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 army mobilization in nepal
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Posted on 05-20-12 7:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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nepal ko aile situation herda yo tyettikai silent hola jasto chhaina. though im not an advocator of army rule, the only way out right now that i see as a viable option is army mobilization till the situation gets right, just like what abraham lincoln did to stop the racism fight between north n south. just my two cents... whatchya'll think?
Posted on 05-20-12 7:46 PM     [Snapshot: 31]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No doubt army is only solution in nepal now but i read one news on nagariknews about army chief joining hands with maoist to promote his brother in law. After that what to expect from that man!!
The next chief of army is rana and internal source says he is supported by india too. So hope we will do somthing

Posted on 05-20-12 8:03 PM     [Snapshot: 42]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't know about that but UN needs to bring peacekeepers in Nepal  from Haiti, Sudan, Congo, Liberia etc under Multi-lateral Peacekeeper Exchange Program. Soon Nepal is going to join the holy alliance of failed states, and if our leaders from various groups fight  hard to divide the country along the ethnic lines, we may even see a civil war. Maoists must be happy to see their Chickens come home to roost.   

I think it's time for us Nepalese to learn foreign languages. We will need to amuse our foreign Peacekeepers friends by speaking and singing their national language just like the Congolese guy who spoke a fluent Nepali to all our amusement. Folks! it's payback time.

Possibly, our future motto- learning a new foreign language once civil war at one time.

Posted on 05-20-12 8:29 PM     [Snapshot: 112]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yeah, civil or regional war is imminent. And if Nepalese armies are deployed , there will be more problem as there could be more possibilities of them being biased towards the population as they're also the part of the each ethnic group. This will draw International interference and hence foreign troops will be on our land. Sooner or later, either India or China will make Nepal part of their colony. This is only if we are seeking army as solution. Else, I don't see any hope for now. There is a strong tendency of civil or regional war on rise. And I don't really think international peacekeeper will have any agenda as of now unless thousands are dead and nation heading to doomed state.

Posted on 05-21-12 11:17 AM     [Snapshot: 551]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The army should just take care of the top few maoists and some of their followers and the problem will be solved. Most people in Nepal are like sheep, they are just going with the flow of some so called "leaders". If we can get rid of the maoists the country will start going towards the right direction. This might sound  a little harsh but this is what we need now. There is no alternative. Putting stuff and facebook and liking someone's status is not going to do jack.Think about it. I know a lot of people on Sajha are well educated and I hope that they know what I am trying to say. Peace. 
Posted on 05-21-12 11:41 AM     [Snapshot: 580]     Reply [Subscribe]
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In my opinion Nepal already is a  failed state, nepal army should take over to stabilize and gun down all leaders refusing martial law stance, however that does come with a huge question mark as to how the army will rule the country. Will the army take over be even effective given that lot of maoists are still armed and sena samayojana has polluted the Nepal Army with political agenda of it's own? 
India and China will not do us any favors by taking over a state that has no huge potential ROI when their policies are enough to dictate who does what. Annexation of a state using armed forces only makes sense when your policies fail to work in your favor, looking at Nepal why would India or China add an extra burden when their foreign policies already controls the Nepal? 
Last edited: 21-May-12 11:43 AM

Posted on 05-21-12 12:01 PM     [Snapshot: 627]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 That's the only option left. But yo Chhatraman ko tyo tagat chaina. Tauko thado parera bolna ta sakdaina ani feri Maobadi ko kattu bhitra pasera hidcha yasto jabo thangne le ke garcha.......Rukmangat Katuwal bhako bhae chai bhanna sakinna.

Posted on 05-21-12 12:05 PM     [Snapshot: 618]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What ? Now you guys want to go to dicktatorship ?  Tyetro manchey ko ragat baghayo dooukwashi ko naam ma, all in vain ? wah wah wah !!  Taaali !! clap clap clap clap....
Posted on 05-21-12 12:08 PM     [Snapshot: 630]     Reply [Subscribe]
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kattuwal didn't have the balls either. sorry, but the way i saw it he had an opportunity after Gyanendra was over thrown when the maoist had started talking about sena samayojana to take that hard ball stance.

But then this was my high end understanding of what Katuwal should have done, there might be other reasons why he did not do so.

Posted on 05-21-12 12:32 PM     [Snapshot: 669]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 That's the key point, Katwal had the guts and potenial to do that, that's why Prachanda died hard to ousted him and appoint their own puppet. That's the main reason too behind Army/Maoists integration. Anyways its never too late but who gonna do it, who has the guts!!! not within the current gutless Army Generals. Its only the real Janta now,  time for real Janta to come out of every house and punish the culprits....!!  Just a daydream right!!!

@Bathroomcoffee, so what would be the best option in your opinion!!

Posted on 05-21-12 1:35 PM     [Snapshot: 762]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Inject a fresh face from outside of the current political climate of Nepal. Start afresh esp find someone who is retired and is not looking for a political career in Nepal. Someone who has nothing to loose, and is 100% for Nepal and its benefit only.  We have seen enough politicians come and go after filling their pockets.  We do not need another one of those. 

Posted on 05-21-12 1:54 PM     [Snapshot: 781]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hahaha Bathroomcoffee that is the most naive statement I have heard about politics. are you really that dumb?

How do you propose to "inject a fresh face" into politics? Politics is not like injecting painkillers to sooth your painful existence. "Start fresh with someone who's not looking for a political career in Nepal". If he's not looking for a political career, do you hope to force him into the political career of your imagination where you can simply inject him into the politics and he will automatically be accepted by everyone since bathroomcoffee the great took the initiative to 'inject' this fresh face into politics. Everyone will sing glorious songs about this person as soon as Bathroomcoffee injects him into our Nepali politics, and he will tackle all the problems that the country is facing.

Posted on 05-21-12 2:05 PM     [Snapshot: 820]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Hahaha Bathroomcoffee that is the most naive statement I have heard about politics."
Couldnt agree more grgdai. "This kid seems to be out of his fuggin mind." isnt that what u would have said u "dumb fug". Jus sayin!
Posted on 05-21-12 3:03 PM     [Snapshot: 831]     Reply [Subscribe]
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There are shit loads of people who are well qualified to lead the country(unless you are blind) outside of the political climate of Nepal(look at the Nepali academic intellects who reside outside of Nepal).  But the atmosphere in Nepal is like just like you "YO UMRICA HOINA" tyesoo bhayee just keep on doing the same old bullshit and keep Nepal stagnant.  Keep patching them holes everytime it leaks same old corrpt ppl. Ani desh ko khoob bikash huncha !!  Andhoo bheda ley agadi ko 3 wota choice bahek aru ke dekna sakena ? Just because I do not have the same train of thought as you gadhas does not make me naive but different. But you morons cannot accept that can you ?  These gadhas are clueless because I do not fit in any of their catagories therefore I am naive. he he 

Ps. I see that you are trying with them smiley faces but  he he he It is fonni and I am laughing. ahhh ha ha !! Shows ur mentality.... you are a follower.  Follow me, follow me, follow me.

Posted on 05-21-12 3:12 PM     [Snapshot: 897]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bathroomcoffee  ignore the smilies, it's just to show you how annoying they are.

You said "There are shit loads of people who are well qualified to lead the country"

Name one.

And name one reason why that person would want to be injected into the nepali politics however impossible that may be.

It's not about having same train of thoughts, it's about being logical and reasonable and how feasible your statements are.

Posted on 05-21-12 6:48 PM     [Snapshot: 1024]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 C'mon guys leave Bathroomcoffee alone, she seems more like a Hot Chic .., nevertheless she's a great fighter,!!!
Last edited: 21-May-12 09:09 PM

Posted on 05-21-12 7:27 PM     [Snapshot: 1089]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@grg dai i feel vad that u think noone can lead nepal better than these old leaders. Just for the sake of it either one of maha jodi can be better than these people, even current president is better than all of them.
Posted on 05-21-12 8:25 PM     [Snapshot: 1143]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i feel the same way. army should either back the president's decision, or be brave to bring back the king and rule, until the situation are under control. army should hold elections and make sure the first parliament and government runs its first tenure. ACCOUNTABILITY is the term missing within the norms of political parties since the restoration of multiparty democracy in 2046 bs. if im here to work for few days and nobody cares what i do, im sure i MAY NOT do things right. let the government run for a full time allocated, n hold them responsible for any wrong doings. thats the way the West works, n thats the way it should be in nepal too.
Posted on 05-21-12 9:17 PM     [Snapshot: 1182]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Though I have a soft conrner for king and monarchial institution it cannot come backe on its own. It's because, all the desigeners/creators of present chaos do not want him back. Even if he is back with the fortress of army it will be pretty fleeting. Nepak was not made republic just for nothing. They (EU and india) wanted this commotion in our country and hatred amongst us and monarchy was impedement on that. However, the only option left is people come to street and support for revival of monarchial institution but even this ain't an easy task as everyone is trying to be a new king of his community. I WISH WE NEVER HAD 12 POINTS PACT DRAFTED BY SD MUNI IN HINDI WITH A PENCIL.  
Posted on 05-21-12 9:32 PM     [Snapshot: 1191]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 as a great person said, 'i would rather be ruled by A lion than SEVERAL mice.' period.

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