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 Sita Air Crashed Near Kathmandu Airport
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Posted on 09-27-12 11:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 09-28-12 12:58 AM     [Snapshot: 109]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 09-28-12 1:40 AM     [Snapshot: 85]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 The planes of Nepal are falling from the sky like ailing birds.This plane just followed the same fate like other unlucky ones.Blame the poor plane and mighty businessmans who think they can fly almost anything in Nepali sky....you can't fly something which looks like a tempo..or something which doesn't even carry optimal safety and security traits...and most of the times its mechanical problems..the plane does looks like it has missed some nuts and bolts and noone to check.Travelling in these feels like a thrilling trip rather than safe journey..neverknow what will happen.And it is always the emergency landing having internal problems that claim the lives...only in Nepal does all the emergency landing ends up killing all..I am not blaming the pilots and all but its a genuine accident which is the product of carelessness.The damkals reached the terrible site after 30 min which happen to be non other than 500 meters from Airport..how  far indeed for them to take 30 minutessssss..One Russian friend of mine declared many bus-stops of his country are way better than our TIA..and recently NAC GM resigned from his post for having fake college credientials though he was very smart  hiding his true colours in dark suits  carrying briefcase riding in yellow plate NAC land rover doing nothing progressive in aviation field while good people are burn alive in just 2 min after take off.
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Posted on 09-28-12 8:36 AM     [Snapshot: 383]     Reply [Subscribe]
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To become a pilot it takes only 6 months. After that do these pilots get any more trainings in Nepal regarding new rules, new ways to tackle problems?  

One reason is plane is old and another reason is most pilots are fresh out of college with not a lot of experience I guess.

अब Texas को त्यो पहाड नै नभएको ठाउमा प्लेन चलाउनु र emergency landing गर्नु  र  नेपाल को पहाड नै पहाड भएको कुचुक्क परेको ठाउमा उदाउन र emergency landing गर्न फरक experience चाहिन्छ जस्तो मलाई लाग्छ |

Posted on 09-28-12 9:39 AM     [Snapshot: 493]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The captain had 12 years of flying experience. That experience includes 12 years of most difficult flying (Nepal). I do not doubt pilot's weakness here. Captain Tandukar even saved the plan from hitting the human population.

Its the Fked up culture of Nepali businesses.

नेपाली ब्यापारी सडेको मोमो ग्राहकलाइ बेच्ने देखि बिग्रेको प्लेन मा मान्छे उड़ाउने सम्म गर्छन| भातमारा हरुलाई त्यो प्लेन बलेको आगो मा जाक्नु पर्ने...


Posted on 09-28-12 10:32 AM     [Snapshot: 574]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 09-28-12 10:58 AM     [Snapshot: 602]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Blaming the pilot or the bird the easiest thing they can do to hide their own inefficiency and their misdeeds; that is the best win-win for these CORRUPTs. Then they don't have to take a single step to IMPROVE anything.

you think all our plane crashes happened because of pilots?
Did you read the news?
Pilot tried to land on the river and at the place with no houses? Can you appreciate the FACT that he SAVED other INNOCENT lives?

Watching the tv reports, this is what I observed:
- the plane was not checked before take-off.
- Officials knew that the plane was not in best condition and needed some repair, but they ignored for maintenance.
- There seem to be no safety rules or if there is the one noone follows it.
- According to eye witnesses, when the plane landed, there was only a small fire at the tail-side.
- Passengers were screaming for help to get out, exit doors did not work.
- Firemen came very late.
- What changes have been made since the last accident, apart for BLAMING the human error and pilots.
- Places like airports, immigration, and aviation authority are known as "money-making" places for the officials. What do we expect when such cultures exist?
- Has anyone EVER been punished for anything in Nepal?
- It's all because of the culture of LAWLESSNESS and CORRUPTION deeply rooted in our society.
- Does anyone remember the recent news of nepali pilot refusing to fly the international flight because there were rats in the plane? The airplane officials tried to punish him and was persuading him to fly despite that?
- The airport officials believe the best way to repair plane is by goat-sacrifice. Were anyone punished for making mockery?
- The chairman of Nepali Airlines had not earned even a high school certificate.

Posted on 09-28-12 11:07 AM     [Snapshot: 634]     Reply [Subscribe]
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काठमाडौं, असोज १२ (नागरिक)- नेपाल वायु सेवा निगमका वरिष्ठ क्याप्टेन रविन्द्रकुमार शेरचनले चरा ठोक्किएरमात्र कुनै पनि विमान दुर्घटना नहुने भन्दै दुर्घटनामा प्राविधिक कमजोरी रहेको दाबी गरेका छन्। 
हिजो उडानका लागि अयोग्य भन्दै ग्राउन्डेड गरिएको विमान आज के गरेर उडाइयो, त्यो शंकास्पद रहेको उनको कथन थियो। 
रिपोर्टर्स क्लब नेपालद्वारा आज आयोजित कार्यक्रममा उनले आफूले जहाज उडाउँदासमेत पटकपटक चरासँग ठोक्किए पनि बचाएको उदाहरण प्रस्तुत गरे। उनले जहाजमा प्राविधिक र विमानस्थलको ब्यवस्थापनमा रहेको कमजोरी पनि दुर्घटनामा सहायक भएको आरोप लगाए। 
क्यापटेन शेरचनले नेपाली पाइलट विश्वकै सबैभन्दा जोखिम उडान गर्न सक्षम प्रमाणित भइसकेको अवस्थामा चरा ठोक्किएरमात्र दुर्घटना भयो भन्नु उचित नहुने तर्क गरे। विमानस्थलमा चरा उड्न नपाउने वातावरण निर्माण गर्न विमानस्थल ब्यवस्थापन असफल भएको उनको आरोप थियो। 
उनले विमानलाई मानवबस्तीमा खस्न नदिई खोलामा खसाउनु पाइलटको कुशलताको उदाहरण भएको भन्दै विमानका पाइलट सक्षम रहेको पुष्टि भएको बताए। 
नेपाल वायु सेवा सञ्चालक संघका अध्यक्ष रामेश्वर थापाले मनहरा खोलामा दुर्घटना भएको सीता एयर विमान दुर्घटनामा पाइलटको कुनै भूमिका नभएको भन्दै प्राविधिक जाँच भएर उडेको विमान चराको कारणले मात्र दुर्घटनामा परेको दाबी गरे। 
उनले मानवबस्तीमा विमान खस्न नदिनु पाइलटको सक्षमताको उदाहरण भएको बताए। 

Posted on 09-28-12 11:19 AM     [Snapshot: 661]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Take back your words mno. It feels sad to read your blaming this pilot; please read what the eyewitness said:

उपेन्द्र लामिछाने, मनोहरा खोला (भक्तपुर), असोज १२ - 'पाइलटले बस्तीतिर खस्दै गरेको जहाजलाई खोलातिर मोडेर बस्तीका सर्वसाधरणको जीवन जोगाए, तर आफू र यात्रुलाई जोगाउन सकेनन्', जहाज खसेको स्थानबाट ३० मिटर पर घर रहेका सन्तवीर राईले भने।

शुक्रबार बिहान दुर्घटनास्थलमा असमञ्जस्य मुद्रामा भेटिएका उनले खस्दै गरेको जहाजले बस्ती बचाएको खुसीलाई उनकै अगाडि भएको १९ यात्रुको विभत्स मृत्युले दबाएको देखिन्थ्यो।

मध्यपुर नगरपालिका-१६ स्थित मनोहरा खोला किनारमा गुजमुज्ज रहेका झण्डै ७ सय घरधुरीको बीचमा जहाज खसेको भए अकल्पनीय क्षति हुन सक्ने उनले सुनाए ।

कक्षा ९ मा अध्ययनरत च्यालेन्ज राईले कोल्टँदै आफ्नै घरतिर आउँदै गरेको जहाज अचानक खोलातिर मोडिएको सुनाइन्। 'म त्यही चौरनजिक कुकुरलाई लिएर घुम्दै थिएँ,' उनले भनिन्, 'कोल्टँदै घरतिर आउँदै गरेको जहाज फनक्क खोलातिर घुम्यो।'

जहाज खस्न लागेपछि आफू दौडदै घर भित्र छिरेको उनले सुनाइन्। ' एक पटक बङ्ग आवाज आयो, उनले भनिन्, ' त्यसपछि थुप्रै पटक डङ्ग डङ्ग भयो।

'आगो लागेको निकै लामो समयपछि प्रहरी आएको उनले बताइन्। 'जहाज खस्नेबित्तिकै गाउँका दाइहरुले पुलिसलाई खबर गरेका थिए,' उनले सुनाइन्, 'पुलिस दाइहरु आउँदा जहाज पूरै जलिसकेको थियो।' उनले जहाजभित्र यात्रुहरुले हात चलिरहेको दृश्य आफुले देखेको सुनाइन्।

जहाज खसेको स्थान आफूहरुको फुटबल खेल्ने चौर रहेको १३ वर्षीय रुपेश राईले बताए। 'हामीहरु सँधै त्यहाँ फुटबल खेल्ने गर्थ्यौँ,' उनले भने, 'बिहान अलि चाँडै भएकाले चौरमा पुगिसकेका थिएनौ।'

आफू साथीहरुको प्रतिक्षामा चौर नजिकै रहँदा आमाले घरबाट चिच्याएर बोलाएको उनले सुनाए। ' जहाज निक्कै तल आएको थियो, ' उनले भने, 'म दौडेर घर पुगेँ।

सुकुम्बासी बस्तीकी लक्ष्मी राईले सिङ्गो बस्ती ठूलो दुर्घटनाबाट जोगिएको सुनाइन्। जहाज चलाउनेलाई पाइलटप्रति कृतज्ञ हुँदै उनले पाइलट बच्न नसकेको दुःख जनाइन्। बस्ती जोगाएर खोला किनारतर्फ मोडिएको थियो,' उनले भनिन् , 'चौरमा ठोक्किएर जल्यो।'दुर्घटना लगत्तै त्यस क्षेत्रमा भक्तपुर, ललितपुर र काठमाडौका घटनास्थलमा पुगेका थिए। घटनास्थलमा अधिकारकर्मी , संचारकर्मी, सुरक्षाकर्मी, रेडक्रस, र सर्वसाधरणको बाक्लो भिड थियो।

Posted on 09-28-12 11:28 AM     [Snapshot: 574]     Reply [Subscribe]
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you are right that if one has the money it only takes 6 months for accelerated course to become a pilot. people have to understand that a plane has 2 crew on flight deck; a first officer and captain. the captain is also called PIC or Pilot In Command who has the final say and is responsible for the flgiht. i do not know what the flight rules are in Nepal regarding holding a captains position but I would assume that it is in par to international or FAA standard. the bottom line is that captains have a lot of experience and flight hours. we need to stop blaming pilots for accidents saying it is "controlled flight into terrain".

soon the the FAA will require first officers in the US to have at least 1500 hours before they can be hired by the airlines but we do not have any such provision in Nepal. right now first officers can get hired in Nepal with 250 hours.

it doesnt not matter the difference of geography of Nepal and Texas for EMERGENCY PROCEDURE. the emergency procedure is the same anywhere in the world. this plane that went down had 2 engines and one of the benefits of multi engine plane is that it can SAFELY take off and land with only ONE engine running. during pilot training pilots have to perform this engine fail manuever in mid air and be able to land the aircraft safely in order to get their license. if the crashed plane was a single engine plane then it would be HARD but NOT IMPOSSIBLE to land.

the causes of flight crash in DOMESTIC sector of nepal is due to :

- greedy owners/operators that pressure and force pilots to perform during adverse weather
- sub par maintenance and patch work rather than fix the problem
- Gokarna dumping site (landfill) in close proximity to the airport that attracts scavenger birds to fly close to the airport 

This tells you the  reality of aviation in Nepal.


If you remember the US Airways plane that force landed on the Hudson couple of years ago, both of the engines were out of that plane dues to bied strike. If you wish, you can watch the whole video here.

Also here is a clip from youtube where a plane hits a bird on takeoff but lands safely with only one engine operating.

Posted on 09-28-12 12:03 PM     [Snapshot: 752]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 09-28-12 12:45 PM     [Snapshot: 775]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Did I blame the pilot? First read the sentences carefully. I wrote the reasons which might be the reasons for planes crashes. 

The engineers of Aviation industries are the ones who knows about the condition of the planes.
I don't know how much information the pilots get or know about the condition of the planes before flying. Despite the knowledge of broken planes, if the pilots take risk either under pressure or at their own self confidence, then we cannot do anything unless such pilots fly planes.

If the foreign educated pilots cannot do anything, then you all think deeply.

Last edited: 28-Sep-12 12:58 PM

Posted on 09-28-12 1:22 PM     [Snapshot: 863]     Reply [Subscribe]
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sorry if you feel offended but my intention was to clear the misconception of aviation that people have and it was in no way solely directed towards you.

Posted on 09-28-12 1:46 PM     [Snapshot: 903]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Yesto desh jahan plane accident bhayepachi ni "aayog" banaunu parcha, ani yesko project suru huncha, 3 mahina ko rey?( kuro tesai ma tungincha charo ley thokayera). No-one blames they are flying old style planes with no new technology improvements. wtf.........
Posted on 09-28-12 1:57 PM     [Snapshot: 941]     Reply [Subscribe]
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kudos to the pilot , if not him then it would have been a  disaster .

but there are fishy details , so the culprits should be punished .

1.  even the plane landed safely, why did the passengers were not able to open any emergency doors ?  or the regular door ?

2. Since it was very close to the TIA, why the response was so late ? 

3. Seems the plane was grounded earlier and then suddenly elevated to operational level ? i sense some corporate greed here .

Sorry to lose a very good pilot and all those lives he tried to save . RIP
Posted on 09-28-12 2:18 PM     [Snapshot: 963]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Its better to burn the plane and then collect insurance money than let it sit idle in the lot. Way of doing business at Sita Air. Who the hell does thie airline belong to?

Posted on 09-28-12 2:50 PM     [Snapshot: 1020]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 There were some videos early this morning on "nagariknews.com", they have now removed it.( video of trying to put off the fire and the mass public apperance at the scene) . Why they removed it, is there any reason behind this??
Posted on 09-28-12 3:19 PM     [Snapshot: 1049]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nagariknews लै  धम्कि आयो  होला त्यो  video निकाल  भनेर
There are some videos at the bottom in these sites.



Last edited: 28-Sep-12 03:20 PM

Posted on 09-28-12 11:11 PM     [Snapshot: 1282]     Reply [Subscribe]
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euta charo jabo le 19 jana ko jhyan liyo.
rest in peace all
now i hate sita air
so old 25 yrs old plane, how come operating
Posted on 09-29-12 12:13 AM     [Snapshot: 1320]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Not to be insensitive to the victims, this is the same country where they sacrificed a goat to pray to the god of flight to fix the planes a while ago, which became a mockery to the rest of the world. Many of the educated people on sajha came to defend that goat incident by saying it was our culture/tradition. And now, you are the same people demanding inspection? Wow, simple amazing.
Last edited: 29-Sep-12 01:42 AM
Last edited: 29-Sep-12 01:43 AM


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