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 H1B Fraud is Killing America. Act Before too late

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Posted on 10-16-12 2:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Please bring attention to US Embassy of Nepal for fraud  IT Consultancies here in USA. IT Consultancies hire fresh students who have recently graduated and are on OPT status training students by job placement course, false resume of 5-6 years which is marketed in job market. Candidate getting job in IT through consultancy don’t have to tendency to work in as internship and get the H1B sponsored from such organization they prefer shortcut to making more money and H1B in short time by joining such fraud Indian Consultancies. Not only that other fraud is also done like creating like creating fake cheques to maintian H1B.
• Has the American Job Market become this easy and less competitive  to get senior level IT job without even doing internship?? I would imagine senior level BA/QA/Developer/Java Programmer/Administrator or IT jobs would require at least real experience of 5-6 years where a candidate starts his career as internship by earning less money and then moves forward not make 35-60 dollars per hour unless he has degree from Top Tier Universities in USA.
• How can a person get H1B and get their visa stamped when this has been created on fraud and fake information? Because of this  fact fraud resume created by International student and Fraud IT Consultancy even good candidate with good degree from good universities and deserving ones who do not want to join consultancies are having hard time to get decent job.
How will this country be competitive and retain if such policy is applied ?????Basically this is fraud and this has to be stopped.
So I urge all the person who wants to work here in USA and not be a victim of these fraud person taking over deserving ones jobs by emailing about this issue to USCIS at 

And US Embassy Kathmandu Nepal

Consular Section: consktm@state.gov 

Also we can bring this attention by writing email to local Senator stating this fraud needs to be addressed

It is possible to stop this kind of fraud by complaining the embassy about the IT Consultancy Name and Person who is involved in this fraud so that eligible and deserving canditate can apply for that position.

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

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Posted on 10-17-12 2:01 PM     [Snapshot: 1293]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Aoe jimu Himal - tero fuskiyo ki kya ho...ekchoti H1b ma laid off hunchas ani thaha pauchas...talai ek mahina bitrai dhoti consultancy khojera H1b transfer garnu parcha ani balla kuro bujchas ta gobre ley ...ani ta aafai bhandai hidchas vaastav ma tyo H1b fraud hoina rahecha bhanera ....bujhis gobre...
Posted on 10-17-12 2:26 PM     [Snapshot: 1308]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 २००८ मा, कतै जागिर नपाएसि एउटा internship पहिले नै गरेको र ओ पि टी भरि (खास त घण्टा हानेको) एक बर्षको दामी experience छ, आफ्नै साथीको under मा काम गरेको हो भनेर resume बनाएर फाल्देको, तुरुन्त कल पनि आयो. तर पुरानो resume पनि पो कताबाट पुगेको रहेछ त्यो संग. राम्रै शब्दमा यस्तो नगर्नु त भनी तर आफ्नो त सातोपुत्लो उड्यो त्यो बेला. 
Posted on 10-17-12 8:27 PM     [Snapshot: 1545]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"This fraud or abuse is the way that provides cheaper labor". 
How can you say this while the client is paying huge amount of money for the job. Ya the consultant will just get about $40 but in reality the client is paying about $70/hr on an average.

I have one quick question,  if the consultant goes to work with 7 yrs on his resume but in reality he don't have any exp. And if the client comes to find out this guy is cheating and cannot perform and just wasting their time and money then can they sue the consultant with fraud charge ?

Posted on 10-17-12 10:35 PM     [Snapshot: 1644]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 just wondering and i'm not suggesting anything here, but if  it wasn't for these fake consultancies and fake resumes wouldn't there be more h1b quatas for for F1 students? IT market would have to lower their fake standard of 7 years andwill take you guys in and train you for the job, and you would have more respect and less stress than lying everyday at work. 
IT consultancy is no worse than IT slavery in the name of h1b.. you move from one place to another, always worry about getting caught at work, and someone is taking 70 % of your check for 2 months of training that someone gave you with googled materials. plus if you want to be most dhotis willt ake you to court and sue you and stuff.. when the matter of fake resume comes they can always say you boasted the resume to them as well.. they are not dumb.. they will say you produced that fake resume youself and lied to them as well so they are victim in the case , and the blame goes all to you...
no offense, it might have worked for some ppl but i see lots of ppl in bench, worried sick all the time and lots of them get sick of sleeping in bed bugs motel and made fun at work and come back to F1 status for second degree of masters while working at gas station rather... 
they are the source of problems, because they exhaust the h1b quotas and forcing you guys to be their slaves. they are not helping you but rather leeching you in the name of security . don't forget  they created the insecurity in the first place...
just my 2 cents.. trust me i 've been a student in this country for a long time and i know how tough it is...

Posted on 10-17-12 10:44 PM     [Snapshot: 1644]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Most of the client knows that the experience which consultant shows are not real. They just want to know if you can perform the work or not. I have worked with lots of different consulting companies (American & Desi) and even with clients directly. Everybody know everything.
It is something like "Don't tell Don't ask" scenario.

And regarding sidster view ""This fraud or abuse is the way that provides cheaper labor"." I agree on that.
Let me explain how. If you boycott all those fake resume then employer can't find sufficient number of applicants and when you have less number of "Real experienced" applicants, consultants will demand more pay rate. That means consulting companies have to ask more from end clients and ultimately "Real Experienced Consultants" get more.
It is a simple "Supply & Demand" math. When the supply is low, price will go up and viceversa.

You can take an example of recent nursing job market.

Back in 2005-2007, Nursing used to be a high paying job and you can't fake it nursing like IT. So US had high demand of nursing but there weren't sufficient amount of nurses in the market. That is why Nurses used to get very high rate.

After 2008-2009, US brought lots of nurses from foreign countries like India, Philippines . So US got flooded with nurses. Now Nursing is one of the low paying job in this market. People who used to get $45 dollar are getting $30 dollar.

So government is playing very dirty game and people keep fighting "I am republican " "I am Demacrates", "I supports Mitt, I support OBAMA". These are just bull$hits.
Posted on 10-17-12 11:52 PM     [Snapshot: 1707]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 very good analysis sajhamitra. but i chose to be different with your  demand supply calculation  . right now there is a high supply of college graduates dying to enter the job market but supply is only done by these fake consultancies with fake resumes in the IT market ( most of them). . so there is a monopoly in supply, being enjoyed by these fake companies because ppl with few years of  real experence or freshers don't stand a chance if they dont' lie.

if Demand is high , and if supply is not only limited to these companies then that would drive companies to  open more internship opportunies and vaccancies for freshers to learn  and be stable at the job.  that would open more opportuties for  F1 and real h1bs.  also , it is unethical and i'm pretty sure illegal too to say you're something that you're not. you can't practice medicine if you're not a doc or licensed practitioner. you can't drive commerical veichle if you don't have commercial driving  . what makes you ok to lie seven years of experiece and cheat . some managers may over look that fact because they can save money by hiring consulants than hiring someone with full benefits but thats unethical and illegal at the same time and no one suffers more than college grads with real degrees and dreams.

few years ago h1b system was on lottery system, there would be like 3 times more applications ont he day of h1b opening than the assigned quota. then USCIS started cracking down on these fake h1bs year there were less applicant than the quota , the quota was unused.   Now thanks to the crack down, h1b quatas are no issues lately. if they crack down more on the illegal and unethical  practice of thse companies and the greedy hiring managers at the client companies who pretend like they don't see anyting fishy  about someone bsing 7 years of experice then there will be more genuine opportunies for the new college grads and that includes our Nepali brothers and sisters to have stable jobs withouth consultancy slavery. 
Posted on 10-18-12 9:33 AM     [Snapshot: 1849]     Reply [Subscribe]
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H1B is a modern day slavery. Think about it, its a VISA given to the employer not an employee. The owner has the right to abandon you at any time and request you to be sent wherever you originate from. Once the H1b Owners abandons its slave he is required to return to his home country or find another master within two weeks.

Now H1B fraud is something that is providing low cost IT labor to the corporations. It is also a labor prostitution. The Dhotis are the pimps, corporations are the customers and the h1b aspirants are the prostitutes. This industry would not survive without all three of them working with each other.

Now, for the corporations, why marry someone if he needs few months of uncommited sex (work), they can use them as much as they want for minimal price(maintained by flooding the h1b market) and throw them out when needed. Also, they can call one labor prostitute and throw them out the same day if they do not like it as opposed to getting rid of a fulltime employee(married one).

Now for the H1b aspirants, they life has been living hell already with 7 years of F1 visa stress, no money, living with 5 annoying roomates, the pressure from Nepal to become a Jagire, and pressure to find a girl to get married with they are willing to take any oppurtunity to take themselves to the next level.

Now for the H1B companies like IBM, there is a huge amount of money to be made in this labor prostition. They can sit on the top, take major cut between their customers (corps) and the H1b pimps and do everything legal from their side with sub contracting. The dhoti on the other hand is going to do all the dirty work and if someone needs to go to jail for h1b fradd (political reason) it will be that filthy dhoti.

Now, what this whole process does is reduces the cost of IT contractors, the direct cost is that the IT contractors are not working year around. If they are making 50K per year and sitting on the bench half of the time they are only getting 25K for year and now this 25K saving is the savings corporations are doing indirectly.

If this country was serious about High Skill labor...then why not give everyone who has a college degree relatedjob a three year work permit, and let the employee himself become the owner of his visa. They can even assign one year at a time visa and each year the employee submits the W2 and the employer letter to renue it.

Posted on 10-18-12 11:13 AM     [Snapshot: 1936]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Disturbing analogy, Sap Dude but true, too. 
Posted on 10-18-12 1:27 PM     [Snapshot: 2011]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Corporates always want to [Disallowed String for - bad word] some cheap ass, and whose ass is cheap dhotis. Aba Nepali ko ass ta doti thulo ass ma halka misiyako matra hoo.

Anyway this country is build by cheap ass like this, kahiley kale ko ass, gold rush ko time ma Chinese ko, industrial boom ko time mexo and IT boom ko time ma dhoti ko. History repeating guys nothing new.

Keep working your grand kid will get to fu** white ass in future, just like kale are doing today.
Posted on 10-18-12 7:48 PM     [Snapshot: 2236]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 10-18-12 8:23 PM     [Snapshot: 2260]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Great analogy by SAP. I totally agree with you.

@himal: Seems like you're dumber than the people who are working without computer degree. If you are a computer degree major, you should get a job in 1 week either you graduated just now or 5 years before. Cracking the dhotis for these issues will not solve the problem as Khaire don't hire you due to this immigration hassle. Also if you work directly with khaire, you will finish your total h1b period without having your GC because they need to show there were no americans to take your job which they won't at any cost due to their love towards their country.

Now about fake resumes, ask Yahoo CEO's who made millions of money with his fake resume until he finally got caught. Was there any legal action? No, because there hasn't been any law saying that making fake resume is illegal. Forget about fake resume, there are even big american companies such as career-excuse.com who will give you fake references and recommendation letter if you pay them money.

When I graduated like 4 years ago, I searched for like 3 months day and night but no avail because khaire don't want to sponsor me and after 3 months, i had no option other than taking dhoti's help.  So after their help, i got job in 2 months and till now, i have been working without any break in almost 4 projects helping financial, medical and government fortune 500 companies. Who is benefitting? Ofcourse those fortune 500 companies, who made me work like a horse lol. I remember my first government project where i worked 12 hours a day but getting paid only 8 hours and even the state and government knew about it and authorized it.

Now, when I look for job, i just keep my real resume +1 year because i don't feel like faking as it will keep pressure on myself :-).

Last but not least, take it easy. Jealousy is harmful. Keep on looking because once the storm stops, then you will see the rainbow.

Last edited: 18-Oct-12 08:26 PM
Last edited: 18-Oct-12 08:27 PM

Posted on 10-18-12 10:14 PM     [Snapshot: 2352]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Does US companies want just cheap labor or they want creativity and productivity too?

Posted on 10-18-12 10:45 PM     [Snapshot: 2391]     Reply [Subscribe]
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MNO dude- Amerika is big country, they need everything, and have space for everything. Creativity and productivity ko chutti department hunchha, they need creative people and work horse too. Timi creative dept wala hau vane tetai try gara, ani work horse banna
Posted on 10-18-12 10:48 PM     [Snapshot: 2396]     Reply [Subscribe]
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cahane harulai banna dim, teso gare kaso hola. Yo sansar ma sabai kisim ko mache chahinchha. " kukur banaras gaya gu kasley khanchha" vanne ukhan suneko chaina? Testai hoo
Posted on 11-09-12 5:37 PM     [Snapshot: 2793]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Best Colleges for Good Times Now, Good Pay Later

By Bridget Quigg,

“Toga, toga, toga” and a top paycheck, too? Absolutely. It’s possible to combine a party-packed undergrad experience with a great-paying job after graduation if you attend a school offering a great social scene that also stands out for the high earnings potential of its graduates.

Posted on 11-09-12 9:15 PM     [Snapshot: 3014]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Aru kei nabhae ni yo
barsa H1B sure oversubscribe hune bho. Genuine full time job bhaeka harule pani lottery chap hune bhae. Aaf aafno bhagya raicha jindagi bhanekai!!
Posted on 12-10-12 1:55 AM     [Snapshot: 3579]     Reply [Subscribe]
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There is also another type of fraud that is an epidemic now in america. Its "Marriage Fraud"! There are even websites that explain to hot young foreign girls, especially from the old Soviet Union, how to trick an american into marriage, using their sexuality, then provoke him into any type of so-called abuse, then file for your green card using VAWA, the Violence Against Women Act. There are 100's of cases  on visajourney.com. But slowly the US Government is cracking down and denying these women and sending them home. Becoz a girl must PROVE to uscis that she married with "good intentions" and not just for a visa. Then she must PROVE her "good moral character", i. e. not be a liar, or hooker, or drug addict. this abuse of the system is slowly ruining it for honest girls who come to america with true love for their husband. these fraudulant "visa-whores" must be removed and not allowed to ever return! Its reassuring to know that many in congress are working diligently to see that this problem is solved. END MARRIAGE FRAUD NOW! go home Bindu! your fans await you!
Posted on 12-10-12 7:38 PM     [Snapshot: 4003]     Reply [Subscribe]
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lol @ Bindu's pimp, viphunk trying to play devil's advocate. 
Posted on 12-10-12 8:48 PM     [Snapshot: 4069]     Reply [Subscribe]
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isn't bindu brought by the same pimp who brought sita pariyar? why is this guy still allowed to bring fresh meat from Nepal for strip clubs? if she's working with her will it's another thing but what if she's a victim ?
Posted on 01-18-13 9:48 AM     [Snapshot: 4544]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I hope you got enough replys for your view.. u dumbass!

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