Posted by: sherlock December 12, 2012
Why Nepalis living in US have superiority complex
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It also depends on how a person interprets the information that's being shared to him. During my last trip to Nepal, every time I'd vent my frustrations over loadshedding and lack of soccer facilities in the valley, a buddy of mine would whine, claiming me and some other friends who went back were all show-offs. It turned out that he'd been rejected his visa application to the US thrice. 

But my mama took it rationally. Since my cousins were educated in the US and the UK, he understood where I was coming from. Matter of fact, much to my mother's dismay who'd hoped my mama would persuade me to move back permanently, my mama first asked me about my own perception about Nepal based on what I'd seen and presented some scenarios- lack of security, lack of electricity, water, pollution, shortages of petroleum, gasoline etc, following which, he asked if I'd really wish to live back home. 

Also, the talks about bragging about riding a new car or having a lucrative job here in the states depends on who you're sharing it with. If you share it with someone who's struggling or trying to leave Nepal, you'll probably look like a shot-off who's trying to rub it in (even if that were the least of your intentions).

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