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 Why Nepalis living in US have superiority complex
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Posted on 12-12-12 10:02 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I just met a friend of mine from school coming back to Nepal for his vacation and it seems like he has superiority complex after living in US for just 3 years. He appears condescending to nepalis living in Nepal. I want to say to his face but don't want any conflict anyways wanted to vent here.

In the past also I have met few people coming back from US who complain about everything all the time while they are in Nepal.

Posted on 12-12-12 10:22 AM     [Snapshot: 43]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I found opposite when I was in Nepal a year ago. I felt inferior to people living in Nepal. They talk about money and crores, spend thousands of rupees in restaurant...I felt like I was no  match to them.  

Posted on 12-12-12 10:29 AM     [Snapshot: 61]     Reply [Subscribe]
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rahasya I felt the same way too. noone talks less than karod thesedays. they drive in SUV's that cost over 40 lakhs. damn afu america ma basya ni huna lagyo 7 yrs but can't compete with nepali lifestyle out there.

Posted on 12-12-12 11:00 AM     [Snapshot: 146]     Reply [Subscribe]
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100% agreed that i feel pretty incompetant with the lifestyle in ktm these days. Often wonder how i would have been, had i opted to stay back there or may be it is just that grass is greener on the other side,,or rather neighbor's wife is always sexier than one's own.

Posted on 12-12-12 11:32 AM     [Snapshot: 210]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Could be a few stupid people. Nepalis as a whole are humble.
Posted on 12-12-12 11:34 AM     [Snapshot: 218]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why Nepalis tend to generalize the whole Nepalis in US, when one person from US does this or that?
Here I go generalizing another group of Nepalis myself.
Posted on 12-12-12 12:22 PM     [Snapshot: 281]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Once people get disposable income ( lets say easy money either corruption or inheretage ) had nothing to do other than showing off.

But as you  go abroad you will  start managing your means and adjust accordingly. You thought processing is different than those  in back home makes you different person.  Yes, I was kind a lost in Kathamndu City.
टुप्पिएकाहरु वा तुप्पिंन खोज्ने हरु जसले बिबेक कुन चरी को नाम भन्ने हरुको जमात कहिँ कमि छैन , ठुलो हूलमा १-२ जना यस्ता प्राणि भेटिनु कुनै नौलो कुरा हैन | मुख खोल्ना साथ् चिनिन्छ नानीको स्तर - Just Ignore.

Posted on 12-12-12 12:35 PM     [Snapshot: 312]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Dear Hbadur, 

एक बोरा आप किन्दा औता बिग्रियो भनेर सब्बै बोरा नै हेर्र्दै नहेरी Garbage मा faalna लाग्यआ जुस्तू छ नि !!  he he 
Posted on 12-12-12 12:48 PM     [Snapshot: 365]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I think this behaviour is not mutually exclusive.

Many love to brag about their life, house, car etc. when they go to Nepal and give this rosy picture of the USA. Similarly, those, especially in KTM, love to brag about their job, new gadgets and so forth.

Without generalizing anyone, it is however, safe to generalize that our society (esp. in KTM) has a culture of showing off. Be it about an intelligent offspring in Nepal or abroad, having an elaborate wedding, owning a vehicle, or simply working for a non-profit NGO, we love to flaunt it! 

Posted on 12-12-12 1:53 PM     [Snapshot: 449]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It also depends on how a person interprets the information that's being shared to him. During my last trip to Nepal, every time I'd vent my frustrations over loadshedding and lack of soccer facilities in the valley, a buddy of mine would whine, claiming me and some other friends who went back were all show-offs. It turned out that he'd been rejected his visa application to the US thrice. 

But my mama took it rationally. Since my cousins were educated in the US and the UK, he understood where I was coming from. Matter of fact, much to my mother's dismay who'd hoped my mama would persuade me to move back permanently, my mama first asked me about my own perception about Nepal based on what I'd seen and presented some scenarios- lack of security, lack of electricity, water, pollution, shortages of petroleum, gasoline etc, following which, he asked if I'd really wish to live back home. 

Also, the talks about bragging about riding a new car or having a lucrative job here in the states depends on who you're sharing it with. If you share it with someone who's struggling or trying to leave Nepal, you'll probably look like a shot-off who's trying to rub it in (even if that were the least of your intentions).

Posted on 12-12-12 2:33 PM     [Snapshot: 553]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am also thinking how ppl in kathmandu can afford the housing which cost around more than crore and car about 40lakhs

it keeps me pondering whether they have inheritated the money , land or they have jobs where there is massive corruption, I have a relatives and friend who works in airport and tax office , they enjoy so social respect that ppl used to say bhansar ma jagair bhako hakim ayo, airport ma kam bhayeko hakim ayo despite everybody knows they are corrupt and to dismay they are getting respect.
otherwise how ppl with 20-30k can buy house worth crore and drive car.

Posted on 12-12-12 2:58 PM     [Snapshot: 618]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-12-12 3:14 PM     [Snapshot: 618]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 This is what I gather from the posts above;
Nepali people in general like show off regardless of whether they live in Nepal or overseas. Can we agree on that ?
This reminds me of an old Nepali Ukkan Tukka;
"घर मा मकै र धीदो क्र्र्राक क्र्राक  गरे पनि बजार मा छाला को जुत्ता त्र्राक त्र्र्राक  हुन्नइ पर्ने"
Next time you run into that complex you can say,"मेरो पनि घर मा सून को हात्ती छ " lol and this is for both NRN and Desi's

Posted on 12-12-12 3:38 PM     [Snapshot: 696]     Reply [Subscribe]
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show -off को कुरा गर्दा एकजना बुज्रुकले भनेको कुरा याद आयो : हाम्रो नेपाली समाज कस्तो रे भने एउटा गोजीमा भुटेको मकै राख्ने अनि अर्कोमा चै काजु | मकै खादै हिड्ने अनि कोहि चिनेको मान्छे भेट भयो भने अर्को गोजीबाट काजु निकालेर खाने |

Grgdai ले राखेको लिस्ट चै प्रसासन/राजनीतिमा अकुत कमाउने हरुको प्रतिनिधि पात्र भयो | ढिलो चाडो अकुत कमाएकोले पोल्छ भन्ने कुरा त देखिदैछ नि होइन |

Posted on 12-12-12 5:57 PM     [Snapshot: 909]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I think it's how you perceive things. You shouldn't be bothered by people boasting, that has more to do with your self esteem.  

However, Reverse culture shock can happen...things like no electricity, bureaucracy , stepping on people's toes and not apologizing etc. can take getting used to. 

Posted on 12-13-12 4:14 AM     [Snapshot: 1345]     Reply [Subscribe]
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duain ta karand huna shak cha
pahilo aba us ma mancheharu chak toilet paper le dhunchan toilet mag mag basna aaouncha jaba ki nepal ma sarkari toilet gayo bhane bhakhar us bata pharkeka manche haru faint huna ber laodaina
pani ra toilet ma dherai pharak huncha
moving back to topics
aba us ma ananda sangha baseko bani hola timro sathe ko like tato pani le nuhaone car chadera hidne pani ko satta toilet paper le chak safa garne mahago mahago laptop ipad android apple ko aru saman haru etc etc list goes on even ex rajkumar paras deons't own ipad iphone latest ones i think but i can't really tell with out asking him so i think ur friendl is right ya he is not hochara boleko or pose deko its just how it is the truth . i know both life nepal ma pani le chak dhoko chiso pani le nuhaeko and other side toilet paper le chak safa garne tato pani bijuili 24-7 ani arko tera 12 ghanta load shedding etc etc
Posted on 12-13-12 5:57 AM     [Snapshot: 1368]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Life in a USA is like living in a life support ventilator. If AC and heat is shut down oh god knows how many will die.
If somebody is bragging about good of USA and bad of Nepal, you should brag about good of Nepal and Bad of USA.  
Last edited: 13-Dec-12 07:46 AM

Posted on 12-13-12 9:48 AM     [Snapshot: 1519]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Life in Nepal ra Life in USA ka aa-aafna faida ra befaida chhan. Hamile euta lai chai ramro ra arkaa lai naramro bhannai pardaina. Nepal, aafno desh, janmidai boleko bhasha, barsau dekhi bhogeko rahan sahan, tesko tulana anta hunai sakdaina. ani USA, sacho kamai le matrai pani harek chij afford garne, valley bahira ko manchhe (Bishesh gari ma jasto taraibashi) le kathmandu ma khako jati nai hepaai nakhai kana arkako deshama majjale jiban bitauna paine, yo pani arule bhanejasto bekar kai chij bhane pakkai hoina. "Show-off" garne personal kura bho, jo payo tyai le show-off gare baalai nadiye bho, aafna najik ka milne le 'show-off' gardai gardaina, yadi garchha bhane tyai manchhe murkha ho, tyasko murkhyai ma misiyera hami kina samaya barbad garne, sansar thulo chha, jindagi laamo chha, sabai ka aafnai space ra jingadi chhan, Enjoy it. 
Posted on 10-07-14 12:05 PM     [Snapshot: 2586]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I wanted to update this thread. Thesedays everything in Nepali is so expensive that even Nepalis from US are finding it difficult to show off. But they haven't stopped complaining about everything else.
Posted on 10-07-14 2:02 PM     [Snapshot: 2704]     Reply [Subscribe]
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धाक धमसा नदिए घरको कुकुरले पनि पुछ्दैन : तेस्को लागि नेपाल बस्ने हरुको पनि केहि दोष छ |

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