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 Modi ready to revise 1950 friendship treaty with Nepal, and give $1 Billion to Nepal
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Posted on 08-04-14 10:28 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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NEW DELHI: India has told Nepal it is ready to revise the 1950 India-Nepal friendship treaty. PM Narendra Modi, in what is the first bilateral visit by an Indian PM to Nepal in 17 years, told his counterpart Sushil Koirala that he wanted to see it completed in his tenure. Nepal has been asked to send a team to negotiate this with India as soon as possible. 

By putting this out on the table at the start of his engagement with Nepal, Modi has made it clear he will not accept popular Nepali gripe about this treaty. Nepal has used the "unequalness" of the treaty as a stick against India over the years. But despite repeated Indian requests for revision, Nepal has shied away from the actual negotiations. 

"The India-Nepal treaty is unequal in its treatment of Indian citizens in Nepal, which India has never complained about," said Jayant Prasad, former ambassador to Nepal. While Nepali citizens get national treatment here, the same is not applicable to Indians in Nepal.

1 Billion Dollars to Nepal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday expressed India’s commitment and assistance to Nepal’s development and promising to take the two countries’ relations to a new height.

“India is committed to the economic development of Nepal,” said Prime Minister Modi in powerful 45-minute speech to Nepali lawmakers, the first time a guest has been invited to address a joint session of the Constituent Assembly and Parliament in Kathmandu. “I am eager to take the relations between India and Nepal to a new height during my tenure as Prime Minister.”

In a speech high on rhetoric and colourful phrases, Mr. Modi referred to the Nepal-India relationship as “older than the Himalayas and the Ganga,” even as he announced a $1 billion Line of Credit for Nepal’s infrastructure development. Mr. Modi also promised to help Nepal in the field of hydropower, infrastructure, space technology and agriculture.

He assured that the work on Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project would begin in a year. After years of negotiations, work on this joint venture project has not begun. Nepal could prosper by selling electricity to India, he added.

He was all praise for Nepal for entering the path of peace by shunning violence, saying it could be a model all over the world once the Constitution is written. Mr. Modi suggested that the exercise needed foresight and with it Nepal could have a statute lasting a 100 years. Interestingly, Mr. Modi presented speaker Subhash Nembang with copies of the Rajya Sabha Television serial made by director Shyam Benegal, “Samvidhan” on the making of the Indian constitution.

During his talks with Nepal’s Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, Modi was all assurance and cordiality.

“My visit is focussed on development and a new beginning between the two countries,” he told Koirala at the latter’s office in Singh Durbar in the presence of Indian and Nepali government figures and officials, according to Koirala’s Foreign Policy Advisor, Dinesh Bhattarai. Earlier in the morning, PM Koirala had personally greeted him at the airport, a break from protocol.

The Indian Prime Minister assured Mr. Koirala that the ongoing peace process in Nepal was entirely a Nepali matter and should be concluded as per Nepal’s requirements. This is a sensitive subject in Nepal, with parties, cutting across party lines, feeling that India has interfered way too much in politics here.

In the presence of the two Prime Ministers, the officials signed three memorandum of understanding (MoU) – tourism development in Nepal, Goitre Control Programme in Nepal, and co-operation between the state-controlled television channels – Doordarshan and Nepal Television (NTV). They also exchanged terms of reference (ToR) on Pancheshwar Development Authority.

Mr. Modi would offer prayers at the Pahuspati Temple on Monday before heading to the President’s Office to meet President Dr Ram Baran Yadav. Later in the day, he would meet leaders of political parties and business community.

Modi gestures surprises many

In a repeat from his Bhutan visit, Mr. Modi alighted from his convoy on four occasions to meet with ordinary Nepalis waiting along the sidewalsk on his way to the outside parliament. Security has been very heavy in Kathmandu, and Mr. Modi even travelled in the Prime Ministerial BMW that was driven in from Delhi.

However, much to the delight of the crowds, and obvious worries of accompanying soldiers of the Nepal Army, he walked around, greeting people. “We have had bad elations for many years because of political instability and political interference,” said Rameshwar Thapa, one of the people cheering the PM’s convoy. “We hope Mr. Modi will change that.”

Mr. Modi’s speech inside parliament began with a paragraph spoken in Nepali, to cheers from the lawmakers gathered. “I am a friend your beautiful country, and always wanted to come back again,” he said, referring to his visits decades ago to Nepal as a “wanderer, pilgrim and traveller.”

In a remark that is going to sound like music to many a Nepali ear, he emphatically said that Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal.

Posted on 08-04-14 11:10 AM     [Snapshot: 46]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What will bring that 1 Billions ? 
We have RS 400 trillion remittance coming every year. 
- Are politicians and government employee and interested party will utilize it without taking percentage / commission and share of corruption?
- Are we ready to utilize that money on Right place? 
- Do we have REAL MANPOWER ? Our young generation are happy with remittance? Real Work force is outside the country?
- Even the workforce come back , are they ready to do the similar job in Nepal? 

Last edited: 04-Aug-14 01:32 PM

Posted on 08-04-14 11:39 AM     [Snapshot: 126]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@magorkhe you sure about your numbers?? May be its billion dollars and trillion in nrs, if nepali send trillions of dollars nepal would be a rich country
Posted on 08-04-14 11:49 AM     [Snapshot: 150]     Reply [Subscribe]
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१. यु ट्युब को १७:११. सन् १८१६ ताका नै इस्ट इंडिया कम्पनी संग सम्झौता गर्न सक्ने राष्ट्र नेपाल 'सार्बभौम हो' भनी किन भन्न आबस्यक भयो? के सुनेर संसद भनौंदा हरुले ताली बजाए? २. यु ट्युब को १४:००: बुलेट लाइ ब्यालेट ले जित्यो भनेर कम्युनिस्ट लाइ डाइलग पेलेको हो? ३. छात्र वृत्तिको कोटा बढाउँदा कसलाई फाइदा हुन्छ, तिनै नेताका सन्तानलाई हो? त्यो भारतको बढेको छात्रवृत्तिको कोटामा खुला प्रतिस्पर्धा बाट भाग लिन मिल्छ? ३. दस हजार करोड ने. रू. (सफ्ट लोन नै किन न होस् ), ब्याज कुन पैसा ले तिर्ने? तेही रेमिट्यान्सको पैसाले? बार्षिक ब्याज कति हुन्छ, कसैले हिसाब गर्या छ? ४. जसले जे भने पनि नेपालको भर पर्दो आम्दानीको स्रोत भनेको म्यान पावर सप्प्लाई नै हो, उहिले लाहुरे, अहिले खाडी मुलुक | यसैलाई ब्यबस्थित गर्न सकेमा नेपालमा पैसाको खाँचो छैन |
Posted on 08-04-14 11:55 AM     [Snapshot: 114]     Reply [Subscribe]
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you and Mahodaya are same type. साझामा आयो tai-n-tui का समाचार लेख्यो/paste गर्यो , अनि त्यो थ्रेड मा फर्केर पनि नहेर्यो | यो खबर त सबैलाई थाहा छ नि , तेस्मा तपाई को केहि विचार/भनाइ/ब्यङ्ग जे भए पनि दुइ हरफ त लेख्न सकिन्छ नि \ गजब छ बा \

गोर्खे मित्र , I presume you mean 400 billion rupees of remittance, not 400 trillion right?
You said "We have 400 trillion remittance coming every year....................... Are we ready to utilize that money on Right place? "

You are right there is more than enough liquidity and a serious manpower problem, but if we wait for a regular process of "savings to capital formation to (and) investment", the process may never start. So, we seriously need some exogenous force to break the static situation of the process. If you invest those $1 billion through some mega projects, it can bring a well needed dynamics in the economy which will in turn help to kick start the stagnant process of "savings to capital formation to (and) investment".
As for the manpower issue, if they can publicize those 'mega project' there will definitely be people to work on them. Give them a very attractive wage/salary and don't worry about inflation and other things.
Posted on 08-04-14 12:32 PM     [Snapshot: 221]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just to clarify: providing 1 billion USD as line of credit to Nepal is not same as giving 1 billion to Nepal. Nepali would still have to come up with projects to utilize/access the credit and pay it back in full along with low rate of interest.
Posted on 08-04-14 1:04 PM     [Snapshot: 238]     Reply [Subscribe]
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In a time when you are bhukka like Nepal and want to apply for credit, any lender that would lend you good deal of credit should be highly appreciated. 1 Billion dollar is a lot for development, if planned well. It can be wisely invested on Hydropower, sustainable farming, and many money generating industries for self dependency.
So why is India helping Nepal?
India knows very well that Nepal has a religious/cultural ties with India, and due to the open border between the countries, there is a constant flow of anything good/bad happening in Nepal that could ultimately impact India. India is in a highly ambitious mission to become one of the richest and powerful (though it is already one) nations in the world. With the constant flux of people/culture/values/, its pegged monetary value, open employment policies between the countries, I think India cannot afford Nepal to be in poverty, underdevelopment, and more importantly it cannot afford to have anti-India sentiments from Nepalese. I always wished that our SAARC nations would come come together and become as powerful as EU (and it more than possible given its resources, young population...). I think Modi also wants to do something similar.

Terai tira ko jagga le aba aakash chuncha, trust me it would be hot asset in less than 20 years. In Bardiya, India has already started investing in connecting several villages with ultra modern highways. Up and Bihar ko raya sanga jodine nepal ko terai ka gau haru ma yatayat ko ramro subidha bha bhani India lai ni dherai phaida cha.

Next big thing India doing for itself is it is targeting China through Nepal's diplomatic policies. China khaate haru le Nepal lai kehi gardainan, ra Nepal ko samasya ra hawa le China lai katti ni prabhabhit naparne huna le they don't give a damn about Nepal.

Last edited: 04-Aug-14 01:20 PM

Posted on 08-04-14 1:11 PM     [Snapshot: 284]     Reply [Subscribe]
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एक बिल्लिओन डोल्लर सब सभा शद ले मन मनै भाग बाडी सके होलान.

Posted on 08-04-14 1:16 PM     [Snapshot: 293]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Out of that 1 billion will be going to Indian as part of remittance.

Trillion Dollars question:  Are we ready to do anything? 
                  We want shares.
Shares on Country 
  Shares on Donation.
Shares of Pupil
Shares on Constitution.
Shares on UNMIN dollars
Shares even on the Rescue help.
Shares on water ( Kathmadu Valley) 
Shares on Investment 
Shares on Employment
Do we have real planner for appropriate plan?  This is a Trillion dollars question? 

Last edited: 04-Aug-14 02:47 PM

Posted on 08-04-14 4:14 PM     [Snapshot: 453]     Reply [Subscribe]
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$1 billion is nothing for a country. In term of personal income or personal value, yes its a huge money. There are countries like India whose economy is already in Trillions of dollar. For such a huge economy country providing 1 billion is nothing. But again it does not mean that India is giving this money for free. This is loan money.
Remember the African billionaire wanted to invest something around 800 million dollars in Nepal. Nepal remittance is more than 3 billion dollars. Nepal is self sufficient country. Other than investing money is building big ass house in KTM, the Nepali people can invest those money in the country development. This does not mean that building a big house is not the economy but in a long run this does not improve the country's economy.
I have seen many people in Nepal who are ready to spend $100K to build a house. Instead of that, if only 100 of those people gather and invest that money in some project, this could be enough for big project in Nepal.
One thing I really liked about Modi is he is openly declaring that Nepalis are not doing anything for the development. He said u are laying on the pile of gold (water) and expect someone else to come and use that gold for you.
I researched about the money needed to build the Rs.29696 crs== 3 billion dollars. This is equivalent to the Nepal's remittance money. If those electricity produced out of those 5600 megawatt is sold, I bet Nepal would levitate from its current situation.
Although it seems little obscure, but it not out of the reach. I bet there would be countries flooding to invest in energy sector in Nepal if only Nepal is able to successfully complete one big project.
Posted on 08-04-14 11:39 PM     [Snapshot: 781]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@AdjunctProf: Haha, Just felt to laugh. Just don't comment for the sake of commenting. This is in regards to no. 3.
There are many students who have benefited from the scholarship quota. It is a free competition held around March/April every year by Indian Embassy. Once selected, the student can study 4 years in India for free. No tuition/accomodation fees and they get stipend every month on top of that. You just need to study and that's it. You get to compete with Indians who are qualified by the tough AIEEE examinations in various NITs. I know all this because I was one of those students. And, I assure you I had no 'netas' to thank for and neither are my parents any 'netas'. So let me tell you, if the scholarship quota is increased, it will benefit one of us or one of ours.

A little homework is always a nice thing to do rather than being too cynical.

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