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 illigal visa help

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Posted on 07-20-10 1:55 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sathiharu ma usa ko multiple 5 years visa ma aayeko.usa ma illigel baseko chha. mero nepal ma deyako us visa 2013 aug ma sakinchha. aila ma usa ma chhu. nepal ma passport sent garera canada ko visa apply garna maan lagya chha. nepal bata canada ko visa apply garda documents india sent garnu pardo raichha. interview hune chances kam hudo raichha.

malai yauta kura bujna maan chha. maile canada visa apply garda ma usa ma illigel baseko kura canada embassy lai tha hunchha ke hunna? ma nepal farkeyako arrival stamp nepal ma hanna lagauchu legally.yesto sitution ma canada embassy le ma usa ma baseko tha pauchha ke paudaina?


malai help garnus na..

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 07-20-10 3:46 PM     [Snapshot: 163]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't have any personal experience/knowledge in this regard. However, I highly doubt that Canada would be able to know that you overstayed in the US. Even if there is some kind of an information sharing system going on due to terrorists and stuff, why would they even try to check your info? As far as Canada is concerned you would be a Nepalese citizen applying from Nepal (who just happened to have visited the US for 1 month 2 years ago). It just doesn't sound reasonable or probable that Canada would try to check the immigration status of anyone who has ever visited the US unless there's a red flag. Again, I don't have any personal experience but it just doesn't sound reasonable. Moreover, in the worst case scenario let's say they somehow find that out, what's the worst that can happen? They won't give you a visa, that's it.

Do what you've got to do, bro. Good Luck!!

Posted on 07-20-10 5:59 PM     [Snapshot: 255]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This gule keta should be deported, he is the one broke the the by submitting false document, now he is saying to others"broke the law".

Posted on 07-20-10 11:19 PM     [Snapshot: 462]     Reply [Subscribe]
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एउटा झुट लुकाउन अर्को दसओटा झुट बोल्नु पर्ने हुन्छ ! के नमरुन्जेल सम्म झुट बोल्दै हिन्ने ? त्यसैले त्यस्तो गैर-कानुनी कार्यलाई प्रोत्साहन दिनै हुन्न !

Posted on 07-20-10 11:37 PM     [Snapshot: 483]     Reply [Subscribe]
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जे रोप्यो त्यही फल्छ होइन र?  भनिन्छ नि, गलत कामको परिणाम पनी गलत नै हुन्छ | काढ़ा रोपेर राम्रो फलको आशा नगर साथी |
Posted on 07-21-10 2:50 AM     [Snapshot: 615]     Reply [Subscribe]
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साथीहरु मैले के नराम्रो कुरा गरे नि ? अमेरिका मा इल्लीगल बस्दा गारो भयो/  २००८ को अगस्त मा अमेरिका आएको हु, अहिले अमेरिका मै छु/ अमेरिका आएको १ years  भित्र assylum फाइल गर्नु पर्ने रैछा./ मेरो ढिलो भयो अनी क्यान्नाडा को वीसा भयो भने क्यान्नाडा गएर assylum हाल्ने बिचार गर्या हु मैले./  अमेरिका मै बसेर क्यान्नाडा  को वीसा नेपाल देखि अप्पलाई गर्ने सोच राख्या छु./  नेपाल मा मेरो पासपोर्ट पठाएरा मेरो पासपोर्ट मा अमेरिका देखि नेपाल २००८ को सितम्बर मा नेपाल arrival भाको स्टाम्प हान्ने सोच बनाको छु अनी क्यानाडा अप्पलाई को लगी पासपोर्ट र डाकुमेंट इंडिया पठाउने बिचार गर्या छु./  क्यानाडा को रियल इस्टेट कंपनी ले invition लैटर पठाको छ मलाई./ क्यानाडा को वीसा हुंछा, हुद्दैना भन्ने कुरा आफ्नो थावू मा छ./  नेपाल आएको arrival  स्टाम्प पासपोर्ट म हुदा क्यानाडा embassy ले म अमेरिका म इल्लीगल बसेको कुरा थाहा पाउछ की पाउदैना भन्ने question  मेरो ? interview  को कुरा नगर्नुस न/
थाहा पाउछ की पाउदैना भन्ने कुरा को सल्ला दिनुस न/    थाहा पाउछ भने कसरी थाहा पाउछ? के क्यान्नाडा embassy  ले सबै जनाको बारेमा सोद्छ त अमेरिका embassy  लाई ?


Posted on 07-21-10 9:01 AM     [Snapshot: 691]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It does not matter how many years you have right to enter USA but how many months you can stay in USA is determined by the port of entry immigration officer. If it is for 6 months, you must be out of USA within the given period. If you have Nepal immigration stamp date within the 6 month date, I think it is will prove you were back on time.
As you are applying from India and they may think you were back in time ( if you manage to have a stamp date shows you were back in time)  will not be any problem because they may not have direct immigration connection with USA. So you are going to find  people to stamp the date makes your were back on time. Good luck.

Posted on 07-21-10 9:16 AM     [Snapshot: 708]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I came to US 10 years ago and never been out of US since then. Just curious: "Don't they stamp departure record at your PP at airport when you depart from US?"
Posted on 07-21-10 10:02 AM     [Snapshot: 754]     Reply [Subscribe]
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listen bro..............dont listen to all these twat people here telling you  that you are breaking american law and blagh blagh blagh...laws are meant to be broken. if you are staying here illieglely then be it...so what?? every person in this world deserve the chance to go where they want and do what they do. they will not know any details of you being illeagle in usa neither they will call you for interview ( chancesare 1 in 100) so go ahead and do what you want.

Posted on 07-21-10 12:02 PM     [Snapshot: 823]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Answers for you:

1. Canada Immigarion would not know about your status in the US, unless you name resembles a known terrorist or something like that triggers them to find out more about you...

2. 99.99% chance that they will invite you for an inteview...

Does this clarify everything you wish to know?

Posted on 07-21-10 12:03 PM     [Snapshot: 827]     Reply [Subscribe]
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6 barsha pashi aassaaeelum halayra approve bbhayako pani taha cha hai... thau thau ko kura ho... eak patak teyo pani try marnay po ho ki...
Posted on 07-21-10 1:24 PM     [Snapshot: 896]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Syanjali sir, hajur lai dhanyabad chha. hajur lai ajai prastha parchu ke ma nepal ma real estate business ko kam garthe. mero ra wife ko name ma real estate registar chha. canada apply garda wife lai applicant banauchhu ma spouse ma baschhu. ani mero passport ma nepal timely return bhako stamp lagaera wife ko documents, passport ra company ko documents ra mero passport india sent garne bichar garya chhu.

yesto sitution ma applicant lai inerview ma bolauchhu ke husband wife lai ne bolauchha ne? application form ma wife ko sign hunncha, mero hunna.

arko kura real estate business seminar ma apply garda chances hunchha ki tourisam( koi canada ma basne nepali ko invition letter mageara ) apply garda chances high hunchha hola..

sabai jana le serious le salla dinus na.


dyamn je.. usa ma after 1 years pachi assylum halne kura ne lawyer saga bujdai chhu.. tara aila yakdamai garo chha bhanchan..

Posted on 07-21-10 1:51 PM     [Snapshot: 917]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Keto: Canada ko visa US bhanda pani garo cha... tara try garna ma kehi bigrinna.. Interview chahi main applicant ko hunchha.. tara spouse pani saath ma hunuparcha...

Yo seminar/toursist visa sab nikkai chance nabhayaka kura hun... Timro maximum chance 1% cha la..

Posted on 07-21-10 4:42 PM     [Snapshot: 989]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ma[Disallowed String for - bad words]e syanjali kahte talai k matlaab ma j garau, kathmandu bahira ko kahte [Disallowed String for - use not allowed], gaule pakhe, kheppa [Disallowed String for - use not allowed]
Posted on 07-21-10 9:02 PM     [Snapshot: 1058]     Reply [Subscribe]
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newlynew jeee... sabai kura sarai hunchha..sajilo saga linu parchha hoina ra? thapai le bhannu bho mero chances 1% chha? kun reason le bhannu mero chances 1% chha bhanera? canada embassy lai tha hunchha ke ma legally usa bata nepal aayeko. mero passport ma usa ko 5 years multiple visa bhako. kun kura le bhannu hunncha?

arko kura interview ma bolaune chances mero case ma yakdamai kam hunchha, kina ke ma saga usa ko lawfully 5 years visa chha. thapai ta manchhe sai salla dinu bhnyya jhan sad po banaunu hunchha yar..


Posted on 07-21-10 9:44 PM     [Snapshot: 1086]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i am clueless in the subject matter but as i was reading thru all this, something crossed my mind. Lets say texastateko's fortune has really struck, he gets all his paperwork. he doesn't even have to appear for the interview gets the visa and all that. then what. once he has his passport mailed back  to  US, how is he going to proceed into Canada?

1. if he goes direct from US..he is sure to run into some kinda trouble at customs/port of entry because first, at the US side his record and illegal stay would easily be discovered -i reckon..but say he even slips thru that somehow...then  when he gets to Canada, his stamping records would indicate that he'd been in the US in 2008, then went back to Nepal..but then he would not have a record of coming into US again recently and then  moving onto Canada.

2. say he wants to go back to Nepal and then fly to Canada..would he not get in trouble due to his status at a US airport or something like that.??

Posted on 07-21-10 10:20 PM     [Snapshot: 1115]     Reply [Subscribe]
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uyarihc jeee nepal bata usa aauda visa chinchha. usa bata nepal jada just blank passport or travel document from newyork...  usa bata nepal jada usa ko port of ntry ma kina nepal jana lagya soddaina? tyo problem hunna
Posted on 07-21-10 11:55 PM     [Snapshot: 1164]     Reply [Subscribe]
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US bata Nepal farkida kehi hudaina, kasaile kehi pani check gardaina, I-94 collect garcha airline employee le teti ho. Nepal ko airport ma chahi entry stamp hancha passport ma so he will have to make sure that his passporet doesn't get stamped there. .

Posted on 07-22-10 11:01 AM     [Snapshot: 1249]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हन यो अर्ध अमेरिकन (sansween) लाई के भएको छ ह, जता पायो तेही कुरो सुरो बुझ्नु छैन सिङौरी खेल्दै हिंड्छ, मिठो जबाफ पाउदा रिसले मुर्मुराउदछ अनी ठुलो साहरिया झै जाठा, मु जि आदी इत्यादी उस्ले बाउ आमा सँग बोले झै बोल्छ। एस्तो बोल्ने त खाते के अरु ? आफ्नो अनुहार हेर अनी मात्र अरुलाई भन्नु ।
कती मिल्लिओन अबैध्य बसेका छन अमेरिकामा , एउटा नेपाली बस्यो त त खातेको के को टाउको दु:खाइ ? मानौ कि  त्यो हरियो पत्ता पाए पछी त हावाल्दार भाईस र यो देसको जिम्मा तेरो हातमा दिएको छकी क्याहो ? तैले कसरी हरियो पत्ता लीईस त्यो को पुर्खौली खोज्ने हो भने त लाई यो देस बाट पहिले निकाला हुन्छस त्यो overstay गर्ने भन्दा, कानुनी कुरै गर्ने हो भने।

त गुहे केटा सँग के कुरा गर्नु , तेरो लेखाइ हेर्दा भर्खरै पाखा बाट झरेको भन्दा पनि चुतिया छ। किन बडी बकम्फुसे कुरा लेखेर बस्नु भन्दा कलेज join गर अनी बुद्दी आए पछी राम्रो भाषामा लेख्न सुरु गर । त तेही ठिटो हैनस नेपाली मन न पर्ने अनी ३०-५० बर्से चाउरी परेकी अमेरिकनन्नी मन पर्ने, त जस्तालाई त आँखा फुटेकिले पनि घास हाल्दैनन, तेरो बोली मुख बाट निस्कना साथ तेरो स्वभाब छर्लङ देखिन्छ ।

If you do not get stamped in Nepal or can be stamped old date, I guess you are just fine. Many things can happen in every part of the world and this can be happen. You know what I am talking about, if you have approach it can happen.
Good luck.

Posted on 07-22-10 4:38 PM     [Snapshot: 1290]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Synjali  सर, यो sansween गाऊ को खाते हुनु पर्छ/  म २००८ को august मा अमेरिका आएको हु/ २००८ को september मा नेपाल फर्किएको arrival stamp लगौछु/ एसो गर्दा क्यान्नाडा embassy  लाई म timely  नेपाल फर्कियको थाहा हुन्छ की भन्ने मेरो सोचाई? मलाई डर लागेको कुरा क्यान्नाडा embassy  ले अमेरिका embassy  लाई मेरो बारेमा सोद्ल्ला की भन्ने ? मलाई थाहा छ, क्यान्नाडा embassy  ले अमेरिका embassy लाई सोदेना भने र मलाई interview को बोलएना भने मेरो visa  हुन्छ/  


i am afraid

1. canada embassy will contact to us embassy or not?

2. will they ask me to face interview or not?


i heard it most rear case canada embassy ask to come for interview in india.

Posted on 07-22-10 8:18 PM     [Snapshot: 1324]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Best shot is if you are able to get date stamped old and and if they compare entry  to USA and Entry back to Nepal within the time may go fine.
Not sure they will ask about that, but if you had applied from USA, that will be the first thing they will be looking.
You give a try nothing to loose. Be positive, things will go fine.  We are guessing this fellow will stop poking everyone's thread with bad mouth/word.


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