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 Our last Hope PM Dr. Bhattarai
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Posted on 08-30-11 5:33 PM     [Snapshot: 46]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 08-30-11 5:38 PM     [Snapshot: 50]     Reply [Subscribe]
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kina ra guru do you think we have future right now?

Posted on 08-30-11 6:08 PM     [Snapshot: 97]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Hell no! This educated bastard can't do anything. He is responsible for killing 14000 Nepalese just in the name of people's war. He is terrorist and must be hung till death. Bring new faces, not the terrorist. Keep watching, he can't do nothing except selling the country to India. Another Indian "Dalaal." This is a good hope that India will get a good advantage of him being the PM
Posted on 08-30-11 6:24 PM     [Snapshot: 129]     Reply [Subscribe]
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14000 balidan thats what they say !!!

Posted on 08-30-11 6:30 PM     [Snapshot: 136]     Reply [Subscribe]
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अरुलाई मारेर बलिदान भन्न त सजिलो छ नि। आफ्नालाई मार्या भएपो थाहा हुन्थ्यो ब्रो लाई। 
Posted on 08-30-11 6:32 PM     [Snapshot: 141]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Well said "thakkhola"
Posted on 08-30-11 6:39 PM     [Snapshot: 141]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No offense guys, Baburam is last hope for our nation.
I know he is Maoist and responsible for death of  14000 people. But it doesnt mean he will keep on killing people every time.
Chinese Communist party did also gain power from revolution and now we can see where are they .

Posted on 08-30-11 6:48 PM     [Snapshot: 165]     Reply [Subscribe]
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All that this SOB can do is give a clean cheat to rapists and terrorists.

I hate maoists and anybody who support them and their ideologies

Posted on 08-30-11 7:25 PM     [Snapshot: 177]     Reply [Subscribe]
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भन्थे हाम्रो देश सतीले सरापेको देश भनेर, जती कुकर्म गर्‍यो तेती उनन्ती हुन्छ भनेर! तेस्लाई सर्थक वनाए बाबुरामलाई प्रधानमन्त्री बनाएर! हजारौं दिदी बहिनीलाई बिधुवा, हजारौं छोरा छोरीलाई तुहुरो बनायौ, तेस्ता हजारौं हजर के के गर्यौ गर्यौ जस को बयान गरी साध्य छैन! तिमी चाहे देश को प्रधानमन्त्री, राष्ट्रपती जे सुकै बन किन न भगवान नै बन तर मेरो नजरमा केबल एउटा निर्मम हत्यरा हौ र भाईनै रहन्छौ! देशलाई लथालिङ पारेर, देश को पहिचनलाई बिगारएर आफ्नो स्वार्थ शिध पर्ने बहिमान राजनीतिघ्य हौ !

तिमी नौतन्कीवाज हौ भनेर त प्रधानमन्त्री भएकै पहिले दिनमा देखैइ हाल्यो ! बिदेशमा नभै स्वदेश्मा बनेको गाडी रोजेर ! देश भक्ती को अर्को नाटक हो तेओ भन्ने हामी सबै लाई थाहा छ ! भैंसी लाई जती धोये पनि तेओ गाई हुँदैन ! तिम्रा ति असन्ख्य पाप लाई धुने त यो धर्ती म नै प्रयप्त पनि छैन !

तिमी त हाम्रो देश को सधाम अनी गदाफी हौ र तिम्रो पनि हबिगत तेस्ताइनै हुनेछ !
केबल मेर बिचार  र भावना हरु मात्र हुन !

Posted on 08-30-11 8:13 PM     [Snapshot: 287]     Reply [Subscribe]
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So y'all think ram Chandra poudel would have been a better leader? He talks like a girl and all he does is "sushil ko chhakari". If you dare then tell me who would be better leader than babbbuu in present situation??
Posted on 08-30-11 8:41 PM     [Snapshot: 314]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Revolution garda manche haru ko jyan jancha nai. China, America, France sabai tira manche mareka nai hun. Mareka ra uniharuka pariwar haru lai mero sahanubhuti.

What I'm really interested is in Bhattarai's economic policies. Although he's a sworn Communist, his economic convictions are far removed from the likes of Marx and Mao and he sways more towards the Deng Xiaopings and Vlad Putins of the world. I also know for sure that he's gonna dole out large sums of money to his cadres just like Comrade Lotus Flower did. But at the same time this guy is patriotic and can't be bought easily. I also think that he's gonna try and revitalize foreign investments, hydropower, manufacturing and possibly clean the bureaucracy. Fourteen thousand people dead, I know all that, but lets see what this guy can do. Sambhidan I don't give an eff about, kitab ma j lekhe pani Nepal ma kei farak pardaina..

Posted on 08-30-11 10:56 PM     [Snapshot: 434]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 08-31-11 12:43 AM     [Snapshot: 500]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 hola hola ...timra Prithivi Narayan shah ley kosailey ek thappad ni nahani Singo Nepal juraaa holan!! common dude ...respect your PM believe in him!!! we need to get out of this political unstability LOOP...rajina rajina rajina...f@uk it man....yeso sano kosailai chittai bujhena ki gooola jasto aviswass ko prastaw....common its time 
Posted on 08-31-11 1:12 AM     [Snapshot: 516]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 hakim_saab , चाइना र फ्रान्स मा भएका क्रान्ति र नेपाल मा माओवादीले गरेको आम हत्या मा आकाश र जमिन को फरक छ। यसको चर्चा परिचर्चा एउटा नयाँ धागो खोली गरौला। पढे-लेखेका मान्छे प्रधान मन्त्री भएक छन। नेपालको लागि केही हीतकारक काम गरिहाल्छन कि भनेर सबैलाई आशा छ । म पनि यि डाक्टर साबलाई अहिलेको लागि बेनफिट अफ डाउट दिन्छु र आशा पनि गर्छु कि यिन्ले सचै नै केही गर्नेछन। 
Last edited: 31-Aug-11 01:13 AM

Posted on 08-31-11 1:46 AM     [Snapshot: 547]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If there was a situation where there is constitution already written, where there is no leg pulling from other leaders and parties,  then baburam bhattarai  would be  a suitable prime minister. He would then  create and implement new and better economic plans that would  lead the country's economy towards prosperity.  However,  the situation is not like that right now. Main problem is bringing all the parties to consensus and  draft the constitutuion within  3 months. Moreover there are promises that are made with  Madhesi  parties which are  to be fulfilled.  this is a pretty tough job and  needs a personality different from that of BRB.
Posted on 08-31-11 3:05 AM     [Snapshot: 571]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I would prefer to say,  Dr. Bhattrai as one of the good source of hope and not as the last one [Title Correction]

Also, it is an obvious conclusion that majority of Nepalese people will criticize Dr. Bhattrai and his party, when we recall the Nepalese loss cause by them. Point to note is Bad deeds will last forever and Good ones are easier to forget. I have no intention to recall those things as this will sound still very painful for our Neplease friends who are releated with the war victims. Hence kindly begging pardon and skipping this part.

Now for all the positive feedbacks, I would say it is good way to start and of course good deeds need to be acknowledged and received well. Point to recall, we all Nepalese had strong hopes when the maoist were first selected for the PM. Prachanda completely failed to address our expectation and he too just step ahead towards the downfall of the country by increasing corruption and violence. But the way Dr. Bhattrai took initiative with his PM role is very praise worthy. In the past, he performed well during his nine months ruling time bound and the recent action just recognised him as a good source of hope.

Conclusively, I would recommend to acknowledge the good things people do and same time keep in mind about the past negative actions. Personally, I don't like people steping ahead and following the paths that results emptyness i.e pulling each other legs and not letting anyone and self to reach the destination. Help people to retain their good hopes and not to diminish it way too early. As always, your comments are always appreciated.

Posted on 08-31-11 8:06 AM     [Snapshot: 634]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dr. Bhattarai, indeed has become a HOPE of millions of Nrpalese yet not the last one, I say.
This is politics, more erratic in Nepal's context as outsiders' role (southern neighbor India) count much more than home leaders.
Though he is a scholar of personality don't expect high from him. After entering the system, its gonna be tough enough to change entire system neither he can disobey his party that finally granted PM post to Dr. Bhattarai. We can't predict Nepal's future politics as per Dr. Bhattarai's alluring personality nonetheless, I do hope if he can swing duster little bit to wipe dirt from the system.
Furthermore, I stress on incumbent government led by Dr. Bhattarai to last little longer so that he will be able to prove himself. Again, HOPE his government won't be toppled in couple of months that's what happens in Nepal's politics and analyst easily explain it "obvious phenomena at the time of transition" and my question to them what about peace process?

Posted on 08-31-11 8:41 AM     [Snapshot: 665]     Reply [Subscribe]
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fking indian RAW agent/murderer/communist bitch is the last hope for Nepal....buddhi chak ma bha haru yastai ho...maobadi sena samayojan and politicize the national army, not going to give up arms, run a parallel government, per maoist cadre 10/10 lakh for taking part in the so called revolution what else is this two faced coward going to do...lets see!!

Posted on 08-31-11 8:59 AM     [Snapshot: 687]     Reply [Subscribe]
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भेदाहरुको होप बाहेक अरु के हुन्छ र? अझै नि आश हारेको छैनन् | अहिलेसम्ममा त बुझिसक्नु पर्ने हो तर भेडा न पर्यो कठै भरि

Posted on 08-31-11 10:00 AM     [Snapshot: 727]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This guy has been PM for just two days. Let's wait for some time and see how he does.  I am not a Maoist supporter or Baburam fan but if he does well for the country I don't care.  Also, at present what option do we have for PM?  Sujata Koirala??  Ram Chandra Poudue??  K.P Oli??  I know there are some good names like Gagan Thapa but Nepali Congress is not a democratic party it is a dictator party run by Koirala family and it will take a while for new faces like Gagan dai to come as leader. 


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