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 Why hate Dhotis?

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Posted on 05-24-10 6:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have never been a Dhoti fan myself, but i think there is something other than encroachments and Nepal's political dependency that's leading to the hatred. Is it our ego, competency feeling or any kind of attachment or common beliefs like food, festivals, culture, entertainment or the language adding to it?

Trust me, even i hate to see those people presenting their innovative ideas through google or microsoft on TED Talks. It Just develops my inferiority complex.
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Posted on 05-26-10 4:11 PM     [Snapshot: 1039]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 05-26-10 8:01 PM     [Snapshot: 1098]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dhotis simply suck dude
Posted on 05-26-10 10:57 PM     [Snapshot: 1137]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Because you do not like to be called Bahadur. 
Posted on 05-27-10 9:38 AM     [Snapshot: 1190]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Half Kattu,

All was well between us before you started calling names. Trust me your belligerent reply was simply uncalled for. Also, I wish you could see me smiling to see you fuming and calling me a dumba#$. I played with your emotions didn't I? I do not blame you for your inability to pen down criticism effectively, also I do not blame you for your outburst. People like you (and look at you, you could not even craft a credible pseudonym for heaven's sake, half kattu is sooooo ghetto!)often take refuge in invectives because of poor upbringing and lack of choice of words. I pity your parents. Guess that makes your blood pressure escalate even more. LOL!

Mr _____,

I still didn't get what you were implying, clarity please? Or could you please type in devanagiri?

Posted on 05-27-10 10:45 AM     [Snapshot: 1206]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You are right, I was born and raised in E Compton which is better than some streets of India where your parents raised you by making you listen to USTAD or tortured to be exact, so that you will grow up to be a "your anus" and preach about USTAD humiliating other musicians. FYI: I do not know or listen to Nhyu Bajracharya either but your comparisons are just irrational and illogical.

btw why dumba$$ because of dumb comments

"Yawwwwwwwn! if you did not hear about Amjad Ali, I
just lost my couple of IQ points just replying back to you."

Posted on 05-27-10 11:01 AM     [Snapshot: 1227]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Half kattu,

I reiterate, that reply was to Mr______ and not to you, read my replies again please! And learn to discern who it is intended towards.

Posted on 05-27-10 11:36 AM     [Snapshot: 1246]     Reply [Subscribe]
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and we hate dhotis re? i can sense a lot of hate just in this thread.. n no dhotis around ;)

cheer up guys.

shake hands. hug. its only the internet rite? :P

Posted on 05-27-10 12:50 PM     [Snapshot: 1274]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Oh my bad Uranus. I did not realize about Mr ________ and seriously dont even remember posting that comment with "dumba$$" (magic of good cannabis). Sorry bro/sis didnt mean to use bad mouth but I still disagree with your principles. I take all the colorful words back : )

Posted on 05-27-10 7:55 PM     [Snapshot: 1344]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Very strange,

  1. When you replied first time with many statements but without credible source
    for example  "75% of the modern youth in India aspire to be
    engineers, businessmen and scientists while the same percentage of
    Nepalese youths hurl stones at police." it is just a vague
    statements, this type of vague statements usually comes out of Indian

    2. another example  is " 'Tata steel', 'Bournvita', 'Colgate Toothpaste' vs 'Wai Wai chow chow' and 'Soatlee sabun' this statement means you know "Tata steel"  "Bournvita", "Colgate" etc,

    You should have known that Bournvita and Colgate are not of Indian origin,
    they bought the licence from their parent European company. Yes the
    industry became successful because Indians didn’t have something like
    that, it was the market that made them success, Nepal couldn’t do that because we don’t have the comparable market, Wai Wai and soltee sabon are not doing bad in a smaller market. and by the way wai way has established its production line in India too

  2. If you were so serious about Indian "Charisma" you should have talked about the soft drinks like Thumps up, Campa cola and similar other products which they developed after expelling Coca Cola which denied to reveal the formula to Indian authority back in 1977. When Coca Cola was re introduced in 90's they almost vanished.

Secondly the ambassador car which they started to produce after buying licence from Mercedez company I think back in 1953. Similarly FIAT, and Scooter from Italian companies when lots of people thought they were Indian design and or invention something like that what happened to them when other car companies were allowed? just surviving isn’t it? And other companies came
to India because of the market. Have you seen those company establishing factories in Singapore,
Hong Kong, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands? Because of small population the companies were not there even when the labour cost in those countries were not that expensive as these days.

Yeah India introduced nuclear plant. I read when I was kid that India built fast breeder
nuclear reactor “Dhruba” with their own technology and there was so much “hangama”
about it in India, guess what; it worked for 2 days, after two days it failed
to turned on, I read this in “Newsweek” I can not exactly remember when but it
is around 2000 after they tested nuclear bomb. After so many years of effort
they failed to build their own efficient reactor and now western countries are building it. And even then the reason behind it is the cost of fuel (nuclear material) that western countries want to sell to make money. If they buy nuclear reactor from US they need to use US material. Read following

पाकिस्तान में दो

न्यूक्लियर प्लांट लगाने की चीनी घोषणा को दुनिया ने जितनी आसानी
से स्वीकार कर लिया है, वह आश्चर्यजनक है। ज्यादा दिन नहीं हुए जब भारत को
न्यूक्लियर टेक्नॉलजी और फ्यूल हासिल करने के लिए न्यूक्लियर सप्लायर्स
ग्रुप (एनएसजी) के विभिन्न देशों को मनाने में दो-तीन साल तक एड़ी-चोटी का
जोर लगाना पड़ा था। जिन लोगों ने भारत के इस दिशा में पहला कदम बढ़ाते ही
आसमान सिर पर उठा लिया था, वे चीन और पाकिस्तान के बीच पक रही
एटमी खिचड़ी पर जुबान तक खोलने को राजी नहीं हैं। अमेरिकी प्रशासन ने तो
इस सौदे को इतनी सहजता से लिया है, जैसे इससे ज्यादा स्वाभाविक कोई और बात
संभव ही न हो, जबकि एनएसजी में शामिल होने से पहले चीन ने अपने ऊपर यह शर्त
लागू की थी कि एनपीटी पर दस्तखत न करने वाले किसी भी देश को वह न्यूक्लियर
टेक्नॉलजी या न्यूक्लियर मटीरियल नहीं देगा।इस शर्त से बच निकलने के लिए
चीनी राजनयिकों ने इस दलील का सहारा लिया है कि जिस चश्मा साइट पर दोनों नए
न्यूक्लियर प्लांट लगाए जाने वाले हैं, वहां चीन के लगाए प्लांट उस समय से काम कर रहे हैं, जब
वह एनएसजी का सदस्य नहीं बना था। सवाल यह है कि सुरक्षा और देखरेख के जितने सारे
प्रावधान भारत ने अमेरिका के साथ हुए एटमी समझौते के बाद स्वीकार किए हैं, क्या उनमें से किसी
एक को भी पाकिस्तान आ रहे न्यूक्लियर संयंत्रों पर लागू किया जा सकेगा? भारत
को अपने दो तिहाई एटमी संयंत्र अंतरराष्ट्रीय निगरानी के लिए खोलने पड़े हैं, जो यह सुनिश्चित
करेगी इनका किसी भी रूप में सामरिक इस्तेमाल न हो। यह व्यवस्था पाकिस्तान के लिए भी
सुनिश्चित करने का क्या उपाय सोचा गया है? इतना घपला तब, जब पाकिस्तान को परमाणु
अप्रसार के मामले में भारत जैसा ही सुरक्षित देश मानकर चला जाए। लेकिन दुनिया जानती
है कि इस मामले में दोनों देशों का रवैया बिल्कुल अलग है। जिन दो देशों, उत्तरी कोरिया और
ईरान के एटम बम बनाने को लेकर अमेरिका को सबसे ज्यादा आपत्ति है और जिन्हें वह
संसार के लिए सबसे बड़े खतरे के रूप में पेश करता है, उन दोनों को एटमी टेक्नॉलजी पाकिस्तान के
अब्दुल कदीर खां नेटवर्क ने ही मुहैया कराई थी। अमेरिकी अखबार लगभग रोज ही
पाकिस्तान के एटमी संयंत्रों के आतंकवादियों के हाथ चले जाने के खतरे गिनाते रहते हैं
इसके बावजूद पाकिस्तान का एटमी जखीरा बढ़ाने वाले चीन के इस कदम पर एतराज जताने की कोई
जरूरत ओबामा प्रशासन को महसूस नहीं हुई। भारत के लिए इसमें अतिरिक्त चिंता की बात
यह है कि आने वाले समय में चीन ठीक यही घेरेबंदी वाली रणनीति म्यांमार और बांग्लादेश
के साथ भी अपना सकता है। इस मुद्दे पर फिलहाल चीन के प्रति सख्ती न बरतने की चाहे जो भी
मजबूरियां भारत के सामने हों, लेकिन अंतरराष्ट्रीय मंचों पर इसे उठाने में कोई कोताही नहीं बरती जानी
You should at least think why Indians are treated like that by western countries.

Your point no. 7: “Significant number of us Nepalese in US and UK work for businesses owned by Indians, ever seen an Indian in US work for Nepalese businessman in similar numbers?

There are lots of whites, Hispanic and blacks are available for work, why don’t you think “What is the reason Indians are employing Nepalese instead of others”? Instead of asking the question to find out the reason you just made a statement “ I can make similar type of statements like this “ Indians, be it in US or UK or India, need Nepalese to run their business” now tell me how much important is this statement?

Your point no. 1, “Movies: 'Love Sex aur Dhokha' vs 'Karorpati', you decide which is a better.

I haven’t watched both movies but check in the internet about love sex and dhoka, it is an indianised version of The Blair Witch Project or the more recent Paranormal Activity . Similarly karorpati may be a copy of some Indian film, I don’t mind copying but you are saying this “chor” is better than that “chor” both are chors you don’t need to take side of one chor.

Ok, it’s getting too long; there are so many other things.

You were unable to see so many of these things and started to compare, this suggest that you must have been overwhelmed by the Indian media. When you are drowned in water you see water everywhere when you are drowned by media you will see only what media is feeding you. You may not be, but hey, what you are saying in sajha conveys that message. People start to make impression how you talk.
You asked me “So who do you believe? Nepali media, steered by great ‘Rishi Dhamala'?

Sorry bro in my place there is no Nepali TV channel and I came to know about that guy only when he was arrested.

Now again back to the title why hate dhotis. Read following

Even if the guy who was killed they need to follow international
norms. They could have stopped him while he was in Indian side of the border
and simply they are not allowed to shot him. May be in this case also you want
to believe Indian side of the story, up to you.may be you see that dhamala guy here lol.

विनोद भण्डारी

काअमाहिवरियाती -मोरङ, जेष्ठ १२ -

मादक पदार्थ सेवन गरी हतियारसहित प्रवेश गरेका भारतीय सीमा सुरक्षा बल
-एसएसबी) का निरीक्षकले मंगलबार राति मोरङको अमाहिवरियाती, खयरवनमा एक
सर्वसाधारणलाई गोली हानी हत्या गरेका छन् ।

घटनापछि गाउँ बुधबार दिनभर तनावग्रस्त रह्यो । विराटनगरबाट करिब २५
किलोमिटर पूर्वदक्षिण खयरवन नाकास्थित दसगजाबाट दुई सय मिटर वर आएर
एसएसबीका इन्स्पेक्टर हितैन्द्र सिंहले गोली प्रहार गर्दा अमाहिवरियाती ७
का ५५ वर्षका वासुदेव साहको घटनास्थलमै मृत्यु भएको मोरङ प्रहरीले जनाएको छ
। घटनापछि उक्त नाकाबाट दिनभर आउजाउ ठप्प रह्यो । दुवैतर्फ प्रहरी सुरक्षा
कडा गरिँदा जनजीवन प्रभावित भयो ।

एसएसबीका अधिकृत चढ्ने बीआर ३८ बी ००३६ नम्बर हिरोहोन्डा स्प्लेन्डर
मोटरसाइकलमा बेलुकी करिब ९ बजे जवान मोहन सिंह सोडालाई साथमा लिएर

आएका इन्स्पेक्टर सिंहले अमाहिवरियाती प्रहरी चौकीका हवल्दार शम्भुकुमार
चौधरीलाई लक्षित गरी प्रहार गरेको गोली साहलाई लागेको प्रत्यक्षदर्शी बलराम
साहले कान्तिपुरलाई बताए ।

गाउँलेले इन्स्पेक्टर सिंहले

प्रयोग गरेको मोटरसाइकल कब्जा गरेर प्रहरीलाई बुझाएका छन् । घटनापछि
एसएसबी इन्स्पेक्टर सिंह र जवान सोडा भागेर सीमापारि पुगेका थिए ।

मंगलबार साँझ भारतीय नागरिक हरिशचन्द्र मण्डलले एक टिन तोरीको तेल नेपाल
भित्र्याएका थिए । त्यसै विषयलाई लिएर हतियारसहित मोटरसाइकलमा नेपाल आएका
इन्स्पेक्टरले तेल ल्याएकोबारे सोधपुछ गरेको र तस्करसँग मिलेको भन्दै 
नेपाली हवल्दार चौधरीसँग विवाद गरेका थिए ।

प्रत्यक्षदर्शी साहले भने, 'विवादकै क्रममा उनले हवल्दार चौधरीलाई लक्षित
गरी गोली प्रहार गरेका थिए । हवल्दार भुइँमा लडे र गोली नजिकैको फलैंचामा
बसेका वासुदेवको छातीमा लागेको थियो ।' एसएसबीका इन्स्पेक्टरले तीन राउन्ड
गोली प्रहार गरेको हवल्दार चौधरीले बताए । उनले भने, 'आत्मरक्षाका लागि
नेपाली प्रहरीबाट पनि थ्रीनट थ्री राइफलबाट दुई राउन्ड हवाई फायर भयो ।'

बुधबार बिहान मोरङ प्रहरी प्रमुख एसपी दीपक थापा र एसएसबी पूणिर्या
हेडक्वाटरका डीआईजी केपी सिंहबीच घटनास्थलनजिक भारतीय क्षेत्रमा भएको
अनौपचारिक छलफलमा निष्पक्ष छानबिन गरी दोषीलाई कारबाही गर्ने सहमति भएको छ ।
सञ्चारकर्मीको उपस्थितिमा भएको छलफलमा भारतीय पक्षले घटनामा आफ्नो पक्ष
जिम्मेवार नभएको दाबी गरेपछि केही बेर तनाव भएको थियो ।

छलफलका क्रममा एसएसबीका डीआईजी सिंहले पटकपटक नेपाली पक्षको कब्जामा रहेको
इन्स्पेक्टरले प्रयोग गरेको मोटरसाइकल फिर्ता दिन मोरङ प्रहरी प्रमुख
थापालाई आग्रह गरेका थिए । तर थापाले उक्त मोटरसाइकल घटनाको सबुत भएकाले
फिर्ता दिन नमिल्ने बरु अदालतमा पेस गर्ने बताएका थिए ।

वार्तामा दुई पक्षबीच कुरा नमिलेपछि त्यत्तिकै टुंगिएको थियो ।

sorry for odd formating, I dont know why it happens.

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Posted on 05-28-10 8:34 AM     [Snapshot: 1437]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No worries half kattu. I apologize about those rebukes.



Well, I am going through my replies to you and realized that maybe I was a little too harsh. I apologize, I shouldn't have done that. I just jumped the gun. In all essence, my argument was for those who badmouth Indians without any credible reasons. If they play devil's advocate, so can I, that was my point.




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