Posted by: magorkhe1 December 12, 2012
Why Nepalis living in US have superiority complex
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Once people get disposable income ( lets say easy money either corruption or inheretage ) had nothing to do other than showing off.

But as you  go abroad you will  start managing your means and adjust accordingly. You thought processing is different than those  in back home makes you different person.  Yes, I was kind a lost in Kathamndu City.
टुप्पिएकाहरु वा तुप्पिंन खोज्ने हरु जसले बिबेक कुन चरी को नाम भन्ने हरुको जमात कहिँ कमि छैन , ठुलो हूलमा १-२ जना यस्ता प्राणि भेटिनु कुनै नौलो कुरा हैन | मुख खोल्ना साथ् चिनिन्छ नानीको स्तर - Just Ignore.

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