Posted by: alternate May 20, 2012
army mobilization in nepal
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I don't know about that but UN needs to bring peacekeepers in Nepal  from Haiti, Sudan, Congo, Liberia etc under Multi-lateral Peacekeeper Exchange Program. Soon Nepal is going to join the holy alliance of failed states, and if our leaders from various groups fight  hard to divide the country along the ethnic lines, we may even see a civil war. Maoists must be happy to see their Chickens come home to roost.   

I think it's time for us Nepalese to learn foreign languages. We will need to amuse our foreign Peacekeepers friends by speaking and singing their national language just like the Congolese guy who spoke a fluent Nepali to all our amusement. Folks! it's payback time.

Possibly, our future motto- learning a new foreign language once civil war at one time.

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