2k a month, cash assistance for sisters too as refugees and medicaid for the sisters and Medicare for the older parents. Now a days bhutanis look after their own parents and get money as caretakers. Or work as language interpretors and make up to 48 bucks an hour. Things have changed a lot over the years.
Posted on 09-28-20 12:10 PM     [Snapshot: 739]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sida बोरो, मेरो पछिल्लो कमेन्टको तात्पर्य के हो भने, भुटानीहरूको दुःख पनि उत्तिकै छ। भुटानी कम्युनिटीमा सुसाइड रेट पनि US मा
relatively हाई छ। मैले यूएस मा लुपहोल एक्सप्लोइट गर्ने सबै खाले मान्छे देख्या छु।
लो ईनकम देखाएर फुड स्ट्याम्प देखी हेल्थ बेनिफिट लिने, अहिले अच्छा खासा full-time जब भएपनी साईमा कन्सल्टिङ गरेर, COVID को PPP लिएर Lamborghini चाहिँ हैन Maserati चढ्ने आफ्नै आँखाले देख्या छु।
People have their own opinion and it's almost impossible to change their opinions, be it Bhutani or Nepali. I may be little more Empathetic to their situation than you are But I do have my biases against other groups. It's all about one's perspective.
Peace Out!
Posted on 09-28-20 12:41 PM     [Snapshot: 768]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sucide rate 2007 08 tira ko kura ho, pahila pahila janator ,airport tira dekhintheyo aba ta gold jewellery tanna lagayra grocery store ma food stamp leyako dekchu..ani Nepali laye hepayko.
Timi Nepali ko k khayako cha ra hami ta Nepal ma paisa terayra basayko bhannay haru dekhchu .. i dont hate them or anything , i just wish that they dont see us as enemies after all Nepal was the only country to help them since 1992 till 2006 or whatever. i agree it is all about ones prespective.

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